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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1824

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1824.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, New Swiftsure, Quebec & Chambly.

May 01 - June 08 | June 08 - July 28 | July 31 - September 13 | September 15 - November 27

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday July 31st - CC note: no Montreal Gazette issue
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 24 ship North Briton Millar 06 June Liverpool Messrs. Tweedie and Tutel to order / cargo, salt
July 24 brig Douglas Ellis 11 days Gaspé Mr. Worrell to Mr. Worrell / in ballast
July 24 brig Nancy Hunter 24 days Halifax Mr. Strachan to Quirouet & Co. / cargo, rum, sugar &c.
July 26 brig Plutus Coulson 01 June Bristol   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 26 ship Sovereign Willis 27 May Hull   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast

July 24— ship Asia, Ward (for) Cork & Liverpool
July 24— ship Herald, Sopwith (for) London
July 24— ship Peggy, Jones (for) Belfast
July 24— brig Burlington, Milburn (for) Liverpool
July 24— schooner Providence, Auffroy (for) Halifax
July 26— bark Dublin, Donal (for) Dublin
July 26— ship Royal George, Snales (for) London
July 26— ship Fairfield, Smithson (for) Hull
July 26— ship Manchester, Brown (for) Falmouth
July 26— brig Robert Dewar, Paten (for) Jamaica

The Earl Moira, Allison, sailed from Liverpool for Quebec on 29th May. Entered for loading, for Quebec, Coquette, Tramner, Susannah, Birkett, John & Mary, Shaw, Love, Glenver.

. . . She has at present 5000 tons of timber in her hold, and is not more than half loaded. After being launched, we understand, she will be brought round to the Falls of Montmorenci, and take in the remainder of her cargo.
The Steam Boats New Swiftsure, Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, Chambly, Laprairie and Experiment, are advertised to take down passengers next Wednesday.
The Tow-boat Hercules arrived here from Montreal on Saturday with the fine new brig Pyramus, built at Montreal this Spring. It is said she (Hercules) will attend the launch of the large ship Columbus, at the Island of Orleans, which is to take place tomorrow morning, and will tow that vessel from thence to the Falls of Montmorenci, where it is understood she will complete her loading.


I went to the Island of Orleans to see this wonderful vessel for size, lodged in her native Element, about seven o'clock in the morning, no less than seven Steam Boats with mixed multitudes, and about sixty Pilot and other Boats arrived at the placewhere so much curiosity was to be gratified.— Between 7 and 8 her blocks being cut away, and she let down on her ways, and the trigger part removed, she went forth in the most gentle, and majestic manner imaginable, the finest transit from Earth to Water, of the largest Vessel that ever took place on earth.
Soon as she entered the liquid element and several Bands of the 78th and 71st struck up the delightful tune of Rule Britannia, and the Highland Pipers, and the Irish buglers, and the roaring of cannons, the hurrahs and huzzas of almost every mouth there, add one of the finest mornings that ever shone, made a whole, one of the most pleasing results from such a scene, that was ever witnessed.
The whole management of this stupendous building, was under the superintendance of a Mr. Wood, who is comparitively a youth, and whose ability for the work is almost above praise.— The LaPrairie was the first Boat that arrived, and from the just conception formed by the Captain of his station, the best general view was had from his Boat, and to whom some praise is due, notwithstanding the unavoidable confusion that prevails on such occasions ; I know not of a single accident that occurred. — F.

Columbus 3,690 tons, the first of two huge timber droghers, built by Charles Wood c. 1823-1825.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday August 4th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 27 brig Jane Wilkinson 27 days Newfoundland   to G. Symes / in ballast
July 27 brigantine Bolina Nelmes 12 June Trinidad Captain Darrel (Durrel) to Heath & Moir / cargo, sugar & coffee
July 29 sloop Margaret Bowden 12 July Miramichi Messrs. W. Richardson, Samuels, Gilmore, Rankin, Gray, Willoughby & Lesher and 10 settlers to the Captain / in ballast
July 29 bark Good Agreement Robson 09 June Bristol   to order / in ballast |
brought no papers
July 30 brig Thetis Taylor 18 June Whitehaven   to — / cargo, coals &c.
July 30 brig Equity Star 01 June London 5 settlers to W. Patton / cargo, bricks
July 30 brig Margaret Smith 55 days Leith   to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo
July 30 brig Perseverence Barras 28 May London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 30 brig Fame Malcolm 12 June Belfast 113 settlers to J. Stewart / in ballast
July 30 brig Norval Panton 12 July Newfoundland   to Irvine & Co. / rum and molasses
July 30 bark Hawkesbury Biggs 9 weeks London   to Langley & Dyke / in ballast
July 30 schooner Gleadon Taylor 25 May Hull 14 settlers | see passengers on steamboat Quebec to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
July 30 brig British Tar Pace 13 June Sunderland   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
July 30 ship Sappho Gatonby 06 June London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 30 ship Diadem Edmund 13 June Whitby   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 30 ship Catherine Green Boyle 02 June London   to William Price & Co. / in ballast
July 31 schooner Friends Mardon 30 June Conception Bay, Nfld   to William Budden / cargo, oil & skins
July 31 brig Maria Kay 56 days Ross 76 settlers to James Black / in ballast

July 27— ship William, Spence (for) Cork
July 27— brig Vine, Hunter (for) Dublin
July 27— brig Marquis Wellington, Baxter (for) Liverpool
July 27— bark Caledonia, McComb (for) Belfast
July 27— schooner Susan Martin, Young (for) Miramichi
July 27— schooner Effort, Caldwell (for) Newfoundland
July 28— ship Zephyr, Rainbell (for) London
July 28— ship Aurora, Pearson (for) Hull
July 28— schooner Canadienne, Snook (for) Newfoundland
July 29— ship Sir George Provost, Morison (for) Rochfort
July 29— brig New Draper, Barwise (for) Lancaster
July 29— schooner Ann, Whiteside (for) Dublin
July 30— brig Commerce, McDonald (for) Lythern
July 30— ship Lady Juliana, Smith (for) London
July 30— brig Marquis of Anglesea, Williams (for) Beaumaris
July 30— brig Columbine, Wright (for) London
July 30— brig Julius Caesar, Stafford (for) London
July 30— ship Gilbert Henderson, Grigson (for) Dublin
July 30— ship Diana, Braithwaite (for) London

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday August 7th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 01 brig Union Hunslow 02 June Cork 16 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
Aug 01 bark Mary Davidson 11 June Bristol   to order / in ballast
Aug 03 brig Susannah Birkett 03 June Liverpool 17 settlers to George Ross / general cargo
Aug 03 brig Jane Wright 07 June Greenock 50 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Aug 03 brig Astrea Brown 08 June Chatham   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Aug 03 bark Astrea Sanderson 52 days London   to George Hamilton / in ballast

July 31— brig Levonia (Livonia), Smith (for) Liverpool
July 31— brig Margaret, Boyd (for) Greenock
July 31— ship Northumbrian, Davison (for) Port Glasgow
July 31— schooner Emelie, Hewison (for) Demerara
Aug 02— brig Pyramus, Baird (for) Liverpool
Aug 02— brig Governor Myers, Elliot (for) Belfast
Aug 02— brig William McGillivray, Stoddard (for) London
Aug 02— brig Bearer, McLelland (for) Londonderry
Aug 02— brig Eden, Smith (for) London
Aug 02— schooner Harriet, Gullant (for) Prince Edward Island

    The American brig Orion, in 29 days from Quebec, arrived at New York on the 18th inst.
    Sailed from Deal June 10th, Sappho and Astrea both for Quebec ; Gravesend 7th, sailed Ann and Sarah and Alliance, also for Quebec ; at Dartmouth, 7th, Benson, Smith, for Quebec ; Falmouth 8th Three Brothers, French, for Quebec.
    The Royal George, Forster, out from London to Quebec, was spoken 28th May, in lat. 48, long. 23.
    Spoken by the Packet Panthea, July 11th, ship Margaret, Fisher, from Quebec for Liverpool.
    The schooner Susan Morton, Young, outward bound to Miramichi, was stranded, on the Beaumont shoals, about ten miles below this, on the 30th ultimo. Part of her cargo in a damaged state is to be sold by auction this day. The vessel is the sole property of the Captain Mr. Young, who had shipped in her Goods to the amount of £140, which as well as the schooner were not insured ; she was with difficulty floated to Quebec, and after undergoing repairs, will sail about the end of the week.
    The Maria, arrived here 31st ultimo, has lost her main top-mast.
    The Providence, from Belfast for Quebec, with settlers, which sailed sometime before the Fame, was spoken with by that vessel in the Gulph, and may be hourly expected.
A handsome boat of about 30 tons burthen, with excellent accommodations for passengers, has been fitted up for the purpose of plying on the LaChine Canal, which is expected to be opened for uninterrupted Navigation from St. Gabriel's Farm to Lachine, a distance of about 8 miles, before the end of next week. We expect to be enabled in our Wednesday paper to give more satisfactory information relative to this interesting event, and to detail the particular objects which the proprietors of this boat have in view.
We understand that the Commissioners of the Canal are making every possible exertion for putting things in such a state of forwardness, so as to enable them to complete this desirable work early in the ensuing season ; but until that is effected, the distance from Town to the farm is so short, as to render it only a pleasant walk to where the passage boat will ply from, in time to meet the Steam Boat Perseverance previous to her departure from Lachine to the Cascades.

Arrivals at the Exchange Coffee-House, during this week:
Mr. & Miss Parish, Miss Milner, Mr. Dick and Lady, from Philadelphia ; Mr. Bayley, from London ; Mr. Elley and Lady, Rochester ; Mr. James Tweedall, Scotland ; Messrs. Ponce and Reux, from Quebec ; H.M.H. Boardman, from Boston ; Mr. Wade, from Dublin ; Mr. Hazeltine ; Mr. Rogers (returned from Quebec,) Philadelphia ; Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Stardry, Mr. McKay [McKoy], from Georgia ; M. Conklin and Lady, Rosell [?], New York ; Mr. Philbrick, Savannah (Geo.) ; Mr. Brown, Baltimore ; Mr. Herbert, Savannah (Geo.) ; Mr. Porter, Richmond (Va.) ; George C. Sheppard, Amherst (Mass.) ; Mrs. and Miss Kerst, Boston (Mass.)

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday August 11th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 04 brig Glasgow Taylor 30 May Glasgow Messrs. Hamilton, Frazer, Buchanan, Jeffrey & 3 settlers to Laurie & Spence / general cargo
Aug 04 bark Benson Smith 07 June Dartmouth   to H. Gowan / in ballast
Aug 04

brig Fame

Renny 11 June Newfoundland 17 settlers to William Budden / cargo, rum
Aug 04 brig Albion Hall 09 June Dublin 102 settlers to H. Lemesurier
Aug 04 brig John & Mary Shaw 18 June Liverpool Captain Young and Mate of a new ship at Montreal, and 21 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Aug 04 bark Providence Wenloce 01 June Belfast 181 settlers to Robert Wood & Co. / in ballast
experienced some heavy gales on her passage out, and has lost her mainmast
Aug 04 brig Glory Morgan 20 June Belfast 153 settlers to Heath & Moir / cargo, salt
  at least 93 of the settlers who arrived on brig Glory continued to Montreal on August 6th aboard the steamboat New Swiftsure, at a reduced fare of 8 shillings per adult (versus regular summer fare of 10 shillings). The balance of the Glory passengers embarked for Montreal the same day, on the steamboat Quebec.
Aug 05 brig Latona Thompson 03 June Liverpool 32 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Aug 05 brig Mathews Steel 07 June Hambro' 1 settler to Ths. Saunders / in ballast
Aug 05 brig Friends Norris 11 June Dublin 126 settlers to Chaffers & Bolton / in ballast
Aug 05 schooner Good Intent Skinnings 16 July Halifax Lt. Russell, of the Army & Messrs. Smith and McSwiney to Mr. Satterthwaite / cargo rum, sugar & molasses
Aug 05 bark Arethusa Blair *17 July London & *Newfoundland   to W. Patton / cargo, government stores
Aug 06 brig Dart Gibson 23 May Sunderland 12 settlers to W. Price / cargo, coals
Aug 07 brig Nile Davidson 03 June Bristol   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Aug 07 brig Mayflower Dobson 23 June Dublin   to P. Burnett

Aug 03— brig Jean, Masterton (for) Leith
Aug 03— ship Excellent, Grant (for) Liverpool
Aug 03— ship Friends, Pope (for) Liverpool
Aug 04— ship Lord Whitworth, McLeod (for) Liverpool
Aug 04— schooner Marie Victoire, Lajoie (for) Halifax
Aug 05— ship Mint, Smith (for) London
Aug 05— brig Huntcliff, Spraygon (for) London
Aug 06— brig Bolina, Nelmes (for) Newfoundland
Aug 06— ship Maria, Williams (for) Waterford
Aug 06— brig Lady Frances, Barry (for) Sunderland
Aug 06— sloop Margaret, Bowden (for) Miramichi
Aug 06— schooner Nancy, Hunter (for) Halifax
Aug 06— schooner Angelique, Brotherson (for) Richibucto

The bark Arethusa, which arrived on Thursday the 4th inst., left London about the end of March last, and encountered the tremendous gales that occurred in April, on the 8th of which, being then in long. 29 W, she was dismasted and compelled to throw part of her cargo overboard—she afterwards put into St. John's, Newfoundland to refit.
Sailed from Deal, June 18, Suffolk, Allison, for Quebec. The Dunlop with a general cargo and passengers was to sail from Greenock about 15th June.
The brig Sir James Kempt left Halifax for this port about the same time as the schooner Good Intent.
The large ships John and Thomas, 800 tons, Hamilton Commander, and William Ashton, 750 tons, Guy Commander, were advertised at Belfast for this port, the first to sail on the 20th [sic] and the latter on the 15th June.
Among the numerous arrivals at the Mansion House, in this city during the last week, we have only room to extract the following names:
— From South Carolina: Mr. Mills, Mr. J. Tucker and lady, C. Waterton, F.W. Thomas, A.H. Belin, J. Colman, F. Withers, J. Lamb and lady, and Mr. Buist. From New York: Messrs. Harvey and Kidd, E. Eichborn, Wilkins, Hill and sister, Russel, Dart, P. Schenk and family, and S. Holly. From Philadelphia: Mr. M. Bujar and lady. From Boston: Mr. Bartlett and daughters. From Washington: Mr. de Willingstein, Secretary of Legation from the Emperor of Russia, the Revd. C.P. McIlvane, D.C. From Charleston: Mr. W.S. Smith. From Quebec: Mr. J. Neilson. From Glasgow: Mr. Gilmour.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday August 14th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 09 brigantine Sir James Kempt Coulson 21 days Halifax   to Chinic & Quirouet / cargo, rum & molasses
Aug 09 brig Alliance Hick 04 June London   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
Aug 09 brig Three Brothers Finch 08 June Falmouth   to Mr. Carman / cargo, coals and glass
Aug 09 ship Suffolk Allison 18 June London Mr. Newton to P. Patterson / in ballast
Aug 10 brig Elizabeth Brady 20 June London   to Government / with bricks
Aug 10 brig Anne and Sarah Rutherford 03 June London Mr. Evans to Forsythe, Walker & Co. / general cargo
Aug 10 brig Aurora Hodson 15 June Whitehaven 61 settlers to Gillespy & Co. / in ballast
Aug 10 brig Ruby Hall 59 days London   to W. Pinn & Co. / in ballast
Aug 10 H.M.S. Rifleman Montago Esq. 14 days Halifax    
Aug 10 schooner Reward -- - from the North Shore   to Mr. McTavish with Furs

Aug 07— brig Medway, Bolton (for) London
Aug 07— brig Brothers, Garterell (for) Sunderland
Aug 09— brig Fisher, Ditchburn (for) Liverpool
Aug 09— brig Nile, Kegg (for) Limerick
Aug 09— ship Pomona, Handyside (for) London

Inquest:— Yesterday morning about seven o'clock, Henry Gibson, second mate of the bark Arethusa, which arrived lately with stores for Government, was unfortunately drowned between the vessel and the King's Wharf. The bark lies about forty feet distance from the wharf, and the crew were employed in beginning to construct a slope from the vessel to the wharf, for the purpose of landing the cargo.— The slope is formed by laying two spars from the bark to the wharf, upon which planks are placed cross-ways, forming a broad and very safe passage from the one to the other. At the time of the accident, one spar only had been placed, upon which the deceased, with another man, of the name James Douglas, attempted to pass from the vessel to the wharf ; when they advanced about half-way, the spar which was unsteady, partly turned with them, and precipitated both into the river.— Three or four boats were manned in a moment, and went to their assistance ; they succeeded in saving James Douglas, but the Mate had sunk ere they could not reach him. The body was found about three hours after. The deceased was a native of North Shields, about thirty years of age, and a man of excellent character. The verdict was "accidentally drowned." We are informed that Douglas who was fortunately saved is also a man much respected by his Captain, who proposes appointing him to second mate in the place of his unfortunate companion. —Ib
The brig Three Brothers, which arrived this day sailed from Newcastle on the 1st April, and on the 3rd of May, in a severe hurricane, eas dismasted and obliged to put back. She succeeded in making Falmouth where she refitted for this port.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday August 18th - MG & CC note: confusing Montreal Gazette issue
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 14 brig Wesley Anderson 56 days Limerick 46 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Aug 14 ship Stentor Harris 39 days Limerick 241 settlers to G.S. Campbell / cargo, bricks
Aug 14 schooner Catherine Land 56 days Antigua 2 settlers to P. Sheppard / cargo, rum and sugar
Aug 14 schooner Lively Cornwall 21 days Halifax 8 settlers to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, rum and sugar

Aug 10— ship Brunswick, Blake (for) London
Aug 11— schooner Providence, Ster [!] (for) Halifax
Aug 12— bark Harriet, Curtis (for) London
Aug 12— brig John Twizell, Grant (for) Stockton
Aug 13— ship Standard, Summerson (for) London
Aug 13— brig Betty, Wedgwood (for) Liverpool
Aug 13— bark Albion, Carth (for) Hull
Aug 13— schooner St. Ann, But (for) Miramichi

On Monday last, the Canal Boat, Jane, commenced running between Lock No. 4, close by this city (Montreal) to Lachine. She will continue her trips regularly twice eash day, and will be of very great advantage to the Community. The novelty of the sight drew a great crowd of spectators to the spot whence she started.

    St. John, N.B. July 29:— Two square rigged vessels are reported to be on shore at Brier Island—one a brig from Ireland.
    Halifax, July 25:— Arrived schooner Nancy, Bell, from Quebec, 15 days. Sailed, schooner John, Glawson for Quebec with rum, sugar and molasses.
    At Gravesend, 19th June, Brixton, Stevens for Quebec.
    The George which sailed from this port on 26th May arrived at Liverpool about the 30th June.
    The brigs Love and Three Brothers were loading at Liverpool June 25th for Quebec and Montreal.
    The Coquette, Tramer, sailed from Liverpool for Quebec on 23rd June.
    His Majesty's Ship Menai, 26 guns, was at Prince Edward Island's on the 10th ultimo. This vessel is destined for the protection of the fisheries, and was proceeding on a two month's cruise in the Gulph, &c.
Our city has been overflowed with strangers during the last month ; the principal hotels have been so thronged that great difficulty has been experienced in procuring agreeable entertainment, previous to the departure of the Steam Boats for Quebec. We are pleased at this circumstance, it will produce many good consequences, and serve to dissipate that prejudice which has, for so long a period, kept the residents of Canada, and the people of the United States indifferent to the interests of each other.
Arrivals at the Exchange Coffee-House, 7th August 1824:
Lieutenant Christey, Kingston, U.C. ; Mr. Thaxter and Lady, Boston (Mass.) ; Messrs. Jacobs, Macoy, and Stanley, North and South Carolina ; Mr. Browne, Baltimore ; S. Calquhoun, Virginia ; William P. Eustis, Boston ; Mr. de Forrest and daughter, New Haven ; Col. Fotterall, New York ; Mr. Phillips, Philadelphia ; Mr. Simms, New York ; The Revd. Mr. Pierpont, Boston ; Mr. Relf, New Orleans ; Mr. Smith, Natches ; Mr. Niven, Mr. Gaston, Savannah ; Mr. Robins, Kingston (Jam.) ; Amos Lawrence Esq. and Lady, Boston ; Miss Mason, Portsmouth ; Miss Appleton, Amherst ; S. Kingston and Niece, Elliott Cro-son (Cresson?), Philadelphia ; Dr. Judson and Lady, U.S. Navy ; — Duplessis, Georgia ; R.J. Smith, Philadelphia ; John H. Custer, New York ; B. Rhinolander, H. Millar, W.S. Millar, Philadelphia ; A.C. Dunbar, New Orleans ; Mr. Stephens, Revd. J. Summerfield, New York ; B. Osborne, New York ; Mr. Smith & son & daughter & niece, New York.
Among the fashionable arrivals at the Mansion House, we notice the following names:
— from Quebec, Messrs. Bayley, Thomas, Irvine, Cox, Jones & daughter ; Mrs. & Miss Rust, Mr. G. Sheppard ; from South Carolina, Mr. & Mrs. Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Withers and Miss Withers, Messrs. Milne, Brown, Mrs. Mair and Mrs. Tunis of Charleston ; from Georgia, Mr. Smith and Lady of Darien ; from Baltimore, Mr. & Mrs. Hofman ; from Connecticut, Mr. & Mrs. Walton, Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Walton, Mr. Mitchel ; from New York, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. McEvers ; from Upper-Canada, Dr. Bigsby.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday August 21st - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 15 schooner John Glawson 19 days Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, rum and sugar
Aug 15 schooner Marie Rose Syre 11 days Miramichi   to the master / in ballast
Aug 14— brig Norval, Punton (for) Newfoundland
Aug 14— brig Active, Johnstone (for) Cardigan
Aug 14— brig Plutus, Coulson (for) London
Aug 14— brig Earl Moira, Alison (for) Liverpool
Aug 14— schooner Defiance, McCullam (for) Miramichi
Aug 14— ship Hindostan, Lamb (for) London
Aug 14— brig Jane, Johnson (for) Sligo
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday August 25th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 18 ship Brixton Stevens 61 days London   to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
Aug 18 ship Minerva Dale 35 days Plymouth   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Aug 19 bark John and Robert Joshua Evins 37 days Falmouth   to W. Budden / general cargo
Aug 19 brig British Tar Newby 04 July Belfast 187 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / cargo, salt
Aug 19 brig Jane Stewart Thomas McKenzie 28 June Bristol 1 settler to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Aug 19 brig Blucher Thomson 30 July St. John's , Nfld   to George Symes / in ballast
Aug 19 ship Norfolk Brown 05 July London Mr. Coltman to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Alchymist Mills 18 July Cork the Revd. Mr. Crawly & 37 settlers to Mr. Powell / in ballast | 2nd trip
Aug 20 brig Mary Anderson 08 July Dublin 33 settlers to P. Burnett / cargo, fruit, salt &c.
Aug 20 brig Lord Ravensworth Craggs 21 days St. John's, Nfld Mr. Lemesurier to H. Atkinson / cargo, rum, molasses &c.
Aug 20 ship Resource Tweddall 04 July London Mr. Adams to Mr. Adams
Aug 20 bark Asia Catherine 24 July St. John's, Nfld 2 settlers to William Budden / in ballast
Aug 20 schooner Earl Dalhousie Poiré 28 days Newfoundland 1 settler to M. Leaycraft / cargo, rum, sugar &c.
Aug 21 ship John & Thomas Hamilton 02 July Newry 261 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / cargo, salt

Aug 17— brig Addeson, Brown (for) London
Aug 17— brig Lady Hood, McKenzie (for) Greenock
Aug 17— schooner Glesdon, Taylor (for) Hull
Aug 17— schooner Friends, Marden (for) Newfoundland
Aug 18— brig Prosperous, Peniment (for) Dublin
Aug 18— schooner Thomas Gilston, Stanchan (for) Liverpool
Aug 18— schooner Good Intent, Skimmings (for) Newfoundland
Aug 19— ship Crown, Banks (for) Liverpool
Aug 19— ship Persons, Jackson (for) Liverpool
Aug 19— ship Essex, Appleton (for) London
Aug 19— brig Union, Hurlow (for) Tralee
Aug 19— brig Warner, Stevenson (for) Irvine
Aug 20— brig Sir Jame Kempt, Coulson (for) Halifax
Aug 20— brig Commerce, Burns (for) St. Vincent
Aug 20— brig Juno, Miller (for) Nassau, (N.P.)
Aug 20— ship Victory, Bowes (for) Hull
Aug 20— brigantine President, White (for) Halifax
Aug 20— schooner John, Glawson (for) Halifax

    The brig Alchymist which arrived yesterday morning from Cork, is on her second trip. She sailed from hence on the 29th May and including the time she remained in Cork, has performed her voyages between the latter port and this in eighty-three days.
    H.M.S. Athol arrived at Falmouth from hence on the 2nd July after a short passage of 26 days. She left here on the 6th June last.
    The bark John and Robert, arrived from Falmouth, sailed originally from Bristol, but was dismasted on the 28th of April in longitude 30 W. and obliged to put into the former port in order to refit.
    The brig Columbine which left this port for London on the 30th ult. ws spoken with by the brig British Tar on the 7th of this month, all well, almost 90 miles W.N.W. of Cape Ray.
    The bark Asia, arrived from Newfoundland, sailed originally from Lisbon, for that port, was dismasted in the severe gale of the 29th April, and compelled to proceed to St. Michael's to refit.
Liverpool, July 7.— Arrived, the Argyle, McColl, and Sally, Brown, from Quebec.

Steam Boat Swiftsure.— On Thursday night last as this Boat was on her passage to Montreal, she ran against a rock at the foot of the Richelieu, by which accident she was so injured as to prevent her from proceeding to this place. Through the hole made by the rock the water powered so fast as to cause great alarm in the minds of the passengers. She was towed back to Quebec, by the Steam Boat Quebec, and is now on the stocks at Cul de Sac, undergoing the neccessary repairs to enable her to prosecute her regular trips.

Steam Boat Accident.— As the Steam Boat New Swiftsure was on her way to this place, from Quebec, on Thursday night last, after having passed the most dangerous parts of the Richelieu, the weather suddenly became very hazy in consequence of which she deviated from her course and ran under a full head of steam, upon the north shore, between the head of the Richelieu and Grondines Church. She remained on the reef of rocks until the rising of the tide floated her off ; after which she proceeded about four miles, to where the Quebec lay at anchor. Subsequently she was taken in tow by that boat and returned to Quebec. So great was the injury done by the accident, that the exertions of both crews was not sufficient with the assistance of a great number of steerage passengers, to keep the Swiftsure clear of water, which increased, notwithstanding all their efforts about one inch an hour. It is said that it will be neccessary to lay her up some days to repair the damage. The Captain was absent during the accident.— Times

New Steam Boat Richelieu.— We congratulate the public of the aquisition of another boat, on the waters of the St. Lawrence. The loss of the De Salaberry was severely felt both by the owners, and those connected with the river navigation, but the enterprising spirit of Mr. Kuper, has remedied the inconvenience, by enabling him to get in full operation another boat to supply the place of the one which was burned last season. The Richelieu was built at Chambly by Mr. Young, and the Engine which is of 45 horsepower was constructed, built and set up by Mr. Ward ; we understand it is on a new construction, and that the small portion of room which it occupies renders it particularly convenient. The talents of both the Engineer, and builder of this boat are already well known, and their merit has not suffered any diminution by the specimen which they have given in their respective departments of the Richelieu. She is 324 Tons burthen, and is fitted up with every neccessary attention to comfort and appearance. She is destined to run between this City and Quebec, making regular trips to Chambly.
Arrivals at the Exchange Coffee-House:
Samuel Richards, Esq., Mrs. Richards, Miss S.B. Richards, Miss E.A. Richards, Miss Miller, Philadelphia ; Mr. and Mrs. Nathens, Rd. Harding, G.B. Welstack, Philadelphia ; I.D. Buckley, Louisiana ; B.O. Tyler, Washington City ; Mrs. Williams, Gibraltar ; Mr. Kimberly, Mr. Mitchell, New York ; Thomas Rolph, York ; Stephen I. Brinkeshoff, Alfred A. Weeks, P.B. Penny, New York ; Mr. Newell, Washington ; Mr. Withers and two ladies, Mr. Henderson and lady, New Orleans ; Mr. De Watterstein, James Hamilton, Esq. and lady, Miss Morris, Mr. Parish, Mr. Neilson, Mr. Giraud, New York ; Mr. Smith and lady and sister, Mr. John H. Smith, U.S.N., Mr. T.P. Smith, New York ; A.B. Spooner and son, Mrs. Spooner, Miss Crawford, Petersburg, Va. ; G.S. Boardman, New Milford, Connecticut ; John Swett and lady, Joseph Baton, Boston ; P. McDougall Esq. and sister, Mr. Laughton, Mr. Roi, York.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday August 28th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 21 brig Commerce Ray 06 July Liverpool Mr. & Mrs. Robb and Servant to J. Robb / general cargo

Aug 21— brig Jane, Wilkinson (for) Workington
Aug 23— brig Bartley, McDougall (for) Liverpool
Aug 23— brig Thetis, Taylor (for) Sligo
Aug 23— ship Sovereign, Willis (for) Hull
Aug 23— schooner Lively, Cornwall, (for) Halifax
Aug 23— schooner Nancy, Cormier (for) Halifax

The larboard boiler of the Steam Boat Quebec burst just as she was leaving Sorel on Tuesday last. The boat was for a few moments enveloped in steam, but no other damage was done, and she was enabled to start for Quebec on Wednesday morning with two boilers. The injury will be easily repaired.— Times

The Contractors for excavating the Lachine Canal, are now busily engaged in preparing for the building of a lock, at the place where the Canal will empty into the River, near the wind-mills. A substantial bridge over the Canal, between the St. Ann Suburb, and the opposite side, is nearly completed ; and it is expected that the Boat Jane, will in the course of four weeks be enabled to ply from the wind-mills to Lachine. We yesterday saw a very fine Boat on the stocks opposite Mr. McCord's House, in a state of considerable forwardness ; she is we understand, the property of private individuals, and intended for navigating the River between Lachine and St. Andrews.

The advantages which steam navigation affords to travellers will be shortly extended (it is stated to us) in an extraordinary degree on the coast of Scotland ; as a steam boat, very superior in her size, construction and accommodations, is about to be established in the month of July, between Loch Tarbert, Islay, Stafin [?], Jura, and even the Giant's Causeway. It is needless to point out the advantages which travellers in general, but more particularly the curious, will now enjoy in being thus enabled by means of this pleasant and expiditious conveyance to visit those parts of the North, so celebrated for the remains of antiquity and the wonders of nature.

A person passed through Laurencekirk on Monday, trundling a wheel-barrow which contained part of his furniture. This eccentric or miscalculating genius is removing from Glasgow to Inverness, and, for the sake of saving the great expense of water and the land carriage, and the high import of toll and portage, has nobly and independently resolved to roll his goods and chattels by a circuitous road ; and under the sweat of his own brow. This is his second expedition to the north, and he supposes the he will accomplish a complete removal in five journies.— Montrose Review

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday September 1st - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 26

ship Reward

Terry 42 days London   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
Aug 26 schooner Youngest Morneau 31 days Halifax   to Quirouet & Chinic / cargo, rum & sugar

Aug 24— ship Astrea, Sanderson (for) London
Aug 24— brig Maria, Key (for) Haverfordwest
Aug 24— brig Fame, Renny (for) Wexford
Aug 24— brig Mathews, Steele (for) Sligo
Aug 24— schooner Aurora, Morin (for) Labrador

Quebec, August 28
     A novel sight was lately observed at Chelmsford in the removal of the body of a windmill and its contents entire, from the place where it had been erected many years ; upon a site near the brewery of Messrs, Woodcock, Hodges, and Wells. The mill was first divested of its sails and cap, the body raised from the foundation by a lofty triangle, pulleys and blocks, & when sufficiently elevated, a strong four-wheeled timber carriage drawn under, upon which it was let down ; the carriage and its lofty burden were then gradually removed, the wheels being blocked to prevent too sudden a pressure down a short declivity into the road, whence it was conveyed without any accident, to the astonishment and admiration of a vast number of spectators, and safely deposited by the same means upon another foundation on a site prepared for its reception.
    In England the removal of a windmill entire is thought of sufficient importance to be recorded in the public priots. In this country, or rather in Upper Canada, such sights are by no means infrequent. In the town of Niagara, after the war, some speculators, upon little better than squatter's licence, built framed houses, some of them two stories high, with which on the re-appearance of the rightful owner of the soil they were fain to flit, leaving however the bricks of the chimney and foundation as a quit rent. We remember to have seen some of these ambulatory tabernacles in transitu, and were astonished at the case with which, byt the aid of 30 or 40 yoke of oxen and a due proportion of bipeds, they performed their journey. The practise was however in that time so prevalent in the town alluded to, that legal doubts began to be entertained whether a house could, under such circumstances be considered fixed property. But on the Niagara Frontier such experiments were not even then altogether new. The late Honorable Mr. Hamilton, who resided at Queenston, owned a sloop of upwards of 60 tons burden, which he employed on Lake Erie & the Upper Lakes, but requiring the services of such a vessel on Lake Ontario, he caused her to be drawn over the Portage from Chippawa to Queenston, where she was again launched, and enjoyed the proud preseminence of being the only vessel of her class which had navigated the waters of the Upper Lakes and the St. Lawrence. For the satisfaction of those who delight in matter of fact, we further state that the vessel was called the Washington, and that she was afterwards lost on Lake Ontario, though in what year, our informant did not acquaint us.— Quebec Mercury

Fashionable arrivals at the Mansion House: and / or Exchange Coffee-House:
note: those names from "Quebec," on, to the bottom of the list, are very faded.
from New York Mr. George Mackie ; H. Trowbridge ; H.W. Elliot ; Thomas Woodhead ; Jon. Ilifré ; Mrs. O'Neil ; Mrs. Ruego ; F.P. Smith ; J.H. Smith, United States Navy ; F. Smith and lady ; Miss Davis ; — Nickols, lady, and Miss Smith ; Mr. Star and Mr. Blaikie ; R. Barker ; D.C. Schimmerhorn ; J.H. Titus ; B.G. Minturn, junior ; George Johnston.
from Coteau-du-Lac Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
from South Carolina Mr. C. Alson and lady ; Mr. P. Alson ; Dr. Mozer ; R.F.W. Aleston, surveyor-general
from St. Croix T. Bushby
from Scotland J. Duff
from Pennsylvania George G. Howell
from Boston Jos. Guild, G.H. Gay, — Parker
from Philadelphia L.T. Skerrett
from Spain Juan Xenes , Jaquin Pena—rier , D. Mantilla , William J. Scanlane
from Savannah Revd. W. Habershame, W.F. Williams, W.W. Gordon
from England Mr. Flint
from Barbadoes T. Yearwood
from Waddington Mr. and Mrs, Hogan ; Messrs. Dickenson, Mather, Hoffman, Glendinning
from Quebec Messrs. Cochrane, Chapman, McIver, Satterthwaite, Milne, Brown, Mure ; Mrs. Tunes (?) ; Mr. & Miss Cochrane ; Commissary-General Turquand
from Hamburgh (Europe) Mr. E.F. Faerber ; W. Meyers
from France (Rouen) Ch. Le Carron
from Washington Commodores Rogers, Chauncey, Morris, Commissioners of the United States Navy ; Mr. Southunt (?), Secretary of the United States Navy ; and Dr. Harris, of the U.S. Navy.
from Cincinnati Dr. Killgour
from Baltimore Dr. Cohen
from Upper-Canada Messrs. Horn, D. Maitland ; E. Harkness

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday September 4th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 28 brig Adventure Ruth 24 June Harrington   to G. Symes / cargo, cordage
Aug 28 ship Lady Ridley Scott 43 days Plymouth   to order / in ballast
Aug 28 brig Southampton White 27 days Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / cargo, rum & sugar | 2nd voyage
Aug 28 ship Britannia Stephen 15 July London   to Walker & Co.
Aug 28 brig Heart of Oak Robertson 11 July London   to — / in ballast
Aug 28 sloop Peggy Furlong 15 days Miramichi   to order / has brought deals from Anticosti
Aug 29 brig Regent Chadd 26 June Lynn   to W.&. G. Pemberton / in ballast
Aug 29 brig Glory Brinn 24 June Lynn Mr. Samuel Wright to W.&. G. Pemberton / in ballast
Aug 29 ship Baffin Pen 14 July Ross 14 settlers to Morland & Walker / in ballast
Aug 30 ship Dunlop Mundell 14 July Greenock 134 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Landed 96 (settlers) at Sydney, Cape Breton
Aug 31 brig Brothers Smith 09 July Liverpool   to G. Ross / general cargo
Aug 31 brig Request Davidson 12 July Plymouth   to P. Patterson / in ballast
Aug 31 brig Aurora Henly 07 July Exeter   to Garden & Co. / in ballast
Aug 31 brig Rambler Rudolph 12 Aug Lunenburg   to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, rum and sugar
Aug 31 brig Kingston Birnie 04 July London Mr. Heathfield to Garden & Co. / general cargo
This vessel was dismasted upon the Green Bank on 11th Aug
Aug 31 schooner Seaflower Baker 20 days Halifax   to Mr. Satterthwaite / cargo, rum & molasses

Aug 28— schooner Marie, Troude (for) Halifax
Aug 30— brig Union Packet, Lloyd (for) Liverpool
Aug 30— brig Perseverance, Burras (for) Stockton
Aug 30— bark Good Agreement, Robson (for) Falmouth

OCEAN STEAM BOAT :— We have been favoured with an examination of a plan an estimate for an Ocean Steam-Boat, upon Annesly's (Annesley) Patent, designed to run between this country and Great Britain. Our limits will not at present admit of our entering deeply on a detail of the project [yet.] The vessel is contemplated to make four trips each season. The estimated cost to be £12,475, which it is proposed to raise in shares.

STEAM BOAT HERCULES AND THE BIG SHIP:— The Hercules left this City for Quebec on Monday last, and is engaged to tow the naval leviathan, Columbus down the River from that place to the Isle de Bic, 150 miles below Quebec, for Sea. This will indeed be a Herculean labour, and if the Boat succeeds in the enterprize will give her double claim to the name by which she is known.— Times

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday September 8th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 01 brig New Astley Bartlett 03 July Dublin 63 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 01 sloop Nelson King 26 June Jamaica   to Finlay & Co. / cargo, rum & sugar
Sept 01 schooner Nancy Bell 27 days Halifax   to Mr. Satterthwaite / cargo, rum & sugar
Sept 01 brig Midas Mawer 01 July Dundee 4 settlers to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo
Sept 01 brig Royal Charlotte -- [Hobson] 27 days Greenock Captain McColl, Mr. Gilkinson, and Mr. Thompson to Rogerson & Co. / general cargo
Sept 01 schooner Providence Orfray (Auffroy) 15 days Halifax   to Chinic & Co. / rum & sugar
Sept 02 ship Berlin Weaver 27 July Liverpool   to G. Ross / general cargo

Aug 31— brig Equity, Stow (for) London
Aug 31— brig Fame, Malcolm (for) Leith
Aug 31— brig Mayflower, Dobson (for) Dublin
Aug 31— brig Benson, Smith (for) Liverpool
Aug 31— schooner Youngest, Marmand (for) Halifax
Sept 01— ship Alfred, Spink (for) London
Sept 01— schooner Otter, Letourneau (for) Halifax
Sept 01— schooner Hunter, Hawkins (for) Labrador

    The Robert, Neill, was to sail from Greenock for Montreal in July.
    The Aurora, Nelson, for Quebec to sail from Greenock about 25th July.
    The brig Nancy, Hunter, hence at Halifax.
    The Lady Robert Williams, and Shallet (Shallot), were advertised for Quebec at Liverpool, July 22.
    The Margaret, Fisher, was to sail from Liverpool on the 15th August— The Commerce from Greenock on the 1st.
    Spoken 12th July, Dorse, Dixon, from Dublin for Quebec.
    Belfast, July 5th— The Liverpool, Neill, bound to Quebec, put back yesterday in distress, having sprung a leak off Instrahull, 3rd instant.
    The Margaret, Fisher ; Auspicious, Groft ; Mary Ann, Laidley ; and Brisk, Mossop ; hence at Liverpool, before July 20th.
    Liverpool, July 17th—Cleared, Laura, and Albion, for Quebec ; sailed 17th, William Pitt, and Stranger, for Quebec ; 18th, Ellen, Scott, for Quebec.

    We have Halifax papers to the 19th, and St. John, N.B. to the 20th ultimo. The English July Packet Zephyr, had arrived at Halifax in 28 days, and brought London papers of the 17th July, inclusive.
    Sir Howard Douglas and suite embarked on the 16th, for St. John, N.B. in the Samarang ; he had not arrived at St. John on the 19th.
    The 81st Regiment it is said, are to remain in garrison at Halifax a part of them to be stationed at St. John's, Newfoundland.
    The Vibilla and Princess Royal, with detachments of the 90th had arrived.
    The Revd. Mr. Abraham Wood, Mr. Ashton and a servant were drowned on the 31st ultimo, by the upsetting of a boat in Grand Lake Bay of Funday.
    On Thursday the 20th instant, and inquest was held on John Ellerby an apprentice on board the Diadem, at Wolfe's Cove. He was drowned by falling from the gunwale of the boat while alongside of the bark Crown.
    On Saturday, the 28th, another was held on the body of Joseph Franks, of North Yarmouth, into England. He had been accidently drowned while going on board his vessel, the Equity, then lying at Goudie's wharf.— Neilson's Gazette
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday September 11th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 03 brig Albion Halm 07 July Dublin 74 settlers to P. Burnett / with cordage
Sept 03 brig Procris Arnold 47 days Lisbon   to William Budden
Sept 04 brig Ellen Thomas Scott 18 July Liverpool   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast
Sept 06 brig Symmetry Cram 27 July Liverpool   to A. George / in ballast
Sept 06 bark Shallot Mason 27 July Liverpool   to order / in ballast
Sept 06 brig Laura Liburn 19 July Liverpool 3 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / general cargo
Sept 06 brig True Briton Reid 25 July London Mrs. Farley and servant, Mr. Young, and Mr. Matthewson to J. Brown / general cargo
Sept 06 brig Diana Hodgson 27 July Belfast 1 settler to Mr. McRoberts / cargo, salt
Sept 07 brig Sibsons Stephenson 21 July London   to W. Price / in ballast
Sept 07 brig Briton Scanlin 15 July Dublin Mr. Burton, lady and 2 servants to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 07 brig Stranger Ritchie 17 July Liverpool   to G. Hamilton / in ballast
Sept 07 brig Dorris Penny 19 July Portsmouth   to J. Rob (Robb) / in ballast
Sept 07 brig Zephyr Evans 14 July Grimsby   to R. Wood / in ballast
Sept 07 brig Albion Hall 20 July Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 07 brig John & William Lister 26 July Dublin 39 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / cargo, salt and glass
  The brig Young Proteous, Holmes, from Demerara for this port, was totally lost on the 30th August, near the south point of Anticosti. She lost her masts and is now lying on her beam ends.—The Captain and crew are saved, and have come up in the John & William, arrived this morning.

Quebec, September 6th


The large timber ship, the Columbus, of 3,700 tons, sailed yesterday (the 5th instant) about 2 o'clock, P.M.—She was towed by the Hercules Steam Tow-Boat, and touched the ground in coming up from her anchorage at the Falls, when nearly opposite the upper end of the Island of Orleans, and remained there nearly one hour. The water about this place is very shallow and of unequal depth, and the circumstance of her grounding naturally created great alarm ; fortunately the tide had still to flow, she again floated, and rounding the point of the Island, went out of sight about 5 o'clock. She had been ready for sea since Monday last, but the weather, the difficulties attending the raising of her anchors, and the demand on the part of some of her crew for higher wages, and their leaving the ship, had hitherto prevented her sailing. She draws only 23 feet of water, and her crew consists of 80 men. The Tow-boat goes down with the Columbus as far as the Bic, about 180 miles below. Some precautions have been taken to caulk and otherwise to secure the Hercules against the heavy weather she may have to encounter, and her powers as a Steam Vessel, adapted for towing ships below the port, as well as above, and even for navigating the Gulf, will be tried, and, once known, may, when circumstances admit of her being thus employed, be taken advantage of. We have no doubt that she will succeed well.
It is intended not to proceed on the voyage with the Columbus at night, while in the river, not will it, we understand, be attempted to tack while in the river. She will, however, move against a strong head wind, with the tide in her favour, by the use of the Tow-boat, and with five or six days of ordinary weather, it is probable, she wll reach the gulf.
Although extremely clumsy in her shape, we understand, she obeys her rudder pretty well, and is not what is termed a very cranky ship. All on board appear confident that she will easily and safely reach her destination ; she will however, we should imagine, be frequently exposed to stormy weather to ship heavy seas, must strain a great deal, and in a severe gale might be in grave danger of falling over on her beam ends.
Mr. Charles Wood, the builder, goes home in her, and returns via the United States early in the winter, to superintend the construction of another vessel of similar description, but, of larger dimensions. (the Baron Renfrew) This new vessel is already laid down, and some activity prevails at the Ship Yard. Her dimensions are about 320 feet on deck, which is the same length as the Columbus, but 60 feet in width, that is ten feet broader, and about five feet deeper, or about 35 feet in depth. It is stated that she will be completely loaded when on the stocks, and be ready for sea very soon after being launched, which will be early next spring.
The Columbus was seen this morning at one o'clock, by the True Briton, off the upper end of Crane Island.
Exclusive of the Columbus, there have been this season been launched nine vessels at Quebec, and two at Montreal, besides two Steam-boats at the latter place. There are on the stocks six more in Quebec, and four in Montreal, which, it is probable, will go to sea this fall, making, including the Columbus, twenty-two vessels, which will have been sent to sea from this Province at the close of navigation. The Columbus is near 4,000 tons, and others may perhaps average about 250 tons, which should give a total of 9,250 tons, and at the price of £7 : 10, the value of exports in this way would be £69,375.
There is every appearance that ship-building will be more brisk in the ensuing winter than it was during the last, and 16 vessels, including those now building, it is thought, will soon be on the stocks at Quebec and its neighbourhood.— Gazette

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday September 15th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 07 brig Huge McKrocker 16 July Dublin   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 07 ship Lord Sidmouth Gales 04 July Blythe   to J.P. Thirwall / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Sprightly Johnson 10 July Belfast   to Mr. McRoberts / cargo salt
Sept 08 ship Commerce Wittleton 01 Aug Greenock 15 settlers to W. Price / cargo, coals
Sept 08 brig Percy Richie 24 July Liverpool 10 settlers to order / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Friends Clark 20 July Liverpool   to R. Hamilton / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Doncaster Marshall 27 July Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Sir William Wallace Anderson 20 July Aberdeen   to Heath & Moir / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Hebe Buckhouse 18 July Dundalk   to P. Burnett / in ballast
Sept 08 ship Sir William Ashton Guy 31 July Belfast 176 settlers to G. Ross / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Ceres Bowman 30 July Cork 10 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Aurora Neilson 27 July Greenock   to order / in ballast
Sept 10 bark Oxford Calendar 19 July Belfast   to Patterson & Weir / in ballast
Sept 10 brig Diadem Barkley 24 July Aberdeen Mr. Forbes to order / cargo, wine &c.
Sept 10 brig Drake Grills 31 Aug St. John's, Nfld   to J. Hunt / in ballast
Sept 11 sloop Intermediate George 06 Aug Grenada   to Mr. Leaycraft / cargo, rum and sugar
Sept 11 ship Columbus Jackson 28 July London   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 11 schooner Providence Sire 29 Aug Halifax Dr. Pardy and lady, of the Staff. to Quirouet & Co. / cargo, rum & sugar
  The Steam-boat Hercules returned yesterday (Wednesday) morning about seven p'clock from Bic, having arrived there with the Columbus about 12 o'clock on Tuesday, after 43 hours passage, during which time the Columbus did not drop her anchor, had a favourable wind, and very fine weather, with clear moonlight nights. The distance to Bic is said to be 60 leagues or 180 miles, it is probably less, and about 160 miles. When the Hercules left her, which was at one on Tuesday, the Columbus had a fair wind, but not strong, and she proceeded in her course at the rate of four knots an hour. The Tow-boat felt the strong north east wind early on Tuesday night, and it blew here until this morning, when it suddenly veered to the north west, and blew very strong.
The Hercules came up from Bic in 18 hours, which is at about 9 miles an hour. She withstood the sea, which was at one time very agitated, remarkably well and has established the practicability of towing vessels beyond the usual pilot water, and in strictness to sea.

The accounts from the Columbus are favourable, she sailed tolerably well and steered better than was expected, she was seen by the Intermediate on Wednesday below Father Point attacking with admirable precision.

    Captain Homes, late of the Young Proteus, sailed in a schooner Thursday morning with assistance to bring up what can be saved from the wreck of that vessel.
    The Ottawa, a new vessel of the first class, built for the purpose of a regular trader between this port and London, in the place of the St. Lawrence, and to be commanded by Captain Douglass of the latter vessel, was loading and expected to sail about the 15th August.
    The St. Lawrence, Douglass, hence at Gravesend, 24th July, in 34 days.
    The London, Chapman, hence at Deal, 20th July, 49 days.
    Margaret, Troup, hence at Leith, July 26.
    Marie Victoire, Lajoie, 11 days—and Providence, Sire, 10 days, hence at Halifax.
    The Rebecca, Squires, of New Brunswick, was overset in a squall at Bay des Chaleurs, 10th ultimo. She was taken in tow, but the wind freshening, was abandoned for some time.
    The Squirrel, Pickance, of St. John, N.B. for Demerara, put into Halifax in distress on the 23rd ult. having lost her deck load, bowsprit, foremast, and main topmast and other damage in a gale on the 10th.
    The brig Sir William Wallace states that the Quebec Packet, Anderson, had arrived at Aberdeen July 19th.
    The brig Percy saw the Cherub off Plada on the first of July, 60 miles from Greenock—The ship William Ashton reports the Rob Roy had arrived at Belfast,—Ceres, that the Sir James Kempt was to leave Kingsale three days after her, and that the John Howard and St. Charles had arrived—the Albion was spoken off Cape Clear.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday September 18th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 12 schooner Susan Morton Young 10 days Miramichi 20 settlers
[80 settlers ?]
to Patterson & Weir / cargo, salmon
Sept 12 brig William Pitt Stonehouse 18 July Liverpool   to R. Hamilton / in ballast
Sept 12

schooner Charlotte

Chesney 01 Aug Demerara   to William Price / cargo, rum and sugar
Sept 13 schooner Effort Caldwell 15 days Newfoundland   to Mat. Bell / cargo, rum and sugar
Sept 13 brig Isabella Robinson 14 July Sligo 41 settlers to Mr. Pentland / in ballast
Sept 13 brig Whitby Smart 27 July Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 13 brig Dawn Marshall 26 July Liverpool   to A. George / in ballast
Sept 13 brig Gratitude Gillatly 26 July Fort William and Bay des Chaleurs 38 settlers (fr. FW) & 20 settlers (fr. BdC) to William Peddie & Co. / general cargo
Sept 13 schooner Marie Victoire Lajoie 24 Aug Halifax   to Handyside & Co. / cargo, rum & sugar

Sept 02— ship Columbus, McKellar (for) London
Sept 02— ship Catherine Green, Boyle (for) London
Sept 03— ship Suffolk, Alison (for) London
Sept 03— brig Louisa, Garden (for) Antigua
Sept 04— brig Dart, Gibson (for) Dublin
Sept 04— brig Albion, Hall (for) Dover
Sept 04— bark Mary, Davidson (for) Leith
Sept 06— brig John & Mary, Shaw (for) Liverpool
Sept 06— schooner Feronia, Cousins (for) Prince Edward's Island
Sept 07— schooner Nancy, Loraway (for) Halifax
Sept 07— brig Margaret, Smith (for) Kirkaldy
Sept 08— brig Aurora, Hodgson (for) Tralee
Sept 08— brig Alchymist, Mills (for) Cork
Sept 09— brig Glory, Morgan (for) Belfast
Sept 09— brig Friends, Norris (for) Dublin
Sept 09— schooner Providence, Aufrey (for) Esquimeux Bay
Sept 10— schooner Marie Catherine, Bernier (for) Newfoundland
Sept 10— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell (for) Miramichi
Sept 11— ship Stentor, Harris (for) Cork
Sept 11— brig Southampton, White (for) Newfoundland
Sept 11— brig Glasgow, Taylor (for) Glasgow
Sept 11— brig Jane, Wright (for) Troon
Sept 11— schooner Nancy, Bell (for) Halifax
Sept 13— brig Rambler, Rudolf (for) Lunenburg
Sept 13— brig Westley, Anderson (for) Sunderland
Sept 13— brig Alliance, Fleck (for) Hull
Sept 13— ship Indian Trader, Renoldson (for) London

Arrivals from Quebec:— Plymouth, 20th July, Sophia, Rutter ; Bristol, 11th July, Nautilus, Tully ; Cork, 16th July, Britannia ; Belfast, 17th July, Hamlet, Christy ; Sheerness, 17th July, H.M.S. Athol, from Quebec & Leith.
    The Clitus, Coulson, for Quebec, was spoken 29th June, lat. 45, long. 50.
    The Alfred, Clark, hence at Liverpool July 23rd.
    There were no arrivals from Canada at Liverpool between the 23rd and the 26th July.
    The schooner Ann, from Quebec to Dublin, was spoken within long. 47, on the 15th August.
Quebec, September 14
Comparative Statement of arrivals at the Port of Quebec on the 13th September of the years 1823 and 1824.
Year No. of Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1823 405 98,505 9,751
1824 491 122,663 6,348

    The Intermediate, arrived on Saturday last, passed the Columbus in mid-channel, off Father Point, about 200 miles below on Wednesday last, at 8 A.M. with a light wind from the eastward. The Captain saw the Columbus put about twice.
    The Gratitude, arrived this morning, saw the Columbus a short distance below Father Point, at 3 P.M. on the same day, beating out with a fresh easterly breeze.

On the 4th instant, a body was picked up by the Hercules Steam Boat, in coming up from the Falls. The name of the person is not known ; from a tavern Bill it appeared to be Alexander McDonald ; the Bill was dated 15th and 16th August at Montreal. It is supposed that he had come down on some raft from the Upper country.

"Sailors wanted,— In consequence of a large fleet of vessels building in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the call for sailors has been so great, that from fourteen to twenty pounds has been given for the run to England, and upwards of one thousand sailors are still wanted."—
Eastport Sentinel

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