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The Fleets

Devitt & Moore

Devitt & Moore started shipowning in 1863 to operate sailing ships from London to Adelaide and Sydney with emigrants and was also involved in the passage of convicts to Australia. Ships returned with cargos of wool and wheat.
A brief experiment with steamships was made in the 1870s but the first one was wrecked on her maiden voyage and the company decided to stay with sail and operated until after World War I but latterly could not compete with steamships.
In 1890 the company formed an ocean training scheme to prepare cadets as officers and "Devitt and Moore's Ocean Training Ships Ltd," was formed in 1909. The Nautical College, Pangbourne was founded in 1917 but by 1931 after several years of financial losses, the company was wound up and the college registered as a non profit private company.
In 1969 the college dropped much of its nautical training on favour of a more academic focus and still operates as Pangbourne College.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

House Flag:


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Chaa-Sze 1860 wooden ship, 1868 purchased from Baring Bros, London, 1874 sold to J. Delaney, London, 28th Jun.1876 wrecked French Guiana. 550
City of Adelaide 1864 composite ship, 1887 laid up, 1889 sold to T. Dixon, Belfast, 1893 sold to Southampton Corporation for use as isolation hospital, 1923 sold to British Admiralty for use as training ship, renamed HMS Carrick, 1949 became RNVR club headquarters, 1990 sold to Clyde Ship Trust, Glasgow. 696
Collingwood 1872 iron ship, 1893 sold to Norway, 12th Mar.1917 sunk by German submarine off Scilly Isles. 1,015
Derwent 1884 iron ship, 1905 sold to Nielsen & Co., Larvik, 1925 sold to USA and converted to barge, 1949 scrapped. 1,890
Duke of Athole 1865 iron ship, 1880 purchased from Montgomerie, Workman & Co., 1889 sold to Germany renamed Carla Bauer, 18th Jan.1897 abandoned in North Atlantic. 963
Dunbar Castle 1864 wooden ship, 1866 purchased from Duncan Dunbar, 1881 sold to Goldmeister & Reis, Bremen renamed Singapore, 1899 scrapped. 925
Gateside 1869 iron ship, 1871 purchased from Aiton & Co., Liverpool, 1884 sold to Goldberg & Sons, Swansea, 1896 sold to Norway renamed Ragna, 1903 wrecked. 698
Grasmere 1865 wooden barque, 1883 sold to Blair, Launceston, Tasmania, 1890 sold to Kauri Timber Co., Melbourne, 1895 wrecked in Cook Strait. 465
Harbinger 1876 iron ship, 1890 purchased from Anderson, Anderson & Co., London, 1898 sold to J. Enlund, Raumo, 1910 scrapped. 1,506
Hawkesbury 1868 composite ship, 1888 sold to Wilson, Son & Co., London, 1888 resold to Sweden, 1899 sold to Italy renamed Pinin, 1905 scrapped after stranding on Goodwin Sands. 1,120
Hesperus 1873 iron ship, 1890 purchased from Anderson, Anderson & Co., London, 1899 sold to Russia renamed Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, 1921 sold to London Steamship & Trading Co. renamed Silvana, 1924 scrapped. 1,777
Illawarra 1881 iron ship, 1899 became company sail training ship, 1907 sold to N. A. Lydersen, Tvedestrand, 5th Mar.1912 abandoned in North Atlantic after cargo shifted. 1,887
Irvine 1867 iron ship, 1899 purchased from D. Hunter & T. Clark, Irvine, 1901 laid up, 1906 scrapped. 655
John Rennie 1863 iron ship, 1872 purchased from Daniell & Co., London, 1890 sold to W.B. Jones, Swansea, 1892 abandoned at sea after cargo shifted. 848
La Hogue 1855 wooden ship, 1863 purchased from Duncan Dunbar, 1886 sold to Thomas Hick, London, run down and sunk by steamship during First World War. 1,331
Macquarie 1875 iron ship, ex- Melbourne, 1887 purchased from Blackwall Line, 1888 renamed Macquarie, 1904 sold to J. Bryde, Sandefjord renamed Fortuna, 1909 sold to Wallarah Coal Co., Sydney and hulked, 1953 scrapped. 1,857
Medway 1902 steel barque, ex- Ama Begnakoa, 1910 purchased from Sota y Aznar, Montevideo renamed Medway and used as training ship, 1918 sold to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co., converted to steam tanker and renamed Myr Shell, 1933 scrapped. 2,298
Outalpa 1869 iron ship, ex- L'Imperatrice, 1871 purchased from A. Pardew, Sunderland renamed Outalpa, 1881 sold to C. Donner, Hamburg renamed Dido, 26th Aug.1883 wrecked off County Cork, Ireland. 676
Parramatta 1866 wooden ship, 1887 sold to J. Simonsen, Mandal, Norway, 1898 went missing at sea. 1,521
Pekina 1865 wooden ship, 1880 sold to Norway. 770
Port Jackson 1882 iron barque, 1906 purchased from W. Duthie, Aberdeen, 1916 sold to Hessler & Co., West Hartlepool, 28th Apr.1917 sunk by U.Boat off Fastnet. 1,994
Rodney 1874 iron ship, 1897 sold to France renamed Gypsy, 7th Dec.1901 wrecked off Cornwall. 1,447
Saint Dunstan 1858 wooden barque, 1864 purchased from Burnett & Co., Newcastle, 1868 sold to Low & Co., Greenock, 1st Apr.1870 wrecked at Yeddo Bay, Japan ; loss of 4 lives 441
Simla 1854 iron barque, built for P&O Line, 1880 sold to Alexander & Co., Glasgow and rebuilt as sailing ship, 1882 purchased from Alexander & Co., 25th Dec.1883 sunk in collision with s/s City of Lucknow. 2,172
Sobraon 1866 composite ship, 1866 chartered from Lowther, Maxton & Co., London, 1872 purchased, 1892 sold to NSW Government as reformatory ship at Sydney, to Commonwealth Government as HMAS Tingara and used as naval training ship, 1927 sold, 1941 scrapped. 2,131
South Australian 1868 composite ship, 1887 sold to Woodside & Workman, Belfast, 14th Feb.1889 sunk in collision near Lundy Island, Bristol Channel. 1,049
St. George 1890 iron schooner, 1919 purchased, 1921 disposed of. ... no further info. n/a
St. Vincent 1865 composite ship, 1887 sold to Norway renamed Axel, 1907 scrapped. 892
Sunbeam 1874 composite schooner, ex- private yacht owned by Lord Brassey, 1920 presented to Devitt & Moore's Ocean Training Ships Ltd but never used, 1922 sold to Sir Walter Runciman, 1930 scrapped. 227
Tamar 1889 steel ship, 1900 sold to T. A. Shute, Liverpool, 1922 sold to Holland, 1923 scrapped. 2,048
Vimeira 1851 wooden ship, 1863 purchased from Duncan Dunbar, 1872 sold to Thos. Goldfinch, Whitstable, 1887 sold to Norway, 1903 scrapped. 925
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Glenelg 1873 ex- Florencia, 1875 purchased from Samuda Bros, London renamed Glenelg, 1884 sold to Alfred Suart, London, 1885 sold to Turkey renamed Bahr-I Cedid, 1925 scrapped. 1,316
Queen of the Thames 1870 17th Mar.1871 wrecked east of Struys Point, South Africa on voyage Melbourne to London ; loss of 4 lives 2,618

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