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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1830

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1830.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for New Swiftsure, Chambly, Waterloo & John Molson.

April 25 - June 06 | June 07 - July 09 | July 10 - September 08 | September 10 - November 25

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 14th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 07 ship Maida Beckett 12 April Hull 186 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
June 07 brig Dykes Cockton 27 April Maryport 154 settlers to — / in ballast
June 07 bark Spence Murray 15 April Liverpool   to Mr. Ritchie / general cargo
June 07 bark Ythan Bearons 18 April Dundalk 23 settlers to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 07 bark Julius Caesar Forster 26 April Plymouth 20 settlers to J. Kerr / in ballast
June 07 bark Friendship Tucker 30 April Trinidad   to A.C. Freer & Co. / sugar & molasses
June 07 bark John Danford Hepburn 28 April London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 07 bark Helen Henderson 20 April Belfast 300 + settlers | including John Whittle Harvey (see story) to J. Hamilton / in ballast
June 07 brig Dew Drop Wokes 28 April London 30 settlers to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / general cargo
June 07 brig Harrison and Tomb Thompson 27 April Maryport   to order / in ballast
June 07 brig Irton Gaitskill 14 April Liverpool   to Leslie & Stewart / general cargo
June 07 brig Orleans Hanfield 29 April Montego Bay   to A.C. Freer & Co. / rum & sugar
June 07 brig Sally Cumming 10 April Ayr   to Baird / coals
June 07 brig Fidelity English 11 April London   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 07 brig Denton Denton 17 April Sunderland   to Moir & Heath / coals
June 07 brig Cynthia Turner 10 April Sunderland 80 settlers to Moir & Heath / coals
June 07 brig Commerce Burton 14 April Liverpool   to Moir & Heath / general cargo
June 07 brig Acadia Decent 20 April Dublin 250 settlers to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 07 brig John and Mary Hodgson 06 April Sunderland   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
June 07 brig Marcessus Park 20 April Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / rum
June 07 brig Addison Brown 06 April Whitby 85 settlers to — / in ballast
June 07 brig Experiment Bruce 14 April Hull 122 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 07 brig Chance Jackson 21 April Workington   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
June 07 schooner Vigilant McVicar 12 May Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum
June 07 schooner Robert Hamilton 11 April Gibraltar   to R. Orkney / fruit
June 07 schooner Bridgwater Grierson 45 days Dominica   to Tucker & Stewart / rum
June 07 brig Phesdo Mitchell 27 April Aberdeen   to H. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
June 07 ship Thames Stoddard 26 April London / Torbay   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / general cargo
June 07 bark Isabella Dunlop 15 April Dublin 171 settlers to Rodger Dean & Co. / in ballast
June 07 bark Champlain Hughes 28 April Cork 62 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 07 bark Barbadoes Lee 13 April Dublin   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 07 bark Albany Cunningham 22 April Newcastle   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 07 bark Wallsend Cooper 22 April London   to James Hamilton / in ballast
June 07 bark Quebec Packet Atkinson 27 April London   to James Hamilton / in ballast
June 07 brig Earl Moira Allison 42 days London   to W. Patton / in ballast
June 07 brig Pilgrim Smales 18 April Glasgow   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 07 brig Bragilla Irving 01 April Liverpool   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 07 brig Voyager Anderson 06 April Shields Mr. George Taylor ; Mr.& Mrs. Henderson ; Mr. Banks ; Mr. Weir to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals
June 07 brig Thomas Tyson Stockdale 13 April Maryport   to J. Richardson / in ballast
June 08 bark Clio Wood 28 April Maryport   to P. Patterson / in ballast
June 08 brig Henry Brougham Reigh 28 April Ross 80 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 08 bark Endeavour Collinson 26 April Torbay Mr.& Mrs. Gray, of Montreal ; Messrs. W. Meyer, Birchall, H.N. Patton and Master Oakley to Denholm & Douglas / general cargo
June 08 bark Herald Hunter 07 April Newcastle   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
June 09 brig John Esdale / John Esdaile Wright 28 April Cork   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 10 brig Transit Potts 30 April Dublin 41 settlers to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 10 brig Mirables Skipsey 19 April Newcastle   to Moir & Heath / coals
June 10 brig Hour Wilson 26 April Bordeaux   to H. Gowen / in ballast
June 10 brig Fingal Morrison 14 April Belfast   to Pemberton, Brothers / general cargo
NOTE the vessels below arrived on June 6th and 7th, but had been omitted from the published list
June 07 ship Mansfield Stainsbank 13 April London 2 settlers to Lemesurier & Co. / general cargo
June 06 brig Amethyst Thompson London   to R. Price & Co. / general cargo
June 06 brig Zephyr Evans London   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
June 06 bark Henry Weakner London    
June 06 brig Robert Schmidt ? Thompson London   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 07 bark Cottingham Short 04 April London   to Lemesurier / in ballast
June 07 bark Wellington Forster 05 April London   to Lemesurier / in ballast
June 06 brig Margaret Neilson 23 April Liverpool Mr. John Jamieson & Mr. Theodore Turpin to Finlay & Co. / general cargo
June 06 ship Cumberland Gardener 19 April Liverpool   to Logan & Co. / salt
June 06 bark Robert Russell Bell Liverpool   to Logan & Co. / salt
June 07 brig Sir George Murray Williams 14 April Liverpool   to Rodger Dean & Co. / salt
June 07 brig Medusa Wilson 14 April Bridgwater   to H. Gowen & Co. / bricks
June 06 brig Ontario Arnold 27 April Bristol   to W. Budden / general cargo
June 06 ship Almorah Ward 03 May Hull 168 settlers to R. Methley / in ballast
June 07 ship William Pitt Woolridge 11 April Hull 149 settlers to Mr. Levey / in ballast
June 06 brig Triton Kingsley Hull   to Symes & Son / goods
June 06 — Thomas Portsmouth 4 settlers  
June 06 brig Preston Woodthorp Yarmouth 137 settlers to H. Gowen / in ballast
June 07 brig Baltic Miller 04 April Yarmouth 107 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 07 bark Isabella Leighton 05 April Shields   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
June 07 brig Richard and Ann Smith 07 April Shields   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals
June 07 bark Quebec Trader Morris 10 April Sheerness   to mr. Connery / in ballast
June 06 brig Cordelia Hudson 07 April Sunderland   to W. Peddie / coals
June 06 brig Orion Craggs Sunderland   to J. Bennett / in ballast
June 07 brig Jamieson Murray Sunderland   to J. Brown / in ballast
June 07 brig Constantine Berry 06 April Sunderland   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals
June 06 brig Dwina Yule Peterhead   to Moir & Heath & Co. / in ballast
June 06 brig Favourite Christie Peterhead   to J. Hamilton / general cargo
June 07 brig Friends Hudson 03 April Whitby   to Lemesurier / bricks
June 07 bark Smales Tyre 03 April Whitby   to Lemesurier / in ballast
June 06 brig Eleanor Blair Workington   to Pembertons / in ballast
June 07 brig Hero Wilson 12 April Workington   to R. Methley / in ballast
June 06 ship Nailer McColl 23 April Greenock Mrs. John Miller ; Mr. F. Hume, Master A. Hume, Master T. Hume ; Mr.& Mrs. McFarlane ; Mr.& Mrs. McLellan, Master McLellan ; Mr.& Mrs. Freeland ; Mrs. A. McColl ; Captain Crawford ; Dr. W.A.T. Gilmour ; Mrs. W.D. Cochran | 120 settlers to J. Munn / general cargo
June 06 brig Margaret Balfour Gellately 09 April Dundee 63 settlers  
June 07 brig Sprightly Johnstone 07 April Dundee   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
June 07 brig Neptune Brown 09 April Leith 144 settlers to Mr. Ritchie / coals
June 06 brig George Brown Leith   to Rodger Dean & Co. General cargo
June 06 bark Duncan Gibb Donnell Dublin 200 settlers to J. Saunders / glass
June 07 brig Percival Johnstone 12 April Dublin 90 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
June 07 bark Gilbert Henderson Smith 26 April Dublin 177 settlers to Pembertons / in ballast
June 07 brig Earl of Aberdeen Mearns 12 April Belfast 192 settlers to Moir & Heath / general cargo
June 06 brig Eliza Ann Shaw Cork   to J. Morgan / general cargo
June 06 brig Sarah Russell / Rusdell Limerick   to order / in ballast
June 06 bark Bolivar Bollard 20 April Waterford 74 settlers to W. Price / in ballast
June 06 Munster Lass Kerry 07 April Waterford   to W. Price / in ballast
June 06 bark Argyle Dunn 23 April Waterford   to W. Price / in ballast
June 06 bark Ocean Hearn Waterford   to W. Price / goods
June 06 brig Rose Macroon Jacobs Waterford 232 settlers to J.P. Thirlwall / in ballast
June 06 brig Castor McGilton Youghall 139 settlers to Symes & Son / in ballast
June 06 brig Good Intent Edwards Youghall 150 settlers to J.S. Campbrll / in ballast
June 06 bark Tottenham Evans 27 April Ross   to J.P. Thirlwall / in ballast
June 06 schooner Glasgow Graham Halifax   to A. Morrison / rum
June 06 schooner Eliza Boudrot 21 May Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum &c.
June 06 brig Jorison Jordison Gibraltar   to J. Dyke
June 06 brig Silestria Gooley Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum
June 06 brig William Armstrong 26 April Demerara   to C.A. Holt / rum
June 06 schooner Metis Packet Chaplin 35 days Trinidad   to C.A. Holt / rum
June 06 schooner Henry and Thomas Johnson Jamaica   to Patterson, Young & Co. / rum & sugar
June 07 schooner Kitty Johns 25 April Messina   to Henry Atkinson / fruit & wines
June 07 brig Anne Wynne 07 April Antwerp   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
Lake Ontario Steamboats
Our correspondent at Prescott has obligingly furnished us with the following arrangements for the departure of Steamboats from that place to the different parts of Lake Ontario, which will be very useful information to travellers from this and other quarters.
The Queenston, Captain Whitney, every Sunday morning at 6 o'clock
The Alciope, Captain McKenzie, every Friday morning at 6 o'clock
The Niagara, Captain Mosier, every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
The Dalhousie, Captain McDonell, every Friday evening at 8 o'clock, and Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6 o'clock
The Sir James Kempt, Captain Gilderslieve, Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 8 o'clock
The following appropriate notice of the Ontario Steamboat Line, owned by Messrs. Denison, is from the Albany Argus:
The steamboat Ontario, Captain Miller, is now in the regular performance of her trips from Niagara to Ogdensburgh, touching at the various ports — Rochester, Oswego, Sackett's Harbor, Cape Vincent &c. This boat has been fitted up at much expense, in a superior manner, to afford facilities for the passage on the American side of the Lake. It is one of the most interesting routes that our country offers to the traveller. It includes the Falls of Niagara, the Battle Grounds, the views on the Niagara River, Queenston Heights, and Brock's Monument, Fort Niagara, the prosperous and rapidly growing villages on the American side of the Lake, the extensive artificial harbours erecting by the United States Government at the mouth of the Genesee River, Sodus and Oswego, &c. and with little other expense than the price of the passage. To men of business and especially those travelling between the Western States and New York, it presents the opportunity, not only to look at these points of interest, but affords additional facilities for the transaction of business. The Line, so far as we are informed in relation to it, deserves, as we have no doubt it will receive, the public encouragement.

Emigration from the Mother Country has been noticed in this Journal as being undertaken on a very extensive scale, and that thousands are preparing to desert the homes of their fathers and take up their residence in the Western hemisphere. Within these last two or three days we have seen strong and palpable proofs of this " march of population " in the daily arrivals of the Steamboats from Quebec, crowded with emigrants. The number who have arrived at Quebec is stated to be already nearly 7000, an amount much larger than usual. The increase is principally from Yorkshire, whose farmers are coming out in large numbers, and for whom fifteen vessels have been laid on at Hull. The following statement of the number from each port gives all reported in the Quebec papers.—
London Strathisla 3 ; British Sovereign 19 ; New John 4 ; Ottawa 9 ; Mansfield 2 Dew Drop 30 67
Liverpool Margaret 10 ; Winscales 10 ; True Briton 47 ; Isabella 6 ; Atlantic 7 80
Plymouth Susan 30 ; Argus 16 ; Julius Caesar 20 66
Hull Earl of Dalhousie 70 ; Westmoreland 181 ; Suffolk 85 ; Urania 14 ; Ann Eliza Jane 28 ; St. Mary 209 ; Wilberforce 200 ; Iphigenia 134 ; Lord Stanley 54 ; Almorah 168 ; William Pitt 149 ; Maida 185 ; Experiment 122 1600
Maryport Dykes 154 154
Newcastle Margaret 6 6
Scarborough Glenroy 45 45
Bristol Concord 54 54
Falmouth Janus 3 3
Newport Euphrosyne 110 110
Portsmouth Thomas 4 4
Yarmouth Preston 137 ; Baltic 107 244
Whitby Addison 85 85
Sunderland Cynthia 80 80
Greenock Sophia 8 ; Favourite 50 ; Rebecca 40 ; Faside 7 ; Nailer 120 225
Aberdeen Brilliant 30 30
Dundee Margaret Balfour 63 63
Leith Neptune 144 144
Dublin Memnon 38 ; John Porter 142 ; Castlereagh 175 ; Duncan Gibb 200 ; Percival 90 ; Gilbert Henderson 177 ; Isabella 171 ; Transit 41 ; Acadia 144 1284
Newry William Fell 228 228
Belfast Universe 40 ; Jessie 200 ; Earl of Aberdeen 192 ; Helen 300 732
Cork Saladin 5 ; Champlain 62 67
Wexford Wexford 131 131
Portaferry Dorcas Savage 44 44
Londonderry Elizabeth & Ann 110 110
Waterford Bolivar 74 ; Rose Macroon 232 306
Dundalk Ythan 23 23
Youghall Castor 139 ; Good Intent 150 289
Ross Henry Brougham 80 80
The number who have arrived in Montreal amount to about 3000,
and were conveyed by the following Steamers, as they have been stated to us:—
St. Lawrence 400
Richelieu 650
Lady of the Lake 300
Waterloo 300
Hercules 600
Chambly 750
We are happy to learn that the great majority of these emigrants intend to remain within the British Provinces — the Settlements which many have chosen are those in the neighbourhood of York — some are for the shores of the Ottawa — others will "locate" themselves on the Chateauguay — and many are about to take up their residence about Odelltown and the settlements along the frontier lines.

Waterford Emigrants:—
We understand that about 1700 emigrants have left the port of Waterford during the season. The brig Solon, which sailed today with a great number of emigrants for Miramichi, Halifax &c. went aground in the course of the day at Chief Point. (arrived at Halifax by June 3rd 1830) She was, however, got off without sustaining any material injury. Three or four of the vessels which had left Waterford for Newfoundland, &c. have put back until the weather becomes more settled. — Dublin Evening Post

Comparison showing increase of the Population of the British North American Colonies
  1784 1824 1830
Lower Canada 123,727
Of. Rt
Of. Rt.
Comp. at 5%
per year
Upper Canada 10,000
Of. Rt.
Of. Rt.
Nova Scotia . . . . . 142,543
Of. Rt.
New Brunswick 32,000
Of. Rt.
P. Edward's Island . . . . . . . . . . 30,000
Newfoundland . . . . . . . . . . 90,000
Whole Population     1,126,192
Of. Rt. = Official Return | Supp. = Supposed | Comp. = Computed
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 17th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 10 brig Eleanor Reid 27 April Portsmouth   to H. Gowen / in ballast
June 11 bark Mary Driscoll 02 May Liverpool   to H. Gowen / in ballast
June 11 brig Dalrymple Duncan 29 April Shields   to H. Gowen / coals
June 11 brig Fairy Melbourne 2-? April Liverpool   to R. Froste & Co. / general cargo
June 11 brig Canadian Hamilton 04 May Liverpool Mr.& Mrs. Joly (Jolly), child & servant ; Mrs. A. Stewart, two children & servant ; Mrs. A. Handyside, two children & servant ; Mr. McNaughton ; Mr. Adahead ; Mr. Adams ; Mr. Millar ; Mr. W. Millar ; Captain Borthwick and Mate, for a new vessel to G. Ross & Co. / in ballast
June 11 brig Union Troude 2-? April Cork   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 11 brig Trial Wilson 39 days Liverpool   to Mr. Elkinson / in ballast
June 11 bark Ellergill Corbett 03 May Hull   to Levey & Co. / in ballast
June 11 bark Alcyon ? Muir 13 April London   to — / in ballast
June 11 brig British Queen Rochester 21 April Newcastle ?   to J. Leather / coals
June 11 brig St. George Thompson 27 April Maryport   to order / in ballast
June 11 brig Agnes Gorman 10 May Limerick   to R. Shaw / in ballast
June 11 brig Maria Kennedy 14 days Newfoundland   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 12 brig Ann Hunton 26 April London   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 12 brig Gordon ? Cockrill 02 May Newcastle   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
June 12 bark Reaper Rhind 27 April London   to order / in ballast
June 12 brig Donegall Heyton 46 days Belfast   to order / in ballast
June 12 brig Hope Huddard 28 April Harrington   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
June 12 brig Ann Hewson 20 April Shields   to G. Symes & Son / coals
June 12 brig Thetis Gorman 27 April Limerick   to James Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 12 bark Cicero Robertson 27 April London   to Government / Stores
June 12 schooner Reine Blanche 17 days Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum
June 08— brig James Lumsden, Petrie, (for) Jamaica
June 08— ship Artemis, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
June 08— ship Margaret, Sumpton, (for) Liverpool
June 10— brig Martha, Sweetland, (for) Tobago
June 10— bark Universe, Alexander, (for) Aberdeen
June 10— ship Reward, Vennes, (for) Bristol
June 11— ship Sir John Beresford, Boag, (for) Liverpool
June 11— brig Blakeston, Eskdale, (for) Galway
June 11— schooner Mary Jane, Landry, (for) Labrador

Limerick Chronicle.—
The city is very dull — few arrivals, and no business — the only persons active are the Jews ; they have introduced a Petition to Parliament in favour of Emancipation to be signed by Christians only, and the number and respectability of the signatures which they have obtained in a few hours are surprising. — May 5th

Value of a Head or Hair.
At the Sussex assizes an action was brought by a female pauper against the Governor of Ninfield poor-house, and five of the overseers, for forcibly cutting off her head of hair. It appeared that the plaintiff had burdened the parish with two illegitimate children, and the overseers had recourse to the measures complained of to despoil of her attractions, and " to bring down her pride. " The hair in question was stated to have been a yard long, and extremely handsome. Mr. Justice Bayley told the Jury that the conduct of the defendants was extremely unjustifiable, and they found a verdict in her favour, damages £60.

Emigration -- from the Quebec Official Gazette of June 10th
After a stagnation almost unprecedented during the month of May, the contrast now presented on our wharves and in the business part of the city is cheering in every point of view. An immense number of vessels, greater than the amount reported this day last year, are now in the harbour. And never was the basin more beautifully studded than at this moment.
The streets of the Upper and Lower Towns have been filled, since Sunday last, with crowds of strangers, many of the most respectable description and demeanour, with their well dressed families ; so much so, that we confess Quebec brought to our recollection the appearance of a bustling town in England, during fair time. The baker, grocer, and victualler of all kinds have been in great request, and must have reaped a good harvest, from the ready money which has been circulated in very considerable quantities.
It gives us great pleasure to notice the influx this season of so many valuable British settlers and emigrants. Since Saturday, the 5th instant, we reckon the number at 6,353, and previous to that date 2,000 had arrived, making a total of 8,353 since the opening of the navigation, exclusive of several persons not reported here, having passed up on vessels bound to Montreal. The principal portion of these settlers comes from Yorkshire, and the adjoining Counties of Lincoln, Northumberland, Westmoreland, and Cumberland. Many are from Norfolk, Suffolk, and Northampton, among them a considerable number of former tenants of His Grace the Duke of Grafton. Several families are from Monmouthshire and South Wales, and in short there are settlers from almost every part of England. A considerable number are also from the Counties of Midlothian, Ayr, Perth, and Argyle ; but the chief portion of the Scottish settlers is yet to arrive, as, according to the latest accounts, we learn that extensive preparations for Emigration were making in Sutherlandshire, and other parts of the Highlands. About one-third of the whole have emigrated from Ireland, and our private letters from the country inform us that vast numbers more may be expected.
Considering the long passages made by these vessels, and the unusual severity of the voyage, it is very gratifying to find that comparatively little inconvenience has been felt ; and with the exception of the lamentable wreck of the Newry in Carnarvon Bay, we have not heard of any accident attended by a total destruction and loss of lives.
From all the information, the amount of Emigration this year to the Canadas may be rated as high as 30,000, as the disposition seems to be almost general throughout the United Kingdom. We wish here to impress on the minds of our readers a most gratifying fact, which will be received, we are certain, with feelings similar to our own. It has been frequently a subject of regret that so many excellent settlers, so many worthy and industrious persons should pass through these Provinces, and settle in the Western Wilds, or in other parts of the neighbouring United States. The regret was certainly amply to be justified on every principle of patriotism and loyalty. But this year a very striking difference, or rather a total change, has been observed in the feelings of the Emigrants, towards the United States, and in their disposition to proceed as before to Ohio and Illinois. We have good grounds for asserting that these feelings and this disposition have very greatly abated, if they are not totally extinct ; and the names of Illinois and Ohio, which were in the mouths of all the Yorkshire settlers last year, have scarcely been heard from the Emigrants this season.
The crowds of Emigrants, that have thronged round the office of His Majesty's Resident Agent for Settlers, have been more numerous than ever, and their enquiries have been more close and well directed, as to the best means of taking up advantageous positions than before. They have generally expressed their resolution to settle in one or other of the Canadas, and vast numbers have, in consequence, been forwarded by the Agent to good locations, and otherwise assisted to obtain employment suited to their respective means, capacities and wants.
As we are always gratified when any increase takes place in the New Settlements in this District, and in the vicinity of Quebec, we are glad to notice the large number of families, principally from Yorkshire, which have proceeded to the New Settlements on the Craig's Road. It is much to be regretted, however, that some better mode of conveyancing than the miserable market batteaux could not be got for these settlers, to forward them to St. Nicholas. The circumstance, too, of the boatmen being generally ignorant of English, occasions much embarrassment to the emigrants in getting to his destination.
The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at the port of Quebec to the 9th June, 1829, and the same date of 1830:—
Years Vessels Difference Settlers Difference
1829 221   4,028  
1830 266   8353
+ 250
(to Mont.)
    45   3,675
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 21st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 12 brig Domus Ord 24 April Sunderland   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
June 12 brig Hope Lloyds 27 April Kinsale   to W. Budden / iron
June 14 brig Pomona Brown 01 May Liverpool 15 settlers to T. Connery / in ballast
June 14 brig Monica Candler 56 days Gibraltar   to D. Burnett / wines &c.
June 14 ship Active Bowie 04 May Newcastle 15 settlers to H. Gowen / coals
June 14 brig Harriet Atcheson 08 May Jamaica   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
June 14 brig Camden Hay 19 March Sunderland   to W. Price / coals
June 15 schooner Frances Ann Kenney 29 May St. John, N.B.   to P.& D. Burnett / rum
June 15— schooner Dispatch, Cousins, (for) St. John, N.B.
June 15 — brig Earl of Dalhousie, Boyd, (for) Greenock
June 15— brig Governor Hodgson, Burrows, (for) Jamaica
June 15— schooner Glasgow, Graham, (for) Halifax
June 17— brig Prince George, Morrison, (for) Leith
June 17— — Margaret, Blagden, (for) St. John's, Nfld.

An Unwilling Emigrant
A carter's boy belonging to Dysart went out the other day, along with some companions, to a ship lying off the harbour, and bound for America. He remained on board after his companions had returned, thinking, as the vessel was near the harbour, and the communication frequent, he could get ashore any time. The Captain, however, soon after hoisted sail for America ; the boy was seen from the shore making signs for someone to come for him, but the vessel was going at such a rate that relief was impossible.— Scotsman

Emigration from Ireland &c.
A Correspondent of the London Times says:— I should mention to you, as an important feature in the present state of Ireland, that of emigration to the British settlements in America. We were in the habit of sending about 15,000 or 16,000 annually to Canada and the United States. I have reason to believe, from a conversation with some persons very conversant in these matters, that the number will be more than trebled this year. In the port of Sligo alone, there are six vessels now lading with passengers for Quebec, besides two which have already sailed. " For the last few weeks, " says a communication from this place, " whole families of comfortable looking persons have passed daily through our streets, seated on carts containing their luggage and provisions for the voyage. Our town actually swarms with men, women and children, waiting for the sailing of vessels from our port." It is said that moiety at least of the persons going are Protestants, and I am inclined to believe it. The north and north-west of Ireland have been at all times the great cradles of emigration, and as they were inhabited by a more sturdy and enterprising race, it has been from these quarters principally, until within the last ten or twelve years, that America has been supplied with so many of her citizens.
Several families have left Warwick Bridge and other villages in the vicinity of this city, and others are preparing to follow their example, to embark for America. They proceed to Canada in the first instance. The numbers about to emigrate this year from all parts of the country are great beyond any period within our recollection. Emigrants to the United States should provide themselves with gold, as it bears a premium of 8% above currency at any port of debarkation. They should not burden themselves with luggage, wearing apparel only excepted. — Carlisle Journal
Emigration from England &c.
Cobbett has addressed a letter to Mr. Wilmot Horton [Horton], on the subject of emigration, dated Hull, April 17, in which he says, " You need be in no anxiety about getting rid of the industrious people of England ; you may withdraw your proposition for mortgaging the poor-rates, in order to raise money for transporting them to the banks of Nova Scotia, and the wilds and swamps of Canada. They are going of their own accord, and at their own expense. From Kent and Sussex about 2,000 ; from Yarmouth 400 ; from Boston, by canal, to Liverpool, recently, about 200 ; from Yorkshire and Lancashire, by the way of Liverpool, 1,500, or thereabouts, now recently ; from Hull, gone this year, and going, about 7,000 ! From Scotland, about 2,000. All, with the exception of the poor amongst the Scotch, bound for the United States ; for, though some of the Hull and Yarmouth ships are bound for Quebec, the people are going to the United States. I have been on board of one of the ships now going from this place. I have had great pleasure in finding, that these spirited people have too much sense to think of remaining, an hour longer than necessary, in the barren spots under the sway of the THING's officers. Some of these people carry more than two thousand pounds each with them. Three millions of gold will, this very year, go from England to the United States, by the means of emigration. No, no Wilmot, the paupers no not go. The aged, the deformed, the decrepid, the orphans, the lazy, the insane ; these all remain to be kept along with the dead weight ; the Hanoverian officers, widows and children ; with the pensioners, the sincure people [A position or office that requires little or no work but provides a salary], the two Admirals to every ship of the line, the three Generals to every regiment of soldiers, and the rest of the THING's affairs. Famous news for you an Malthus !! " [Thomas Robert Malthus]
There is a ship called the Brunswick now in the London Dock, with nearly 200 men, women, and children on board, emigrating to New York. These poor people are most of them from the neighbourhood of Diss ; they are chiefly agricultural labourers. —Sun
The mania of emigration is rapidly extending itself over the Kingdom. Between twenty and thirty families left Milfordhaven last week for America. A family occupying a house in one of the leading squares and another possessing a villa on the Lakes of Cumberland, are about to quit England. Mr. Glover, the well known painter in water colours, is among the next departures for the Swan River.
Another party of emigrants from the interior, about fifty in number, halted in this town on Saturday last, on their way to America ! —Preston Pilot
Last week we stated, that seventy-three persons casually met on Tuesday, in a small village of Wetwang, near Dreffield, all on their way to emigrate to America. We have since been informed that we understated the number ; that, in fact, there were about eighty ! From that village alone, twenty-two persons set off on that route for America, on Tuesday week, and were to be followed last Tuesday, by thirty-two more. — Hull Advertiser
Emigration from Scotland
A short time ago we announced the sailing of several vessels from this port for the United States and the Canadas, full of passengers, and it is again our painful task to notice the departure of several hundreds of our countrymen for the same destinations. The ship Roger Stewart sails today for New York [arrived at New York June 15th 1830], with the large number of 146 individuals, besides children on board, several of whom are opulent persons from the west country, and who carry out with them considerable sums of money. One gentleman, we are informed, from the town of Dunning, Perthshire, who there carried on an extensive weaving concern, takes his departure by this vessel upwards of £2,000 in cash. Upon the whole, the passengers by this vessel are much above the common class of emigrants, and were mostly, at one time, in good circumstances at home, but, from the distressed state in which the country is at present, have been induced to try their fortunes on a foreign shore. The ship General Pike for the same destination [arrived at New York June 15th 1830 . . one passenger, Helen Atkin, 25, destined to Canada], is also intended to take her departure today. She has on board about sixty passengers, chiefly mechanics, from the shires of Perth, Ayr, and neighbourhood, who, from the falling off in their respective trades, have some to the resolution of bidding farewell to the shores of Caledonia. There are several other vessels in port for North America, preparing berths on board, and which, we understand, are already nearly all engaged. The ship Amulet is to sail in a few days from Port Glasgow for New York [arrived at New York June 22nd 1830], she is being nearly full of passengers. Last week the Rebecca and Nailer sailed from Quebec, carrying between them about 160 emigrants [arrived at Quebec June 4th & June 6th 1830]. Truly this is wholesale depopulation. —Greenock Advertiser, April 27th

Neilson's Gazette, Quebec
The number of settlers arrived since the opening of the navigation cannot, we suppose, be less than from 7,000 to 8,000. Of these, probably, more than one-half are from England, natives in most part of Yorkshire. The settlers from Scotland are probably one-fifth of the whole. Both from England and Scotland they are farmers and mechanics, each family, very generally, having some money. Several of the Steamboats took up from 300 to 600, on their way, chiefly to Upper Canada. On Monday and Tuesday, the additional population about the town, including the crews of ships, passengers and raftsmen, could not have been much under 12,000 souls.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday June 24th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 17 bark St. David Dale 03 May Bristol   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
June 17 brig James Johnson Jordieson 06 May Sunderland   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 18 bark Britannia Chambers 12 May Leith   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
June 18 brig Elizabeth Brown 09 May Workington   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
June 18 bark John Thomas Jones 07 May Belfast   to H. Gowen / in ballast
June 18 brig Port Spain Turnbull 14 May Jamaica Mrs. Grant to J.S. Shaw / rum & sugar
June 18 brig Blenheim Ballard 02 June Newfoundland   to Price & Co. / in ballast
June 18 bark Pons Ælii Calendar 06 May Milford   to Pembertons / in ballast
June 18 brig Neptune Reay 02 May London   to H. Lemesurier
June 18 brig Marie Elizabeth Sevright 01 May Jamaica   to Heaven & Macauly / rum
June 19 brig Active Walker 30 May Nefoundland   to Lemesurier & Co. in ballast
June 19 brig Onyx Harvey 04 May Cork   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 19 brig Hannah Cullerton 14 days Prince Edward's Island 4 settlers to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
June 20 brig Claremont Thompson 08 May Workington 2 settlers to order
June 20 ship William Pitt Ogilvy 04 May Sligo 300 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / salt &c.
June 20 brig Mary Taggart 03 May Dublin 112 settlers to order / in ballast
June 20 H.M.S. Rose 18 Captain Dewar 01 June Halifax    
June 18— ship Montreal, Leitch, (for) Liverpool
June 18— brig Annandale, Anderson, (for) Aberdeen
June 19— brig Acadia, Decent, (for) Dublin
June 19— bark Campobello, Corner, (for) Liverpool
June 19— brig Phesdo, Mitchell, (for) Aberdeen
June 19— brig Isabella, Donaldson, (for) Dundee
June 19— ship City of Waterford, Thomas, (for) Liverpool
June 19— — Margaret, Jefferson, (for) South Shields
June 19— brig Latona, Robinson, (for) Newcastle
June 19— brig Cherub, Millar, (for) Greenock
June 19— — Scotia, Sinison, (for) Dublin

In the Montreal, sailed on Saturday morning, for Liverpool, Mr.& Mrs. William Pemberton.
In the City of Waterford, Mr. F. Wyse.
Among the passengers by different vessels arriving and sailing from New York, we notice the following.
By the packet ship Columbia, sailed the 1st June for London, went passengers, Mr.& Miss Jackson ; Mr. Coxwell ; Mrs. and Misses Maria & Julia and Mr. W.H. Rist ; Mr. John Smith, all of Upper Canada.
By the Caledonia, sailed same day, for Liverpool, the Hon. W.A. Culpepper of Barbadoes and Captain Sparks of the British Army, were passengers.
In the George Canning, the Liverpool packet of the 8th, Captain Stewart, 71st Regiment and Mr. Spyer of Upper Canada, proceeded to England.
In the Hannibal, at New York June10th, from London, General George [sic] Murray and family : Lieut. Gen. John Murray 32 ; Mrs. Ellen B. 26 ; Harriet 8 ; Emily 7 ; Arthur 5 ; Fredricke (f) 4 ; Ellen 2 ; Maria Mary 1
In the Robert Edwards, at New York June7th, from London, Lieutenant Francis Randolph, 33, Royal Engineers.
In the Birmingham, the 8th May packet at New York June12th, from Liverpool, the Hon. Alexander G. Fraser, 37 ; Thomas Amner Esq. 30
In the Betsey, at New York May 24th, from Columbia, Edward S. Glen Esq., 32

The brig Kelton, from Cork, for St. John, N.B. with 175 emigrants, was wrecked at "little Port le Bear" on the Nova Scotia coast, June 1st. Twelve persons, including the Doctor and two Mates drowned by the upsettling of the boat in landing.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday June 28th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 20 bark Sappho Mullens 03 May London   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
June 20 brig Lois Milne 03 May Greenock   to laurie & Spence / general cargo
June 20 brig Emerald Ritzma Newcastle   to W. Price / coals
June 21 ship Columbia Ward 06 May Bordeaux   to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
June 23 brig Scotia Miller 13 May Limerick 94 settlers to order / in ballast
June 23 brig Fame Brown 10 May Limerick 36 settlers to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 23 brig Blagdon Croft 11 days Halifax   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 23 bark Ranger Davidson 13 April Liverpool   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
June 23 bark Volunteer Thompson 05 May Cork 88 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
June 23 ship Ann Key 14 May Ross 177 settlers to James Black / in ballast
June 23 brig Canada Cockton 15 May Belfast 258 settlers to — / in ballast
June 23 brig Speedwell Bouchard 12 days Halifax 2 settlers to Mr. Roberts / general cargo
June 23 brig Trusty Twecan ? 10 days Halifax   to James Hamilton / general cargo
June 20brig Orleans, Hanfield, (for) Trinidad
June 20brig Tweed, Hancock, (for) Halifax
June 22— brig Good Intent, Edwards, (for) Youghall
June 22— brig Rose Macroon, Jacob, (for) Demerara
June 22— brig Memnon, Mather, (for) Newcastle
June 22— — William Henry, O'Brien, (for) Halifax
June 23— ship Abeona, Rodgers, (for) Belfast
June 23— ship Strathisla, Bonyman, (for) London
June 23— bark Henry, Weakner, (for) Gaspé & Liverpool
June 23— — Minerva, —, (for) Labrador

Statement of the number of Ships arrived at Quebec on the 15th June, between 1821 and 1830, both inclusive, together with their tonnage and the number of Settlers:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1821 244 35,615 1,004
1822 254 69,221 3,555
1823 169 41,971 3,635
1824 260 69,097 1,757
1825 272 74,503 4,076
1826 281 76,671 4,242
1827 220 57,537 6,365
1828 253 66,804 5,853
1829 254 71,636 5,689
1830 303 82,095 9,018
In the Orleans, Captain Trotter R.A. & Mr. Henshaw
In the John Wells, from Liverpool, arrived at Philadelphia 7th June, Alexander Roxborough R.N., 55
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 1st - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 23 brig Union Mulwood 23 June Newfoundland   to J. Dyke, in ballast
June 25 brig Dart Blay 32 days Jamaica   to Tucker & Stewart / rum & sugar
June 25 brig Trade Lewis 01 May Scarborough   to T. Ryan / in ballast
June 26 ship Robert Kerr Boyd 21 May Belfast   to John Brown / salt
June 28 ship Thomas Gelstone Laurie 14 May Belfast 350 settlers to James Bruce / in ballast
June 28 brig Justinian Reay 9 days Halifax   to — / tea, sugar &c.
June 28 brig Canada Wood 14 May Dublin 140 settlers to G. Symes / in ballast
June 28 brig Enterprize Terry 13 May Sligo 178 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 28 bark Robert & Ann Richmond 11 June New York   to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 28 brig Harrington Halliday 12 May Whitehaven 92 settlers to J. Dyke / in ballast
June 28 ship Chapman Christie 10 May London   to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
June 28 bark Madras Christian 12 June Newfoundland   to Rodger Dean & Co. / seal skins
June 28 bark Ocean Elstob 16 June Halifax Dr. Keegan and Messrs. Brown, Fox and Patterson to Sheppard & Co. / in ballast
June 28 brig Mary Ann Barnwell 21 May Liverpool 54 settlers to J. Kerr / salt
June 28 brig Henry V Thomas 08 May London   to Pembertons / in ballast
June 28 brig —aburnum Brown 13 May Dublin 180 settlers to Pembertons / in ballast
June 28 brig Dale McNeil 14 May Belfast 130 settlers to order / in ballast
June 29 ship Dunlop Gowan 14 May Belfast 297 settlers to — / in ballast
June 29 ship Blenheim Frankland 05 May London Mrs. G. Bell to Lemesurier, Tilstone & Co. / in ballast
June 29 ship Antigua Packet Smith 21 May Liverpool   to Gordon & Co. / salt
June 29 bark Brothers Jenkinson 17 May Hull 115 settlers to order / in ballast
June 29 bark Tobago Sheppard 16 May London   to order / in ballast
June 29 bark Sophia Blake 27 May Londonderry 289 settlers to order / in ballast
June 29 brig Amethyst Coulthard 14 May Liverpool Mr. Thomas for Montreal / general cargo
June 29 brig Janet Brown 12 May Limerick 101 settlers for Montreal / in ballast
June 29 brig Mars Gibson 17 June Newfoundland   for Montreal / in ballast
June 29 brig Collins Smart 12 days Halifax   for Montreal / rum
June 29 brig Corrib McDonough 09 May London   for Montreal / in ballast
June 29 brig Mayflower Moore 21 May Ballyshannon 63 settlers for Montreal / in ballast
June 29 brig James Johnson 11 May Sligo 150 settlers Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
June 29 brig Braganza Ashwood 01 May London   to J. Dyke & Co. / general cargo
June 29 schooner Felix Marmaud 14 June Newfoundland 3 settlers to Lemesurier, Tilstone & Co. / fish
June 29 schooner Mary Ann Sire 11 June Newfoundland   to W. Budden / oil
June 25 Glentanner, Walker, (for) Wexford
June 25brig Sally, Cumming, (for) Ayr
June 25brig Catherine, Cameron, (for) Barbadoes
June 25— brig Bragilla, Irving, (for) London
June 25— brig Favourite, Allen, (for) Greenock
June 25— brig Symmetry, Cram, (for) Liverpool
June 25— brig Martha, Sewell, (for) Liverpool
June 25— bark Exmouth, Greig, (for) London
June 25— bark Caroline, Grey, (for) London
June 25— schooner Eliza, Boudrot, (for) Halifax
June 25— brig Silestria, Gooley, (for) Demerara
June 25— bark Bellona, Ritchie, (for) London
June 25— bark Cottingham, Short, (for) Galway
June 26— schooner Prudent, Billingsby, (for) Miramichi
June 26— ship Abeona, Tait, (for) Belfast
June 26— bark Champlain, Hughes, (for) Cork
June 26— brig Dorcas Savage, Fitzsimmons, (for) Belfast
June 26— ship Rebecca, Laurie, (for) Greenock
June 26— brig Maria, Kennedy, (for) Waterford
June 26— schooner Frances Ann, Kenny, (for) St. John, N.B.
June 26— brig Union, Troude, (for) Tralee
June 26— ship Lady Gordon, Harmer, (for) Liverpool
June 28— brigantine Francis, Baker, (for) Cadiz & Gibraltar
June 28— bark Tottenham, Evans, (for) Ross
June 28— bark Friends, Clark, (for) Dublin
June 28— brig Jessie, Wilford, (for) Belfast
June 28— brig Thames, Adams, (for) Port Glasgow
June 28— bark Argus, Johnson, (for) Plymouth
June 28— brig Anne, Wynne, (for) Liverpool
June 28— ship Elizabeth Robertson, Judd, (for) Belfast

Neilson's Gazette says:—
The Commissioners under the Act to establish an Hospital, for the reception of persons arriving at this port, labouring under contagious diseases, have selected a building at the Cabane aux Peres, at Pointe Levi, a little below the part opposite the town, and have formed convenient wards, the Keeper occupying an adjacent outhouses. Dr. Blatchet, whose death we announce today, was the gentleman appointed as Health Officer, but his illness had prevented him from officiating.

In the Favourite, sailed Saturday for Greenock, the Rev. Mr. Machar, Minister of the Kirk of Kingston, Upper Canada
In the Catherine, Mr. George M. Ross

We gave a few weeks ago a statement of the number of emigrants, that had up to that time arrived at Quebec, distinguishing the vessels by which they came, and the ports from whence they sailed. We have prepared from the Quebec papers a continuation of this detailed statement, which will be found subjoined.
London Cicero 12 ; Manfield 6 18
Liverpool Commerce 80 ; Mary 37 ; Robert Burns 173 ; Pomona 15 305
Scarborough Trade 78 78
Hull Ellergill 197 197
Maryport St. George 10 10
Newcastle Active 65 65
Workington Claremont 2 2
Milford Pons Ælii 5 5
Leith Britannia 19 19
Dublin Mary 112 112
Dundalk Ythan 23 23
Cork John Campbell 300 ; Volunteer 88 388
Sligo William Pitt 330 330
Belfast Donegal 183 ; Helen 300 ; John Thomas 30 ; Thomas Gelston 350 ; Robert Kerr 336 ; Canada 258 1,457
Limerick Agnes 200 ; Thetis 230 ; Scotia 94 ; Fame 36 560
Ross Henry Brougham 80 ; Ann 177 257
  To which adding the number formerly mentioned, 6,454
  Gives a total whose arrival this season has been reported, of 10,377
The number differs from that given by Neilson's Gazette, by about 2,000. We cannot account for the difference, except on the supposition that many may not be reported by the papers.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 5th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 29 brig Squaw Williams Newfoundland   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
June 29 brig James Deniston McAlpine Trinidad Mr. A.C. Freer to A.C. Freer & Co.
June 30 brig Allies Hill 15 May Cadiz   to Lemesurier & Co. / fruit & salt
June 30 brig Carricks Johnson 15 May Londonderry 170 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
June 30 schooner Phoebe S— 19 June Arichat   to — / fish
June 30 schooner Harriet Simonds 19 June Arichat   to H. Dubord / in ballast
June 30 bark Crown Hopper 19 May Cork Mr. R. Methley to W. Patton & Co. / in ballast
June 30 brig Aid Todd 16 April Fraserburgh   to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 01 bark Bernard Hopper 11 May Bristol   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast & iron
July 01 brig V— Turpin 01 April Messina   to James Hunt / wines & fruit
July 01 bark Esther Finlay 06 May London   to L.S. Levey / in ballast
July 01 brig Britannia Halliday 11 May Arman   to — / in ballast
June 29brig Crown, Whitfield, (for) Belfast
June 29brig Stephen Wright, Lodge, (for) Haverfordwest
June 29brig Francis, Chalmers, (for) London
June 29— brig Baltic Merchant, Crow, (for) Dublin
June 29— bark Herald, Hunter, (for) Dublin
June 29— brig William, Armstrong, (for) Jamaica
June 30— — Margaret, Fougere, (for) Arichat
June 30— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) London
June 30 — brig Port Spain, Turnbull, (for) Grenada
June 30— brig Liddle, Thompson, (for) Cork
June 30— brig Thomas Tyson, Stockdale, (for) Strangford
June 30— ship Canadian, Morgan, (for) London

Liverpool, May 19. — Loading for Quebec, General Phipps ; Hebe ; Young Samuel ; and Mariner : Sailed, Idris ; Shakespeare : Advertised, Chieftain ; Asia ; Lord Normanby ; Industry and Camilla.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 8th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
03 July bark Spring Captain Clare 12 May Yarmouth   to Pembertons / in ballast
03 July bark Manchester Waller 12 May London   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
03 July bark Victory Simpson 18 May Hull   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
03 July brig Idris Leslie 13 May Liverpool   to — / salt
03 July brigantine Gaspé Blair 20 May Bristol   to Heaven & Co. / general cargo
03 July brig Jane Burke 20 May Waterford   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
03 July brig Sarah Halliday 10 May Newry   to Pembertons / in ballast
03 July brig Cabinet Finn 12 days Newfoundland   to order / in ballast
03 July brig Brown Barnes 16 June Newfoundland   to Gordon & Co. / in ballast
03 July brig Milham Millar 17 June Newfoundland   to Pembertons / in ballast
03 July brig Andrew Nugent Cringle 13 May Sligo   to Pembertons / wine
03 July brig Triton Denton 21 May Exeter   to Pembertons / in ballast
03 July ship Orion Patens 20 May Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / salt
03 July brig Young Samuel Buteau 20 May Liverpool   to Mr. Buteau / in ballast
03 July brig Shakespeare Gouldy 15 May Liverpool Mrs. J. and D. Campbell, two sons ; Mr. Pawson to — / general cargo
03 July schooner Wellington Hartray 15 days Newfoundland Mr. Gill and Mr. Elliot to G. Symes / rum
July 03 brig Grace Martin 16 June Newfoundland   to Pembertons / in ballast
July 03 brig Betsey Miller Robertson 21 June Newfoundland   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 04 schooner Marie Catherine Charett 16 days Newfoundland   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 04 brig Pembroke Castle John 10 days Halifax   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
July 04 brig Latona McCulloch 20 May Westford 135 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 04 brigantine Roseway Penrose 26 May Gibraltar   to — / wines & fruit
July 04 brig Industry Boardman 22 May Liverpool 115 settlers to A. Morrison / general cargo
July 04 brig Cleopatra Hewitt 17 May Dublin 117 settlers to — / in ballast
July 05 bark Frances Peabody Mock 26 May Newry 241 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / salt
July 05 bark Brothers Hynes 20 May Dublin 228 settlers to C. Connery / in ballast
July 05 schooner Elizabeth Hall 01 May Messina & Gibraltar   to Lemesurier & Co. / wines & fruit
July 01schooner Spartan, Billingsby, (for) Miramichi
July 01brig Pilgrim, Small, (for) Newry
July 01ship Thames, Stoddard, (for) London
July 01— bark Industry, Lodge, (for) Limerick
July 01— brig Euphrosyne, Lamson, (for) Bridgwater
July 01— brig Elizabeth & Ann, Wright, (for) —
July 02— bark Dominica, H. Bowman, (for) Cork
July 02— brig Ceres, Dunn, (for) Waterford
July 02— brig Medusa, Wilson, (for) Tralee
July 02— brig Eagle, Davidson, (for) Liverpool
July 02— brig Castor, McGilton, (for) Youghall
July 02schooner Kitty, John, (for) Plymouth
July 02brig Ann Eliza Jane, Simpson, (for) Liverpool
July 02bark Benjamin & Mary, Sheppard, (for) London
July 02— brig Earl of Dalhousie, Mearns, (for) Belfast
July 02— brig Robert, Crosswaite, (for) Dublin
July 02— bark Pallas, Campion, (for) Cork
July 02— bark Bolivar, Ballard, (for) Waterford
July 02— brig Henry Brougham, Reigh, (for) New Ross
July 02— bark Argyle, Dunn, (for) Waterford
July 02— schooner Lark, Leblanc, (for) Pictou
July 02— brig Castor, McGilton, (for) Youghall
July 03bark Isabella, Kelty, (for) Liverpool
July 03bark Indus, Rodgers, (for) Liverpool
July 03bark Priscilla, Mitchell, (for) Liverpool
July 03bark Isabella, R. Dunlop, (for) Londonderry
July 03ship Wexford, T. Barry, (for) Wexford
July 03bark Barbadoes, Lee, (for) Dublin
July 03ship Almorah, Ward, (for) Hull
July 03bark Wellington, Forster, (for) London
July 03— brig Iphigenia, Bird, (for) Dublin
July 03— brig Zephyr, Evans, (for) Hull
July 03— bark Mary, Driscoll, (for) Belfast
July 03— bark Janus, Richards, (for) Penzance
July 03— brig Robert, Hamilton, (for) London
July 03— bark Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
July 03— schooner Vigilant, McVicar, (for) Halifax
July 03— schooner Henry & Thomas, Johnston, (for) Jamaica
July 03— — Wilton, Purdy, (for) Dublin
July 03— bark Quebec Trader, Morris, (for) Dublin

In the Ottawa, for London, Depy. Comy. General Adams, of the late Department of Accounts, lady & child
In the John Porter, for Dublin, Captain Humphries, 15th Regiment, lady & child ; Captain Usher & daughter
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 12th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 05 schooner Honora Richardson 13 June Newfoundland   to Symes & Son / wine, rum and sugar
July 06 ship Neva Sprightly 25 May Dublin 236 officers and men of the R.A. and R.E. - agent, Lieut. J. Adamson to Government / in ballast
July 06 brig Thomas McReady 40 days St. John, N.B. Mr. Hall ; Mr.& Mrs. Broderick & son to P.D. Burnet / rum
July 06 brig Sally Ditchburn 24 May Dublin 156 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 05— bark George Canning, Captain McLeod, (for) Liverpool
July 05— bark Aurora, White, (for) Newfoundland
July 05— brig Transit, Potts, (for) Dublin
July 05— brig Active, Walker, (for) Newfoundland
July 05— brig Sarah, Russell, (for) Tralee
July 05— brig Erato, Mossop, (for) Jamaica
July 05— brig William Fell, Farren, (for) Newry
July 05— bark Frances & Mary, Grandy, (for) Waterford
July 05— brig Eleanor, Reid, (for) Dublin
July 05— brig Amphitrite, Elliot, (for) Liverpool
July 05— brig Mars, Watt, (for) Gloucester
July 05— bark Julius Caesar, Forster, (for) Liverpool
July 05— schooner Mary, Forest, (for) Arichat
July 06bark Castlereagh, Coates, (for) Dublin
July 06 Narcissus, Polk, (for) Jamaica
July 06brig Hero, Wilson, (for) Workington
July 06— bark Thomas Wallace, Douglas, (for) London
July 06— bark Frances & Harriet, Dodds, (for) London
July 06— brig Elizabeth, Brown, (for) Aberdovey, Wales
July 06— brig Eleanor, Blais, (for) Cardigan
July 06— brig Halls, Clarke, (for) Coleraine
July 06— — Robert Schofield, Thompson, (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Andromeda, Wilkie, (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Fidelity, English, (for) Cork
July 06 Horn, Wilson, (for) Dublin
July 06brig Chance, Jackson, (for) Larne
July 06schooner Bridgwater, Grierson, (for) Dominica
July 06— ship Ottawa, Douglas, (for) London
July 07— ship Nailer, Thompson, (for) Greenock
July 07— brig Fame, Brown, (for) Limerick
July 07— ship John Porter, Godin, (for) Dublin
July 07— — Ann, Hunter, (for) Wexford
July 07— — Albion, Sims, (for) Swansea
July 07— bark Smales, Tyre, (for) Whitby
July 07— brig Harrison & Tomb, Thompson, (for) Carmarthen
July 07— brig Jordison, Jordison, (for) London
July 07— brig Agnes, Murphy, (for) Liverpool
July 07— brig Hope, Kent, (for) London
July 07— bark Saladin, Murray, (for) Liverpool
July 07— — Joseph Anderson, Clough, (for) Liverpool
July 07— bark Mary Ann, Laidler, (for) Liverpool
July 07— brig Fingal, Morrison, (for) Belfast
July 07— brig Harmony, Peart, (for) Belfast
July 07— bark Duncan Gibb, Donnall, (for) Dublin
July 07— ship Sir William Bensley, Smith, (for) London
July 07— — Quebec, Mainland, (for) Liverpool

The Army.
The Neva Transport, which arrived a few days ago at Quebec from Dublin, brought two Companies of the Royal Artillery to relieve those of Major Coffin and Captain Faddy, which return to England by this Transport.
In the Neva came out, Captain R. Bentham and R. Cameron, Second Captains P. England and Freer, Lieutenants H. Gillespie, C. Beauchamp, F. Tylden, and R.F. Crawford, Assistant-surgeon Seaton and Richardson of the Royal Artillery, and Lieut. Ford, Royal Engineers. In addition to whom there were four Serjeants, seven Drummers, and 148 Rank and File of the Artillery.
We understand that Captain Bentham comes to St. Helens, to take command of his Company now stationed there. Assistant-surgeon Richardson will be stationed at the same post, and Assistant-surgeon Kelly, now there, proceeds to Grenville to take the place of Assistant Staff Surgeon Milne, ordered to Fort George.
Assistant-surgeon Richardson, Royal Artillery, returns with the two Companies that proceed to Britain in the Neva.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 15th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 08 brig Thorny Close Ayre 08 days Newfoundland   to W. Price / in ballast
July 09 brigantine Susan Secretan 16 days Bay Chaleur   to Woolsey & Son / goods
July 08— brig Nancy, Bailey, (for) Poole
July 08— bark Don, Hall, (for) Liverpool
July 08— bark Gilbert Henderson, Smith, (for) Tralee
July 08— ship Hero, Moorson, (for) Bristol
July 08— ship British Sovereign, Thompson, (for) London
July 08— brig Earl of Moira, Allison, (for) London
July 08— brig Agnes, Gorman, (for) Greenock
July 08— brig Charlotte, Sloan, (for) London
July 08— brig Dwina, Yule, (for) Peterhead
July 08— brig Venus, Nichol, (for) Aberdeen
July 08— brig Gratitude, Smith, (for) Liverpool
July 08— brig Dykes, Cockton, (for) Cork
July 08— brig Spring, Emerson, (for) Sunderland
July 08— brig Scotia, Miller, (for) Limerick
July 08— bark Endeavour, Collinson, (for) London
July 09— schooner Unity, Martel, (for) Arichat
July 09— schooner Caroline, Martel, (for) Arichat
July 09— brig Experiment, Bruce, (for) Hull
July 09— brig Eliza Ann, Hall, (for) Cork
July 09— bark Lord Stanley, Bains, (for) Liverpool
July 09— brig John Esdale, Wright, (for) Cork
July 09— ship Winscales, Messenger, (for) Liverpool
July 09— schooner Indique, Terrier, (for) Guysborough
July 09— schooner Harriet, Richards, (for) Guysborough
July 09— brig True Briton, Balderson, (for) Troon
July 09— bark Jane, Scott, (for) Liverpool
July 09— ship Clio, Wood, (for) London
July 09— brig Marie Elizabeth, Siveright, (for) Jamaica

from the York Observer.—
Major Ives of Burford, had passed down the Grand River, and through the Welland Canal, with 1,600 barrels of flour, pork, and whiskey, on four arks. This is the first transit of produce though the Welland.

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