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1819-1836 index | 1830 Quebec Ship Arrivals

Chamby - 1830 - Crew List
Date of
Names Qualities Remarks
    Hercule Olivier Captain  
April 27 John A. Delisle Purser  
  27 Thomas Clark Steward  
  27 Anthony Walch 1st Waiter discharged, being sick 7th May
  27 Joseph Miller 2nd Waiter  
  27 Mr. Bonner Engineer  
  27 Antoine Grignon Fireman discharged, 28th May, neglect of duty
  27 Baptiste Pichet Fireman discharged as Fireman 28th June, 29th June engaged as Engineer
  27 F. Carpentier 1st Pilot  
  28 Olivier Perrault 2nd Pilot  
  27 James Keeling Mate discharged, 5th June
  27 Mrs. Ma. Young Ladies Maid discharged, 8th May, neglect of duty
  27 Abraham Richard Cook  
  27 Baptiste Maxwell Cook's Mate  
  27 Prospere Bourdignon Sailor discharged June 9th, his own request
  27 Joseph Busand / Burand Sailor discharged May 14th, by his own request
  27 James Bellrose Sailor discharged May 4th, by his own request
  27 Baptiste Tellier Sailor discharged, 17th July
  27 Pierre Carpentier Sailor  
  27 Jean Proulx Sailor discharged as Sailor 11th July, commenced as Fireman 12th July
  27 Joseph Pagé Sailor  
  27 Joseph Robichon Sailor discharged for lazyness, 6th May
May 06 Z. Joseph Rivierre Sailor discharged as Sailor 17th August, commenced as Fireman 17th August
  07 William Grinier Sailor discharged, 7th July
  07 Mrs. Kelly Ladies Maid discharged 7th July
  07 Alexander Carpentier 1st Waiter discharged 3rd September, at his own request
  17 Joseph Mérand Sailor discharged, 29th June
  29 Francois Pichet Fireman transferred to Swiftsure, 20th July
  21 Baptiste Boucher Sailor discharged, 7th July
June 12 Hophise [?] Ayton Mate discharged
April 27 Joseph Maxwell Boots discharged 31st August for neglect of duty
June 10 Jean Baptiste Laviolette Sailor  
  18 L. Baulé Sailor discharged, 1st July
July 01 A. Lamotte Sailor discharged, 7th July
  03 Joseph Boalé Sailor discharged, 17th July
  14 David Nolan Sailor transferred to Swiftsure, 8th August
  11 Xavier St. Arneau Sailor  
  13 Damase Carpentier Sailor discharged, 13th September
  17 Narcisse Bouilguer 2nd Pilot  
  13 P. Giroux Sailor discharged, 22nd July
  24 A. Beron Sailor  
June 29 Joseph Dupré Fireman discharged, 18th August
July 14 Jane Maunsall Ladies Maid discharged, 21st October
  06 Phill / Phillip Power Sailor  
August 31 William Laby Boots  
September 02 Michael McKenny / McKenery 2nd Waiter discharged 1st October for being uppity
August 19 Maxime Enault Sailor  
October 01 David Vivice Sailor  
August 14 Joseph Amla Sailor discharged 4th October, being sick
September 07 Clemance Sheggy Sailor  
  04 Charles Montgomery 1st Waiter  
August 19 Baptiste Tellier Sailor discharged 4th October, at his own request
October 04 Peter Lamotte Sailor took ? 5 days
  04 William McDonnell 2nd Waiter  
  21 Mary Ann Ryan Ladies Maid  

National Archives of Canada MG 28, III, 57 - Reel M-8280 vol 49

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