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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1827

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, the U.E. Loyalist UEL and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1827.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Chambly & John Molson.

May 01 - June 09 | June 09 - July 23 | July 25 - October 02 | October 08 - December 13

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 18th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 09 ship Ann & Amelia Trist 24th Jan'y Canton, China   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / Teas
June 10 brig Norval Punton 23 May Newfoundland   to Irvine & Co. / Skins &c.
June 10 brig Welcome Hamlyn 21 May Newfoundland   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 10 sloop Devonshire Wadlington 21 days Bermuda Mr. Tucker, Mr. Wood, Mr. Fazard to Moir & Heath / rum, sugar &c.
June 10 brig Earl Moira Allison 27 April Belfast 249 settlers to Mr. Levy / in ballast
June 10 bark Maida Pecker 16 April Hull 32 settlers to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
June 10 ship Nottingham Sharp 04 May Jamaica Mr. Watson and Mr. Gordon to Irvine & Co. / rum & sugar
June 10 ship Robert Kerr Boyd 01 May Belfast 250 settlers to order / in ballast
June 11 bark Nile Lambert 23 April Plymouth   to Mr. Levy / in ballast
June 11 brig Maria Hewet 43 days Maryport 35 settlers to G. Symes
June 11 brig John & James Nixon 43 days Dublin 140 settlers to order / in ballast
June 11 brig William Tell Fraser 47 days Newry 150 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 11 brig Micmac White 22 April Trinidad Mr. O'Hara to Mr. O'Hara / rum & sugar
June 11 ship Thomas Wallace Thomas 14 days Prince Edward Island   to Ross & Mitchell / in ballast
June 11 bark Unity Torr 23 April Hull 28 settlers to R. Methley / in ballast
June 11 brig Providence Colman 19 days Newfoundland   to W. Budden / oils & skins
June 11 schooner Eclipse Messenger 28 days Miramichi   to Patterson & Weir / in ballast
June 11 brig Sugnal Ring 64 days Demerara   to Forsyth & Walker & Co. / rum & sugar
June 12 brig Rose Bank Boyd 25 April Belfast 300 settlers to order / in ballast
June 12 bark Urania Coltman 14 April Hull 14 or 147 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / bricks
June 12 brig Indian Chief R. Stewart 24 April Falmouth, Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
June 13 brig Anglim Bell 24 April Limerick 220 settlers to R. Shaw / in ballast
June 14 brig Traveller Burrowes 12 May St. Vincent   to Mr. Tucker / rum & sugar
June 14 schooner Juliet Bowley 12 May Boston   to Mr. Dubord / tobacco, staves & tar
June 15 bark Isabella Thirbeck 02 May Dublin 227 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 15 brig Bolton Biglands 23 April Maryport 3 settlers to C. Noyes / coals
June 15 brig Martha Sewell 07 May Dublin 160 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 15 schooner Surprise Pinel 50 days Jersey   to Mr. Burnet / wines &c.
June 15 bark Perseus Jackson 01 June Newfoundland   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
June 15 brig Mary Ditchburn 03 May Dublin 120 settlers to T. Cringan / in ballast
June 15 brig Prince of Asturias Morris 20 April Dublin 122 settlers to P. Burnet / in ballast
June 16 brig Kirkella 10 May Hull   to R. Methley / goods
June 16 bark Captain Cook 07 May Bristol   to George Symes / general cargo
June 16 brig Harmony 28 May Newfoundland   to George Symes / in ballast
June 16 brig Bowes 06 May Belfast   to McAlpine / in ballast
June 16 brig Memnon 01 June Newfoundland   to order / in ballast
June 16 brig Veronica Eustace 13 May Belfast 300 settlers to J. Moreland / salt & goods
June 16 brig Rambler March 22 April Dublin 140 settlers to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
June 16 brig Mary Brown 29 April Leith 7 settlers to — / coals
June 16 bark Meteor Watson 23 April Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 09— ship Crown, Wray, (for) Bristol
June 09— schooner Jane, Henly, (for) St. John's, Nfld.
June 09— brig Ann, Richardson, (for) London
June 09— ship Urania, Hedly, (for) Hull
June 09— brig Fanny, Molloy, (for) Barbadoes
June 09— brig Sprightly, Johnson, (for) Dundalk
June 09— ship Kamouraska, Patterson, (for) London
June 09— bark Duncan Gibb, Evans, (for) Dublin
June 09— ship Asia, Ward, (for) London
June 09— brig Felix Souligny, Painchaud, (for) Barbadoes
June 11— ship Three Sisters, Ritchie, (for) Greenock
June 11— ship Centurion, Banker, (for) Bristol
June 11— brig Ann, Atchison, (for) Shediac
June 11— brig Isabella, Morris, (for) Drogheda
June 11— ship Briton, Williams, (for) Bristol
June 12— brig John Lawson, Flockhart [Eckhart], (for) Barbadoes
June 12— brig Thomas Farrell, Barry, (for) Wexford
June 12— ship Erie, Stoddard, (for) London
June 12— brig Belsay Castle, Richardson, (for) Liverpool
June 12— brig Donegal, Heyton, (for) Cardiff
June 12— brig Cherub, McQueen, (for) Halifax
June 12— schooner Marie Catherine, Bernier, (for) St. John's, Nfld.
June 12— ship America, Donel, (for) Bristol
June 13— brig Dryad, Swinburn, (for) Portsmouth
June 13— schooner Mosquito, Blair, (for) Jamaica
June 13— brig Triton, Keighton, (for) Hull
June 13— brig Marianne, Kean, (for) Belfast
June 13— ship Minerva, Richards, (for) London
June 14— schooner Dart, Jones, (for) Liverpool
June 14— ship Thomas, Duncan, (for) Dublin
June 14— brig Young Samuel, Buteau, (for) Demerara
June 14— brig Hannah, Walker, (for) Dublin
June 15— brig Jane, McGrath, (for) Waterford
June 15— brig James Laughton, Dawson, (for) Liverpool
June 15— brig Douglas, Athol, (for) Halifax
June 15— brig Earl of Dalhousie, Boyd, (for) Greenock

The Indian Chief has brought up Mr. Lyons and servant and Captain Gales of the schooner Jane from Pictou for Barbadoes, which vessel upset about 150 miles south of Sable Island. The crew of the schooner came up in the Norval, Captain Punton.

We are informed that 15 families of Emigrants arrived yesterday at Dundas, and proceed immediately to Guelph.—Gore Gazette

We have received the second report of the Committe of the House of Commons on the subject of Emigration, which we expect to be able to insert in our next. It is dated the fifth April, of the present year. After the confident expectations which have been entertained of an extensive emigration, considerable disappointment will be felt, on perceiving that for England and Scotland, the numbers to be disposed of, have dwindled downnto 1,200 families. These are to be selected from among the weavers of Lancashire, Cheshire, the West Riding of Yorkshire and Cumberland, in England ; and from Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire, in Scotland. It appears that the Manufacturers' Relief Committee offered to advance £25,000 to assist families to emigrate, on condition that double that sum could be raised otherwise. The deficiency, the Emigration Committee recommend should be raised by Government. This sum of £75,000, they think, will remove and locate the families above.
The Committee at the close of this report say they were about to turn their attention to Ireland, " whose population, " they remark, " unless some other outlet be found for them, must speedily fill up every vacuum created in England and Scotland. " —Monteal Herald
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 21st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 16 brig Union Fearon 22 days Newfoundland   to — / in ballast
June 16 ship Ulster Shannon 15 May Londonderry 305 settlers to Finlay & Co. in ballast & goods
June 16 ship Indian Robinson 27 April London   to P. Peterson / in ballast
June 17 brig Regent Smith 04 May London   to H. Gowan / in ballast
June 17 brig Brazila Hippins 24 April London   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 17 brig Commerce Rees 27 April Limerick 110 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 17 brig Collins McCubbin 06 May Limerick 205 settlers to — / in ballast
June 17 brig Strabro Brown 10 May Antigua   to Moir & Heath / rum & sugar
June 17 schooner Mary Small 28 April Dundee 30 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
June 17 ship Unicorn Maxwell 29 April Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / salt & goods
June 17 brig Nicholson Carr 29 April Belfast 129 settlers to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
June 17 brig Glory Pope 28 April Bristol   to W. Budden / iron &c.
June 17 schooner Maria Dennis 14 May St. John, N.B.   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / logwood
June 16— brig Thames, Adams, (for) Port Glasgow
June 16— brig Eliza Anne, Murphy, (for) Whitehaven
June 16— schooner Euterpe, Gibbs, (for) Halifax
June 16— schooner St. Anne, Richardson, (for) Esquimaux Bay
June 16— brig Quebec Packet, Ditchburn, (for) Liverpool
June 16— ship Richard Sands, Owens, (for) Liverpool
June 18— schooner Olive, Sivret, (for) Halifax
June 18— ship Rebecca, Laurie, (for) Greenock
June 18— brig Jean, Thompson, (for) London
June 18— ship Winscales, Messenger, (for) Liverpool

In the transport Southwold, to sail for England on Wednesday next, Colonel McGregor, 70th Regiment, and family, Captain Dalton, Royal Artillery and Company, Lieutenant Furneaux, Royal Artillery and family, Lieut. O'Brien, Royal Artillery, Lieut. McPherson, 68th Foot, Lieut. Barry, 71st Foot, Mr. Daykin, Surgeon, 71st Foot, Mr. Charles Durnford, I Company of the Royal Artillery, and the sick and invalided men from the several regiments and corps serving in the Canadas.

Quebec, Tuesday June 19, 1827
The number of emigrants who arrived on Friday, Saturday and yesterday morning, was 2,159. The total number arrived this Spring is now 8,559. None of that number have come out under government patronage.

The following is a comparative statement of the arrivals last year with those of this on the 19th June, viz:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1826 284 77,291 4,245
1827 242 68,181 8,559
It will be seen by the above statement, that the total of arrivals up to the present date, is not so much below last season as was expected. It is probable that the deficiency will not be so great by the first of July. Settlers this season have already approached to within 2000 of the total number arrived last year, and none of them have come out under government patronage. Ship Harrison, from Londonderry and a brigantine, were below the Traverse yesterday. Several other vessels bound up, are reported to be above Bic.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 25th - MG & July 7th - UEL
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 19 brig Leander Darrell Trindidad   — / rum & sugar
June 20 brig London Blackburn Liverpool 3 settlers
June 20 brig John Esdale Wright London   — / in ballast
June 20 brig Alexander Errington Madeira   — / wines
June 21 ship Pons Ælii Armstrong Newcastle 12 settlers — / coals
June 21 brig Favourite Grey Cork 26 settlers
June 21 brig George Canning Callender Greenock 164 settlers
June 21 bark Peace Bellamy Cork 181 settlers
June 22 brigantine Pegasus Stow Grenada   — / rum & sugar
June 22 ship Waterhen Maulson London 5 settlers — / general cargo
June 22 ship Lotus Summerson London   — / in ballast
June 22 ship Jane Kelton Newfoundland   — / in ballast
The Weather:
The wind, in this city [Montreal] on Friday evening, blew vert strong from the Northward, but as far as came to our knowledge, caused no damage. At Three Rivers the wind also raged there most dreadfully. Two small houses were blown down. The Waterloo steamboat in going down, broke an iron cable and lost an anchor. She succeeded in saving 7 men from a broken raft. The Laprairie picked up four dead bodies, supposed to be raftsmen. The whole line of coast near Three Rivers is strewed with pieces of rafts and other wrecked materials. At Quebec, the effects have been equally great. The Quebec Mercury of Saturday, has the following paragraph:—
" Last night and this morning, it has blown a severe gale from the westward, which has done some damage amongst the shipping. The Southwold Transport (No. 22,) which was to have sailed this morning, was run foul of by the Ann and Amelia ; China ship ; and sustained some damage in her rigging, but nothing to delay her. She will sail as soon as she can get up her anchor. The schooner Tryal, owned and sailed by Captain Toupin, was dismasted, various other damage was done, the particulars of which we have not been able to learn.
The state of the Thermometer, during the last week taken at 8 in the morning, has been as follows:
48 Mon. : 58 Tues. : 68 Wed. : 68 Fri. : 42 Sat.
It rained violently during the storm last night, and this morning some hail fell. "

Letters were received at the Admiralty from Captain Beechy, of His Majesty's sloop Blossom, dated on the 18th of November [1826], at San Francisco, California, to which port she had returned, after failing to meet with Captain Franklin off Icy Cape. We understand that one of the boats from the Blossom, which was despatched to look out for Captain Franklin, passed some distance round Icy Cape ; but no trace of the captain's party could be found.

In the Greenock Advertiser of the 4th May, appears the following paragraph :—
" We understand that Government have given orders that four regiments shall be sent out to Canada immediately. This circumstance has produced another report, that this step was determined on in consequence of a revolutionary spirit having been displayed by the Canadians. The motive for this increase of force is not known ; but according to the latest accounts, received in the city from Quebec, perfect tranquility prevailed throughout the Lower provinces. "

We have lately received from James Clarke Buchanan, Esq., His Britannic Majesty's Vice Consul at New York, Agent to the Canada Company, some information respecting that Co. and its operations—the whole of which with the observations necessarily arising therefrom we shall taken an early opportunity of laying before our readers. In the meantime we are enabled to say " that the propects of the Company are very flattering.— At New York, and diverse parts of the United States, applications are daily made to the Companys' Agents there, by persons desirous of going up to Guelph. " Of British Emigrants who had previously settled in the United States, but who are desirous of returning to their old allegiances, the names of 80 have already been enrolled— Settlers of this description we should consider the most desirable, and it affords a gratifying proof, that notwithstanding the pretended superiority of the American institutions & manners over our own, there are some who give the preference to a British Colony with whatever disadvantages it may labour. Most of these people have wives and families. About 1300 emigrants had lately embarked at Liverpool for the United States, most of whom it was expected would find their way to the Companys' establishments.
" The great object of the Company being to lay open their lands to actual settlers, no encouragement is intended to be given to speculators, while the utmost liberality will be shewn to sober and industrious men with families, and the lands will be sold to them on terms such as they cannot elsewhere obtain. " —For the instruction of the latter class of persons, and that every facility may be afforded them for prosecuting their route the following directions are distributed by the Companys' Agents in the States.
Way-Card for Settlers on their Lands
From New-York to Albany $1.00
From Albany to Rochester $3.00
From Rochester to Youngstown $1.00
(board not included) $5.00
Children under twelve years half-price
Infants gratis
Baggage, per hundred-weight
from New York to Canada,
New-York to Albany 160 miles by Water
Albany to Utica 109 miles by Canal
Utica to Rochester 160 miles by Canal
Rochester to Niagara River 80 miles by Steamboat
Total: 509 miles  
The Settlers proceeding forward, furnished with one of these Tickets, signed by the Company's Agent, in case of difficulty, may apply to any of the following Agents of transport. viz . . In . .
New York Charles Smyth, 71 Pearl-street
Albany Charles Smyth, Jr.
Utica T.B. Gillespie & Co.
Rome B.B. Hyde
Manlius M. Hoyt & Co.
Syracuse John Rogers & Co.
Westport E. & E. Weed
Montezuma S.F. Knapp & Co.
Geneva Perez Hastings
Lyons Tower & Cook
Palmyra J. Field & P. Grandis
Fairport Mr. Tomlinson
Pittsford F. Bushnell & Co.
Rochester McCollum & Hurlburt
Niagara Mr. McDougall
Burlington Bay Kirby & Watt
Galt Mr. Slade
Guelph Mr. Prior
  J.C. Buchanan, Agent
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 28th - MG & July 7th - UEL
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 24 brig Mary Dunlop Westport 86 settlers
June 25 brig Monarch Harrison Stockton   — / general cargo
June 25 brig Dew Drop Wokes London   — / general cargo
June 25 brig Sarah Witherington Newry 112 settlers
June 25 brig Royalist Ashbridge Newry 218 settlers
June 25 brig Hero Harrison Newfoundland   — / in ballast
June 25 brig Shannon Matchles Newfoundland   — / in ballast
June 25 brig Downie Yule Peterhead 5 settlers
June 25 ship Harrison Oarling Londonderry 320 settlers
June 26 brig Tinley Hall Belfast 240 settlers
June 26 ship Ajax Robson Newcastle 9 settlers — / coals
June 26 ship Countess Morley Warren Plymouth 6 settlers
June 26 brig Catherine Fisher Irvine 14 settlers
June 26 brig Hope Clark Liverpool   — / in ballast
June 26 brig John and Robert Levinton London   — / in ballast
June 26 brig Mentor Chambers London   — / in ballast
Trinity House:—
William Lotherington, master of the brig Attaliah was convicted on Tuesday last at the suite of Jesse Armstrong, Harbour Master, for permitting and allowing the shore fastenings of the said brig to be so placed as to intercept and prevent the passage of carriages &c., was fined twenty shillings and costs. Robert Marshall, of the brig Alexander, was for the same offence, fined five shillings and costs.

On Tuesday last, a beautiful barge, called the Hylas, capable of carrying 2,000 barrels of flour, was launched from Mr. Johnson's ship-yard. She belongs to the proprietors of the Steam-boat Hercules, and was built expressly to carry freight and to be towed by that boat.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 2nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 26 brig Spring Emmerson 48 days Exeter   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 27 brig Euphrosyne Hutchinson 23 April London Mr. Savage and Mr. Bell to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
June 27 ship Kains
04 May Cork with part of the 15th Regiment to Government
  On Wednesday the Head-Quarter Division of the 15th Regiment, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Macintosh, arrived from Cork, in the Kains Transport. The following is a correct list of the Officers, and statement of the number of Troops on board :— Colonel Macintosh ; Captains Drought and Hope ; Lieuts. Cuthbert, Tollemache and Rudyerd ; Ensign Rose ; Paymaster Walker ; Surgeon Bartley, M.D. ; 12 Serjeants ; 8 Drummers ; 147 Rank and File ; 12 women and 24 children.
June 27 ship Endeavour Collinson 11 May London Col. Lloyd, lady & servant ; Mr.& Mrs. Trigg ; Miss Marshall ; Mr.& Mrs. Tulloch : Mr.& Mrs. Scott ; Messrs. Nicolls, Saunders, Wilson and Burnup, Com. Dept. ; Mr.& Mrs. Milrea and 8 settlers to — / general cargo
June 27 brig Civilian Terry 17 May Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / salt
June 27 ship Prospect Leary 11 May Plymouth   to Penniston & McGill / in ballast
June 27 brig Mary Bowen Liverpool & Canso   to George Symes / in ballast
June 28 ship Hebe Boag 18 days Bermuda   to W. Price / in ballast
June 28 brig Aurora Carr 45 days Sligo 132 settlers to W. Price / in ballast
June 28 H.M. ship Alligator Captain William Pitt Canning 10 days Halifax Colonel Cockburn & Lord Valentia
June 29 — Æconomy / Economy Atkinson 12 May Dublin 121 settlers to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
June 29 — Concord Bellard 20 June Newfoundland   to William Budden / salt
June 29 brig Meridian Scilly 14 May Bristol   to William Budden / iron
June 30 ship Lord Sidmouth Gales 13 May London the Honble. William Smith & family ; Mr. Carman & family Mr. Duchely & family to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 30 ship Gilbert Henderson Pithy 08 May Dublin Lieut. Brown with 30 recruits for the 79th Highlanders ; and 209 settlers to — / in ballast
June 30 brig Agnes Gorman 29 May Limerick 705 settlers to R. Shaw / in ballast
June 30 ship Ocean Blackburn 31 May London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 25— brig Phillis, Penries / Penrice, (for) Workington
June 25— ship Perceval / Percival, Lethaby / Leithley, (for) Plymouth
June 25— brig Ontario, Willis, (for) Liverpool
June 25— brig Portaferry, Dorney, (for) Portaferry
June 25— bark Henry Cerf, Cowey, (for) Cork
June 25— schooner Nymph, Campion, (for) St. John's, Nfld.
June 26— brig Albuera, Holmes, (for) Belfast
June 26— ship Bolivar, Crosby, (for) Belfast
June 26— schooner Marie, Dennis, (for) St. John, N.B.
June 26— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell, (for) Miramichi
June 26— schooner Stranger, Boucejour, (for) Arichat
June 26— brig Harmony, Peart, (for) Limerick
June 26— schooner Providence, Nolin, (for) Newfoundland
June 26— schooner Peggy, Landry, (for) Halifax
June 26— brig William McGillivray, Stoddard, (for) Jamaica

In the Ontario, to sail this day for Liverpool, Miss Martin, Mr. Codman, Mr. Champlain and Mr. Macdonald.
Richard Gerrard Esq., of Montreal, came passenger in the Silas Richards, which arrived at New York, on Wednesday last.
Arrivals at the Masonic Hall Hotel:
Right Honorable Lord Valentia ; Colonel Cockburn ; Captain Canning, R.N. ; Lieutenant Best ; Captain McLaughlan ; Lieutenant Townshend, Rifle Corps, and a number of distinguished personages and others from the United States. Lord Valentia and Colonel Cockburn proceed on their route to Niagara.

....Saturday, Thomas O'Brien, Patrick Harding, and Patrick Leary, for Whiteboyism, were executed in front of the gaol, Limerick. The unfortunate culprits were turned off without expressing any declaration of their guilt or innocence to the large crowd before them. Before the drop fell, Thomas O'Brien fainted from excessive weakness and remained half suspended, when the platform gave way — his feet, at this moment, clung to the cross-beam, and to relieve him from the agony of such a situation, a soldier extricated the feet, and he swung then with his fellows ; but the sad accident evidently prolonged his mortal sufferings, and his body was painfully convulsed.— Limerick Chronicle
from Wikipedia :— The Whiteboys were a secret Irish agrarian organization in 18th Century Ireland which used violent tactics to defend tenant farmer land rights for subsistence farming. Their name derives from the white smocks the members wore in their nightly raids. . . . . Over time, Whiteboyism became a general term for rural violence connected to secret societies. . . . .
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 5th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 03 brig Dale McNeal 42 days Londonderry 90 settlers to order / in ballast
June 30— brig John Twizell, Gilley, (for) Dublin
June 30— ship Walls's End, Watts, (for) Limerick
June 30— ship Dominica, Bowman, (for) Cork
July 02— ship Liberty, Cooper, (for) Belfast
July 02— brig Eclipse, Meredith, (for) St. John's, Nfld.
July 02— ship Margaret, Sumpton, (for) Liverpool
July 02— ship Marmion, Wright, (for) London

The following is a comparative statement of the arrivals last year with those of this on the 1st July, viz:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1826 306 83,207 4,918
1827 287 74,418 10,039
The deficiency in the number of vessels this season (19) is not as much as was expected. Settlers have more than doubled this year and will no doubt continue so during the season.

The Head-Quarter Division of the 15th Regiment under the command of Col. Macintosh arrived in this city [Montreal] yesterday in the Steamboat New Swiftsure and proceeded on their way to Kingston, where they will relieve the 68th, who move to York and the Upper posts to take the place of the 70th about to embark for England.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 9th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 04 brig Dewsbury Jones 20 June Newfoundland Mr. Parkins & son and Mr. Job to order / in ballast
July 04 schooner William Nichol 12 days Halifax Mr. Stephens to C.F. Aylwin / rum
July 05 brig Fame Udale 18 May Liverpool Mr. Roberts & 22 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
July 05 ship Princess Royal Sherwood 12 May Cork Major Eden ; Captains Temple and Gage ; Lieuts. Battersby, Ingall and Cooke ; Ensign Norton ; Dr. Auglim & 199 Rank & File, 15th Regiment to Government / in ballast
July 05 bark Stentor Wade 14 May Cork Captains Humphrey and Bonner ; Lieuts. Moore and Blair ; Ensigns Wright and Hird, Quarter-master Dawson ; Dr. Hume & 189 Rank & File, 15th Regiment to Government
July 05 schooner Nancy Bell 15 days Halifax   to Mr. Dubord / rum & sugar
July 06 ship George Canning Spencer 42 days — / Prince Edward Island   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 06 brig Highlander Scott 15 days Newfoundland   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / in ballast
July 06 brig Brisk Couthard 47 days Dublin 120 settlers to order / in ballast
July 07 brig Mary Cole ? 19 June Boston (U.S.)   to Mr. Dubord / tobacco, provisions & stores
July 03— schooner Angelique, LeBlanc, (for) Halifax
July 03— brig Leander, Darrell, (for) Newfoundland
July 03— brig Alexander, Marshall, (for) Liverpool
July 03— brig Welcome, Hamlyn, (for) Plymouth
July 04— brig Attaliah, Lotherington, (for) Port Glasgow
July 04— brig Maria, Hewett, (for) Tralee
July 04— brig St. Lawrence, Chevrials, (for) Grenada
July 04— brig Traveller, Burrows, (for) St. Vincents
July 04— ship Rolla, Thursby, (for) Liverpool
July 04— brigantine Pegasus, McShaw, (for) Bermuda
July 04— schooner Maria Louise, Bernier, (for) Halifax
July 04— brig Martha, Sewell, (for) Limerick
July 04— brig John & James, Nixon, (for) Dublin
July 04— ship Lalla Rookh, Jones, (for) Liverpool

Lieutenant Best (son of Chief Justice Best) of the Alligator, now in port, has been promoted to the rank of Commander, Mr. Jeffreys, mate of the Jupiter, is appointed to the Alligator, with the rank of Lieutenant.

Limerick, May 9.— The Martin sailed this morning for Quebec with 115 emigrants. The vessel was followed until out of sight with the loudest lamentations from numerous relatives and friends. Emigration from Ireland to America, through Waterford, continued to an extent quite unprecedented. The Bolivar sailed from that port on Thursday for Halifax with 350 passengers.

We understand that a petition to the House of Commons, signed by 2,310 heads of families in Manchester, and praying to be sent out to the British Colonies, was last week forwarded to Mr. Wilmot Horton, who has undertaken to present same, and to support to prayer of the petition.— London paper

Emigration is almost daily taking place from the West Riding of Yorkshire ; it is calculated that 1,300 emigrants have quitted the shores of their native country at Liverpool during the last month.— Leeds Mercury

Effects of Moonlight on the Eyes.
The effect of the moonlight on the eyes in Egypt is singularly injurious ; the natives tell you, as I found afterwards they also did in Arabia, to cover your eyes when you sleep in the open air. The moon in Egypt strikes and affects the sight, when you sleep exposed to it, much more than the sun ; a fact of which I had very unpleasant proof one night, and took care to guard against it afterwards ; indeed, the sight of a person who should sleep with his face exposed at night would soon be utterly impaired or destroyed.— Caræ's Letters from the East
The Public are informed that the Steam Boat QUEENSTON, Captain J. Whitney, has commenced making her regular trips, and will, during the Summer, leave the different Ports as follows :
Leave Niagara for Kingston, Brockville and Prescott, every Thursday morning at 8 o'clock precisely—And leave Prescott, on her return, for Brockville, Kingston and York, every Sunday at 12 o'clock, noon.
Arrangements have been made with Messrs. Norton & Co. Stage Proprietors, Prescott, by which, Passengers going down will arrive at Montreal on Saturday evening ; and Passengers proceeding upwards, will, by leaving Montreal on Saturday morning, arrive at Prescott in time to take the Boat.
Every endeavor has been made to render the accommodations and fare on board of the best description.
Queenston, May 25th 1827
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 12th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 07 brig Hero Palot 12 days Newfoundland   to J. Hunt / in ballast
July 08 bark Ellergill Knill 24 May Hull 30 settlers to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
July 08 brig British Tar Bouch 21 May Limerick 206 settlers to Sheppard & Co. / in ballast
July 08 brig Grace Mairs 14 May Cork 58 settlers to G. Symes / in ballast
July 08 brig Waria Lowry 18 May Dublin 186 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 08 brig Henry France 22 May Dublin 121 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 10 bark Britannia O'Brien 13 May London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 10 bark Aurora Dearness 26 May Hull   to J. Methley / in ballast
July 10 bark Alcyone Mure 42 days Newry 304 settlers to M. Levy / in ballast
July 10 brig Harrington Halliday 19 May Dublin 140 settlers to George Symes / in ballast
July 10 brig Enterprise Gordon 15 May Drogheda 79 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 05— brig Bacchus, Howes, (for) Ilfracombe
July 05— brig William Fell / Tell, Fraser, (for) Newry
July 05— brig Mary, Ditchburn, (for) Greenock
July 05— ship Canadian, Morgan, (for) London
July 05— ship William Ashton, Armstrong, (for) Cork
July 06— ship Britannia, Syrie, (for) London
July 06— brig Richard & Ann, Smith, (for) Newcastle
July 06— brig Cecilia, Troude, (for) Demerara
July 06— ship St. Charles, Cousens, (for) London

The Esther, a brig of about 200 tons, built for A.C. Freer & Co. was safely launched this morning from Mr. Wright's ship-yard, Sillery Cove. She is considered one of the finest vessels ever built in Canada, and does great credit to Mr. Jeffery, the builder.

The annulment of the marriage of E.G. Wakefield to Miss Turner, was before the House of Lords, on the 29th. Miss T. was examined and gave her evidence in a distinct and unembarrassed manner. Other witnesses were examined, when Mr. Wakefield addressed the house and requested a postponement on the ground that he was not prepared, which was not granted and the evidence was ordered to be printed, and the bill was committed for the next day.

It is confidently stated that His Majesty has written a letter to the Duke of Wellington requesting him to resume the command of the army, which however, his Grace has declined.

No Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Monday July 16th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
From the English papers to May 31st:
It is said that the Wakefields, in addition to the punishment which they are sentanced to undertake in their persons, have already suffered pretty severely in their pockets—their unsuccessful enterprise and its consequences having cost them upwards of £6,000. The expense incurred by Mr. Turner has, it is understood, considerably exceeded that amount. Happily, the ample fortune possessed by this gentleman, render any pecuniary loss which he may attain, the least among the injuries inflicted on him by the affair which has excited so much indignation.
Edward Gibbon Wakefield, born 20 March 1796 in 1816 he eloped with Eliza Susan Pattle, a 16-year-old ward in chancery and heiress to a Canton merchant; she bore him two children before her death in 1820. Wakefield was left with the interest from a trust fund of £70,000.
From 1820 to 1825 Wakefield was a member of the British legation at Paris. Seeking further means so as to secure a seat in the House of Commons, Wakefield in 1826 abducted 15-year-old Ellen Turner, daughter of a Cheshire silk manufacturer, William Turner, and persuaded her to marry him. The marriage was not consummated, and Wakefield, along with his brother William Hayward, his accomplice, was tried amid considerable publicity. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment from May 1827.

Emigration from the Isle of Man.—
We have seen a letter from a gentleman resident at Woburne, near Douglass, in which the writer says, it is within his own knowledge that not less than 700 souls in and near that part of the Island, have within a short period, sold and departed for Liverpool, with the intention of emigrating to the banks of the Ohio— They are of the agricultural class.— Liverpool Advertiser, May 26
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 19th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 11 brig Louisa McAdam 28 May Dublin 180 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 11 bark Dowson Tickle 20 May Belfast 170 settlers to G. Symes / in ballast
July 11 schooner Mary Ann Sire 20 days Newfoundland   to J. Leblond / fish
July 12 bark Stakesby Corner 24 May Plymouth   to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 12 brig Tweed Davie 28 May Bordeaux   to order / in ballast
July 14 Hired Colonial brig Kingfisher 12 days Halifax Colonel Cowper (Power?)
July 15 bark Thomas Banfill 03 June Cork 219 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 15 bark Bolivar Hearn 14 days Halifax   to Mr. Levy / rum & sugar
July 15 brigantine Mary Denning St. Kitts   — / sugar
July 15 schooner Vine Dawson 20 days Newfoundland   to James Hunt / in ballast
July 16 ship Arab Lowe 05 June Cork Major Baird ; Capt.'s Kirwan, George and Daniel ; Lieut.'s Rainsford, Jenner and Bunbury ; Ensigns Gibson and James ; Surgeon Henry ; 11 Serjeants ; 2 Drummers ; 222 Rank & File ; 14 women & 14 children, 66th Regiment to Government
July 16 brig Henderson Steel 15 May Sligo 90 settlers to R. Methley / coals
July 16 brigantine Kate Webb 20 June Trinidad   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / sugar
July 16 brig Nelson Wood Ball 08 June Liverpool 49 settlers to order / general cargo
July 17 brig Fisher Wilson 44 days Dublin 170 settlers to R. Shaw / in ballast
July 17 bark Mint Smith 21 May London   to W. Price / in ballast
July 17 brig Forth Robinson 02 June Greenock 150 settlers to Peniston & McGill / in ballast
July 17 brig Industry Martin 19 May Jamaica   to Patterson & Weir / rum & molasses
July 17 schooner Experience Thompson 18 days Halifax   to M. Dubord / rum & molasses
July 17 brig Mayflower Atkinson 22 May Whitehaven   to order / in ballast
July 17 brig Medora McGuire 21 June Barbadoes   to J. Moore / coals
July 17 bark Lord Byron Robinson 25 May Greenock 26 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 17 brig Minerva Harvey 16 May London   to D. Burnet / salt & wines
July 17 brig Britannia Connor 17 May Sligo 100 settlers to James Saunders / bricks
July 18 bark Hawksbury Biggs 03 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 18 bark Harbinger Harland 23 May Belfast 209 settlers to J. Brown / in ballast
In the Asia, sailed yesterday for London, the lady of the Honorable M.H. Perceval and family

Ogdensburgh, (St. Lawrence,) June 26.
Novel Emigration.— The unprecedented increase of Red Squirrels on the borders of the river in this vicinity, and their unseemly location in almost every wood-yard in this village, within a few weeks, have excited no little curiousity. The mystery, however, has within a few days been fully disclosed ; and it is now ascertained from occular demonstration, that these animals, from having been dissatisfied with the administration of the Government of His Majesty's Colony of Upper Canada—the hopeless prospect of their ever attaining the privileges of citizenship under the recent Alien Law of that Province—or front some other cause—are daily crossing the river St. Lawrence by tens, fifties, and hundreds—and fixing their habitations in every vacant nook and corner within our own territory. We are informed that they may be seen landing a short distance above and below this village, almost evey hour in the day ; and the woods, as we have ourselves observed, along the bank of the river, are literally thronged with these quiet and heretofore loyal subjects of his Majesty.
Potsdam,(St. Lawrence,) June 27.
Squirrels.—These infesters of our soil are pouring in upon us like the wild locusts of Egypt, and are almost as numerous. Nearly two hundred have been killed by boys, with clubs and stones, in the precints of our village, within one week. They are unusually tame, and appear to be almost in a state of starvation. They do not hesitate to come into cellars, and commit depredations upon whatever they can find, and one even ventured into our office, but as he found types rather hard food he immediately retired. What causes the unusual number and stir among the squirrels this season, we are unable to say, unless it is the scarcity of nuts, which consequently drives them from their holes to seek for food.
The CANADA, British Steam Packet, Captain Hugh Richardson, leaves Niagara daily for York at 7 o'clock in the morning, and starts from York for Niagara every day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The Canada crosses the Lake in the short space of four hours and a half, and affords Travellers arriving at the Falls an expeditious and convenient opportunity of visiting the Capital of Upper Canada.
Cabin Passage . . . $2.00
Deck and Fore Cabin . . . $1.00

Passengers returning immediately with the Boat, will only pay half of the above prices for the return.
Hugh Richardson,
Managing Owner.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 23rd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 20 bark Rio Packet Loveys 07 July Newfoundland   to James Hunt / wines
July 20 brig Tyne Dennison 06 June Jamaica   to order / in ballast
July 20 ship Branches Morrison 07 June Portsmouth   to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 20 brig Emerald Smith 01 June Portsmouth   to W. Patton / in ballast
July 20 bark Arcadia Forster 08 June Bristol   to G. Symes / salt
July 20 schooner Cornelia Bagdon / Blagdon 01 July St. John, N.B.   to — / rum & sugar
July 20 bark Frances Mary Grandy 07 June Waterford 150 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 20 brig Nelson Village Jackson 02 June Belfast 361 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / salt
July 20 brig Mars Gourley / Gourlay 13 June Maryport 41 settlers to order / in ballast
July 20 brig Cyclops Spencer 28 May Ross 220 settlers to Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
July 20 bark Lord Whitworth Thornton 10 June Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
July 20 ship Brunswick Blake 01 June London   to order / in ballast
July 21 brig Sarah Mary Ann Christian 08 June Londonderry 100 settlers to G. Symes / in ballast
July 21 bark Priam / Prian Smith 09 June Plymouth   to Mr. Burnet / in ballast
July 21 schooner Clarissa Deschance 19 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum
July 21 ship Brother Anderson 08 June Bristol   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 21 brig Susan Nicholson 26 May Plymouth   to H. Lemesurier / wines
July 21 brig Newcastle Clay 11 June Limerick 160 settlers to H. Gowan & Co. / in ballast
York, Upper Canada, July 16.
Wonderful Escape:
On Saturday last, just as the Canada was proceeding from Niagara to York, A. Heron Esq. junior, Editor of the Gleaner, undertook to put Captain Mundy of the Wood duck on board. The skiff in which they had embarked coming in contact with the bow of the steam-boat, upset, and both were drawn under the Canada ! The wheels were stopt— the life boats lowered and about a minute and a half after the upset, Captain Mundy rose apparently much exhausted. Captain Richardson darted off in the Jolly Boat, and recued him from his perilous situation.
After a fruitless search of some minutes without any propect of the enlightened editor making his appearance, the boat proceeded— a moan was heard issuing from the larboard wheelhouse. The wheels were again stopt— the jolly boat lowered ; and, to the great astonishment of all on board, our brother editor was found clinging to the axle-tree !— he sustained no injury !— Observer
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 26th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 22 brig Triton Rich 28 May London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
July 23 brig Jane Wilkinson 09 June Workington   to G. Symes / cordage
July 23 brig England Stephenson 26 May Dublin 260 settlers (or 140 settlers) to order / in ballast
July 23 brig Enterprise Hunter 01 June Dundalk 45 settlers (or 15 settlers) to D. Burnet / in ballast
July 23 brig Hope Waddle 07 June London   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 23 brig Blackiston Crow (deceased) 14 June Topsham   to W.& G. Pemberton / cordage
July 23 brig Eleanor Black / Blair 08 June Liverpool   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 23 brig Rebecca Hedley 12 June Southampton   to C. Noves / in ballast
July 23 brig Warner Crawford 07 June Greenock 43 settlers to G. Ross & Co. / general cargo
July 23 bark Elizabeth Charlton 04 June Cork   to W. Price / in ballast
July 23 brig Hayle Ramsay 30 May Newcastle   to order / coals
July 23 brig Triton Gaitskell 10 June Liverpool   to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
July 23 brigantine Caroline Ashwood 10 July Newfoundland   to J. Tulloch / fish

Shipping Intelligence:
The Harmony, Young, from Leith for Quebec, run on a rock in beating into Stornaway, 1st June, but was expected to be got off.

Captain Crow, of the Blackiston, from Topsham, was drowned on the 2nd July, in long. 25 W.

Limerick, June 6th.— The Pacific, Brown, of this port, out from Cork since the 22nd ult. with passengers for Quebec, was forced to put into the Shannon on Monday, in partial distress, having encountered very severe weather, and carried away her maintopmast, in a violent sqall on the 30th May.
Cork, June 7th.— Agenora, Evans, for Quebec. The Romney had not arrived on the morning of the 7th. The Pacific, Brown, for Cork and Liverpool, bound to Quebec, put into Stornaway, in consequence of a conspiracy amongst the passengers.

The Postmaster at Stoney Stratford, last week, being awoke by the guard of the mail, actually threw out his small clothes instead of the bag, which was not perceived by the guard, and they safely arrived at Lombard-street ere the mistake was discovered.

On Thursday evening last, the town of Harnet was thrown into a state of considerable confusion by an affair betwixt a gentleman named " Smith , " and a father of Miss H. D. which lasted nearly one hour. It appears that the lady had been seduced from her home, and was then on the road to " Gretna Green, " with our enterprising son of Neptune, when being overtaken by the indignant father, while partaking of some refreshment at the " Travellers' Inn, " a fight ensued, " not with sword or pistol, " but with the " gift of nature, " . . . " fists . " Both " peeled " and an admirable " set-to " it was. Blows were repaid with blows. Claret flowed profusely ; both proved " high game, " and afforded a real treat to our " Fancy. " At length Dad received a tremendous hit on his " cannister, " which felled him to the ground. Time was called, but he was insensible, and our hero, accompanied by the " undutiful charmer, " hove off, amidst the tumultous acclamations of the surrounding crowd, who were afterwards quickly dispersed by the civil authorities.

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