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The Fleets

Compagnie de Navigation Paquet, MarseillePoster CNP

Formed in 1863 as Compagnie de Navigation Marocaine, the company traded initially to Morocco and in 1868 extended to the Canary Islands. Later routes were started to the Levant and Black Sea and in 1874 the company was renamed Compagnie de Navigation Arménienne et Marocaine.

Routes were extended to French West Africa in 1908 and in 1913 the company was renamed Compagnie de Navigation Paquet. Heavily involved in trooping, they lost four ships during the Great War. The Black Sea route became less profitable and was abandoned in 1934 while trade to Morocco boomed. Most of the fleet was lost during the Second World War and new building commenced in 1946, but the cargo ships were progressively sold and air transport effectively killed off passenger traffic.

In 1960 Paquet created the subsidiary Compagnie Francaise de Navigation for the Marseille - Israel service, and in 1964 absorbed the passenger liners of the Fabre Line. By 1970 all the passenger liners had either been sold or converted to cruise ships and in 1988 the company was taken over by Costa Lines.


. . . see the full history of the company at

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Black with red disc containing letters CNP


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Abda 1898 ex- Koning Willem I, 1913 purchased from Koning Stoom Mij Nederland, Amsterdam renamed ABDA,1932 scrapped Genoa. 4,331
Amelie 1876 ex- Niobe, 1881 purchased from Pile & Co., London renamed Amelie, 1883 went missing between Cette and Marseille. 975
Anatolie 1884 1928 scrapped at La Spezia. 2,174
Ancerville 1961 1973 sold to People's Republic of China renamed Minghua. 14,224
Anfa 1903 ex- Oranje, 1923 purchased from Koning Stoom Mij Nederland, Amsterdam renamed Anfa, 1936 scrapped Genoa. 4,440
Arcturus 1913 1914 seized from Germans, 1922 purchased from French Government, 1950 sold to Turkey renamed Celikel. 2,531
Armenie 1879 1914-1920 requisitioned by French Government, 1924 renamed Ouolof, 1929 scrapped. 2,129
Asni 1929 1939 sold to Union Maritime Mediteranee, Marseille, 9th Sep.1939 wrecked in South China Sea. 2,800
Aster 1893 1916 purchased from S.G.T.M., Marseille, 1933 scrapped Genoa. 3,093
Aulne 1946 ex- Solid Sinnet, completed for French Gov't as Aulne, 1948 purchased by CNP, 1965 sold to Petropoulos, Piraeus renamed Serene Med. 3,805
Azemmour 1950 1969 sold to Constantine S. Efthymiadis, Piraeus renamed Delos. 3,921
Azrou (1) 1930 14th Dec.1942 seized by Germans, handed to Italy and renamed Terni, 16th Jun.1943 torpedoed and sunk by HMS UNISON off Cape Molini, Catania on voyage Syracuse - Augusta. 2,997
Azrou (2) 1949 1968 sold to Constantine S. Efthymiadis, Piraeus renamed Melina. 3,920
Azur 1970 ex- Eagle, 1975 purchased from General Steam Nav. Co., London renamed Azur, 1987 Sold to Chandris Lines, Panama renamed The Azur. 11,609
Bamako 1930 9th Apr.1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.515 in 14.27N 17.15W on voyage from Dakar. 2,356
Bithynie 1884 ex- Cachemire, 1900 purchased from Cie Nationale de Nav., Marseille renamed Bithynie, 1907 scrapped at Genoa. 3,552
Bongo 1962 1969 sold to S.G.T.M, 1972 renamed Sinoe. 2,275
Bruly 1960 1969 sold to S.G.T.M, 1972 renamed Nanakru. 2,279
Cadiz 1857 1863 purchased Spain, 1872 renamed Moselle, 1878 sunk in collision with s/s CITY OF MANCHESTER. 1,070
Caramanie (1) 1874 ex- P. Caland (Holland America Line), ex- Ressel (Cosulich Line), 1899 purchased from Cosulich, Trieste renamed Caramanie, 1910 scrapped Marseille. 2,540
Caramanie (2) 1904 ex- Assunzione, 1926 purchased from F. Rizzuto & Co., Naples renamed Caramanie, 1934 scrapped Savona. 3,901
Cesaree   see Djenne.  
Chaouia 1896 ex- Koningin Wilhelmina, 1911 purchased from NV Stoom. Mij. Nederland, Amsterdam renamed Chaouia, 15th Jan.1919 mined and sunk in Straits of Messina. 4,334
Chella 1934 1940 set afire by air attack at Marseille and sunk by gunfire from French shore batteries. 8,920
Circassie 1890 1930 scrapped. 2,184
Couesnon 1946 ex- Flat Knot, completed for French Gov't as Couesnon, 1948 purchased by CNP, 1963 sold to Eastern Shipping Lines, Manila renamed Eastern Jupiter. 3,805
Diola 1947 ex- Saloum, 1949 purchased from Soc. Navale de l'Ouest, Dakar renamed Diola, 1959 sold to Scotto, Ambrosino, Pugliese, Oran renamed Tolba. 1,408
Dives 1946 ex- Crossing Knot, completed for French Gov't as Dives, 1948 purchased by CNP, 1964 sold to Petropoulos, Piraeus renamed Radiant Med. 3,805
Djenne 1931 1944 scuttled by Germans at Marseille, 1948 returned to service, 1962 renamed Cesaree, 1966 scrapped at Split. 8,799
Doukkala 1900 ex- Koning Willem II, 1912 purchased from NV Stoom. Mij. Nederland, Amsterdam renamed Doukkala, 1935 scrapped at Genoa. 4,412
Draa 1902 ex- Phu-Yen, 1916 purchased from Cie de Commerce et de Nav. d'Extreme Orient, Saigon renamed Draa, 1929 sold to Soc. Maritime Nationale, Marseille renamed El Djem. 1,999
El Abid 1921 ex- Bergpolder, 1923 purchased from NV Algerneene Nederl. Scheep. Mig, Rotterdam renamed El Abid, 1924 renamed Oued El Abid, 1937 sold to Skibs A/S Hauges Rederi, Haugesund renamed Torafire. 894
Foch 1951 1967 sold to People's Republic of China renamed Jianhua. 9,504
Foucauld 1948 1965 purchased from Chargeurs Reunis, Le Havre, 1967 transferred to French Navy renamed Moselle. 9,066
Galilee   see Lyautey.  
General Leclerc 1951 1970 sold to Islamic SS Co., Karachi renamed Safina E Arafat. 9,499
General Mangin 1952 1965 transferred from Fabre Line, Marseille, 1969 sold to Philippine President Lines, Manila renamed President. 12,457
Georgie (1) 1880 1883 wrecked Catalonia. 2,164
Georgie (2) 1884 1885 wrecked north of Sinope, Black Sea. 2,127
Georgie (3) 1888 ex- Aglaia, 1897 purchased from Deutsche Damps Rhederei zu Hamburg renamed Georgie, 1900 sunk in collision with s/s ROSTOFF in Sea of Marmara. 2,525
Imerethie (1) 1903 2nd Apr.1916 sunk in collision with French cruiser CASSARD off Larache. 3,490
Imerethie (2) 1924 22nd Aug.1944 scuttled by Germans at Marseille, 25th Oct.1944 refloated, 1950 scrapped La Spezia. 3,712
Ionie 1907 1933 scrapped Genoa. 4,536
Jarlot 1906 1933 sold to Gennaro Malinconico, Torre del Greco, Italy renamed Nennella. 1,078
Jean Mermoz 1965 1965 transferred from Fabre Line, Marseille,1970 converted to cruise ship renamed Mermoz, 1984 to Chargeurs Savamo, Nassau. 12,460
Koutoubia 1931 1939 requisitioned by French Navy as auxiliary cruiser, 13th Nov.1942 sunk by German air attack at Bougie, 1946 salvaged and returned to service, 1961 renamed Phocee, 1963 scrapped Valencia. 8,790
La Gaule 1880 1887 purchased from Delmas freres, La Rochelle, 1932 scrapped at La Seyne. 1,518
Languedoc 1847 1863 purchased from Compagnie Generale Maritime, 1869 scrapped. 445
Le Rhin 1920 1923 purchased from Maurel Freres, Bordeaux, 1940 requisitioned by Royal Navy renamed HMS FIDELITY (Special Service Vessel), 30th Dec.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.435 in Atlantic. 3,455
Les Vosges 1873 ex- Julio Diniz, 1876 purchased from Spain renamed Les Vosges, 1894 sank off Mazagan. 1,221
Loukkos 1893 ex- Olive, 1913 purchased from Atlantic Traders Ltd, London renamed Loukkos, 1923 sold to Couloutros, Andros renamed Hermes. 454
Lyautey 1952 1965 temporarily renamed Galilee, 1966 reverted to Lyautey, 1967 sold to Italy renamed Margarita. 9,931
Lydie 1887 ex- Frigga, 1897 purchased from Deutsche Damps Rhederei zu Hamburg renamed Lydie, 1898 went missing after passing Dardanelles on voyage Novorossisk to Marseille. 2,046
Mamora 1900 ex- Bearn, 1912 purchased from J. Larann, Bayonne renamed Mamora, 1922 sold to Vincenzo Mirenda, Livorno renamed Teresa. 450
Marechal Lyautey 1924 26th Aug.1944 scuttled by Germans in Bassin de la Pinede, later scrapped. 8,255
Marne 1890 ex- Henry Dumois, 1899 purchased from A/S Jotun, Christiania, Norway renamed Marne, 1901 wrecked at Mazagan after dragging anchor in gale. 1,032
Maroc 1861 ex- Astrologer, 1863 purchased from V. F. Gustiniani, Istanbul renamed Maroc, 1871 wrecked near Mazagan. 552
Massalia 1970 1983 sold to Stena Line renamed Stena Baltica. 10,513
Medie (1) 1911 23rd Sep.1917 torpedoed and sunk by UC.27 while NW of Cape Bougaroni. 4,770
Medie (2) 1923 1952 scrapped La Spezia. 5,077
Mermoz   see Jean Mermoz.  
Meurthe 1874 1922 scrapped. 1,152
Meuse 1872 1899 sank off Alicante after collision with Italian s/s PERSEO. 1,307
Mingrelie 1883 1923 scrapped at Genoa. 2,382
Montfallout 1857 ex- Said, 1864 purchased from Viceroy of Egypt renamed Montfallout, 1867 sold to Cie. National Belge de Transports Maritimes, Antwerp renamed Marie de Brabant. 641
Moselle (1) 1887 1911 sold to L. Sicard & Cie, Marseille. 305
Moselle (1)   see Cadiz.  
Nicolas Paquet 1929 6th Jul.1933 wrecked E of Cape Spartel on voyage Marseille - Casablanca. 8,516
Noun 1891 ex- Ioanna, 1915 purchased from Zafiris & Veliotis, Piraeus renamed Noun, 1924 scrapped Genoa. 540
Oued Beht 1918 ex- Zwarte Zee, 1928 purchased from NV. W. van Driel's Stoom en Transport Ondernemingen, Rotterdam renamed Oued Beht, 1934 sold to J & A. Hadjipateras, Chios renamed Hadjipateras. 3,551
Oued El Abid   see El Abid.  
Oued Fes 1913 ex- Paz, 1928 purchased from Madrigal & Co., Manila renamed Oued Fes, 1952 sold to F. Longobardo, Naples renamed Rosalinda. 2,633
Oued Grou 1921 ex- Peter, 1924 purchased from Aug. Bolten, Hamburg renamed Oued Grou, 1941 captured by HMS VANSITTART off Senegal, operated by MOWT (Elder, Dempster Lines, managers), 4th Nov.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.126 off Nigeria. 792
Oued Mellah 1918 ex- Cape St. Lucia, 1927 purchased from Mitchell Cotts & Co., London renamed Oued Mellah, 24th Oct.1937 bombed and sunk by Spanish Nationalist aircraft 50 miles E of Barcelona. 2,413
Oued Noun 1922 ex- Commandant G. Guena, 1949 purchased from Louis Dreyfus & Cie, Dunkerque renamed Oued Noun, 1954 sold to Viet Nam Hang Hai, Saigon renamed Huong Khanh. 889
Oued Sebou (1) 1897 ex- Macina, 1905 purchased from Deves & G. Chaumet, Bordeaux renamed Oued Sebou, 7th Jan.1918 captured by U157 and scuttled with explosives off Cape Bojador. 1,540
Oued Sebou (2) 1925 4th Dec.1942 seized by Germans and handed to Italy, renamed Pistoia, 23rd Jan.1943 torpedoed and sunk by British aircraft off Ustica. 2,447
Oued Tiflet 1914 ex- Kate Martha, 1924 purchased from Joh. Thode, Altona, Germany renamed Oued Tiflet, 24th Jan.1943 torpedoed and sunk by HMS SAHIB off Ligurian coast. 1,193
Oued Yquem 1920 ex- Noordzee, 1921 purchased from NV J. van Steens Rijnreedereij, Rotterdam renamed Oued Yquem, 3rd Oct.1941 torpedoed and sunk by Dutch submarine O.21 off Sardinia. 1,369
Oued-Sous 1951 1970 sold to Vernicos Shipping Co., Greece renamed Chryssopigi II. 3,855
Oued-Zem 1921 ex- Aug. Borremans, 1921 purchased from NV J. van Steens Rijnreedereij, Rotterdam renamed Oued-Zem, 1937 stranded at Mazagan, refloated and sold to Cie. France Navigation S.A, Rouen renamed Mostaganem. 1,941
Oued-Ziz 1950 1965 sold to Cie Senegalaise de Nav., Dakar renamed Ferlo. 3,853
Ouergha 1920 ex- Bretta, 1926 purchased from D/S A/S Bro., Oslo renamed Oergha, 1st Dec.1942 seized by Germans, handed to Italy and renamed Lecce, 15th Feb.1943 sunk by air attack at Naples. 1,955
Ouolof (1) 1879 see Armenie (1)  
Ouolof (2) 1948 1965 sold to Cie Senegalaise de Nav., Dakar. 1,585
Phocee   see Koutoubia.  
Phrygie 1906 1933 sold to S.G.T.M., Marseille renamed Sidi-Mabrouk. 3,882
Rebia 1907 ex- Wyoming, 1913 purchased from Craven SS Co., Middlesbrough renamed Rebia, 1930 sold to Union d.Entreprises Marocaines, Kenutra, Morocco renamed Caid Fassi. 598
Renaissance 1966 1977 sold to Epirotiki Lines, Piraeus renamed Homeric. 11,723
Saint Bernard 1924 ex- Cyril, 1940 requisitioned by British from Chr. Andresen, Esbjerg, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Port Lyautey, managed by CNP, renamed Saint Bernard. 1942 scuttled at Port Lyautey, 1943 salvaged and returned to MOWT as Cyril, 1945 returned to owners. 2,116
Saint Gilbert 1922 ex- Belgien, 1940 requisitioned by British from H. A. Christensen, Copenhagen, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Casablanca, managed by CNP renamed Saint Gilbert. 1942 found capsized at Port Lyautey, salvaged and returned to MOWT as Belgien,1945 returned to owners. 1,978
Saint Guillaume 1933 ex- Estrid, 1940 captured by Vichy French from A/S Damps Selsk Torm, Copenhagen renamed Saint Guillaume, managed by CNP, 1941 handed to Germans renamed Sturla, 1942 sunk by British off Marsa Matruh. 1,397
Saint Hubert 1938 ex- Oksywie, ex-Polish, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Safi, renamed Saint Hubert, managed by CNP, 1943 recovered and returned to owners, reverted to Oksywie. 765
Saint Philippe 1933 ex- Almena, 1940 captured from A/S Damps Selsk Torm, Copenhagen by Vichy French warships renamed Saint Philippe, managed by CNP, 1941 handed to Germans renamed Benghazi, 11th Nov.1942 torpedoed and sunk by HMS TURBULENT near Cape Ferrato. 1,567
Saint Raymond 1935 ex- Gerd, 1940 captured by Vichy French warship from A/S Damps Selsk Torm, Copenhagen, renamed Saint Raymond, managed by CNP, 1942 requisitioned by Germans renamed Dora 2, Feb.1943 sunk by British air attack off Cape Carbonara. 1,700
Sainte Christine 1939 ex- Patria, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Oran from A/S Dampsk Selsk Patria II, Kristiansand, renamed Sainte Christine, managed by CNP, 1942 seized by Germans renamed Patria, 13th Jul.1943 exploded during Allied air raid in Messina Harbour. 1,341
Sainte Isabel 1905 ex- Ulrik Holm, 1940 requisitioned from A/S Dampsk Selsk Progress, Copenhagen by British Government, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Dakar, managed by CNP renamed Sainte Isabel, 1943 recovered by British, reverted to Ulrik Holm, MOWT, 1945 returned to owners. 1,502
Sainte Roseline 1940 ex- Favor, 1940 seized by Vichy French at Oran from S. Ugelstads Rederi A/S, Oslo renamed Sainte Roseline, 1942 handed to Germans renamed Favor. 18th Jan.1943 torpedoed and sunk by HMS LIGHTNING and HMS LOYAL off Cape Carbonara, Sardinia. 1,350
Souerah 1868 16th Jan.1881 wrecked on voyage to Casablanca. 750
Souirah 1901 ex- Zafiro, 1915 purchased from Philippines SS Co., Manila renamed Souirah, 1931 sold to Yelkenci Zade ve Mahdumu, Itanbul renamed Erzurum. 2,539
Sous 1899 ex- Donator, 1913 purchased from D/S A/S Donnator, Stavanger renamed Sous, 1934 sold to Quintino Viglienzoni, Genoa renamed Pace. 989
Tadla (1) 1908 ex- Frankenwald (Hapag), 1920 war reparations renamed Tadla, 1934 sold to Vapurculuk Turk Anonim Sirketi, Istanbul renamed Tari. 4,025
Tadla (2) 1948 ex- Vaccares, 1957 purchased from Cie de Nav.Daher, Marseille renamed Tadla, 1968 sold to Annie Shipping Co., Monrovia renamed Annoula. 2,149
Telouet 1948 ex- Cap Camarat, 1955 purchased from Cie France-Navigation, Marseille renamed Telouet, 1968 sold to Fanny Shipping Co., Monrovia renamed Fanny. 2,149
Tensift 1911 ex- Trettiotrean, 1913 purchased from Helsingborgs Verfs A/B, Helsingborg renamed Tensift, 1931 sold to Rederi A/B Marianne, Goteborg renamed Alice. 617
Timsah 1857 1866 purchased from Viceroy of Egypt, 1867 sold to Cie. National Belge de Transports Maritimes. 630
Turenne 1879 1912 purchased from Maurel & H. Prom, Bordeaux, 1922 scrapped after stranding damage at Mehedya, Morocco. 1,621
Verite 1870 22nd Jul.1887 destroyed by fire on voyage to Mogador. 1,071
Zit 1949 ex- Lind, 1949 purchased from Skibs A/S Oljetransport, Bergen renamed Zit, 1957 sold to Bulmar S.p.A, Cia Siciliana di Armamento, Palermo renamed Zitmar. 1,256

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