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The Fleets

Thos. B. Royden & Co. / Indra Line

The company started in 1800 in Liverpool as wooden shipbuilders, and like many builders of the time, ended up with shares in the ships they built. This gradually progressed to shipowning and the company traded to India, South America, New Zealand and Australia. Steamers were introduced in 1888 and in 1893 Royden's withdrew from shipbuilding. The company formed the Indra Line in 1901 and their main routes were then to New York and the Far East. In 1914 three ships were contributed to the Commonwealth & Dominion Line (Port Line), but the Santa Clara S.S Co was then formed to operate a feeder service from the West Indies to New York and one ship, SANTA CLARA was built to operate this route. The remaining New York service and the ships on it, were sold to the Blue Funnel Line in 1915 and the Santa Clara S.S Co remained Royden's only shipping interest. In 1920 a second ship, PINAR DEL RIO was built, but the SANTA CLARA foundered in 1924 and in 1930 the PINAR DEL RIO was sold to the Bristol City Line and renamed CITY OF MONTREAL. This ended the shipowning business of the Royden family.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Red with black top and narrow black band.


    Sailing Ships  
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Anne Royden 1856 India service. 1,175
Beatrice 1864 barque. Australia service. 591
Clifford n/a   915
Ismyr n/a South America Pacific coast. 610
La Zingara 1860 South America service. 287
L'Allegro n/a   612
Lucile n/a   1,491
Lurlei n/a   835
Sabina n/a   792
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Indra (1) 1888 India service, 1896 sold to W. Thomson & Co, Dundee renamed Kildona. 3,582
Indra (2) 1897 1913 sold to S.Samuel renamed Indro, resold to Japan renamed Bankoku Maru. 6,057
Indra (3) 1913 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Euryades. 3,620
Indrabarah (1) 1905 sold to Admiralty while building renamed HMS Cyclops. 11,300
Indrabarah (2) 1910 1914 transferred to Commonwealth & Dominion Line (Port Line), 1916 renamed Port Elliot. 7,395
Indradeo (1) 1902 chartered from Falls Line S.S.Co., 1908 off charter renamed Falls Of Moness. 5,315
Indradeo (2) 1910 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Eurybates. 5,529
Indradevi (1) 1898 1899 sold to Houlder, Middleton & Co renamed Whitgift. 2,993
Indradevi (2) 1900 1911 sold to Furness Withy & Co. renamed Chaseside. 5,683
Indraghiri (1) 1896 1910 sold to Vestey Bros renamed Brodstone. 4,927
Indraghiri (2) 1912 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Eurylochus. 5,723
Indrakuala 1912 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line, transferred to China Mutual S.N.Co renamed Euryplus. 5,691
Indralema (1) 1894 1900 sold to Ulster S.S.Co., Belfast renamed Bray Head. 3,150
Indralema (2) 1901 1914 transferred to Commonwealth & Dominion Line (Port Line), 1916 renamed Port Alma. 6,669
Indramayo (1) 1889 1892 chartered to Tyser & Co., 1901 sold to Houlder Bros renamed Thorpe Grange. 4,110
Indramayo (2) 1902 1913 sold to Japan renamed Kongosan Maru. 5,200
Indrani (1) 1888 1892 sold to Donaldson Bros, same name. 3,640
Indrani (2) 1894 (there were two INDRANIs on the register at the same time), 1912 sold to Japan renamed Shinbu Maru. 4,994
Indrani (3) 1912 1914 captured and sunk by the German cruiser Karlsruhe. 5,706
Indrapura (1) 1890 1894 sold to Raeburn & Verel, Glasgow renamed Westminster. 3,859
Indrapura (2) 1897 1911 sold to Japan renamed Indo Maru. 4,899
Indrapura (3) 1911 Victoria emigrant service, 1914 transferred to Commonwealth & Dominion Line (Port Line), 1916 renamed Port Adelaide. 8,144
Indrasamha 1901 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Eurydamus. 5,197
Indravelli 1897 1913 sold to Japan renamed Nankai Maru. 5,805
Indrawadi 1902 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Eurymedon. 5,194
Inverclyde 1906 1915 sold to Blue Funnel Line renamed Eurymachus. 4,995
Inveresk 1907 1911 wrecked in Mozambique Channel. 4,986

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