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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1824

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1824.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Lady Sherbrooke, Malsham, New Swiftsure, Quebec & Chambly.

May 01 - June 08 | June 08 - July 28 | July 31 - September 13 | September 15 - November 27

    The Subscriber deeply impressed, with a sense of the former favours he experienced from his Friends and the Public, while running the Steam Boat De Salaberry, has been induced to build the above Boat, which he has now the satisfaction to inform them is in operation. In soliciting a share of their patronage he has to add that no expense or trouble has been spared to render the Steam Boat RICHELIEU meriting it:
    This Boat is fitted up with every attention to secure the approbation and comfort of passengers—and to render her suitable for the conveyance of Freight.—She will leave Chambly every MONDAY morning at 8 o'clock, A.M. for Quebec, and in her course will stop at Sorel, Three-Rivers and Batiscan. Leave Quebec every Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, (as the tide may serve) for Montreal, calling on her way at Berthier and Sorel, and the other Intermediate stopping places:— Leave Montreal for Chambly every Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, A.M.
    For Freight or Passage apply to J.A. Cartier, Esquire, Montreal, E. Cartier, Quebec or to the Captain on board.
Rates of Passage Cabin Steerage
Chambly to Quebec £2 : 0 : 0 £0 : 10 : 0
Sorel to Quebec 1 : 10 : 0 0 : 7 : 6
Three-Rivers to Quebec 1 : 0 : 0 0 : 5 : 0
Sorel to Chambly 0 : 10 : 0 0 : 2 : 6
Rates of Passage Cabin Steerage
Quebec to Montreal £2 : 10 : 0 £0 : 10 : 0
Three-Rivers to Montreal 1 : 5 : 0 0 : 5 : 0
Sorel to Montreal 0 : 12 : 6 0 : 2 : 6
Montreal to Chambly 0 : 15 : 0 0 : 7 : 6
Intermediate Places in proportion to the distance.
N.B. The Subscriber has his old Establishment of Wharfs and Stores at Chambly, where Goods and Produce will be received for forwarding by the Steam Boat Richelieu, free of all expense for Wharfage and Storage.
21st August, 1824
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday September 22nd - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 15 schooner Sir James Cockburn Stowe 12 Aug Trinidad   to Heath & Moir / cargo, sugar and molasses
Sept 17 bark Martha Milburn 25 July Newcastle   to Sheppard & Campbell / coals and glass
Sept 18 brig Love Glaves 09 July Liverpool Mr. Harrison & 22 settlers to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Sept 18 brig Emerald Simson 26 July Sunderland   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast

Loss of the brig Endeavour, Forsyth, of South Shields

This vessel in 10 days from this port went ashore in a fog on the 27th July, at Mechigan, near Fortune Bay in the Island of Newfoundland.— Captain and crew are saved, but the vessel, it is stated, will not be got off. Captain Forsyth, had landed at Mechigan and it was hoped would be able to save part of the cargo and materials. The cargo consisted chiefly of ashes and timber. The vessel was bound to London, and owned by Mr. Richard Hunter, of South Shields.

    Cleared at Halifax, Providence, Sire, for Quebec, also brig Halifax, Whittin, for Quebec. Schooner President, and brig Sir James Kempt, at Halifax from Quebec in 10 days.
    The Alexander, Marshall, hence at Liverpool, July 31st, in 36 days. Edward Coiston, hence at Bristol, 27th July. Spoken in long. 12, ship Benjamin and Mary, hence in 25 days.

The Martha, reports that the Columbus went on shore on Petit Mittis Point on the night of the 8th, and saw her in the same situation two days after. It is however believed, from her resting on a hard sandy bottom, she will be got off the next high tides, without sustaining any material injury. Captain Milburn, of the Martha, has also furnished the following:—

September 4, at 11 A.M. saw a wreck on the lee bow, with nothing standing above water, but the bowsprit and quarter boards, bore down upon it, and ascertained it to be the Rebecca, of St. John, New Brunswick, appeared to have been a schooner ; the quarter and main decks were gone, and forecastle and deck rising and falling with the waves of the sea. She was stove down to the floor-head in the starboard side, as if some vessel had struck her ; there was several casks in the bottom of the hold that lay fast, some iron and others wooden hooped ; the quarter boards on the larboard side were fast, with the exception of one, bulwarks on both sides were entire, likewise the head, but everything swept away in midships ; the windlass stood fast, paint quite fresh (black with two white streaks) the rudder also fast, tiller gone, and when left she was in lat. 48, 51 N. and 38 miles S.E.E. per compass from the south point of Anticosti.

The Emerald saw the Columbus on Saturday last, and was within a quarter mile of her. They were busily employed lighting her.


In Alabama, Mr. Webber, aged between 60 and 70 to Miss Ray, aged 20 — Mr. Martin Moody, aged 25 to Miss Hergur, aged 60 — Mr. Levin Hansworth, aged 70 to Miss Martha Cole, aged 13 years and 8 months.
In Marshfield, Mr. Asa Lapham, aged 90 to Mrs. Jane Vinal, aged 40.


    Yesterday morning, Isabella, only child of Mr. Nathan Burpee, aged eleven months. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend the funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his house in St. Nicholas Street, to the place of internment.
    At Quebec, on Tuesday the 14th instant, after a painful illness of three weeks, much regretted by all her friends, Mrs. Ann Williams, aged 85 years, relict of the Honorable Judge Williams, all of Glamorganshire, in Wales.
    On the 11th instant, in childbed, at St. Charles, La Belle Alliance, Nouvelle Beance, aged 22 years, Mary Ann Owens, wife of Mr. Nicholas Andrews, of Chicoutimi, King's Posts.
    At the Island of Orleans, on Sunday last, Mr. Andrew Allen, Block-maker, of Quebec.
    At Kingston, on Saturday, the 11th instant, Margaret Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. M.C. Thomson, aged 16 months.
    On Monday the 18th instant, Mrs. Martha Pember, aged 65 years.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday September 25th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 20 brig Ida Wilson 17 days Halifax   to Quirouet & Co. / cargo, rum
Sept 21 sloop Kingston Simpson 29 Aug Bermuda   to Mr. Shaw / cargo, rum &c.
Sept 21 bark Trusty Martha 07 July London 2 officers & 11 men of the Royal Artillery to Mr. Cuthbertson / cargo, Government stores
Sept 21 bark Europe Willis 31 July Liverpool   to H. Atkinson / in ballast (2nd voyage)
Sept 21 brig Erato Robinson 04 Aug Jamaica   to Irvine & Co. / rum & coffee

Sept 14— brig British Tar, Pace (for) London
Sept 14— brig Ruby, Hall (for) London
Sept 14— brig Three Brothers, French (for) Newcastle
Sept 15— ship Providence, Wanlan (for) Newcastle
Sept 15— ship Diadem, Edman (for) London
Sept 15— ship Norfolk, Brown (for) London
Sept 15— ship North Briton, Millar (for) Liverpool
Sept 15— ship Minerva, Dale (for) Rochfort
Sept 15— brigantine True Friend, Walker (for) Halifax
Sept 15— schooner Lady of the Lake, Robertson (for) Labrador
Sept 16— brig Mary, Anderson (for) Dublin
Sept 16— brig Nile, Davidson (for) London
Sept 16— brig Elizabeth, Brady (for) London
Sept 16— schooner Seaflower, Baker (for) Newfoundland
Sept 17— brig Royal Charlotte, Hobson (for) Newfoundland
Sept 18— brig Blucher, Thomson (for) Liverpool
Sept 18— schooner Marie Victoire, Lajoie (for) Halifax
Sept 18— sloop Peggy, Furlong (for) St. John, N.B.
Sept 20— ship Reward, Terry (for) London
Sept 20— brig Glory, Brinn (for) Lynn
Sept 20— brig Lord Ravenworth, Cragg (for) Yarmouth
Sept 20— schooner William, Hamel (for) Halifax
Sept 20— sloop Intermediate, George (for) Bermuda

    A Jolly Boat with "Thisbe of Liverpool," on the stern, was picked up by the Margaret Ann, arrived at Miramichi, in long. 36. The boat was bottom up. This vessel, it is statedbsailed from Liverpool in April last with a very valuable cargo for Montreal, and has not since been heard of.
    The wreck mentioned in Friday's Supplement as having been fallen in with by the Martha, is supposed to be the Rebecca, Squires, which was lately upset in a squall at Bay des Chaleurs, and owing to the wind freshening was abandoned. No lives were lost.

The total number of vessels which have cleared out from this port since the opening of the navigation amounts to 464, in which is included those built in the country this season, and others, sime of which have made two and three trips, 501 vessels have arrived from sea during the same period, and about sixty remain in port, loading, &c.
Amount of Tonnage to this date,     — 124,743 — Settlers, 6,400
Amount of Tonnage ditto, last year — 101,093 — Settlers, 9,774

The Trusty saw the Columbus on Sunday the 12th instant with her head to the westward, and apparently afloat— The bark Europe further states that she saw her the same day, at 6 P.M. with all sail set, standing down the river ; wind blowing strong from the westward. It appears that after lighting her a little she floated into deep water. From the time she remained on shore, it is not possible that much of her cargo could have been removed. The reports respecting great quantities of timber and deals having been seen afloat, are, it is believed, without foundation.
Murder:— On Monday evening a Mr. Tarbox of Prescott, U.C. having ferried from the American side of the St. Lawrence, a boat load of chairs, was accused of smuggling them by Mr. Hamilton the Deputy Collector of Presott, or otherwise exasperated, which brought on an altercation, followed by blows. During the scuffle, Mr. Hamilton cut Mr. Tarbox with a knife, on the neck, in such a manner as to separate the jugular vein [sic] & cause his immediate death. It seems to be a question, whether Hamilton returned to the house for the knife, or whether he had it with him when the affray began. What makes this event more deplorable, is the fact that Tarbox had a permit for bringing the chairs into the province, consequently, any difficulty was unnecessary. Hamilton has been lodged in the gaol at Prescott, to await trial. Both he and the deceased were married men. We give this as we heard it.— Canadian Times
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday September 29th - MG & CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 21 brig Susan Martin 24 July Topsham   to W.& G. Pemberton / with cordage &c.
Sept 22 brigantine Halifax Whitten 28 Aug Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / cargo, rum, sugar & molasses
Sept 22 brig Dryad Till 01 Aug London   to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Sept 22 brig Lady Douglas Archer 01 Aug Liverpool Messrs. Livingston and Barford and 2 settlers to T. Hayes / salt
Sept 22 brig Quebec Packet Anderson 05 Aug Aberdeen Messrs. Taylor, Wharf & McDonald to Heath & Moir / in ballast
Sept 22 bark Isabella & Dorothy Leslie 01 Aug Liverpool   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 23 ship Nautilus Tully 06 Aug Bristol 5 settlers to G. George / in ballast
Sept 24 bark Indus Malabar 07 Aug Liverpool   to Henry Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Margaret Troop 10 Aug Leith Mr. Handyside & Captain McKie to Garden & Auldjo / general cargo
Sept 24 bark Alfred Clark 12 Aug Liverpool   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 24 bark William Pitt Richardson 19 July Grimsby   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Sept 24 bark George the Fourth Thomas 16 Aug Waterford   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Sept 24 bark Sophia Rutle or Rutte 04 Aug Plymouth   to B.T. Gillam / in ballast
Sept 24 bark Piersons Galilee 08 Aug Liverpool   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 24 brig Port Spain Walmsley 18 Aug Jamaica   to Mr. Shaw / cargo, rum &c.
Sept 25 brig William Jackson 07 July Dublin 43 settlers to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Sept 25 bark Mary Ann Laidley 06 Aug Liverpool   to Mr. Lemesurier / in ballast
Sept 25 ship Fortitude Lewis 05 Aug London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Sept 25 schooner Canadienne Smook (Snook) 03 Sept St. John's, Nfld 2 seaman to Finlay & Co. / rum & sugar
  Most of the above arrivals are on their return voyage

Sept 21— ship Brixton, Stevens (for) London
Sept 21— ship Arethusa, Blair (for) London
Sept 21— schooner Providence, Sire (for) Halifax
Sept 21— schooner Maria, Arbour (for) Miramichi
Sept 22— brig Regent, Chadd (for) Lynn
Sept 22— brig Ann & Sarah, Rutherford (for) London
Sept 23— ship John & Robert, Evins (for) Liverpool
Sept 23— ship Asia, Crathorne (for) Yarmouth
Sept 24— brig Adventure, Ruth (for) Harrington
Sept 24— brig Request, Davidson (for) Haverfordwest
Sept 24— brig British Tar, Newby (for) Liverpool
Sept 24— schooner Charlotte, Chesney (for) Newfoundland
Sept 24— schooner Sir J. Cockburn, Stowe (for) Bermuda
Sept 24— schooner Success, Bernier (for) Miramichi

    H.M. brig Icarus was spoken off Bic, and may be expected here this evening.
    The last accounts of the Columbus are of the 17th, when she was seen to the westward of St. Paul's Island, standing on her voyage with a fair wind.
    From the Liverpool Courier of August 11.— August 6th, sailed, Isabella, Morris ; Harbinger, Watson, for Quebec.
    Cleared for sea but not sailed.— Aug. 2. Lady Robert Williams, Hughes, for Quebec & Montreal.
    At Liverpool, Aug. 11.— Alexander, Marshall ; Thomas Jackson, Taylor ; Erato, Blair ; Dependant, Carr ; St. Helena, Elliott ; Kelsick Wood, Porteous ; Star, Beckett ; Sir Watkin, Davies ; Arno, Tonsey ; Helena, Currie ; Resolution, Ward, from Quebec ; Canadian, Udney ; Lady Gordon, Bell from Montreal ; Robert & Ann, Staughan ; Henry, Thompson ; Horatio, Sparks ; Hopewell, Dobson ; Charlotte, Shearer ; Osprey, Simey ; Mary Todd ; British Tar, Clark ; Joseph & Mary, Stafford ; Herald, Gibbs ; Trafalgar, Hornby ; London, Young ; Indian, Turnbull, from Quebec.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 2nd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 25 brigantine President White 12 days Halifax 3 settlers to O. Brunett / cargo, rum and sugar
Sept 25 H.M.S. Sappho J. Jones Esq. 06 Aug Portsmouth Mr. Glover and family. (he succeeds Mr. Mends, as Naval Store-keeper at Kingston)  
  This is the vessel which was seen off Bic, and taken for the Icarus expected here from the West Indies with money for Government.
Sept 26 bark Sisters Carr 06 Aug Sunderland   to W. Patton / cargo, glass &c.
Sept 26 bark Heighington Lovell 11 Aug Bristol Lieut. Plunkett, 37th Regiment to William Budden / general cargo
Sept 26 brig Aid Ferguson 03 Aug Maryport   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Sept 26 bark Dutchess of Richmond McGlashan 07 Aug Greenock 20 settlers to Laurie & Spence / sundries
Sept 26 brig Isabella Morris 06 Aug Liverpool   to George Symes / in ballast
Sept 26 bark George Canning Stephens 10 Aug Aberdeen   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
Sept 26 bark St. Charles Leslie 15 Aug Cork Mr. Moore and 4 settlers to Campbell & Sheppard / in ballast
Sept 26 bark London Chapman 01 Aug London   to W. Patton / in ballast
Sept 26 brig Merope Balricks 07 Aug Southampton   to W. Budden / in ballast
Sept 26 bark General Wolfe Starworth 22 Aug Bristol Mr. Blannerhasset, Mr. Parley & servant to W. Budden / general cargo (2nd trip)
Sept 26 brig Maria White 31 July Hamburgh   to George Ross / with iron
Sept 26 brig Rob Roy Kenn 17 Aug Belfast Mr. H. Burnett and Miss Hibertson to Heath & Moir / general cargo (2nd trip)
Sept 27 schooner Peter & Jane Le Viscount -- St. Kitts, last from Arichat in seven days   to Captain / cargo, rum, sugar &c.
Sept 28 brig Canadian John Udney 24 Aug Liverpool 12 settlers to G. Ross / general cargo (2nd trip)

Sept 25— bark Stranger, Richie (for) London
Sept 25— brig Albion, Lodwick (for) Dublin
Sept 25— brig Aurora, Henley (for) Exmouth
Sept 25— schooner Surprise, Buteau (for) Miramichi
Sept 25— schooner Dolphin, McIrcas (for) Miramichi
Sept 27— brig Royal Yeoman, Willis (for) Weymouth
Sept 27— brig Ceres, Bowman (for) Cork
Sept 27— brig Prince of Asturias, Morris (for) Dublin [Prince of Austurias ?]

    The bark St. Lawrence, Scotia and Margaret were seen in the river by the Canadian, arrived this day and may be hourly expected.
    The President, White, sailed from Quebec for Halifax 21st August, and arrived here last Saturday, being only twelve days on her return voyage.
    The Columbus was seen on the Banks of Newfoundland on Saturday the 18th inst. sailing with a fair breeze at a very good rate.
    Capt. Holmes arrived on Saturday evening last from the wreck of the Young Porteous. He has succeeded in saving part of the cargo and some of the materials, which he has brought up in a schooner to Quebec.

Arrivals from Canada:—
Gravesend, 18th August,— Queen, Turner, and Charles Tenison [sic Tennyson] — at Hull, 7th, Lord Wellington, Bennett — at Limerick, 15th, Fortitude, McColl — at Liverpool, 17th, William, Peart — at Newcastle, 16th, Nicholas & Jane, Laing ; and Britannia, Cram — at Newry, 16th, Lord Wellington, Maxwell — at Workington, 12th, Eleanor, Wallace.
Waterford, 12th August, Clarence & Argyle for Quebec.
    The Betsy, Wagg, hence, was off Portsmouth August 7th.
    The Sir William, Darcy, had arrived at Liverpool August 5th.
    The Henry, Gregson, hence at Belfast 12th August.
    The St. Charles lost her second mate on her passage out. He fell overboard on a dark night and was not missed until some time after.
    The John Howard, and Sir James Kempt, left Cork for Quebec about the 15th August — The Albion with passengers was to leave on the 25th — The Margaret, Thomas, arrived there 14th August.
    Spoken, 7th August, Good Intent, from Quebec for London out 24 days.
    The Carricks hence at Liverpool.
    The Harbinger, Watson, sailed from Liverpool for Quebec, August 6th.
    The Lady Hobart, Williams, for Montreal, was ready for sea at Liverpool, 9th August.
    At Deal, August 3rd, Recovery, Fotherby, for Quebec.
    The Egginton Transport, with Major Clibborn, and two companies of Artillery, hence at Portsmouth 31st July — The Cato Transport, hence at Portsmouth August 3rd.
    Hence off Falmouth August 3rd, Frances & Harriet, Darcy.
    Hence at Dover August 6th, Lustre, Woodward.
    Cleared at Halifax September 10th, John, Glawson ; Lively, Cornwall ; and Nancy, Cormier, for Quebec.
    A letter from Halifax states that the George Dougherty of Halifax foundered at sea in a gale, supposed on the 10th August, and the Captain and crew were all lost, except two seaman.

Brockville, September 27th:

Murder,— Henry Hamilton was committed to the Jail of this District, on Tuesday last, charged with the murder of Samuel Tarbox of Prescott, who has for a considerable time acted as Ferryman between Prescott and Ogdensburgh. The circumstances of this melancholy affair as we have heard them are as follows:— It seems Hamilton had been to Ogdensburgh & bargained for some chairs to be sent to Prescott for him ; the person with whom he made the agreement being doubtful about getting his pay, took the chairs himself across to Prescott, and after having entered them at the Customs House left them in custody of Mrs. Tarbox (Tarbox being then absent) with instructions not to let them go out of her possession until Hamilton should have paid her the amount demanded for them. Shortly after Hamilton called for the chairs, Mrs. Tarbox refused to give them up until he should have paid the sum required, which he refused to do, and swore he would have them, and as he was Deputy Customs House Officer would seize them as smuggled property, and accordingly forcibly took the chairs away. In the evening when Tarbox came home his wife informed him of the affair he went immediately in quest of Hamilton to have the matter arranged, and met with him in the street ; a quarrel ensued ; after some hard words had passed, Hamilton left Tarbox, and went to his saddler's shop, but shortly returned, and the quarrel was renewed, when Hamilton told Tarbox that he was armed, and requested him to desist from abusing him, but Tarbox continued speaking to him. Hamilton then said he would hear it no longer and made a pass at him, which Tarbox received in the hand which was severely cut, and he retreated but was followed up by Hamilton who continued to strike at him in which Tarbox was again cut in the hand and breast, and as he was stooping he received the fatal blow in the neck which having entered deep and severed one of the large blood vessels, he fell and shortly expired. The instrument used by Hamilton is supposed to have been a saddler's round knife, used by them for cutting leather ; it being dusk the by-standers could not distinctly discern what it was & it has yet not been found. An inquest was held on the body of Tarbox, and from the evidence adduced to the Jury, they were under the necessity of giving a verdict of "Wilful Murder."

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 6th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 29

ship Æolus

Thomas 16 Aug Waterford Mr. Harris & family to Froste & Co. / in ballast (2nd trip)
Sept 29 ship Margaret Fisher 20 Aug Liverpool Mr. Goodall & Captain Mossop to Patterson & Weir / general cargo (2nd voyage)
Sept 29 brig Scotia Robinson 16 Aug Aberdeen   to Heath & Moir / in ballast (2nd trip)
Sept 29 brig Amethyst Thomson 31 Aug Grenada   to Garden & Co. cargo, rum (2nd trip)
Sept 30 brig Donegal Hayton 22 Aug Workington   to Chaffers & Co. / in ballast
Oct 02 bark Thomas Jackson Taylor 22 Aug Liverpool   to R. Wood & Co. / in ballast (2nd trip)

Sept 28— brig Ellens, Scott (for) Hull
Sept 28— ship Friends, Clark (for) Liverpool
Sept 28— ship Lady Rinney [Ridley], Scott (for) Dublin
Sept 28— ship Resource, Twadell (for) London
Sept 28— brig Hugh, Cracken (for) Dublin
Sept 28— sloop Neilson, King (for) Jamaica
Sept 29— brig Commerce, Ray (for) Liverpool
Sept 29— brig New Astley, Bartlett (for) Dublin
Sept 29— brig Briton, Scaplar (for) Dublin
Sept 29— brig Ontario, Willis (for) Bristol
Sept 29— brig Ida, Wilson (for) Halifax
Sept 30— schooner Halifax, Whitten (for) Halifax
Oct 01— brig Sir William Wallace, Anderson (for) Aberdeen
Oct 01— brig Symmetry, Crain (for) Bristol
Oct 01— schooner Angelique, Brotherton (for) Richibucto

Emigration to Hayti.— The ship James M. has lately sailed from Philadelphia for Hayti, with two hundred coloured people. It is intended that four other vessels shall be despatched, with emigrants, by 1st of October.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 9th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
  No arrivals reported
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 13th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 02 ship Montmorenci Wood 24 Aug Brest   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast (2nd trip)
Oct 03 brig Pacific Braithwaite 21 Aug Whitehaven   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast (2nd trip)
Oct 03 brig Jane (Jean) Alex. Allan 26 Aug Greenock Mr. McEwin, Mr. J. Blackwood, Mr. Weir and Mr. Gardiner & 1 settler to George Ross / general cargo (2nd trip)
Oct 03 brig Cherub William Rayside 25 Aug Greenock Miss Rutherford to A. & R. Shaw / general cargo (2nd trip)
Oct 03 brig Clarkson Fullerton 10 Aug London Mrs. Fitzsimmons and three daughters to Hancox & Cringan / general cargo
Oct 03 ship Mary Clementson 01 Aug London   to Irvine & Co. / in ballast
Oct 03 bark Jane Hawkins 22 Aug London   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 03 ship Elizabeth Treadwell 19 Aug London Captain Halder to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Oct 03 bark St. Lawrence Harvey 22 Aug Downs   to Patterson & Weir / general cargo
Oct 04 bark John Howard Tisdall 22 Aug Cork 8 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Oct 04 brig William Thomas 18 Aug Ross 1 settler to James Black / in ballast
Oct 04 brig Lady Robert Williams Hughes 08 Aug Liverpool   to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
Oct 04 ship Rebecca Lawrie 26 Aug Greenock Miss Gibson and Mr. McNubb & 4 settlers to Lawrie & Spence / general cargo (2nd trip)
Oct 04 brig Mary Weatherhood 24 days St. Vincents Mr. Hurdle to Thirwall / rum
Oct 04 brig Jane Hossack 32 days Belfast   [to Coltman & Hale ]

Oct 02— schooner Industry, April (for) Miramichi
Oct 02— schooner Margaret, Bernier (for) Miramichi

Private letters say that the Ottawa, Captain Douglass, with a general cargo, would sail from London on the 25th August.

St. John's, Newfoundland August 24.— The barque Platoff, Captain Houston, from the Bay des Chaleur bound for North Shields, with timber, struck on Cape Pine and bilged, on Wednesday the 11th before the gale came on— stood off to sea and weathered the storm, though water lodged, and has since arrived at Trepassey, where she will be obliged to discharge her cargo to be repaired.

List of Convictions at Quebec

J.B. Ross.— Horse stealing,— sentence death, to be executed on the first Friday in November next.
James Griffiths and Walter Martin,— stealing in a dwelling house — banished for life and remanded.
Robert Butterworth, David Lee, Jos. Milot and James Thornton.— Theft ; 6 months imprisonment at hard labour, and during that period to be pubilckly whipped.
Henry Chappel.— uttering a forged letter, knowingly — 6 months imprisonment, and to be set in the pillory.
Frans. Marois.— assault &c.— twelve months imprisonment and to stand in the pillory.
Ant. Brunette.— common assault,—six months imprisonment.
Thomas Tinsley.— common assault ; Fined 6s. 8d. and to be committed until paid.

Three-Rivers, September 21st.— Sentences rendered by the Court of King's Bench for Criminal Causes in this District, Wednesday last.

John Johnston.— convicted of petty larceny, condemned to six months' imprisonment and to be publickly whipped.
William Parks.— convicted of horse stealing, condemned to be hung the first Friday in October next.


At the weekly sittings of the Magistrates on the 5th inst.— John Scriver, Robert Edward, Seth Pomeroy, and Joseph Lebeauf dit Laflamme, were fined £10 each, for having sold spirituous liquors without license.

On Friday morning last the Steam Boat Richelieu in her passage from Quebec to this port, was ran foul of by the New Swiftsure, and received some damage. As we understand this circumstance will become an object of legal investigation, we forbear making any comments on the information we have received which is of a doubtful character on both sides relative to the transaction. The truth however may be brought out on evidence, and we shall then lay a statement of the affair before the public.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 16th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 05 brig John and Margaret Milne 04 Aug London   to order / in ballast
Oct 05 ship Samuel Whitehead (Whitbread) Arkly / Arklay 28 Aug Bristol   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Oct 05 brig Hope Welsh 15 Aug Whitehaven   to Heath & Moir / in ballast
Oct 07 brig Charlotte Shearer 30 Aug Liverpool   to Leather & Co. / cargo, salt
Oct 07 brig Jean Innes 27 Aug Newry   to Richardson & McAlpine / in ballast
Oct 07 schooner Friends Marsden 19 Sept Newfoundland   to W. Budden / fish & oil
Oct 07 brig Emma Reice 02 Sept Grenada   to J. Adams & Co. / cargo, rum, wine &c.
Oct 07 bark Centurion Banker / Bankier 40 days Bristol   to Froste & Co. / in ballast
Oct 09 bark Sir James Kempt Patterson 11 Aug Kingsale   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast (2nd trip)
Oct 09 ship Hannah Webber 25 Aug Brest   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Oct 09 brig Kelsick Wood Porteous 27 Aug Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / cargo, coals (2nd trip)
Oct 09 bark Sir William Bensley Smith 21 Aug London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 09 ship Canada Lamb 02 Sept Belfast   to Heath & Moir / in ballast

Oct 05— brig Dianna, Hodgson (for) Belfast
Oct 05— brig Friends, Reaner (for) Bristol
Oct 05— ship Shallett, Mason (for) Cork
Oct 05— ship Britannia, Stephenson (for) Chatham
Oct 05— brig William Pitt, Stonehouse (for) Liverpool
Oct 05— brig Hebe, Blackhouse (for) Hull
Oct 05— brig Douglas, Gales (for) Newfoundland
Oct 05— schooner Effort, Caldwell (for) Halifax
Oct 06— brig Heart of Oak, Robinson (for) Chatham
Oct 06— brig Jean Stewart, McKenzie (for) Liverpool
Oct 06— brig Diadem, Bartlay (for) Aberdeen
Oct 06— brig Percy, Ritchie (for) London
Oct 06— schooner Margaret, Briggs (for) Miramichi
Oct 07— brig Drake, Grills (for) Newfoundland
Oct 07— brig Laura, Lelburn (for) Plymouth
Oct 07— brig Albion, Hall (for) Chatham
Oct 07— brig Peter & Jane, Le Viscompt (for) Arichat
Oct 07— ship Doncaster, Marshall (for) Portsmouth
Oct 08— brig Midas, Mower (for) Dundee
Oct 08— brig Zephyr, Evans (for) Hull
Oct 08— ship Columbus, Jackson (for) London
Oct 08— ship John & Thomas, Hamilton (for) Liverpool
Oct 08— brig True Briton, Reed (for) Greenock
Oct 08— brig Sprightly, Johnson (for) Wesbeach (Belfast ?)
Oct 08— sloop Kingston, Simpson (for) Bermuda

The Centurion fell in with the Alfred, Spinks, hence to London, water logged, 20 miles the westward of Cape Race and took out 6 of the crew, the remainder, thirteen in number, were taken on board the Dispatch of Workington, bound to Miramichi— The Alfred sailed from Quebec 2nd September.

The following was taken from the Halifax Journal of the 30th ultimo
St. John's, Nfld. August 16.— The brig Indian, Matthews, from Montreal for Dublin, was wrecked on the French shore on the night of the 6th inst. The master and five hands, being the watch on deck were saved, 5 others perished. The schooner Four Brothers, Bondrott, from Arichat for this port, were wrecked on St. Shotts— crew and part of her materials saved— 20 head of cattle lost. The brig Commerce, McDonald, from Quebec, for Chester, was wrecked at Biscay Bay, 7th inst. crew saved ; vessel expected to go to pieces.
    The brig Indian, Mathias, sailed from Quebec the 18th July last, and her arrival and cargo are mentioned in Gore's General Advertiser of 19th August— no vessel of that name cleared for Dublin this season.
    The brig Commerce, McDonald, sailed from Quebec for Blythe, 30th July.
    The Harlequin and Quebec Packet were to sail from London for this port about the 1st September.
    The Ottawa will continue in the Quebec and London Trade the St. Lawrence will be placed in the Montreal and Lonfon Trade.
    The Alexander, Marshall, sailed from Liverpool for Quebec August 29.
    The Sir Watkin, also for Quebec, had sailed some time before.
    The Horatio, Lady Gordon, Kelsick Wood and some others were to sail from the same port for Quebec on the 1st September.
    The William Ross, from Waterford for Quebec, was spoken with July 30, in long. 15. 36.
    Asia, hence at Deal, August 16.
    Spoken 22nd August in long. 30, Marquis of Anglesea, hence to Liverpool.
    The Sir James Kempt, for Quebec, was seen off Cape Rosier, 28th instant.
Arrived at Halifax, September 19.— The August Packet with the English mail in 36 days, having London papers to August 11th.
    Hence at Halifax, Youngest, Marma, in 16 days
    Hence at Halifax, Marine, Troude, in 21 days
    Hence at Halifax, Nancy, Loraway, in 10 days
    Hence at Halifax, Otter, Letourneau, in 19 days
    Cleared at Halifax for Quebec, John, Glawson
"Bermuda, September 5th, 8P.M.— Two transports have just arrived with upwards of 300 Royal Marines to garrison this place, under command of Lieut.Col. Lewis, (the first named Lieut.Col. declining to come out) he is to hold the situation of Lieut. Governor, and will be also Commandant."
    The Sir William Bensley spoke the schooner Choice from hence at Gravesend on the 22nd August.
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 10 bark Pons Ælii Parker 28 Aug Cork   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Oct 10 brig Margaret Hughan 25 Aug Dumfries   to order / in ballast
Oct 10 ship Lady Gordon Bell 08 Sept Liverpool Mr. Watson, Mr. Rutherford, and Mrs. Noyes & 2 daughters to H. Gates / general cargo
Oct 10 bark Sir Watkin Davie 28 Aug Liverpool   to Corrie & Co. / in ballast
Oct 10 brig Sarah Rodgers -- 49 days Mary Port   to T. Hayes / in ballast
Oct 10 brig Fisher Kay 22 Aug Flint   to Finlay & Co. / in ballast
Oct 10 brig Alexander Marshall 29 Aug Liverpool   to J. Jones / general cargo
Oct 10 brig Horatio Sparks 08 Sept Liverpool Miss Davies & 2 settlers to Holt & Co. / general cargo
Oct 10 brig Indian Mathias 11 Sept Liverpool Mr. Terrian to Millar & Parlane / in ballast
Oct 10 brig Sarah Mary Ann Christian 23 Aug Mary Port   to G. Symes / general cargo
Oct 10 bark Argyle Grossard 26 Aug Waterford   to William Price / salt
Oct 11 brig Neil -- 19 Aug Greenock Mr. Young & 9 settlers to George Ross / general cargo
Oct 11 bark Harbinger Watson 63 days Liverpool   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Oct 11 brig Anglim Gourlay 23 Aug Mary Port   to W.& G. Pemberton / in ballast
Oct 09— bark St. Charles, Leslie (for) Cork
Oct 09— bark Doris, Penny (for) Liverpool
Oct 09— bark Baffin, Mason (for) Liverpool
Oct 09— brig Isabella, Robinson (for) Sligo
Oct 09— schooner Julie, Regan (for) Miramichi

    The brig Sarah Mary Ann reports having seen the Columbus on the 25th September in lat. 45 N. long. 55 W.
    Diadem, Curry, and British Queen, Stephenson, hence at Liverpool 4th September.
    The Robsons left the Downs on the 6th April last, and the Thisbe on the 5th April, from Liverpool, both vessels were bound to Quebec, and have not been heard of since.— Lloyds List

The packet ship William Thomas, Captain Crocker, arrived at New York September 30th in 40 days from Liverpool.— This voyage made the one hundred and twenty second time that Capt. C. had crossed the Atlantic.

    Hence at North Shields, August 13th, Elizabeth.
    Hence at Bristol, August 15th, John, Isabella and Venus.
    Hence at Falmouth, August 14th, Glory.
    Hence at Plymouth, August 15th, Lord Exmouth, Barrett.
    Hence at Dublin, September 4th, Anne, Whiteside.
    Hence at Dublin, September 5th, Dublin.
    Friends, Pope ; Excellent, Grant ; and Livonia, Smith hence at Liverpool, September 8th, Anne.
    Spoken with in long. 25½ Recovery, of London, for Quebec ; spoken 1st. Sept. off Cape Clear, Sir Watkin, from Liverpool to Quebec, with loss of topmasts and the head of her mizen mast ; spoken in long. 18 Peace hence to Liverpool ; spoken on 25th August Mint, hence to London, all well. Spoken with Sept. 12th, long. 48½ barque Jane, 22 days London for Quebec.
    Sailed from Liverpool September 6th, Tom Bowline, Blackburn ; 8th Union, Dysart ; 8th Carricks, Lennox.
    Hence at Liverpool before August 28th. Marquis Wellington, Baxter ; Lord Whitworth, McLeod ; Pyramus, Baird ; and Burlington, Milburn.
    Hence at Gravesend, August 6th, Prospect, Wake, Benjamin & Mary, Trotter, Nelly, Dales. —7th, Frances & Harriet, Dodds ; Union, Fleck ; Ocean, Blackburn ; George, Neslin ; Lady Ann, Simpson. —8th, Betsey, Wray ; Lustre, Woodward ; Endeavour, Colburn ; Charles William, Trotter. —9th, Jane, Hawkins. —13th, Cato, Sadler. —16th, Preston, Thomson ; Mary, Wardle. —18th, Queen, Turner —19th, Good Intent, Roxby ; Mary, Jacobson.
    Hence at Liverpool, before August 26th. Diadem, Curry ; Commerce, Patterson ; Zephyr, Scott ; British Queen, Stephenson ; Diadem, Harrison.
    Hence at Bristol 13th August, James Dunlop, Taylor. —15th, John Chandler, Ipswich. —17th, James, Watson ; Minerva, Frankland.
    Hence at North Shields, 14th August, Elizabeth, Copland ; Spring, Snowdon ; Spencer, Huggup.
    Hence at Hull, 14th August, Brothers, Jenkinson ; Oxenhope, Minnett ; Thetis, Robinson.—15th, Minerva, Carrick. —17th, Lord Wellington, Bennet.
    Hence at Deal, 17th August, Dew Drop, Wokes. —18th, Asia, Tindal. —10th, Choice, Sims.
    Hence at Cork, 4th August, Sally, Little ; Gales, Dawson ; Amity, Arrowsmith ; Ann, Peacock.—12th, Nassau, Grossard.
    Hence at Belfast, 5th August, Emperor, Alexander ; James Bailey, Gowan ; Suspense, Beedie.
    Hence at Dover, 19th August, Margaret, Wilson ; Globe, Bryden ; Burleigh, Chancellor.
    Hence at Falmouth, 15th August, Glory, Brydon — at Dartmouth 14th, Norfolk, Anderson — at Cardiff 14th, Isabella, Booth ; Venus, Green — at Sunderland 14th, Emperor (?), Shields — at Limerick, 1st August, Harmony, Harle ; 5th, Martha, Moore ; 13th, Heron, Bell ; Eagle, Jackson —at Topsham, 4th, Kingston, Green —at Waterford, 4th, Jane, McGrath —at New Ross, 4th, William, Thomas —at Dublin, 14th, James, Dixon —at Newry, 6th, Jane, Innes ; William Tell, Barnes ; Choice, Jones —at Whitehaven, 14th, Scipio, Beadle —at Aberdeen, 3rd, Scotia,—at Lancaster, 7th, Eleanor, Potts.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 20th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
  No arrivals reported

Oct 12— ship Berlin, Weaver (for) Jamaica
Oct 12— ship Lord Sidmouth, Gale (for) London
Oct 12— ship Dunlop, Mundall (for) Belfast
Oct 12— brig Emerald, Simpson (for) Lynn
Oct 12— schooner Canadienne, Snook (for) Miramichi
Oct 13— brig Coquette, Tranmer (for) Liverpool
Oct 13— brig Erato, Robinson (for) Jamaica
Oct 14— brig George the Fourth, Morgan (for) Waterford
Oct 14— brig Aurora, Neilson (for) Cork
Oct 14— brig Dawn, Marshall (for) Bristol
Oct 14— brig Latona, Thompson (for) Liverpool
Oct 15— brig Quebec Packet, Anderson (for) Aberdeen
Oct 15— brig John & William, Lester (for) Dublin
Oct 15— brig Procris, Arnold (for) Southampton
Oct 15— ship Oxford, Callender (for) Port Glasgow

There has not been any arrival from sea since Monday last. The wind which blew so violently from the eastward on that day, did not, it appears, extend to any considerable distance down the river. The remaining vessels which are expected this season, if is probable will arrive during the ensuing week. Several vessels are reported to be on shore at Chebucto and its vicinity, some of which are said to be total wrecks, but it is not likely that they were either bound to or from this port.
    Hence at St, John, N.B. in 31 days, schooner Aurora, Marvin.
    Hence at Halifax in 8 days, Nancy, Bell.
    Cleared at Halifax for Quebec, Nancy, Cormier, and Ottawa, Letourneau.

Arrivals from Canada, before August 20.
Scipio, Missingale ; Aid, Leslie ; Norfolk Hero, Hunter ; Joseph & Mary, Stratford ; Hope, Walsh ; St. George, Pearson ; Traveller, Penrice ; Richard, Cox ; Mary Ann, Connell ; Quebec Packet, Ditchburn ; Henderson, Steele ; Brilliant, Beverly ; Expedition, Brown ; Northumbrian, Shore ; Traveller, Gibson ; Clarkson, Ward ; Blackett, Turner ; Grace, Nagg ; Trent, McAll (McColl) ; Syrus (Cyrus), Stormount ; Isabella, Booth ; Fanny , (Transport) Prince of Orange (Transport), and Eagle.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 23rd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
  No arrivals reported
  Welland Canal.— W.H. Merritt, Esq. one of the Directors of the Welland Canal Company, has been authorised to go to New York, for the purpose of disposing some shares in that establishment ; the act of the legislature of Upper Canada, incorporating the Company, allowing foreigners to become stock holders. We saw a letter from this gentleman to a friend here, stating that he had succeeded in disposing of stock in New York to the amount of 50 thousand dollars. This with the same already subscribed in Canada will enable the Directors to progress with the work, and overcome all the difficulties which have been placed in their way.
Although we are pleased with the success which Mr. Merritt has met with, yet we regret the necessity which existed for raising supplies out of the country, to accomplish and object which is so well calculated to produce solid advantages to these provinces ; however, it is gratifying to understand that the work will be pursued with spirit, and that [—] will be effected by the praiseworthy efforts of a few per[—]ing characters who will be entitled to the thanks, and gratitude of prosperity.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday October 27th - CC 
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 20 ship Recovery Fotherby 01 Aug London Captain Clint, Mr. Chakis, wife and four boys to Langley & Dyke / in ballast
  We are sorry that we have it not in our power to announce the arrival of any regular traders now anxiously looked for not on account of any apprehended danger, but from the lateness of the season. The Ottawa sailed from Deal on the 7th, and the Harlequin on the 11th of September, for this port.
Arrivals from Canada
At Gravesend, 11th Sept. Mint, Smith. —9th Lady Juliana, Smith ; Zephyr, Rumbiet. —13th Huntcliff, Sparggon. —8th William McGillivray, Stoddart ; Eden, Smith. —9th Diana, Brathwaite ; Pomona, Handyside ; Julius Caesar, Stafford ; Columbine, Wright. —8th Royal George, Smales ; Herald, Sopwith.
At Hull, 10th Sept. Aurora, Pearson : At Leith, 11th Jane, Masterson : At Sunderland, 10th Baldon, Lancaster : At Dublin, 7th Peggy, Jones ; Vine, Hunter —5th Dublin, Donald : At Dundalk, 6th Friends, Souter (Soulter) : At Lancaster, Thomas Lowther. : At Clyde, 5th. Margaret, Boyd. —7th Northumbrian : At Belfast, 6th, Caledonian, McComb : At Newcastle, 5th, John, Warden : At Cork, 4th, William, Spence : At Bristol, 5th, Asia.

Casualty.— Andrew McDonald, a [—] waiter, was unfortunately drowned from off Mr. Atkinson's Wharf on Thursday last. He was a discharged soldier, a pensioner, and bore an excellent character, we understand that he has left a wife and three children, who were solely dependent upon him for support, and who are reduced to great distress by his untimely death. — Mercury.

Hayti.— Emigration to Hayti (says the National Advocate) is progressing with unexampled rapidity ; it is not a mere experiment, but vessel after vessel is dispatched. It is expected that the ship Concordia will sail this day, with 160 coloured persons of both sexes. The Post says, that "six vessels at Philadelphia, one at Port Elizabeth, one at Alexandria, and several others at Baltimore, are on the eve of sailing for the same destination. It is calculated that between 3 and 4000 of these persons will leave the United States within a few days, and that every fortnight additional numbers will be shipped off under the direction of President Boyer's agent, who pays the expense of their transmission, by authority of the Haytian government.

    We have the great pleasure in communicating satisfactory accounts with which we have been favoured, from the interesting settlement of Lanark, in Upper Canada. Our enterprising countrymen enjoy excellent health. They are proceeding successfully in clearing their land and accumulating stock ; though by injudicious choice on the part of the Government surveyor, the land had not turned out so well as was expected, being in many places sandy and rocky, and by no means so fertile as the ground generally is in that country ; yet are the settlers pleased with the return. Each has from eight to fifteen acres in cultivation ; and many of them have built new houses and appropriated the original huts to their cattle. They have set up a school, which has already thirty-four scholars ; and their Minister has announced a newspaper. A grist-mill has been erected by Mr. Bower.
    The settlers, who, as was formerly noticed, abandoned their possessions, and went to work in the United States, had after a few months' trial, generally come back. Their wages, though high, were paid in the troublesome shape of goods ; for which however, they got a ready market on their return. Cattle thrive so well that many of the settlers, who brought only one cow, have seven or eight young or old. They have calves two years old. They are attended with very little trouble, living mostly on the leaves and shoots of trees. As the horses in the English forest bruise the whins with their feet to save their mouths from prickles, and as the sheep in the moors of Scotland draw up the ling that they may get at the soft white stalk enclosed by the hard under-hose, so the cows of Canada bite through small trees to bring within their reach the tender shoots ; and when the trees are too thick to be thus cut, the sagacious animals bend them down with their necks, and push along till they reach the tops. They are little subject to dispemper ; but in two or three instances have been killed by the fall of trees. They give from five to six Scottish pints of rich milk a day ; which churned will yield 16 oz. of butter. In size they about equal to the cows of this country and sell from £4 to £5 each. A pair of oxen will cost from £15 to £20. They are only beasts of burden. No horses have yet been introduced. Now that some extent of land is cleared, they are adding sheep to their stock. The sheep are finely wooled ; and will be very beneficial to the fireside manufactures. Pigs and poultry thrive exceedingly, and find the most of their own food during summer.— Most rye, pease and potatoes, are the surest crops, and are of the best quality. Flax grows luxuriently. Turnips in general are good, but they sometimes fail. Indian corn is also uncertain, from being occasionally too late. Pumpkins are easily cultivated, and are admirable food for cattle. Melons are raised without trouble, and are eargerly devoured by the settlers in hot weather. All the culinary vegetables flourish in gardens. The female part of the colony grumbled at the log-huts and the cold weather, but since their husbands are in circumstances to build good houses, almost every trace of dissatisfaction has vanished. A correspondent, (Mr. James Lindsay) who has a good deal more land in cultivation than the average, says, "the people are now making themselves comfortable. They have this year put up many new houses and barns ; and are going on with more. They are all convinced how much better they are off here than they were in Scotland. In place of one week's provision for their family, they now have 12 months of good flour, and all other comforts of life, and many of the luxuries, with little trouble." Another correspondent we will quote by name — Mr. John McLachlan — who had the merit of exposing the system of espionage and investigation practised in times, happily for the poor workman, now past. "This settlement is improving fast. As assessor I had an opportunity of visiting every house in the west-half last season, and I was well satisfied with the progress that had been made ; the people in general being comfortable and truely contented." The writer, though his children are too young for work, has twelve acres cleared.— A letter recently received by Mr. Lamond from Mr. D. Young, late of Bathgate, is very favourable for the colony : "Our climate is 10 deg. S. of that of Glasgow, and a few degrees warmer ; however, at the warmest not intolerable, but very delightful even at noon. The nights are generally very cool, and the dews copiously abundant. Indeed the whole season though there is such a similarity to the climate of Scotland, that, could a person be removed from the one to the other asleep, little difference could be observed. A few days after Christmas the frost gets dreadfully severe in the night time ; but if clear, the sun has as much influence, even then, as at home in the month of March. Our severest weather is in January and February ; however, excepting two or three days every ten or twelve, about nine or twelve days in the whole winter, the temperature has been such that a person could scarcely fell trees through the day in the woods with his coat on, without much perspiration. From the 1st March till the 9th or 10th of April, the sun's influence melts a part of the snow every day, till it entirely disappears. In the woods where the sun's influence cannot reach, it lies till near the end of April, when it disappears, even in the shade. The spring comes on as sonn as the snow is off, and every thing springs delightfully rapid. The buds open gradually ; and about 8th or 9th of May, all is green. After the land is cleared its aspect is very like that of lands in Scotland. Some tracks very level, some hilly, some a strong black soil, some clay, some sandy, some rocky, and some covered pretty thick with tumbling stones. We have a very pure, healthful air—an almost unclouded sun—a soil astonishingly grateful to the labours of industry. This country is thickly intersected with delightful rivers and lakes, stocked with fish, if we had time to catch them." —Glasgow Chronicle.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday October 30th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Oct 21 schooner Maria Rose Sire 23 days Halifax   to Quirout & Chinic / sugar and molasses
Oct 25 ship Star Beckett 28 Aug Liverpool   to Longley & Dyke / in ballast
Oct 25 brig Albion Stewart 28 Aug Cork 12 settlers to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Oct 26 schooner Brothers -- 13 days Gaspé    
Oct 26 bark Quebec Packet Atkinson 01 Sept London Captain Robinson to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Oct 26 H.M.S. Icarus J.G. Graham Esq. 28 days from the latter Jamaica & Bermuda   with specie for the Government
Oct 26 ship Ottawa Douglas 16 Sept from the Downs London & the Downs Doctor Franklin & lady, Captain Thoreau, 37th Foot and Miss Atkinson & 2 servants to William Newton / general cargo

The new regular trading ship Ottawa, so anxiously looked for, arrived this morning in 58 days from London. She is upwards of 300 tons burthen, a superior vessel of A1 class, fitted up in the first style as a passage ship, and is considered a very fast sailing vessel.

Oct 19— brig Sibsons, Stephenson (for) London
Oct 19— brig Isabella, Morris (for) Workington
Oct 19— brig Lady Douglas, Archer (for) Milford
Oct 19— ship Alfred, Clark (for) Hull
Oct 20— ship William Ashton, Guy (for) Liverpool
Oct 20— brig Scotia, Robinson (for) Aberdeen
Oct 20— brig Kingston, Bernie (for) Liverpool
Oct 20— schooner President, Dunlop (for) Halifax
Oct 21— ship Nautilus, Tully (for) Bristol
Oct 21— ship Sophia, Rutter (for) London
Oct 21— brig Susan, Martin (for) Topsham
Oct 21— schooner Friends, Marden (for) Newfoundland
Oct 21— schooner Susan, Landry (for) Miramichi
Oct 22— brig Æolus, Thomas (for) Waterford
Oct 22— brig Aid, Ferguson (for) Carmarthan
Oct 22— brig Port Spain, Walmsley (for) Jamaica
Oct 22— schooner Maria Carlton, Landry (for) Miramichi
Oct 23— ship Montmorenci, Wood (for) Brest
Oct 23— ship John Howard, Tisdale (for) Cork
Oct 23— ship Richard Pope, Thomas (for) Waterford
Oct 23— brig Gratitude, Gillatly (for) Dundee
Oct 23— brig Donegal, Heyton (for) Dundalk
Oct 25— brig George Canning, Stephens (for) Dundalk
Oct 25— brig Merope, Batrick (for) Southampton
Oct 25— schooner John, Glawson (for) Halifax

Dreadful Shipwreck
A seaman named Francis Olford, belonging to Polperro, has recently returned to his native place, having lost both his legs, and being otherwise in a pitiful state of distress. The following account is given by this poor fellow of the cause of his calamity :— On the 3rd of April, 1823, he sailed from Plymouth, in the brig, Mountstone, Coleman, master, bound for St. John's, Newfoundland. The crew consisted of the master, Samuel Longmaid the mate, three seamen, Olford, Cost and Dingle, and a cabin boy. They had on board, beside Mr. Hodge, the owner of the vessel, and his son, a lad of about 17 years of age, Mr. Rothwell a passenger. They had rather a favourable passage until the 7th of May, when during the prevalence of a dense fog, and while the vessel was sailing at the rate of eight knots an hour, they struck against a body of ice that was level with the surface of the water. The shock was so severe, that the vessel was stove in, and after a vain attempt to stop the leak, they were forced to get into the boat, without being able to save a morsel of food, a drop of water, or an article of clothing but what they had on, and push from the ship, which was rapidly sinking. Soon after leaving the vessel she went down, and they proceeded to make the best of their way towards the land, from which they were then 300 miles distant. They continued to row for three days, when being completely exhausted by fatigue, hunger, thirst and cold, they were compelled to desist, and resigning themselves to their fate, they allowed the boat to drive before the sea. On the 5th day, Mr. Rothwell, the passenger, expired ; on the seventh day, young Hodge, the owner's son, died ; his father, a few hours after, shared the same fate ; and was speedily followed by Cost and Dingle, the two seamen, the mate, and the boy, leaving only the master and Olford alive, but reduced to the state of weakness. On the 17th of May, ten days after quitting the Mountstone, they were observed by a vessel belonging to Liverpool, on board of which they were taken and treated with every attention their deplorable state required. The next day they were landed about 100 miles from St. John's where they obtained medical assistance. — In consequence of his feet being frost-bitten whilst in the boat, Olford had them amputated a little above the ankles. In the month of October last, he was sent to St. John's to obtain passage home ; whilst there, it was found necessary again to amputate his legs a little below the knees. After recovering from this second operation he was sent home, and has at length reached his native place in the state already described.— West Briton. 13th September.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 3rd - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
  No arrivals reported
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 6th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
  There has been no arrival from sea since Tuesday last. Several vessels are yet expected ; some of which are known to have sailed in the early part of September. Their non arrival is much to be regretted, on account of the lateness of the season. The wind, which for some time past has, generally, prevailed from the westward, is no doubt the principal cause of their not making their appearance. There are yet upwards of fifty vessels in port, loading. In which great activity is using in order to despatch them as early as possible.
Oct 31 schooner Nymph Pope 20 days Newfoundland Mr. Lemesurier to Mr. Lemesurier / cargo, rum, sugar & wine
Oct 31 schooner Reward -- 14 days Mingan   to Mr. McTavish
Sivac's vessel sailed the same day
Nov 01 brig William McGillivray Stoddard 20 Sept from the Downs London   to Finlay & Co. / in ballast (2nd trip)
Nov 01 schooner Nancy Cormier 30 days Halifax   to — / rum &c.
Nov 02 brig Trent McColl 16 Sept Cork   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Nov 02 brig Saguenay Hall 22 Sept Demerara   to Mr. Stephenson / cargo, rum, sugar &c.
Oct 26— ship Cato, McColl (for) Liverpool
Oct 26— ship Europe, Willis (for) Plymouth
Oct 26— ship Sir James Kempt, Patterson (for) Cork
Oct 26— brig Sarah Mary Ann, Christian (for) Belfast
Oct 26— brig Hope, Walsh (for) Whitehaven
Oct 27— bark Heighington, Lovell (for) London
Oct 27— bark Thomas Jackson, Taylor (for) Hull
Oct 27— bark Jane and Margaret, Milne (for) Southampton
Oct 27— bark Sisters, Carr (for) London
Oct 27— brig Sarah, Rodgers (for) Belfast
Oct 28— brig Jean, Allan (for) Greenock
Oct 28— brig Pacific, Braithwaite (for) Whitehaven
Oct 28— ship Commerce, Wittleton (for) Greenock
Oct 28— ship Hannah, Webber (for) Brest
Oct 29— ship Mary Ann, Laidley (for) Bristol
Oct 29— ship Indus, Mallabar (for) Chatham
Oct 29— ship Margaret, Fisher (for) Liverpool
Oct 29— brig Clarkstone, Fullerton (for) London
Oct 29— brig Love, Glaves (for) Liverpool
Oct 30— brig Jane, Hossart (for) Belfast
Oct 30— brig Fisher, Kay (for) Tralee
Oct 30— ship Fortitude, Lewis (for) London
Oct 30— ship Peersons (Piersons), Galilee (for) Bristol
Oct 30— schooner William, Jackson (for) Dublin
Oct 30— schooner St. Ann, Best (for) Miramichi
Oct 30— schooner Angelique, Gagné (for) Miramichi
Nov 01— brig Charlotte, Shearer (for) Liverpool
Nov 01— brig Jane, Innes (for) London
Nov 01— brig Emma, Reid (for) London
Nov 01— brig Maria, White (for) Liverpool
Nov 01— ship Princess Royal, Townshend (for) Trinidad

    Hence at Halifax, H.M. Sloop Sappho, in 12 days ; brig Ida, Wilson, in 12 days ; Maria Victoire, Lajoie, in17 days ; Providence, Sire and William, Hamel.
    The brigantine True Friends, hence to Halifax, was wrecked 29th September at 4 A.M. in attempting to make the East Point of Prince Edward's Island.— The vessel it was feared could not be got off. The crew, and Mr. Samuel McAully, of Quebec, passenger, saved a great part of the cargo would also be saved. — It consisted of flour, pork, peas, &c.
    The regular trader General Wolfe, Stanworth, and a number of other vessels have put to sea during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Blannerhasset and family, of Montreal, took passage on board the General Wolfe for Bristol.
    Passengers in the regular trader Margaret, Fisher, sailed yesterday for Liverpool. Messrs. Satchwell, Hudson, Ross, Millar, W. Torrance, Goodall, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher.
    Captain Hall, of the Saguenay, reports 5 sail at hand which may be expected up this day.
    The schooner Earl of Dalhousie, sailed from Newfoundland for Quebec, 2 days before the Nymph; the Royal Charlotte was to sail about a week after.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 10th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 05 schooner Dalhousie Poiré 26 days St. John's, Nfld   to J. Leaycraft / rum and sugar — saw no square rigged vessels coming up the river

 Quebec, Nov. 5.— The weather which has been unsettled for some weeks past, yesterday assumed a very wintery appearance, the wind was from the eastward, and a fall of snow commenced about noon which still continues ; this morning many of the market people came to town in sleighs ; there is nearly six inches of snow upon the level, but as it is very wet, and the wind veering to the south, it will probably turn to rain. —Mercury

Nov 02— brig Dryad, Fell (for) Whitehaven
Nov 02— brig Anglim, Garley (for) Galway
Nov 02— bark Dutchess of Richmond, McGlashan (for) Greenock
Nov 03— ship London, Chapman (for) London
Nov 03— brig Jane, Hawkins (for) London
Nov 04— ship Recovery, Fotherly (for) London
Nov 04— ship Mary Ann & Jane, Henley (for) London
Nov 04— brig Wellwood, Mossop (for) Liverpool
Nov 04— brig Margaret, Heighan (for) Belfast
Nov 05— brig William Park, Smith (for) Liverpool
Nov 05— ship Harbinger, Watson (for) London
Nov 05— schooner Hibernia, Caldwell (for) Miramichi

Steam Boat Accident.— The Steam Boat Montreal, in her passage from Laprairie to this city (Montreal), yesterday, struck on a projecting point of the "Trois Roch," by which a leak was caused, that defied the exertions of the pumps. She is now in this port, but will not be able to resume her trips until repaired. As the Steam Boat navigation is increasing, and as similar accidents oblige the proprietors to send the vessels injured to Quebec for repairs ; we would suggest to the Commissioners of the Lachine Canal the propriety, and expediency of forming a Dock, or Lock, at the confluence of the Canal, where river craft and steam vessels might be repaired without the trouble, risque, and expence of sending them to a distant place.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 13th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 07 brig Royal Charlotte Hobson 17 Oct Newfoundland 1 settler to P. Burnett / cargo, rum and sugar
Nov 07 schooner Seaflower Baker 14 days Newfoundland   to William Budden / cargo, rum & sugar
  New York:—
The following gentlemen came passengers in the New York :— Rev. Dr. Stewart and servant, Mr. Robert Owen and servant, Mr. W. Owen, Captain McDonald, C.Y. Davis, M.M. Peterson, J.C. Brown, E. Wolsey, R. Flower, P. Day, J.F. Maillard, J.H. Roy, Mrs. Blackburn, and Miss Reynallis.
It is mentioned in the London papers that Mr. Owen has come to this county for the purpose of purchasing Mr. Rapp's settlement of Harmony upon the Wabash, where he intends to form an establishment upon a plan somewhat similar to that of the Harmonites—that is, each person labouring in common for the benefit of the whole, and possessing equal interests. The Harmonites, it is said, are about to return to the state of Pennsylvania.
Nov 07— ship Elizabeth, Treadwell (for) L'Orient
Nov 07— ship Sir Watkin, Davie (for) Belfast
Nov 07— ship Samuel Whitbread (Whitehead), Arklay (for) London
Nov 07— ship Centurian, Bankier (for) Bristol
Nov 07— brig Kelsick Wood, Porteus (for) Liverpool
Nov 07— brig Albion, Stewart (for) Cork
Nov 07— schooner Caldwell, Noel (for) Miramichi
Nov 08— ship Pons Ælii, Parker (for) Cork
Nov 08— ship Canada, Lamb (for) Belfast

Passengers in the Albion, Stewart, cleared for Cork, Mr. A. Moreland, Mr. Sinton and Mr. Richardson ; Passenger in the Recovery, Fotherby, sailed yesterday, Lt. Impett, 71st Foot.

    Accounts from below state that snow storms of Friday and Saturday last were most tremendous, and had causes considerable damage to several vessels bound up and down the river, which has, unfortunately proved too correct. The Harlequin, one of our regular traders expected some time past, is stated to be on shore on Green Island close to the Light House, where she was driven in the gale on Friday last. The schooner Marie Victoire, Lajoie, from Halifax for this port is also wrecked near Point St. Valier. Several small craft, have, it is said, gone down to the assistance of those vessels.
    The brig Fisher, Kay, which sailed from hence on the 31st ult. has returned. She lost both anchors and bowsprit off the Brandy Pots on Saturday last. The Emma, Reid, from hence, had also suffered considerably. She lost both masts &c. but succeeded in ridng out the gale.
    The brig Anglim returned yesterday with loss of an anchor, cable and bowsprit ; she reports having seen a brig at anchor in the traverse, which she took to be the Mary & Jane, with loss of rudder and main topmast, and a signal of distress flying.
    The brig Maria, White, has also returned with the loss of anchors and cables.
    The schooner William, Jackson, for Dublin, lying in the harbour, lost both her anchors yesterday, and carried away her gib-boom by being run foul of.
    The schooner Seaflower, Baker, sailed from St. John's, Newfoundland on the 24th of October, and arrived last Saturday evening off Patrick's Hole, being a passage of only thirteen days. The Charlotte, Chesney, for this port, sailed from St. John's on the same day as the Seaflower.
    The Commerce, of Glasgow, was seen by the Royal Charlotte off Cape Chat, 31st ult. Spoke the Cato, McCall, off Matan, 1st inst., all well.
    H.M. Brig Icarus for Halifax, got under way yesterday morning, but soon after came to anchor and did not sail until the afternoon. Several Merchantmen have also left the port during yesterday and today.
The Telegraph announces a square rigged vessel coming up.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 17th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 10 schooner Effort Caldwell 17 days Halifax   to Garden & Auldjo / rum & sugar
  Quebec, November 11.
. . . The weather has of yet, however, not been cold, and 20 vessels remain in the river, of these, four or five are at Montreal or on their way down. The wind was strong and favourable today for their proceeding to sea, and 7 or 8 sailed ; among them was the Rebecca, McKenzie, and Cherub, Rayside, for Greenock.
    The passengers in the Harlequin, Hall, from London, have come up to Quebec, and confirm the reports in circulation of her being ashore at Green Island. They state she struck on White Island reef, Tuesday night, 2nd instant, and in getting off filled so rapidly, to save the lives of the passengers and crew, she was run ashore at Green Island, near the Light House, and that it is not probable that any of the cargo can be saved undamaged. The vessel is a total wreck.
The following are the passengers in the Harlequin :— Mr. Keagh, Mr. Miller, Honble. Mr. Gordon, 76th Regiment, Captain Teifer.
    The brig Emma, Reed, for London, which was dismasted on Sunday the 7th inst. at Hare Island, has been towed into Kamouraska by a schooner, and is now lying on the rocks with loss of masts, anchors and cables. Capt. Reed, Mr. Lambly, Harbour Master, and two other persons went down this morning to survey her. She was loaded by Mr. Samuel Adams, and had a full cargo fo Deals.
    The Union, after a passage of 60 days, havng sailed on the 8th September last from Liverpool, was announced by a telegraphic report as on shore on the south side of the Island of Orleans, near the Church of the Parish of Saint Laurent, 10 miles below this port, on Tuesday afternoon last, 9th instant. Capt. Dysart has since come up to town. The Union had lost both anchors and windlass in the late gale. We understand that she has a cargo of salt, &c. and that it is probable that she will not be got off this fall.— Neilson's Gazette

Arrivals from Quebec :—
At Hull, Sovereign, Willis ; Albion, Carlisle ; Fairfield, Smithson . At Liverpool, 27th, Thomas Gelston, Strachan ; 23rd, Perseus, Jackson. Off Dover, 28th, Harmony. At Gravesend, 24th, Addison, Brown ; 22nd, Medway, Boulton ; 20th, Brunswick, Blake ; 19th Harriet, Curtis. At Stockton, 22nd, John Twizzle, Grant. The Endeavour of South Shields, Forsyth, from Quebec for London, is lost at Miquelon—crew arrived in the Wesley. At Cardigan, 22nd, Active, Johnson. At Sunderland, 20th & 21st, Lady Frances, Barry ; Brothers, Garterell. At Aberdeen, 17th, John. At Cork, Trent, McCall. At Deal, 21st, Standard, Summerden ; Hindostan, Lamb. At Yarmouth, 21st, Manchester, Brown. The Indian, Matthews, from Quebec, is wrecked on the French coast.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 20th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 15 brig Mary Jane Nicholas 40 days Tobago   to John Meyer / cargo, rum and sugar

The Fisher, Kay, and Anglim, Garley, which lately returned for repairs, sailed again on Saturday last.

Passengers in the Wellwood, sailed 4th ult. for Liverpool, Messrs. Froste & Stewart ; Passengers in the Rebecca, sailed 11th for Greenock, Messrs. Corrie & Stewart ; Passengers in the Cherub for Greenock, Messrs. Shaw & Morris ; Passengers in the the Alexander, for Liverpool, Messrs. Grainger, McRoberts, Raulins and Richardson ; Passengers in the Horatio, for Liverpool, sailed yesterday. Messrs. Cowan, Methley & Whitfield ; Passengers in the Amethyst, for London, Messrs. McGillivray & Prince.
The following are passengers in the Ottawa, Douglas, which will sail the first favourable wind, Messrs. A. Moir, Cringan, G. Pemberton, H.C. Chapman, Henry Trinder, and William Newton jr. Captain & Mrs. Duvernay and three children. Lieut. & Mrs. Longmore and two children, Lieut. & Mrs. Pierce and three children. Mr. Bowes of the Commissariat Department, and Mr. Scott of the Staff Corps. The Ottawa takes home about 100 invalids belonging to different Regiments in the Canadas.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday November 24th - CC
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Nov 16 schooner Ann -- -- from the wreck of the Harlequin   with some of her cargo
Nov 16 two schooners -- -- _ditto_   _ditto_

Nov 13— brig Lady Robert Williams, Hughes (for) Liverpool
Nov 16— brig Veronica, Roberts (for) London
Nov 16— schooner Effort Caldwell (for) Halifax
Nov 16— schooner Surprize, Buteau (for) Miramichi
Nov 17— bark Quebec Packet, Atkinson (for) London
Nov 17— schooner Olive, __ (for) Miramichi
Nov 17— schooner Providence, Chevrefils (for) Halifax
Nov 15— brig Niagara, Hamilton (for) Liverpool
Nov 15— brig Saguenay, Holmes (for) Demerara
Nov 15— brig Sarah, Dougall (for) Greenock
Nov 15— schooner Marine, Troude (for) Halifax
Nov 19— brig Trent, McColl (for) Chatham
Nov 19— schooner Jean Olivier, Stewart (for) Demerara

As the resent advanced state of the season precludes the probability of our having any more arrivals from sea, the following statement of the number of vessels with their total burthen of tonnage since the opening of the navigation, compared with that of last year, may not be considered uninteresting :
Nov. 15th 1823— 543 vessels — Tonnage, 131,820
Nov. 16th 1824— 600 vessels — Tonnage, 148,477
From the above statement it will be seen that the arrivals during the past season, have exceeded those of 1823, by fifty-seven, giving an excess in tonnage of 16,657, which considering the number of vessels lost in the early part and during the navigation, is a fair increase to the trade of this year.

The number of settlers which have arrived this year is 6,515,
being less than that of the last by 8,743.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday November 27th - CC
Nov 20— brig William McGillivray, Stoddard (for) London
Nov 20— brig Robert, Neil (for) Greenock
Nov 22— brig Mary Jane Nicholas (for) London
The past season is the first of the use of a Steam Tow Boat on the St. Lawrence ; a method of applying the power of steam to navigation only practised within a couple of years in England, and we believe, unknown any where else. It promises to have such material effects on the navigation of this river, that it may prove of interest to have the following statement, which may be relied upon.

The Hercules has made during the season twenty-six trips, in each of which we include her going and returning to this port, and has also towed the Columbus to Bic, 160 miles below. The average of her passages between the two ports was 2½ days, (that by sails is stated at 17) and she towed upwards of 2 ships, 32 brigs and 12 schooners and downwards 18 brigs ; as she had two schooners employed for the season, one of those always attended her, and sometimes both. In one trip downwards she towed three brigs and three schooners, and in another three brigs and two schooners—although it is thought that she towed vessels at too low a price, yet she is stated to have fully paid her expenses, and the gentlemen engaged in her introduction, to have met with no loss on this first trial, which is a promising commencement. Her consumption of fuel was about 2500 cords of wood and 200 chaldrons of coal. About six weeks ago she was neatly fitted up, so as to accomodate 24 passengers.— Neilson's Gazette

Bellows, Falls (Vermont), Nov. 1

Elevation :— A few evenings since, an inhabitant of a neighbouring village returning from an excursion to this town, and happening to be vino ciboque gravalus, in English, with his skin full of gin, fell fast asleep in his chaise. While enjoying nature's sweet balm, his horse, attempting to turn, backed the wheels off one side of a bridge twenty feet high. But mark, how fortune favours the sleepy ! The chaise lodged in the top of a young hemlock that stood by the bridge ; the faithful steed maintained his ground, and our hero's slumbers were not disturbed till morning, when he clambered carefully out of his leafy couch, and called his nearest neighbour to help him get his chaise out of the tree top.—Intell.

Close of Navigation :— We believe that, with the exception of the Laprairie, all other Steam Boats have been laid up in their winter quarters : The former left this place on Monday evening for Quebec, on her last trip ; she will return here in a few days, and then retire for the winter.

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