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The Fleets

Neptune Steam Navigation Company

Established in Sunderland in 1891, the Neptune Steam Navigation Company ran (amongst others) a liner service from Baltimore to Rotterdam. The company ran into financial difficulties and in 1906 Furness Withy purchased the Baltimore - Rotterdam service and seven of their ships. The rest of the fleet and the owning company passed to the management of Bolam and Swinhoe, Newcastle until 1910 when it, also was purchased by Furness Withy & Company.

In 1909 Holland America Line started Holland to Baltimore services in opposition to Furness Withy who sold the service to the Dutch company. In 1934 Furness amalgamated the Neptune Steam Navigation Company, Warren Line and Johnston Line. Neptune Steam Navigation Company became part of Johnston Warren Lines Limited and disappeared as a separate company.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or the Immigrant Ship web site.

The fleet list covers the history of the ships under Neptune and / or Furness Withy (and associated companies) ownership.


  • Tyne, Rotterdam, London, Liverpool - Baltimore / U.S. East coast ports

Black with broad red band.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Alpine Range 1907 ex- Kintail , 1917 purchased from J. Gardiner & Co renamed Alpine Range, 1924 sold to Greece renamed Akropolis. 3,537
Brantford 1908 1909 sold to Holland America Line renamed Andijk. 6,292
Cambrian Range 1906 ex- Crown , 1916 purchased from W. Thomas & Sons, Liverpool renamed Cambrian Range, 1916 captured and sunk by German raider MOEWE in Atlantic. 4,234
Cheviot Range (1) 1903 1912 sold to Austria-Hungary renamed Fedora. 3,458
Cheviot Range (2) 1914 1918 torpedoed and sunk off the Lizard. 3,691
Chiltern Range 1911 1914 sold to Norwegian American Line renamed Drammensfjord. 4,338
Cleveland Range (1) 1898 ex- Forest Dale , 1910 purchased from Jackson Bros & Cory, London renamed Cleveland Range, 1913 sold to Italy renamed Giuseppe G. 3,456
Cleveland Range (2) 1897 ex- Kirklee , 1915 purchased from J. R. Cuthbertson, Glasgow renamed Cleveland Range, 1916 sold to Anglo-Belgique Shipping Co, Liverpool, 1918 renamed Cymric Vale. 3,580
Cotswold Range 1911 1914 sold to Norwegian American Line renamed Trondhjemsfjord. 4,248
Cynthiana 1922 1922 transferred to Furness, Withy renamed Hoosac, 1923 renamed London Corporation, 1925 transferred to Warren Line. 6,629
Durango 1895 1917 shelled and sunk by U-Boat off Hebrides. 3,008
Grampian Range (1) 1905 1913 sold to West Russian SS Co, St. Petersburg renamed Berkut. 3,148
Grampian Range (2) 1918 1921 transferred to Manchester Liners Ltd renamed Manchester Spinner. 4,767
Hambleton Range 1914 1923 sold to E. J. Leslie, Hartlepool renamed Scotscraig. 3,682
Kerry Range 1916 1919 sold to Steam Navigation Co. of Canada Ltd, Montreal renamed Blossom Heath. 5,856
Lowther Range 1906 1918 torpedoed and sunk off South Stack Rock. 3,792
Malvern Range (1) 1906 1913 sold to West Russian SS Co, St. Petersburg renamed Zimorodok. 3,573
Malvern Range (2) 1915 1922 sold to Kays, Son & Co. renamed Kambole. 4,524
Mendip Range 1914 1920 sold to Anglo-Celtic Shipping Co, London renamed Archmel. 4,495
Moreno 1901 1902 sold to Lloyd Austriaco, Trieste renamed Nippon. 6,317
Norfolk Range (1) 1905 1913 sold to W. Seagar, Cardiff renamed Campus. 3,054
Norfolk Range (2) 1918 1923 sold to Sweden renamed Sveadrott. 5,134
Ohio 1899 1906 sold to Holland America Line renamed Zaandijk. 4,189
Parisiana 1921 1922 transferred to Furness, Withy renamed London Exchange, 1934 transferred to Johnston Warren Line. 5,415
Pennine Range 1903 1915 sold to W. Seagar, Cardiff renamed Darius. 3,397
Pentland Range (1) 1915 1915 sold to Russian Volunteer fleet renamed Krasnoiarsk. 5,812
Pentland Range (2) 1901 ex-Kincraig , 1917 purchased from J. Gardiner & Co renamed Pentland Range, 1918 sprang leak and sank off River Plate. 3,707
Queen Wilhelmina 1898 1915 torpedoed and beached Northumberland, total loss. 3,590
Runo 1900 1909 sold to Holland America Line renamed Zyldijk. 4,016
Sidlaw Range 1918 1922 sold to Kaye, Son & Co, London renamed Kamir. 4,407
Snowdon Range (1) 1906 1913 sold to West Russian SS Co, St. Petersburg renamed Woron. 3,342
Snowdon Range (2) 1906 ex- Den of Kelly , 1916 purchased from Barrie & Sons, Dundee renamed Snowdon Range, 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Bardsey Island. 4,662
Tabasco 1895 1917 sunk by U-Boat in Atlantic. 2,987
Tampico 1895 1907 abandoned in North Atlantic. 2,968
Venango 1891 1912 sold to France renamed Rouennais. 2,938

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