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The Fleets

Bristol City Line

Formed in 1704 and in 1760 the company started ship building. A regular steamship service between Bristol and New York started in 1879 and a service to Canada commenced in 1933, extending to the Great Lakes in 1958. In 1971 Bristol City Line was taken over by Bibby Line. see also this website for more history and some pictures.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


  • 1879 Bristol - New York
  • 1933 Bristol - Quebec - Montreal
  • 1958 Bristol - Great Lakes

Black with white band containing blue, five pointed star.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Bath City (1) 1880 3rd Dec.1881 sank off the Grand Banks, Newfoundland after springing a leak.
Bath City (2) 1899 23rd Feb.1900 wrecked on Lundy Island, Bristol Channel. 2,511
Birmingham City 1946 ex- Baskerville, 1950 purchased from Barberry's SS Co., London renamed Birmingham City, 1963 sold to Hong Kong renamed Semporna Bay. 5,571
Boston City (1) 1893 31st Jan.1904 beached off Sandy Hook after collision with s/s COLARDO, refloated and sold to John E. Berwind, New York renamed Berwind. 2,345
Boston City (2) 1917 2nd Jan.1918 torpedoed and sunk by U.91 in St. George's Channel. 2,736
Boston City (3) 1920 1951 sold to Sicilia Societa di Nav. Servizi Libera, Palermo renamed Citta di Monreale. 2,869
Bristol City (1) 1879 28th Dec.1880 sailed from New York for Bristol and went missing. 1,725
Bristol City (2) 1899 18th Dec.1917 torpedoed and sunk by U.94 off SW Ireland; loss of 30 lives. 2,511
Bristol City (3) 1920 5th May 1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.358 in Atlantic. 2,858
Bristol City (4) 1943 ex- Nandi, 1948 purchased from W & R. Carpenter & Co., Fiji renamed Bristol City, 1957 sold to Yugoslavia renamed Zelengora. 7,067
Bristol City (5) 1959 1970 sold to Panama renamed Agelos Gabriel. 5,887
Brooklyn City 1881 1910 sold to Cia. Marittima Siciliano, Italy renamed Gibilterra. 1,725
Chicago City 1892 1929 scrapped at Glasgow. 2,324
Coombe Dingle 1910 ex- Glenside, 1920 purchased from Glenside SS Co., Middlesbrough renamed Coombe Dingle, 1937 sold to Plymouth, Channel Islands and Brittany SS Co., Plymouth. 261
Coventry City 1966 owned by Bibby Line but chartered to Bristol City Line, 1972 transferred to Bibby Line, 1974 sold to Liberia renamed Ilkon Dalio. 7,643
Dart America 1970 container ship, 1974 transferred to Bibby Line. 31,036
Dart Atlantic 1972 container ship, 1980 sold to C. Y. Tung. 31,036
Exeter City (1) 1887 1925 scrapped in Italy. 1,434
Exeter City (2) 1902 ex- Menevian, 1925 purchased from Owen & Watkin Williams & Co., Cardiff renamed Exeter City, Jan.1933 abandoned 600 miles SE from Cape Race in a gale and sank. 2,929
Gloucester City (1) 1881 23rd Feb.1883 sank after colliding with ice floes on voyage Bristol to New York. 1,940
Gloucester City (2) 1889 1904 sold to Nakajima Ihei, Yokohama renamed Taian Maru. 2,193
Gloucester City (3) 1919 ex- Moorish Prince (3), 1936 chartered from Prince Line renamed Gloucester City, 1939 purchased, 1949 sold to South Africa Lines Ltd, Capetown renamed Namaqualand. 3,071
Gloucester City (4) 1954 1968 sold to Panama renamed St. John. 5,581
Halifax City 1964 1972 sold to Thailand, 1973 renamed Thornburi. 6,647
Jersey City 1882 1910 sold to Cia. Marittima Siciliano, Italy renamed Bosforo. 1,940
Kansas City 1893 30th Aug.1917 left New York for Bristol and went missing. 2,345
Llandaff City 1882 1911 sold to Companhia Carvoeira de Lisboa, Lisbon. 1912 sold to Germany renamed Caesar. 1,940
London City 1944 ex- Burhill, 1951 purchased from Zinal SS Co., London by Golden Cross Line, London, renamed London City and chartered to Bristol City Line. 1951 sold to Barberry's SS Co., London renamed Chepman. 6,140
Montreal City (1) 1920 ex- Pinar del Rio, 1933 purchased from Santa Clara SS Co., Liverpool renamed Montreal City, 21st Dec.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.591 in Atlantic. 3,066
Montreal City (2) 1945 ex- Fairmount Park, 1946 purchased from Canadian Government renamed Montreal City, 1959 sold to Poland renamed Huta Baildon. 7,145
Montreal City (3) 1963 1972 sold to Thailand renamed Ratchaburi. 6,623
New York City (1) 1879 1885 sold to New York City S.S. Co. (Scrutton, Sons & Co.), London. 1,725
New York City (2) 1907 19th Aug.1915 shelled and sunk by submarine U.24 while 40 miles off Fastnet. 2,970
New York City (3) 1917 1950 sold to Turkey renamed Kamal. 2,736
New York City (4) 1943 ex- Valacia, 1951 purchased from Cunard SS Co. renamed New York City, 1955 sold to Glasgow United Shipping Co., Glasgow (Maclay & McIntyre) renamed Loch Morar. 7,052
New York City (5) 1956 1968 sold to Leopard Shipping Co., Gibraltar renamed Avis Ornis. 5,603
Toronto City (1) 1925 ex- Kyrenia, 1937 purchased from Moss, Hutchison Line, Liverpool renamed Toronto City, 1st Jul.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.108 in Atlantic with all hands while serving as a weather reporting ship. 3,543
Toronto City (2) 1949 1956 purchased from J. Lauritzen, Copenhagen renamed Toronto City, 1963 sold to Greece renamed Olga. 4,663
Toronto City (3) 1966 owned by Bibby Line but chartered to Bristol City Line, 1972 transferred to Bibby Line, 1974 sold to Liberia renamed Ilkon Polly. 7,643
Wells City (1) 1882 10th Feb.1887 sank in River Hudson after being in collision with s/s LONE STAR. 1887 salvaged and sold to New York & Yucatan SS Co., New York renamed Progreso. 1,960
Wells City (2) 1890 1928 sold to Greece, renamed Kephalos. 1,814
Wells City (3) 1922 ex- St. Ina, 1948 purchased from South American Saint Line renamed Wells City, 1951 sold to Pakistan renamed Fausta. 4,957

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