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1819-1836 index | 1828 Quebec Ship Arrivals

St. Lawrence - 1828 - Crew List
Date of
Names Qualities Remarks
    Captain Joseph Richardson Master  
May 07 John A. Delisle Purser  
April 13 George Mildorn / Mildom Mate  
May 08 Joseph Lecossier 1st Pilot  
  08 David Vivier 2nd Pilot  
  07 James Wigfield Engineer  
  07 — Molloy Steward  
  07 John Forrent / Ferrence 1st Waiter  
  07 Charles Montgummery (Montgomerie) 2nd Waiter  
April 07 Mrs. Mildorn / Mildom Ladies Maid  
  13 John Cliff Cook  
March 19 John Mafon (Mason) Fireman August 27th, discharged for insolence & —?
April 13 John Mason Fireman —?
May 07 John O'Leary Boots  
  07 D. Holmes C. Mate August 13th
April 13 Joseph Major Sailor absent from 21 June to 2nd July and 3 days in August
  13 Lictor ? Martin Sailor July 31, absent 29 June to 2nd July
  13 Michael Defoy Sailor discharged, 18th June, sick
  13 Francois Lecave Sailor  
  13 Edward Lachaurecaire Sailor 9th October
  13 Benjamin Lussier Sailor 3rd August. from 26th June, Fireman
May 10 Charles Major Sailor 25th June, lost 3 days
June 22 Olivier Paul Sailor Fireman from 8th August
  25 Michael Defoy Sailor discharged, 28th June
  26 Benjamin Lussier, engaged as Fireman absent from 29th June to 2nd July
  29 Pierre Lamotte Sailor 30th August to 3rd. Sept., sick & 09-14 october, sick
August 12 Michael Quinnie Sailor 4th November, Fireman from 26th August
  13 George Dumas C. Mate  
  20 Isadore Varie Sailor 14th October, sick
Sept. 01 Sutaire Viron Sailor 01-11 October, sick
Oct. 10 Edward Lachavricarre Sailor  
  01 Augustin Cha—? Sailor —? Fireman from 4th November

National Archives of Canada MG 28, III, 57 - Reel M-8277 vol 37

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