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extracted from unidentified Canadian newspaper, January 1947

Hello Canadians

As a result of the Canadian Citizenship Act which came into effect January 1st [1947], there are no more Irish-Canadians, French Canadians, Ukrainian Canadians, German Canadians. They are now just plain Canadians—12,000,000 of them.
The outstanding features of the Act are:—

1.   For the first time, our naturalization statute states that a Canadian citizen is a British subject.
2.   A native-born Canadian, or a British subject domiciled in Canada, brides of Canadian servicemen, and all those who now possess naturalization certificates, are declared to be Canadian citizens immediately.
3.   The Act provides for the establishment and recognition of Canadian citizenship. Formerly the only definition of Canadian citizenship was to be found in the Immigration Act. In future, all Canadian passports will carry the words, "Canadian citizen," a right which in various circumstances was not general before.
4.   The Bill maintains and recognizes the status of British subject with the advantage that Canadian citizenship papers will be supplied upon request after the legal period of residence. Once in possession of citizenship papers they will have the right of entry into Canada and the right to Canadian diplomatic protection.
5.   Women who marry Canadians will qualify for Canadian citizenship one year after establishing residence.
6.   Recognition of the status of British subjects is shown in clauses which provide that all British subjects now in Canada are declared to be Canadian citizens. Certificates will be issued upon application. Non-Canadian British subjects coming to Canada will obtain certificates in the same way after establishing legal residence. No court room ceremony will be necessary.
7.   The Act recognizes the right of women to decide their own nationality. Previously women have been classed as persons under disability and automatically assumed the nationality of their husbands. A Canadian woman who marries a man of any other nationality may retain Canadian citizenship if she so wishes.
8.   Non-Canadians who served in the Canadian armed forces outside of Canada, qualify for citizenship after one year of such service.
9.   Naturalized Canadians will lose their citizenship if they stay out of Canada for a period of six years or more. Canadian citizenship can be retained in such cases only by an official endorsement on a passport or certificate of citizenship.
10.   The Act provides for encouragement of education in citizenship for those applying for naturalization. It is intended that the ceremony of naturalization shall be conducted with fitting dignity and solemnity.


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