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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1824

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1824.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, New Swiftsure, Quebec & Chambly.

May 01 - June 08 | June 08 - July 28 | July 31 - September 13 | September 15 - November 27

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 16th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 08 brig Commerce Patterson 01 April Shields   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
June 08 ship Fairfields Smithson 03 April London   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 08 brig Nicholas and Jane Laing 09 May Bordeaux   to R. Wood & Co. / cargo, wine & brandy
June 08 bark Baltic Merchant Storey 01 April Shields   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 08 bark Thomas Louther 04 May Ulverstone   to Heath & Moir / in ballast
June 08 bark William Spence 06 April Plymouth   to W. Price / in ballast
June 08 schooner Messenger Leblanc 17 days Halifax   to C.F. Alwyn / cargo, rum & sugar
June 08 brig Stanley Hall 15 April Liverpool   to Mr. Le Mesurier / cargo, salt
June 09 brig Martha Thomas 06 May Plymouth   to order / in ballast
June 09 brig Wilson Simpson 21 May St. John's, Nfld Mr.& Mrs. Eastaff and family, Mrs. Buckley & daughter, and Mrs. Lambert to H. Atkinson / in ballast
June 09 brig Jane Hossack 02 May Belfast 148 settlers to Coltman & Hale / cargo, goods &c.
June 09 brig James Dixon 06 May Dublin 61 settlers to Bolton & Chaffers / in ballast
June 09 brig Shannon Coulthard 04 May Whitehaven   to George Symes / cargo, rum, brandy & gin
June 10 brig Governor Myers Elliot 04 April Shields   to Thomas Hayes / in ballast
June 10 A sloop and a schooner from Miramichi, with Captain Baird, crew and passengers of the ship Camillus, the whole of whom were saved except three.
June 11 ship Lord Wellington Maxwell 35 days Newry 152 settlers to Chaffers & Bolton / in ballast
June 11 bark Mint Smith 01 May London   to W. Price / in ballast
June 11 brig Isabella Booth 04 May Plymouth   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
June 11 brig Kitty Scolly 06 May Bridgwater   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
June 11 brig Gales Dawson 12 May Cork Captain Wood, 37th Regiment, and 37 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 12 brig Sylvan Noble 02 May Plymouth   to Laurie & Spencer / in ballast
June 12 brig Margaret Thomas 02 May Cork 3 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 12 bark Eginton Bothwaite 25 April London 8 officers and 167 men, women and children of the Royal Artillery to Government / in ballast
  The following Officers of His Majesty's Royal Artillery, were passengers in the Eginton, from London. . . Major Hickman and Major Coffin ; Captain Louis and Captain Evans ; Lieutenant Baynes, Spearman, Robinson, Wood, Lethbridge and Benn ; and Assistant Surgeon James Verling.
June 12 brig Friends Souter 26 April Peterhead   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast

June 09— ship London, Chapman, (for) London
June 10— brig Frances, Newbold, (for) Bermuda
June 10— brigantine Nelson, Peabody, (for) Miramichi
June 10— schooner Mary Catherine, Bourier, (for) Esquimaux Bay
June 11— ship Sir William Hensley, Smith, (for) London
June 11— ship Alfred, Clark, (for) Liverpool

    The brig Governor, of Shields, is on shore on White Island Shoal, mainmast gone.
    The ship Friends, on the 4th May, in long. 30 W., fell in with the bark Arethusa, of Shields, under jury masts, apparently all well.

By the arrival, on Thursday morning last, of a sloop and a schooner from Miramichi, with Captain Baird, passengers and crew of the ship Camillus, the public have been relieved from the anxiety felt for their safety, by the previous arrival of different vessels which had passed the Camillus at sea, abandoned. Among the passengers are Mr. Smillie, Goldsmith, of this City, Captain White, and Mrs. Baird. The Camillus sailed from Liverpool on the 4th April, and continued her passage, with variable weather, to the 23rd, when it increased to a tremendous gale, which continued with little abatement to the 28th, during which time she shipped a sea that washed overboard three of the crew, sprung the bowsprit and carried away the fore yard, all the bulwarks and part of the round house. The vessel had laboured and was so much strained that she leaked rapidly ; the pumps were manned, but the rolling of the vessel and the water in the hold washed the ballast into them, and they soon choked ; recourse was then had to buckets which were used, in baling her, for thirty-six hours and until they were completely broken to pieces ; finding their exertions to keep her free unavailing, there being now twelve feet of water in the hold, it was determined to abandon the vessel the following day. Accordingly, on the morning of the 29th the Long Boat was hoisted out, when Captain Baird, his passengers and crew, in all twenty-three souls, after using all possible precautions for securing themselves from the severity of the weather, committed themselves to the mercy of the waves ; in this state they remained until the morning of the 1st May, the weather having fortunately proved the most moderate they had experienced during their voyage ; a sail was now discovered at some distance, which they made sail for ; she proved to be the Columbus, Bizzet, bound to Miramichi, who took them all on board. On the 3rd of May the Columbus fell in with the ship Ross, of North Shields, for the same place and put on board 7 of the hands, the next day placed two more on board a vessel going to Pictou, and carried the remainder to Miramichi. Some unpleasant disagreement is said to exist between Captain Baird &c. and Captain Bizzet, regarding the treatment which they received on board his ship, which will be published shortly. The Camillus was owned by John Jones junior, Esquire.

    The crews of several other vessels, abandoned during the late gales, had arrived at Miramichi.
    The brig Lord Wellington from Liverpool, spoke in lat. 48 long. 15, the brig Hannah, Moore, of and from Aberdeen, for Halifax, returning with loss of boats and bulwarks, being unfit to proceed on her voyage ; also the Wilberforce, off Cape Race, 1st June, from Miramichi, bound for Liverpool.
    The brig Endeavour, of South Shields, from London, which was on shore at Mille Vaches has received no damage, as stated in the Supplement of the 5th instant ; a survey having been held on her on the 10th.

We regret to state that the Steam Tow Boat Hercules, in her last trip from Quebec, had a part of her machinery so much injured as to render her incapable of reaching this City. We understand that the injury can be easily repaired, and that she will be shortly fit to perform her proposed regular trips with success.


Important to Parents

It was lately ruled in the Court of King's Bench, in a case "Wilken v Law" that the entry of the birth, in a baptismal register, is not evidence to prove the age of the party. It is nothing more than something told to the clergyman at the time of christening, concerning which he has not power by law to make an entry in the register. In this case the defendant was christened in 1807, but the entry stated that he was born in 1799. This verdict should be a caution to parents to comply with the Rubrie, in not deferring the baptism of their children longer than the first or second Sunday after their birth, as the most important questions in our courts of justice often turn against them.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday June 19th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 12 brig Medway Bolton 27 April Sunderland   to Handyside & Co. / in ballast
June 12 bark Economy Burnside 10 weeks Newcastle   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
June 12 bark Gilbert Henderson Creigson 07 April Dublin 146 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / cargo, goods &c.
June 12 bark Herald Sopwith 15 April London   to Government / with bricks
June 14 brig Lord Exmouth Barret 60 days Plymouth   to W. Price / cargo, sundries
June 14 brig White Patterson 30 April London   to Government / with bricks
June 15 brig Huntcliffe Spragen 26 April Stockton   to S.T. Corrie / in ballast
  Montreal:— Part of the 60th Regiment have arrived at Lachine on their way to Quebec, having been relieved by the 37th from that place. They will be in town tomorrow and embark in the Lady Sherbrooke tomorrow morning.—Times

    Mr. Thirwall's brig Mary, has returned, having sprung a leak.
    The Medway, Bolton, in long. 44 W. spoke the bark Arethusa, from London, with stores for Government totally dismasted but not very leaky.
    The Lord Exmouth spoke the brig Rambler, for Miramichi, the Captain of which reported that he had spoke the ship Asia, from London to Quebec with loss of foremast and bowsprit, proceeding to Lisbon — long. 49
    Captain Baird, of the Camillus, reports that in lat. 41 he spoke the Sarah, Ralston, of Philadelphia, bound to Liverpool ; her Captain and a boy were washed overboard on the 23rd of April.

    W.S. Sewell and R.S.M. Sewell, Esquires, are passengers in the London, which sailed for London on Friday last (9th June) with Captain Muller of the 60th Regiment.
    Passengers in the Harmony, to sail Wednesday, for Barbadoes, Dr. Draper, Inspector General of Hospitals to the Forces, and family.

Quebec, June 14
Loss of the Dowson, Jamieson, from Aberdeen, bound to St, John, N.B.

The ship Dowson sailed from Aberdeen on the 13th of April and experienced moderate weather to the 19th, when strong gales commenced, which pretty generally prevailed, interrupted once or twice by perfect calms, to the 3rd of May. During this period some sails were split, but no damage was sustained. On the 3rd there were tremendous squalls, and about this time the ballast which had been wet by leakage choked the pumps, which were frequently hoisted up and arranged, but without any good effect, as the ballast was completely soaked. On the 8th, the vessel while lying too during a hurricane, broached to the wind and split the fore-topsail ; the water in the hold had accumulated and the pumps were entirely useless, all hands were set to bail with buckets, but the sea broke over the ship, it became necessary to lash the men, and more water went down by the hatchways than was thrown out. The ship was soon after nearly thrown on her broad-side by the sea, and the whole of the ballast suddenly shifting to the lee, the vessel fell over on her beam ends ; The Captain was at the same time precipitated into the hold, and picked up severely injured and insensible, having not been able to come upon deck afterwards, except to get on board the vessel which rescued him. In this hopeless condition, the mate, on whom the command devolved, ordered the fore topmast to be cut away which fell over, carrying with it the main topmast, and the vessel righted. A brig was then in sight, but a signal of distress was no sooner hoisted than it was torn away by the force of the wind ; she, however, observed the condition of the Dawson [sic], and early on the morning of the 9th, was seen under her lee, proving to be the British Queen, of South Shields, Captain Stephenson. In the attempts to get on board of the brig, the sea was so high, that the only three boats were destroyed, the mate drowned, and the property in them lost—with the aid of the boats, however, all had abandoned the Dowson, except the Captain and five of the crew, when night came on ; no further attempt could be made, and the night was passed in this condition of distress and painful suspense. The wind fell a little during the night, and the B. Queen had promised to lie by ; early next morning she was seen steering a contrary course in search of the wreck, and was attracted by signals ; the sea, on her coming near, permitted the boat to be used and succeeded in rescuing from their certain and speedy death six fellow-beings, whose lives with those of the others of the crew are due to the humanity and unremitted attention of Captain Stephenson. Captain Jamieson closes his Log Book with the following words :
"Here I have lost a fine ship, which threatened to be a coffin for her whole crew, with the loss of every earthly thing, but as I stand, without a second shirt, or a hat for my head ; yet I have still to thank the Supreme Being, that although he has permitted me to fall under this dreadful calamity, he has still mitigated my affliction, by ordaining that it should be into the hands of humanity."
And in effect says, by Captain Stephenson we have been treated as brothers, and we wish this publickly to record it.— Gazette

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 23rd - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 15 brig Huntcliffe Spragen 26 April Stockton   to S.T. Corrie / in ballast
June 06 (omitted)
brig London
Young 26 April London   to S.T. Corrie / in ballast
      The Martha, of Shields, for Miramichi, has been abandoned at sea. The crew taken from the wreck, and afterwards put on board a vessel for England.
    Spoken May 16th, long. 32 1-2 Jane from Bristol to Quebec with 170 passengers.
    The Nicolas from London to Quebec, was towed into Plymouth on 25th April having been dismasted in a gale on the 23rd.

The St. Lawrence sails tomorrow for London. The passengers are Colonel Harvey and family, Colonel Cockburn, Miss Thompson, Lieutenant Dalgetty, 70th foot, George Ryland Esquire, and family, and Mr. Ottley.
The St. Lawrence takes home about fifty men belonging to different regiments stationed in this country.

The regular trading ship General Wolfe sailed on Tuesday evening for Bristol. The following passengers were on board, John Davids Esquire, and family, Miss Racey, Mr. Shortis, and Mr. Dalton.

Passengers in the Margaret, Fisher, sailed for Liverpool, 13th instant, Mr., Mrs.& Miss Try, Mr. and two Misses Blair, Lieutenant Lang, Mr. Foster and Master Bardwine.

Among the list of arrivals at this port, we find the William McGillivray, Captain Stoddard, a gentleman well known here as many years the conductor of our old summer visitor the Ewretta. The William McGillivray along with other vessels has felt the effects of the disasterous weather—she was dismasted—almost her whole rigging gone. Captain S. was met at sea by another vessel, whose Captain urged him to abandon his ship. But with all the fortitude of a British Tar, and the prudence of an experienced seaman, Captain S. determined not to "give up the ship." He contrived out of one of his top-masts to rig a jury-mast, and with all the canvas it could carry dexterously, brought his vessel into this harbour her port of destination, while many others would have either abandoned her or run for the nearest port. His conduct merits the warmest encomiums of his owners and consignors—and we should hope would not go unnoticed by the underwriters. — Gazette

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday June 26th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 20 brig Manchester Brown 19 days St. John's, Nfld   to William Patton / in ballast
June 20 brig Aid Leslie 21 days St. John's, Nfld   to William Patton / in ballast
June 22 brig Burlington Milbourne 16 days Halifax 2 passengers to R. Wood & Co. / rum & coffee
June 22 brig Resolution Neal 42 days Belfast 19 settlers to T. Hayes / in ballast
June 22 schooner George the III Cutler 26 May Halifax Captain O'Brien, 22nd Light Dragoons, Mr. McPherson and Mr. Farquhar to Mr Satterthwaite / cargo, rum & sugar &c.
June 22 ship Essex Appleton 11 May Cowes 9 officers & 102 men for the different Regiments in Canada to order / in ballast
June 22 brig Eggardon Castle Pattman 15 May Poole   to Finlay & Co. / in ballast
June 22 bark Diana Braithwaite 01 May Whitby 16 settlers to W. Newton / in ballast
June 22 brig Mary Ann Connell 15 May Limerick 95 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / cargo, bricks

June 21— bark Edward Colston, Forster, (for) Bristol
June 21— ship Sir James Kempt, Patterson, (for) Cork
June 21— ship John Howard, Smith, (for) Cork
June 21— brig Scotia, Robinson, (for) Aberdeen
June 21— brig Rob Roy, Kenn, (for) Belfast
June 21— brig Sarah, Rogers, (for) Maryport

The Lady Hood and Livonia, both for Quebec and Montreal, were to sail about the 15th May from Liverpool.
H.M.S. Athol which left on Sunday the 6th inst. discharged her Pilot the following Saturday below Bic —all well with strong favourable breeze.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday June 30th - CC note: no Montreal Gazette issue
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 23 bark Dublin Donnald 25 May Dublin 181 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / cargo, sundries
June 23 brig Herald Gibbs 06 June St. John's, Nfld   to P. Burnett / cargo, sugar
June 23 brig New Draper Barwise 10 May Dublin 80 settlers to Mr. Jackson / in ballast
June 23 brig Good Intent Thompson 08 May Aberdeen 1 settler to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 23 brig Betty J. Wedgwood 09 May Liverpool Mr. Hudson and 33 settlers to Froste & Co. / general cargo
June 23 ship Brunswick Blake 15 May London Mr. Reed to order / in ballast
June 23 brig Lady Frances Barry 01 May Sunderland Captain Reed, 70th Regiment and 32 settlers to H. Atkinson / cargo, coals
June 23 bark Excellent Grant 18 May Newcastle   to — / cargo, glass &c.
June 23 brig Union Taylor 12 May Milford   to order / in ballast
June 23 bark Zephyr Rainbett 10 May London   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
June 23 ship Royal George Smails 13 May London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 23 ship Cato
(no.18, Agent Lieut. Meredith)
Sadler 18 May Cork 8 officers & 127 men of the 71st Regiment to Government / in ballast
June 24 bark Prince of Orange (no.10) Nelson 18 May Cork 9 officers & 156 men of the 71st Regiment to Government
June 24 brig Margaret Boyd 13 May Glasgow 8 settlers, Mr. Browning and 8 men for the new vessel on the Island to P. McGill / general cargo
June 24 schooner Otter Letourneau 14 days Miramichi 2 settlers to order / in ballast
June 24 brigantine Vine Edwards 07 June St. John's, Nfld Mrs. Lane & family and 4 others to Master / in ballast
June 24 bark Aurora Pearson 35 days Hull   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
June 24 brig Mary Young 20 May Newry 114 settlers to John Stewart / in ballast
June 24 schooner St. Joseph Poiré 15 days Miramichi   to order / in ballast
June 25 ship Indian Trader Rennoldson 41 days Cork 7 officers & 105 men of the 71st Regiment to Government / in ballast
June 25 ship Princess Royal Townsend 25 May Grenada Mr. McConnoche (McConochie), Rennolds (Reynolds) and Crowthers to J. Leycraft / cargo, rum & sugar | Spoke the Athol on the 16th, all well, 80 miles east of Cape Ray
June 25 brig Wellington Leppington 16 May Cork 40 settlers to Heath & Co. / in ballast
June 25 ship Thomas Gibson Strachan 15 May Belfast 235 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
June 25 brig Livonia Smith 11 May Liverpool Mr. Burns and 3 settlers to George Ross / general cargo
June 25 brig Nereus Phalp 13 May London   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast | Spoke the ship Margaret from Quebec to Liverpool, off Cape Ray, on 21st inst., all well, with a strong westerly wind
June 25 schooner Nancy Bell 8 days Bay des Chaleurs and Miramichi 3 settlers to order / in ballast
June 25 brig Eden Smith 10 May London Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Williams, and Messrs. Washam & Davis to J.S. Campbell / general cargo | saw a brig on shore at Kamouraska, with settlers
June 25 bark Lord Wentworth McLeod 30 May Belfast Mr. Carpenter & Mr. Roberts and 174 settlers to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
June 25 ship Sir George Provost Morison 20 May London   to Langley & Dyke / in ballast
June 25 brig Vine Hunter 19 May Dublin 74 settlers to Mr. Lemesurier / cargo, cordage
June 25 schooner Good Intent Chevrefils 07 June St. John's, Nfld   to P. Sheppard / cargo, Fish

June 21— brig Perseverance, Matterface, (for) Newfoundland
June 22— ship Star, Becket, (for) Liverpool
June 22— ship Betsey, Wray, (for) London
June 22— ship Prospect, Wake, (for) London
June 22— bark Resolution, Ward, (for) Liverpool
June 22— brigantine Nova-Scotia, Jacobs, (for) Liverpool, N.S.
June 22— schooner Industry, April, (for) Labrador
June 23— brig Sarah & Mary Anne, Christian (for) Maryport
June 23— brig Alexander, Marshall (for) Liverpool
June 23— ship Montmorenci, Wood (for) Brest
June 23— ship Hopewell, Dobson (for) Liverpool
June 23— schooner Florida, Parisa, (for) Miramichi

Letter Bags are open every day at the Exchange for the principal Ports in England, Ireland and Scotland.
The Dublin spoke the St. Lawrence below Father Point on the 21st instant.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 3rd - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 26

brig Greenfield

Wyley 38 days Belfast 15 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
June 26 brig Warner Stephenson 5th May Greenock Mr. Campbell and family & eight seamen for the large ship building on the Island of Orleans to G. Ross / general cargo
June 26 brig Brothers Garterell 24 May Bristol   to — / Iron &c.
June 26 brig Richard Cox 24 May Limerick 54 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / cargo, bricks
June 26 brig Marquis of Anglesea William 26 May Limerick 60 settlers to order / bricks
June 26 brig Mary Cowan 20 May Whithaven   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast

June 24— ship Ocean, Blackburn, (for) London
June 24— ship Æolus, Thomas, (for) Waterford
June 24— ship Hannah, Webber, (for) Brest
June 24— bark Quebec Packet, Atkinson, (for) London
June 24— bark Henry, Thompson, (for) Liverpool
June 25— bark St. Charles, Leslie, (for) Youghall.
June 25— brig William, Thomas, (for) Ross
June 25— brig Cygnet, Smart (for) Limerick
June 26— brig Hendersons, Steel (for) Belfast
June 26— brig Pilot, Law (for) Aberdeen
June 26— brig Canada, Potts (for) London
June 26— brig Union, Fleck, (for) London
June 26— brig Northumbrian, Short (for) Blyth
June 28— brig Sally, Little (for) Cork
June 28— brig Lady Ann, Simpson (for) London
June 28— brig George IV, Thomas (for) Waterford
June 28— brig George, Neslin, (for) London
June 28— schooner Earl of Dalhousie, Poiré, (for) Newfoundland

    The brig Herald from Newfoundland with sugar, dragged her anchor yesterday, and grounded at the mouth of the little river—she got off at the flow of the tide and sustained no injury.
    Schooner Hit or Miss, Cocken, from Quebec for Conception Bay, was wrecked at St. Peter's some time in May — [date not recollected] ; cargo saved, small part only being damaged — vessel totally lost.
    The Hannah, from St. John, N.B. for Liverpool, abandoned at sea, dismasted &c., has been towed into England, by some pilot boats.
    "Tobermory, April 27.— Arrived, the master and crew of the Helen, of and from Dundee, for Quebec, Erskine, and reports that on the 13th inst. his vessel struck upon a sunken rock, about seven miles from Roche All, and about 200 west of St. Kilda, that by great exertions they kept the brig above water for thirteen hours but the water gained upon them, and being unable, from fatigue to continue any longer at the pumps, they abandoned her, and out of 17 passengers, only one was saved. The Captain, crew and one passenger, after having been tossed about in the tempestuous ocean for 28 hours, in the two small boats, (the long boat having been stove in launching) were picked up and landed at the Island of Tiree. [14 of the above passengers were said to be relatives]"
    The Martha, from New Ross for Quebec, was dismasted, April 21st, lat. 24, and put into Limerick, May 1st.
    The Lady Frances, from Sunderland for Quebec, arrived at Portsmouth on the 10th, crew sick of small pox, and one dead.
    The ship John and Robert, with general cargo, for Montreal from Bristol, was spoken April 22nd returning to England, with loss of foretopmast in long. 25.
    The Eagle, Sims, from the damage received at sea on her passage has been condemned as not sea worthy, and is to be sold.
    The Providence, Greyhound and Queen, from Quebec, arrived at Halifax on the 6th and 7th of June, in 9 days passage. Cleared, at Halifax 5th brig Burlington, Milbourne, for Quebec.
    The late strong winds have occasioned some loss of timber. A great deal of it passed the harbour yesterday, adrift. A raft, on which there was a number of men, was broken up in the Little River, and the lives saved by the seasonable assistance of boats.
    His Majesty's ship Athol, with the Governor on board, was spoken on the 16th inst. near the Island of Newfoundland, all well.
    Cleared for Quebec at Nassau, New Providence, on the 2nd June, brig Juno.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 7th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
June 30 brig Fisher P. Ditchburn 22 May Liverpool   to Chinic & Co. / general cargo
July 02 bark Harriett Curtis 29 May Portsmouth Mr. W. Newton to W. Newton / in ballast

June 29— schooner George III, Cutler, (for) Richibucto
June 29— brig Kingston, Green, (for) Topsham
June 30— brig Robert and Ann, Straughan, (for) Liverpool
June 30— ship Benjamin and Mary, Kotter, (for) London
June 30— brig Amethyst, Thompson, (for) Grenada
June 30— brig Jane, McGrath, (for) Waterford.
June 30— ship Rebecca, Harvey, (for) Greenock
June 30— brig Helena, Currie (for) Liverpool
July 01— brig Cherub, Rayside (for) Greenock
July 01— brig Saguenay, Hall (for) Demerara
July 01— brig St. George, Fearon (for) Mary Port
July 01— brig Standlay, Hall, (for) Newfoundland
July 01— brig Argo, Fousey (for) Liverpool
July 01— schooner Expedition, Brown (for) Dundee

    The Hercules, Steam Tow boat, arrived here from Montreal on Thursday last with three large vessels deeply laden [Horatio, Lady Gordon & a schooner] and left this part for Montreal yesterday evening, having three brigs and a schooner in tow. She got under way about the turn of the tide, and moved forward with these vessels, which were secured [one on each side and two to her stern], in fine style, affording a pleasing sight to a considerable number of persons collected on the wharves to witness her departure. . . . with this cluster of masts around her, against an ebb-tide at the rate of about four miles per hour. This experiment, which has now, it may be said, succeeded, and has alrady proved adventageous, must introduce in the navigation of the River some great change.— . . & Neilsons Gazette
    The wind has blown from the westward for some days past, and given an opportunity to the vessels which have cleared out to take their departure.

Fashionable arrivals at the Mansion House, since the 1st instant (1st July):Lord Arthur Lenox from Quebec on his way to Upper-Canada, to visit Sir Perregrine and Lady Maitland, Major Macintosh, Captain Ferricome, Captain Brown, Captain Jordan, M. de Brison, and M. Carol.

Kingston, June 29
Melancholy Occurence.— Early on Saturday last Mr. Elijah Lyons was unfortunately shot by Mr. John Lowe, a junior gentleman in the employ of C.A. Hagerman Esq. Collector of Customs at this port. The circumstances attending this unhappy affair are briefly as follows.— At about half past one o'clock in the morning, Mr. Hagerman and two of his students, Lowe and Kirkpatrick, went out in search of Smugglers, of whose approach, it appears, information had been previously given. In a short time Mr. Lowe, who had parted from his companions, encountered Lyons, while in the act of carrying a Chest of Tea from the river side, and commanded him, in the King's name, to surrender it. The latter refused, and immediately struck Lowe in the face. A scuffle ensued. in the course of which a Pistol was discharged, and the ball passed thro' Lyons' body, a little above the heart. Every attention has been paid to the unfortunate sufferer, who now lies in a dangerous state, but some hopes are entertained of his recovery.— U.C. Herald

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 10th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 02 brig Robert Dewer Patton 42 days Jamaica   to Patterson & Weir / / rum &c.
July 02 schooner Ann Whiteside 36 days Lisbon   to order / salt
July 03 brig Zephyr Scott 21 May Teneriffe   to order / wine
July 03 bark Julius Caesar Stafford 25 May London   to order / in ballast
July 05 brig Victory Alder 20 June Newfoundland   to P. Burnett / in ballast
July 05 brig Carbonear Taggart 14 June Newfoundland   to Finlay & Co. / in ballast
July 05 brig Commerce McDonald 16 June Newfoundland   to Chaffers & Co. / in ballast
July 05 sloop Peggy Furlong 16 days Miramichi   to order / in ballast

July 01— brig Canada, Pringle, (for) Belfast
July 02— brig Eleanor, Wallace, (for) Workington
July 02— brig Thetis, Robinson, (for) Hull
July 02— brig Monarch, Minnell, (for) Stockton
July 02— ship Francis & Harriet, Dodds, (for) London
July 02— brig Osprey, Simes, (for) Liverpool
July 02— brig William Tell, Barnes, (for) Newry
July 02— brig British Tar, Clark (for) Liverpool
July 02— brig Jean, Allen [sic Allan] (for) Greenock
July 02— brig Martha, Moore (for) Limerick
July 02— bark Amity, Arrowsmith (for) Cork
July 03— brig Hazzard, Barry, (for) Demerara
July 03— brig Charlotte, Shearer (for) Liverpool
July 03— brig Lustre, Woodward (for) London
July 03— brig Eleanor, Pott, (for) Lancaster
July 03— brig Scipio, Massangale [Massingale] (for) London
July 03— ship Clarkson, Ward (for) Hull

Quebec, July 5
About one hundred men of the 60th Rifle Regiment forming part of the first Division who go home, embarked on Friday morning on board the Transport Cato, and sailed yesterday. Many foreigners have been discharged here and will remain in this country.

Statement of the number of vessels and their total of tonnage, which have arrived since the opening of the navigation season, and of those at the same period of last year.
July 5th 1824 — 330 vessels — Tonnage, 82,357
July 5th 1823 — 216 vessels — Tonnage, 51,699
The difference, which is in favour of the present season amounts to 114 vessels and 30,658 tons. The vessels employed in the trade this season, are generally of greater burthen than those used in the last, which accounts for the already large amount of tonnage in its favour.

Passengers in the Rebecca, sailed on Thursday last, Mr. William Torrance and family, Mr. & Miss Lilly, Miss Freland, Mr. Westbrooke and Mr. Chillas.

The Earl Moira was loading at Liverpool for Quebec on the 24th May. The Bartley, Clark, and Lady Hood, McKenzie, for Quebec ; were ready for sea on the 25th May.
Falmouth, May 19.— Wind N.W.— Arrived, the John and Robert from Bristol for Montreal, out six weeks, has been as far west as long. 30, and was dismasted on the 28th ult.

The new Steam Boat Chambly, lately built by Mr. Molson, took a trip down the River a few days ago, for the purpose of exercising her engine, and ascertaining its powers. She returned to this place with the most perfect ease, and we understand that the proprietor's are fully satisfied with her performances in the element for which she was originally designed.
As this Boat draws so little water, we think she might be profitably employed in plying between this City and LaPrairie during the Race week in September next, as the sport which is anticipated at the latter place from the number, and excellence of the Horses that are matched, will draw immense crowds from Montreal to witness it. The Course, we are informed, will be put in the best state of repair, previous to the Races, and every attention will be paid to the accomodation of the spectators, in order that they may receive every gratification which this kind of amusement is capable of affording.

Arrived at the Port of Montreal        
July 07 brig Fisher P. Ditchburn   Liverpool    
July 07 brig Betty J. Wedgwood   Liverpool    
July 07 brig Margaret J. Boyde   Glasgow    
July 07 brig Warner R. Stephenson   Greenock    

July 08— brig Marys, Jacobson, (for) London
July 09— brig John & Mary, R. Gant, (for) Newcastle

The vessels which are above mentioned as arrived were brought up by the Hercules Tow-Boat, in her usual fine style, and it deserves to be mentioned from the late venerable wind--nd calms—without this valuable assistance they would not in all probabilty, have reached this for sometime instead of being as they now are considerably advanced in discharging their cargoes.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 14th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 06 Governor Hodgson / Hudson Bell 09 June Jamaica   to P. Burnett / cargo, rum & sugar
July 09 brig Earl Moira Allison 41 days Liverpool Captain Ross to George Symes / general cargo
July 10 brig Active Johnson 42 days Whitehaven 85 settlers to Leather & Co. / in ballast

July 03— brig Pacific, Braithwaite, (for) Whitehaven
July 03— brig St. Helen, Elliote, (for) Liverpool
July 03— brig Harmony, Harle, (for) Limerick
July 03— ship Brilliant, Beverly, (for) Aberdeen
July 03— ship Centurion, Bankie, (for) Bristol
July 03— brig Nelly, Dale, (for) London
July 03— brig Horatio, Sparks, (for) Liverpool
July 03— brig Hope, Walsh (for) Whitehaven
July 05— brig Mary, Todd (for) Liverpool
July 05— brig Ann, Peacock (for) Newry
July 05— brig Canadian, Udney (for) Liverpool
July 05— brig Charles William, Trotter, (for) London
July 05— brig Blacket, Turner (for) Colchester
July 05— brig Traveller, Gibson (for) Newcastle
July 05— brig Spencer, Huggup, (for) Shields
July 05— brig Choice, Jones (for) Newry
July 05— ship Lady Gordon, Bell (for) Liverpool
July 05— ship Minerva, Carrick, (for) Hull
July 05— bark Endeavour, Collinson, (for) London
July 05— brig Emperor Alexander, Watt, (for) Belfast
July 05— brig Henricus Huddart, (for) Lancaster
July 05— schooner Nancy, Bell, (for) Halifax
July 06— brig Jane, Hosack, (for) Belfast
July 06— brig London, Youngs, (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Eclipse, Moore (for) Ayr
July 06— ship Dependent, Carr (for) Liverpool
July 06— brig Elizabeth, Copland (for) Newcastle
July 06— brig Gales, Dawson (for) Cork
July 06— ship Canada, Lamb, (for) Belfast
July 06— brig Norfolk Hero, Hunter (for) Bristol
July 06— brig Grace, Vagg (for) Ilfracombe
July 07— brig Jean, Innest, (for) Newry
July 07— ship Mars, Harland (for) Hull
July 07— ship Spring, Snowden (for) Newcastle
July 07— ship Trafalgar, Hornby, (for) Liverpool
July 07— ship James Bailey, Gowan, (for) Belfast
July 07— brig Preston, Thompson, (for) London
July 07— brig Lune, Young, (for) Liverpool
July 07— brig Scipio, Beadle [Bowle], (for) Whitehaven
July 07— brig Erato, Blair, (for) Liverpool
July 07— ship Oxenhope, Minnest, (for) Hull
July 08— brig Kitty, Scollay (for) Bridgwater
July 08— brig Joseph & Mary, Stratford (for) Liverpool
July 08— brig Quebec Packet, Ditchburn (for) Limerick
July 08— brig Martha, Thomas (for) Fishguard
July 08— ship Indian, Turnbull, (for) Liverpool
July 08— ship Venus, Green (for) Cardiff
July 08— brig Margaret, Thomas (for) Youghall
July 08— brig Syren, Stormont, (for) Beaumaris
July 08— brig William, Short (for) Liverpool
July 08— brig Albion, Stewart, (for) Cork
July 08— brig Dwina, Thompson, (for) Peterhead
July 08— ship Brothers, Jenkinson, (for) Hull
July 09— ship Nassau, Grossard, (for) Waterford
July 09— schooner James, Dixon, (for) Dublin
July 09— brig Alexander, Erington (for) Oporto
July 09— brig Aid, Leslie, (for) Cork
July 09— brig Mary Jane, Nichols (for) Tobago
July 09— brig Henry, Grayson, (for) Strangford
July 09— brig Heron, Bell (for) Limerick
July 09— brig Aid, Palmer (for) Bristol
July 09— brig Kelsick Wood, Porteous, (for) Liverpool
July 09— brig Trent, McAll (for) Cork
July 09— ship Mary, Wardle, (for) London

Falmouth May 18.—
Arrived, the Joseph & Green, from Shields to Miramichi, out 5 weeks and has been as far as lat. 43, long. 34 mainmast sprung, lost boats, bulwarks, sails, and leaky ; the Three Brothers, from Shields to Quebec, out 5 weeks, and has been as far W. as long. 26, mainmast sprung, loss of main topmast, jibboom, sails, rigging &c. and carpenter washed overboard ; Lydia, Robinson, from Liverpool to Miramichi, out 44 days and has been as far W. as long. 37. On the 23rd ult. was struck by lightning, which shivered the mainmast, carried away main topmast, split the deck and one pump, killed a boy, and did other damage, and from that time to 29th ult. sprung her bowsprit, lost many other sails, and was also pooped by a heavy sea which filled the cabin, and washed away the roundhouse.
Plymouth, May 18.—
Off the port, Eagle, from New York, reports having spoke the Jane, from London to Miramichi, totally dismasted.
Halifax, June 22.—
The brig James, from Belfast for Quebec, was wrecked on Sable Island, on the 18th inst. crew and materials saved.
Cleared for Quebec, brig John Twizell, Grant.

From the Albany Gazette


Since the publication of the article in your paper of yesterday, under the heading of the "new York Canals." I am informed that a barrel of flour can be transported from Albany to New York, for twelve cents and a half, and that one individual advertises to do it for seven cents. My own impression is, that when the Erie canal is finished, a barrel of flour can be transported from Buffalo to New York for one dollar.
A hundred of goods can now be conveyed from the city of New York to Columbus in the state of Ohio, for three dollars and fifty cents.

The distance is from New York to Albany 150 miles
From Albany to Brockport by the canal 289
From Brockport to Buffalo by land   74
From Buffalo to Sandusky by water 247
From Sandusky to Columbus by land 120
  Making the whole distance 880 miles
By this way, a hundred costs from New York to Sandusky 2 dollars
  From the latter place to Columbus 1 50 cents
From Philadelphia to Columbus by land, 450 miles, the transportation of a hundred of goods costs six dollars
I am also informed that the distance from Albany to Rochester by the canal, instead of being 246, as stated in my former communication, is 268 miles.

North River Steam Boats:— The regular fare on board of the North River steam boats from this city to Albany, is reduced to five dollars ; and on the days on which both the Olive Branch and an old line boat makes the trip, the fare of the latter is but two dollars ! This will be fine for the travellers, but we fear our friends the proprietors will not realize much from it. It will be travelling too cheap. — New York papers

Liverpool, May 24
Loss of the Hannibal:— The Hannibal, of Boston, Captain Low, from Virginia to this port, was struck with lightning on the 22nd ult. in lat. 44, long. 40 30, by which three men were killed, one was suffocated with smoke soon after, and a passenger, Mr. John Taylor, died the next day, in consequences of bruises. The ship was set on fire and after struggling for 36 hours ineffectually to extinguish it, the vessel was abandoned, and the captain, with the remainder of the crew, (14 in number,) took to the boat, and after being out 56 hours, were taken up by the brig Thetis, Captain Taylor, of Whitehaven, from Antigua, from which they received every attention and comfort they could wish for — Captain Low, arrived here on Sunday morning, having been put on board one of the steam-boats bound to this place.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 17th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 13 brig John Twizell Grant 19 days Halifax 3 settlers to H. Atkinson / cargo, rum and sugar

July 10— brig Lord Exmouth, Barrett, (for) Plymouth
July 10— ship Norfolk, Anderson (for) Plymouth
July 10— ship Esk, Morris (for) Hull
July 10— brig Good Intent, Roxby (for) London
July 10— ship Lord Wellington, Bennett (for) Hull
July 10— ship Ipswich, Mackiel, (for) Bristol
July 10— brig Peggy, Hunter (for) Yarmouth
July 10— brig John, Chandler (for) Bristol
July 10— bark Elizabeth, Charlton, (for) Cork
July 10— bark Suspence, Bredie (for) Belfast
July 10— bark Baltic Merchant, Story, (for) Stockton
July 10— bark Emporium, Shields, (for) Sunderland
July 10— bark Ocean, Barry, (for) Sunderland
July 10— schooner Peggy, Furlong, (for) Miramichi
July 10— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell, (for) Miramichi
July 12— brig Dorothy, Taylor, (for) Liverpool
July 12— brig Isabella, Booth (for) Cardiff
July 12— brig Friendship, Dawson, (for) Yarmouth
July 12— ship Lord Wellington, Maxwell (for) Newry
July 12— ship Isabella, Elderton, (for) Liverpool
July 12— ship Queen, Turner (for) London
July 12— ship James Dunlop, Taylor (for) Bristol
July 12— brig Britannia, Crane, (for) Newcastle
July 12— brig Egardon Castle, Pettman (for) Newfoundland

Quebec, July 12.— The Laprairie Steam-Boat, went down yesterdy morning to Berthier, on the South Shore ; a distance of about 25 miles, and returned in the evening. The day was very fine and there were about one hundred and thirty passengers who were well pleased with the beautiful scenery of the river. Mr. Ponsey Merchand of this City, while amusing himself in the fields at Berthier unfortunately broke his leg, a little above the ankle.
Accidents:— On Saturday last, a boy of about 9 years of age, son of a labouring man named Mercier, of St. Roch's Suburb, was found drowned within the Boom at Mr. Goudie's Wharf. The boy had left home about 4 o'clock on Friday for purposes of bringing a load of chips from Mr. G,'s premises and it is supposed went to amuse himself up on the timber within the Boom, by which means the accident happened unnoticed by any person.
On Sunday night, John Tillery, a seaman belonging to the brig Herald, Captain Gibb, fell through Mr. Hunt's Wharf and was drowned. The deceased, who was cook of the brig, had been drinking in a public house in town, when two of his shipmates went to bring him on board ; he left the house and they had proceeded as far as Mr. Hunt's Wharf. Tillery being supported by his comrades, he then refused to go any further with them. The Wharf being in a very dangerous state, and the deceased being very intoxicated, they endevoured to persuade him to return to town and get a bed ; he could not be persuaded, and whilst they were talking, broke away from them, and making towards the brig, fell through the wharf into deep water. Henry Shea, one of the seamen with him, went down to try and save him, the other man went on board the brig and alarmed Captain Gibb, who turned up all hands with lights and boat-hooks, and after a search of about half and hour was found and got out, life was totally extinct.— The height from the wharf to the surface of the water was from 22 to 25 feet, and the water was from 16 to 18 feet deep.—
Two seamen, named John Brown and Samuel Heuley (Henley ?), belonging to the Charles Tennyson, were unfortunately drowned last night, by their boat overturning.— ib
Drowned:— On Monday the 12th instant near the mouth of the Chateauguay River, Mr. Samuel or William Hardy. He was unfortunately knocked overboard by the boom of the Durham boat on his passage to Montreal ; the exertions of the Captain and crew to save him were unavailing. The deceased resided at or near York, U.Canada, and had in his charge 14 barrels of Ashes, marked S.H. which, together with his valise, have been left with D.W. Eager : his body has not yet been found. His friends or relations will receive further information, by applying to Mr. Eager.—Comm.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 21st - MG note: no Canadian Courant issue
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 14 brig Albion Carlill 01 June London   to Irvine & Co. in ballast
July 14 bark Harrisons Buchanan 03 June Londonderry 409 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / cargo, Dry Goods
July 14 ship Cadmus Snowden 29 May London   to McPherson & Cuthbertson / in ballast
July 15 ship Alfred John Spink 24 May London Mr. Steward to William Newton / in ballast
July 17 schooner Effort Caldwell 18 June St. John, N.B. Mr. Aknos to Mr. Aknos / cargo, pitch & tar
July 17 schooner Providence O'Traugh 20 days Halifax 7 settlers to Chinic & Quirouet / cargo, rum, sugar & molasses

July 13— brig William, Peart, (for) Liverpool
July 13— brig Sylvan, Bell, (for) Dundee
July 13— ship Hero, Morrison, (for) Liverpool
July 13— brig Broderick, Peart, (for) Liverpool
July 13— brig Charles Tennyson, Bouch, (for) London
July 13— brig Globe, Brydon, (for) Falmouth
July 13— ship Comet, Simes, (for) Liverpool
July 14— brig Dew-drop, Wokes (for) London
July 14— brig Eagle, Jackson (for) Limerick
July 14— brig Traveller, Penrice (for) Limerick
July 14— ship Princess Royal, Townsend (for) Grenada
July 14— ship Abeona, Davidson, (for) Liverpool
July 14— brig Fortitude, McColl, (for) Cork
July 14— schooner Otter, Letourneau, (for) Miramichi
July 15— brig British Queen, Stephenson, (for) Liverpool
July 15— brig Ajax, Armstrong, (for) Liverpool
July 15— brig Susan, Sullivan, (for) Demerara
July 15— brig Corsair, McAlpine, (for) Greenock
July 15— brig Argo, Young, (for) Sunderland
July 15— brig John, Warden (for) Newcastle
July 15— brig Evander, Patterson (for) London
July 15— brig Richard, Cox (for) Liverpool
July 15— ship Margaret, Wilson (for) London
July 15— brig Mary Ann, Connell, (for) Limerick
July 16— brig Carricks, Busby, (for) Liverpool
July 16— brig Endeavour, Forsyth, (for) London
July 16— brig Ann, Waller, (for) London
July 16— brig Herald, Gibb, (for) Liverpool
July 16— brig Economy, Chirnside, (for) Newcastle
July 16— brig Rolla, Thursby (for) Liverpool
July 16— ship Burleigh, Chambers (for) London
July 16— ship Latona, Champion (for) Liverpool
July 16— brig Ann, Richardson (for) Bridgwater
July 16— brig Good Intent, Thompson, (for) Drogheda

Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island
June 12th 1824
Melancholy shipwreck:
It now becomes our painful duty, beyond a doubt, to record the melancholy loss of the brig Jessie, with all the passengers and crew, 26 in number. She sailed from Three Rivers, in Prince Edward Island, on the 25th of December last for Liverpool, G.B. and was seen passing Cheticaw (Cape Breton) on the evening of the 27th, and it is most probable she run on shore that night on St. Paul's Island, opposite Cape North in Cape Breton. From the currency several reports from the adjacent shores of the wreck of a brig on that Island, a small vessel was despatched from the house of Messrs. McKay's (the owners) which returned on Tuesday last with the most conclusive proof of the fatal loss. The wreck of the Jessie lies within 200 yards of the south-west point of the Island, and on the west side of the point, eleven bodies were discovered about half a mile from the wreck ; among whom were recognized Donald McKay, Esq., Mr. Forbes, a Merchant of Miramichi, and Captain McAlpine, who were lying together. It would appear that they must have perished from the severity of the weather, as some provisions were found. The passengers who left Three Rivers in the Jessie, Captain McAlpine, were Donald McKay, Esq., Mr. Forbes, Mr. John Lowe, Mrs. Williams (wife of Mr. John Williams) and two of her family. The loss of each individual is sincerely to be deplored, but the blank which Mr. McKay leaves will be severely felt by every person in this Island, and indeed all who had the happiness of knowing him. The excellence of his whole character, the kindness and benevolence of his disposition, and his affable and truly gentlemanlike manners will be long remembered— no man perhaps ever possessed a warmer or more feeling heart, or enjoyed a greater share of the good will of mankind. A schooner left this town yesterday to bring some of the bodies here for internment, and on her return we hope to be enabled to give more detailed particulars.
Extract of a letter dated Sydney, June 11. "A fishing vessel has lately returned to Margaree, from St. Paul's Island, off Cape North, where they discovered eleven dead bodies of persons lying in a tent on the island, supposed to have perished from cold and starvation, as there appears signs of their having lived on each other."
Arrived at Halifax for Quebec, Nancy, Hunter, Montego Bay, 25 days, spoke in long. 61, brig Robert George for Quebec.
The bark Dunscombe, Harrison, from Bristol to Miramichi, in ballast, was lost about the 1st June, on Scaterie Island near Main à Dieu, Cape Breton. Besides the above vessel which had not been heard of before, there is a brig Sampson, which sailed about the same time.
Among the fashionable arrivals at the Mansion House of this city, during the last week, we observe:
Dr. Harkness and Lady from Quebec ; Mr. Dubois, New York ; Lt.Col. Beckwith and Mr. Baring from London ; Mr. G. Randall, New York ; Commissioner Barry from the Upper-country &c. &c.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 24th - CC note: no Montreal Gazette issue
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 19 brig June Millar 01 June New Providence Messrs. Johnson, Turner and servant, and Mr. Soloman to Irvine & Co. / cargo, rum, sugar & molasses
July 19 brig Addison Brown 25 May London Mr. Usborne, Lieut. Harris, Royal Staff., and Mr. Bridge, R.N. to W. Newton / cargo, bricks &c.
July 19 brig Louisa Carden 03 June Antigua Mr. Musson to Mr. Musson, cargo, rum and sugar
July 19 brig Bartley McDugal 26 May Liverpool 29 settlers to Froste & Co. / general cargo
July 19 ship Standard Somerson 01 June London   to W. Hamilton / in ballast
July 19 ship Hindostan Lamb 27 May London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 19 schooner Canadienne Snook 15 June Carbonear 7 settlers to W. Finlay & Co. / in ballast
July 19 brig Commerce Burns 14 June St. Vincents Mr. Hancocks to Irvine & Co. / cargo, rum, sugar & molasses
July 19 bark Perseus Jackson 04 June Barbadoes Dr. Stewart to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
July 19 bark Nile Kegg 28 days Newfoundland   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 19 bark Victory Bowes 67 days Hull   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
July 19 brig Lady Hood McKenzie 29 May Liverpool 25 settlers to W. Price / general cargo
July 19 brig Prosperous Peniment 26 May Dublin 77 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
July 19 schooner Susan Martin Young 20 days Miramichi 5 settlers to order / in ballast
July 20 brig Janus Johnson 27 May Sligo 75 settlers to James Saunders / in ballast

July 17— ship Ann, Binnie, (for) Liverpool
July 17— brigantine Choice, Simes, (for) London
July 17— brig Shannon, Coulthard, (for) Whitehaven
July 17— brig Hope, Hunter, (for) Yarmouth
July 17— brig John, Todd, (for) Leith
July 17— brig Resolution, Neal, (for) Donaghadee
July 17— ship Freedom, Sunderland, (for) London
July 17— ship Camperdown, Balsbeck (for) Liverpool
July 17— bark Castlereagh, Gray (for) Southampton
July 17— bark Peace, Balling (for) Liverpool
July 17— brig Indian, Mathias (for) Liverpool
July 17— brig Commerce, Patterson, (for) Liverpool
July 17— schooner Maria Rose, Sive, (for) Miramichi
July 17— schooner Sea Flower, Baker, (for) Halifax
July 19— ship Asia, Tindale, (for) London
July 19— brig Victory, Elder, (for) Newfoundland
July 19— brig Northumberland, Surtie, (for) Newcastle
July 19— brig Andromeda, Cowie, (for) Liverpool
July 19— brig Nicholas & Jane, Laing, (for) Newcastle
July 19— brig Union, Taylor (for) Chepstow
July 19— brig Diadem, Curry (for) Liverpool
July 19— brig Minerva, Franklin (for) Bristol
July 19— brig Marys, Jacobs (for) London
July 19— brig Wilson, Simpson, (for) Portsmouth

    The Hawkesbury, Biggs, sailed from Gravesend for Quebec on the 27th of May.
    The North Briton was to sail from Liverpool, for Quebec, on the 6th of June. The Earl Moira sailed from the same port for Quebec, on the 29th of May.
    The Fanny, Matthew, from Philadelphia at Liverpool, on the 27th May ; on the 11th of May, in lat. 45, long. 26, 0, fell in with the wreck of the brig Cumberland, Smith, for Quebec, totally dismasted and abandoned. Took out a small part of the cargo, and set her on fire.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday July 28th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to

The annual [or unusual] and continued prevalence of westerly winds has, no doubt, retarded the arrival of a number of vessels which usually made their appearance at this stage of the season. A considerable number are, however, reported in the River, which we may expect by the present favourable breeze.

July 20— brig Wellington, Lepingwell, (for) Cork
July 20— brig White, Patterson, (for) Liverpool
July 20— brig Mars, Melbourne, (for) Liverpool
July 20— brig Northumberland, Jones, (for) Cork
July 20— brig Greenfield, Wylie, (for) Drogheda
July 20— brig Governor Hudson, Bell, (for) Jamaica
July 20— brig Friends, Souttar, (for) Dundalk
July 20— brig Vine, Edwards (for) Cork
July 21— brig Mary, Young (for) Leith
July 21— brig Carbonear, Taggart (for) Newfoundland
July 21— ship Cyrus, Doey (for) Greenock
July 21— brig Mary, Cawman, (for) Whitehaven
July 21— brig John & Mary, Cant, (for) Newcastle
July 21— brig Isabella, Donkin, (for) Newcastle
July 21— schooner President, White, (for) Demerara
July 22— brig Culloden, Leydon, (for) Leith
July 23— brig Zephyr, Scott, (for) Liverpool
July 23— brig Nereus, Phalp, (for) Sunderland
July 23— ship Thomas, Sauther (for) Ulverstone
July 23— brig Bolden, Lanchester, (for) Sunderland

     Nearly three hundred sail of vessels have cleared out and left this port since the opening of the navigation. The number of Emigrants which have arrived in the different vessels within the same period, amounts to three thousand six hundred and eighty-three.
     Greatest activity is evinced in the Ship-yards about this City. The frames of several large vessels have been raised up on the sites of those which were launched in the Spring, and some of them are now in a very forward state.

Among the numerous fashionable arrivals at the Mansion House of this city, during the last week, we find the following names:
Mr. Robinson, from Jamaica ; Mr. Goring, from Boston ; Mr. Chance, from New York ; Dr. Dupont and Lady from Charleston ; Mr. Kennedy, from Maryland ; Mr. Baring and Col. Beckwith from Quebec ; Captain Myers, from New York ; Mr. J. Baker, His Majesty's actg. Consul General in the U.S. and Lady, from Washington ; Mr. Hassinger, from Philadelphia ; Messrs. Solomon, Turner and Johnson, from Bahama ; Captain Laing, 70th Regiment.

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