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The Fleets

Blue Anchor Line

The company was formed in London in 1869 by Wilhelm Lund, although he previously owned a part share in the JEDDO. The outbound voyages were to Australia with passengers and cargo, thence northbound in ballast to China where tea was loaded for the homeward passage. By 1874 the opening of the Suez Canal was making the China route less attractive to the Cape sailing ships and this trade was dropped in favour of direct Australia routes. In 1880 Lund took delivery of his first steamship and in 1890 sold the last of his sailing vessels. In 1909 the company's newest ship WARATAH disappeared off South Africa on the homeward leg of her second voyage with the loss of 211 lives. Blue Anchor never recovered from this mishap and in 1910 sold their fleet to P & O. Line and went into voluntary liquidation.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


  • London - Australia - China - London (sail)
  • London - Tenerife - Capetown - Adelaide - Melbourne - Hobart - Launceston - Sydney.
  • Sydney - Suva - Levula (Fiji Islands)
  • Albany added in 1904.
Black with white band containing blue anchor and chain.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Ambassador 1869 ton barque, 1890 sold to Burgess & Co, London. 714
Eleanor 1867 barque, 1882 purchased from J. Holdsworth, London, 1890 scrapped. 429
Ella 1873 barque, 1885 purchased from P. F. Valin, Quebec, 1890 scrapped. 1,011
Harland 1885 ship, 1890 sold to Stuart Bros, London. 1,742
Jeddo (part owned) 1865 barque, 1866 8/64 share purchased from W. Walker, Rotherhithe, 1868 sold to S. Cocking & T. Singleton, London. 327
Mikado 1868 ship, 1874 purchased from W. Walker, Rotherhithe, 1884 sold to J. M. Way, London. 666
Serapis 1876 ship, 1890 sold to P. N. Winther, Nordby. 1,027
Talavera 1853 barque, 1882 purchased from J. F. Gibb, London, 1890 scrapped. 384
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Bungaree 1889 1903 sold to Quebec SS Co renamed Parima. 2,893
Commonwealth 1902 1910 sold to P & O Line. 6,616
Culgoa 1890 1898 sold to U.S. Government. 3,325
Delcomyn 1880 1889 sold to Bucknall Bros. 1,817
Echuca 1889 1898 sold to R. Sloman, Hamburg renamed Catania. 2,826
Geelong 1904 1910 sold to P & O Line. 7,954
Hubbuck 1886 1898 sold to Talbot SS Co. 2,749
Murrumbidgee 1887 1893 sold to Portugal renamed Peninsular. 2,836
Narrung 1896 1910 sold to P & O Line. 5,078
Riverina 1887 1890 wrecked near Gabo Island, Victoria. 2,883
Wakool 1898 1910 sold to P & O Line. 5,004
Wallarah 1891 1891 wrecked on Dassen Island, South Africa on maiden voyage. 3,505
Waratah 1908 1909 went missing at sea on voyage Durban to Capetown; loss of 211 lives. 9,339
Warrigal 1893 1906 sold to W. Thomson, Dundee renamed Latona. 4,387
Warrnambool 1892 1900 sold to Houston Line renamed Harmodius. 3,515
Wilcannia (1) 1888 1897 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Anchises. 2,718
Wilcannia (2) 1899 1910 sold to P & O Line. 4,953
Woolloomooloo 1891 1901 sold to Houston Line renamed Harmonides. 3,521
Yarrawonga 1891 1903 sold to Houston Line renamed Hermione. 4,011
Yeoman 1882 1891 sold to Spain renamed Rita. 2,194

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