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The Fleets

Lloyd Sabaudo

The company was formed at Turin in 1906 and commenced Genoa - New York passenger sailings in 1907 via Naples and Palermo and started a Genoa - Buenos Aires service the same year. In 1912 the head office transferred from Turin to Genoa and in 1913 a subsidiary company, Marittima Italiana was formed to operate services to the Near East, Red Sea, East Africa, India and the Far East. A new service from Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean ports to New York was started in 1919, but intense competition from other lines soon caused the abandonment of this route. In 1919 an Italy - Australia service was also started. By the mid-1920s the company had disposed of their interests in Marittima Italiana and in 1929 Lloyd Sabaudo took financial control of Cosulich Line, Lloyd Triestino, Marittima Italiana and Adria Lines. By 1932 the world shipping depression caused the fusion of Lloyd Sabaudo, Cosulich and Navigazione Generale Italiana with the formation of a new company, ITALIA.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


  • 1907-1932 Genoa - Naples - Palermo - New York
  • 1908-1932 Genoa - Naples - Palermo - Las Palmas - Rio de Janeiro - Buenos Aires.
  • 1920-1932 Genoa - Fremantle - Melbourne - Sydney.

1907-1914 Yellow with green, white, green bands.
1914-1932 Yellow with blue, white, blue bands.


1907-1914 1914-1932
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Arnaldo da Brescia 1900 ex- Sigmaringen (North German Lloyd), 1914 interned at Syracuse, 1915 seized by Italy renamed Arnaldo da Brescia, 1919 transferred to Lloyd Sabaudo, 1922 sold to E. Sturlise, Genoa. 5,710
Capodimonte 1917 ex- War Tiger, 1917 completed as Capodimonte, 1926 transferred to Marittima Italiana, 1934 scrapped. 5,872
Carignano (1) 1899 ex- Pasquale P, 1915 purchased from O. Conte, Genoa renamed Carignano, 1919 scrapped. 2,688
Carignano (2) 1918 ex- War Pigeon, 1920 purchased from The Shipping Controller, London renamed Carignano, 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 5,359
Castelporziano 1919 1924 sold to Parodi & Corrado, Genoa renamed Enrico Toti. 5,232
Citta di Genova 1903 1928 transferred from NGI, 1930 scrapped. 7,728
Coltano 1899 ex- Maurizio, 1915 purchased from P. Viale, Genoa renamed Coltano, 1923 sold to A. Zanchi, Genoa. 3,318
Conte Biancamano 1925 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 24,416
Conte di Savoia 1932 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 48,502
Conte Grande 1928 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 25,661
Conte Rosso 1924 1932 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. (Italia) 17,048
Conte Verde 1923 1932 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. (Italia) 18,765
D'Aosta 1892 ex- Elio, 1915 purchased from Fratelli Bozzo, Genoa renamed D'Aosta, 1923 sold to Clorialdo Devoto, Genoa renamed Indipendente. 3,344
Maria Cristina 1907 ex- Guglielmo Peirce, 1927 purchased from Soc. Sicula Americana, Palermo, renamed Maria Cristina, 1930 sold to Cia.Colonia, Lisbon renamed Mouzinho. 8,512
Moncalieri 1918 ex- War Linnet, 1919 purchased from The Shipping Controller, London renamed Moncalieri, 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 5,267
Montecristo 1918 ex- War Maid, 1918 purchased from The Shipping Controller, London renamed Montecristo, 1924 sold to G. Pellegro, Catania renamed Messicano. 4,343
Pesaro 1901 ex- Moltke (Hamburg America Line), 1915 seized by Italian Gov't renamed Pesaro, 1919 transferred to Lloyd Sabaudo, 1925 scrapped. 12,335
Pollenzo 1920 ex- War Relief, 1920 purchased from The Shipping Controller, London renamed Pollenzo, 1925 sold to Parodi & Corrado, Genoa. 6,480
Principe di Piemonte 1907 1914 sold to Uranium Line renamed Principello. 6,365
Principe di Udine 1907 1929 scrapped. 7,828
Principessa Giovanna 1923 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 8.585
Principessa Maria 1923 1932 transferred to Italia Line. 8,539
Racconigi 1899 ex- La Sicilia, 1916 purchased from Navigazione Alta Italia, Genoa renamed Racconigi, 1922 caught fire and sank off Algiers. 4,298
Re d'Italia 1907 1929 scrapped. 6,237
Regina d'Italia 1907 1928 scrapped. 6,149
Resurrezione 1887 1916 transferred from B. Degregori, Genoa, 1924 scrapped. 3,026
San Rossore 1901 ex- Il Piemonte, 1916 purchased from Navigazione Alta Italia, Genoa renamed San Rossore, 1926 sold to M. Casabona, Genoa, renamed Emilia Pellegrina. 5,601
Scampolo 1918 ex- War Stikine (wooden hull), 1919 purchased from The Shipping Controller, London renamed Scampolo, 1924 withdrawn and sold for demolition. 2,313
Tomaso di Savoia 1907 1928 scrapped. 7,761
Valdieri (1) 1906 ex- Moncenisio, 1916 purchased from Navigazione Alta Italia, Genoa renamed Valdieri, 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Cape Spartel. 4,637
Valdieri (2) 1920 1925 sold to Soc. Commerciale di Nav., Genoa renamed Juventus. 5,303
Villa Ada 1918 ex- Fratelli Bianchi, 1925 purchased from Bianchi, Genoa renamed Villa Ada, 1929 sold to Turner, Brightman & Co, London renamed Zeriba. 5,188

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