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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1821

The following arrivals were extracted from the Montreal Gazette 1821. In 1821 the Montreal Gazette was a weekly publication.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1821.

See also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for Malsham & Lady Sherbrooke

May 08 - June 22 | June 22 - Aug 17 | Aug 17 - Nov 07

Consigned to/Remarks
July 11th 1821
June 22
brig John Todd
53 days
St. Ubes   to Hart, Logan & Co. / salt
June 23
brig Rachel Clarke
29 May
Antigua   to Heath and Moir / rum and molasses
June 23
brig Adelaide Wainwright
21 days
Bermuda   to Heath and Moir / rum
June 23
schooner Sea Flower Cochran
14 days
St. John's, Nfld. Mr. Lemesurier to order / in ballast
June 23
brig Matthew and Thomas Gray
07 June
St. John's, Nfld.   to R. Hamilton / ballast and glass
June 23
brig Rambler Warburton
37 days
Grenada   to Gerrard, Finlay and Co. / rum, sugar and coffee
June 23
brig Wear Hudson
03 May
Sunderland   to Garden and Auldjo / coals
June 23
ship Clarkson Cox
09 May
Hull 33 settlers to order / bricks, rum, gin, pipes &c.
June 25
ship Lord Wellington Madgin
42 days
London Mr. Butchart and the Revd. Charles Williams to R. Hamilton / in ballast
June 25
ship Doncaster Marshall
57 days
Newcastle Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson, child and servant, Mr. Oliver and Mr. Stephenson. to Campbell & Sheppard / in ballast
June 25
ship Abeona Davidson
10 June
St. John's, Nfld. 3 settlers to R. Hampton & Co. / rum, molasses and sugar
June 25
ship Victory Braithwaite
05 May
London   to Campbell & Sheppard / in ballast
June 25
ship David Gemmill
33 days
Greenock 364 settlers to R. Brown / in ballast (Lanark county settlers)
June 25
ship Camden Johnson
38 days
London   to order / in ballast
June 26
ship Sovereign Willis
58 days
London   to order / in ballast
June 26
brig Dorothy Gray
02 May
London   to Garden & Auldjo / general cargo
June 26
brig Kent Stirling
38 days
Greenock 50 settlers to R. Brown / general cargo
June 26
brig Sally Cummings
57 days
Glasgow 16 settlers to Hancox & Cringan / general cargo
June 26
brig Claude [Scott] [Scott] Knubley
38 days
Demerara Mr. Beyden to Mr.Christie / rum, molasses and coffee
June 26
ship Eliza and Sarah Bainbridge
53 days
Newcastle   to Caldwell & Davidson / coals
June 26
brig John & Mary Purdy
59 days
Dublin   to W. Pemberton / spirits &c.
June 26
brig Sisters Miller
19 May
Londonderry 161 settlers to Turner & Co. / in ballast
June 26
brig Hercules Scott
25 April
Bristol   to Froste and Porter / general cargo
June 26
brig Trafalgar --
01 May
Liverpool Mr Roberts ; 14 settlers to Irvine & Co. / general cargo
June 26
brig Mary & Betty Hall
30 April
Wexford 130 settlers to Mr. Newton / in ballast
June 26
ship Nestor Thorn
43 days
Belfast 300 settlers to Garden & Auldjo / in ballast
June 26

brig Fulham

Foster 70 days Benecarlo   to Mr. Price / wine and fruit
June 26 brig Phœnix (Phoenix) Robert Forster or Foster 52 days Newcastle Mrs. Dodd and children ; 2 settlers to W. Daunton / coals and glass
June 26 brig Commerce Upham 36 days St. Ubes   to J. Hunt / salt
June 26 ship Eliza Lawson 10 May Dublin 77 settlers to W. Pemberton / goods
June 26 ship Jack Tar Laidler 13 May Teneriffe   to William Price / wine
June 26 brig Industry Harvey 23 May Liverpool Mr. and Mrs Watchall and Mrs. Beckett to Patterson & Weir / general cargo ; Intelligence: spoke the brig Adventure, from Cork, and the Brothers, from London. The brig Ann was wrecked last fall.
June 26 brig Adventure Wardle 60 days Liverpool 112 settlers to T. Robinson / in ballast
June 26 ship Duck Nichols 14 days Newfoundland   to J. Hunt / in ballast
June 26 ship Brothers Gray 12 May London   to P. Patterson & Co. / in ballast
June 26 ship Royal Union Grant 56 days London   to Forsyth, Richardson & Co. / in ballast
June 26 brig Friends Foster 70 days Liverpool 19 settlers to Froste & Porter / general cargo
June 28 schooner Augusta Ann Donall 18 days Bermuda   to Heath & Moir / rum, sugar and molasses
July 01 ship Regent Jos. Boyes 20 May Portsmouth   to order / in ballast ; Intelligence: ships George Prevost and Mint sailed with her
July 01 brig Ocean H. Blake 43 days Belfast 137 settlers to Stewart and Lemoine / in ballast
July 03 brig Tartar Mason 63 days London   to order / in ballast
July 03 ship Sir George Prevost Morrison 20 May Portsmouth 15 settlers to P. Patterson & Co. / in ballast
July 03 brig Friends Renney 18 May Bristol 75 settlers to W. Budden / cargo iron &c.
July 03 ship Huddart Appleton 06 May London   to — / in ballast
July 03 His Majesty's Ship Newcastle Admiral Griffiths -- Halifax N.F. Uniake Esq. Attorney General  
July 04 brig Hope G. Simson 03 May Workington 45 settlers to William Pemberton / in ballast
July 04 brig Isla R. Wutlake 43 days Waterford 6 settlers to Melvin and Belanger / wine, brandy and gin
July 05 brig Union Andrew Fleck 48 days London   to Caldwell and Davidson / in ballast
July 05 schooner Annabella J.B. Toupin 19 days St. John's, Nfld.   to Thomas White / plaister

Intelligence: ship Lord Cathcart was wrecked coming here in Long. 35 W. Two of the Crew on board the Abeona.

The Steamboat Perserverance intended to ply between La Chine and Point Fortune, on the Outtawas River [Outaouais / Ottawa River] or St. Andrews on the north-river, made her first trip last week, and by means of a cable and anchor passed the difficult rapid of St. Anns in less than twenty minutes. As canals are now the order of the day, this obstruction will, no doubt, be erelong obviated. This Steamboat is about 80 feet long, and had good accommodation for passengers. It is calculated she will be able to perform her passage up in seven hours and return in five.

The La Chine Canal of which so much has been said for two years past, has at last some reasonable prospect of a commencement. We understand that the contract for cutting the La Chine Canal, has been given to Messrs. Thomas Philips, Andrew White, Oliver Waite and Stanley Baggs and that they are in immediate want of 500 men in order to commence operations as expetitiously [sic] as possible. (Courant)

CASUALTY - On the 29th ult, a respectable Scotch emigrant, named James Dick, bathing near Lachine, and ignorant of the sudden declivity of the bottom, got beyond his depth, was hurried away by the current and was drowned. He has left a wife and no less than eleven children in indigent circumstances. "It was a woeful sight (says our informant, speaking of the latter) to see them running to and fro on that part of the beach where his clothes lay; whilst the mother, poor woman ! remained ignorant of it, through the prudent measures of the settlers, until alas ! it was too certain that he had gone to that bourne from which no traveller returns. On its being communicated to her, she became bewildered and could not believe it, till grief choaked [sic] her and she fainted. On recovery, surrounded by her numerous offspring, it was a sight to melt the most obdurate heart; but the evil was irremediable, and the next day, she piously told me, in a tone scarcely audible, that she resigned herself to the will of her all merciful Creator.
"Upon our worthy Governor (continues he) being informed of the circumstances, he, with his characteristic benevolence, directed that the grant of land and other support which was to have been given to the father, should be continued to the eldest son and mother for the future maintenance of the family, for which they werre very grateful, and proceeded with the other settlers to their place of destination, the new settlement of Lanark." (Herald)
[the Dick family had arrived at Quebec on the David (of London) on 25th June 1821]

No. of Settlers arrived this season 4295 — Vessels 220
July 18th 1821

A census of the city of Montreal this season, fixes the number of inhabitants at 30, 000

July 05
brig Erato Robinson
28 days
Jamaica   to Irvine and Co. / rum and molasses
July 05
ship William Bensley Chancellor
19 May
London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
Juy 10
schooner Countess of Dalhousie George Langdon
22 days
Halifax   to C.F. Aylwin / wine
July 11
schooner Providence P. Seir
20 days
St. John's, Nfld. Mr. Estaff and son, Mr. Clarty and Mr. Hay to James McCallum & Co. / fish
July 12
ship Brothers Jenkinson
12 June
Portsmouth Mr. Anderson and family to order / in ballast
July 12
schooner La Hogue Parker
12 days
St. John's, Nfld. Mr Ryan ; 8 settlers to John Ryan / salt and fish
July 12
brig Harriett Horswell
02 May
Trupanie in Sicily   to J. Hunt / cargo salt
The Telegraph announces 12 square-rigged vessels at hand.

Port of Montreal—Arrived

July 3rd.— Margurat, A, Oliphant, Greenock, to W. Peddie and Co., rum and coals. — Hercules, J. Scott, Bristol, to Froste & Porter, hard and earthenware. — Royal Union, D. Grant, London, Forsyth, Richardson and Co. ballast.
4th— Sally, W. Cummings, Glasgow, John Brown, dry goods and rum. — Sisters, J. Miller, Londonderry, Allison Turner and Co., ballast. — Wear, J. Hudson, Sunderland, Maitlands, Garden and Auldjo, coals.
13th— John P. Tod, St. Ubes, Hart Logan and Co., salt.


In London on 21st May last, after a short illness, Alexander Auldjo, Esquire aged 63 years, above 35 years resident in this city as a merchant, where he was universally respected and will be greatly regretted.
In this city, on Friday the 13th inst. Mr. John Lilly junior, aged 44 years.
July 25th 1821
July 11
schooner Chatham Wollaston
14 days
Miramichi 23 settlers to Patterson and Wier / salmon and sago
July 11
brig Fame Fenwick
07 May
Kingston, Jamaica Mr. J. Denwoodie to W. Newton / rum and coffee
July 11
brig Lustre Spencer
25 May
London   to Hart, Logan & Co. / in ballast
July 11
brig Paragon Hare
23 May
London Mrs. Reiffenstein ; 3 settlers to Hamilton, Brothers and Co. / general cargo
July 13
ship Henry Turner
16 May
London   to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 13
ship Recovery Fatherguay
59 days
London 250 settlers to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 13
brig Effort W. Farrent
35 days
Cork 67 Troops to M. Robinson
July 13
ship Rolla P. Thursby
20 days
St. John's, Nfld. 9 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson / in ballast
July 13
schooner Betsey Wagg
16 days
St. John's, Nfld. Mr. O'Donnell to Mr. O'Donnell / fish, oil &c.
July 14
brig Mary Ann J. Gornan [sic Gorman]
35 days
Limerick 97 settlers to order / goods
July 14
brig Albion Botly
42 days
Oporto   to P. Burnett / wine, fruit and salt
July 14
brig Roscins Dodd
55 days
Madeira   to Froste and Porter / wine
July 14
brig Zodiac Hunter
06 June
London 11 settlers to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 14
brig Brilliant Scott
25 days
Dublin 175 settlers to order
July 14
brig Mary Ann Gorman
35 days
Limerick 97 settlers to order / goods (duplicate entry)
July 14
brig Lucy Hood McKenzie, S. McKenzie
43 days
Liverpool   to Froste and Porter / salt and goods
July 14
brig Rose Cormic
19 May
St. Ubes   to Laurie and Spence [?]
July 14
brig General Brock Whitton
41 days
Belfast 250 settlers to Mr. Pemberton / in ballast
July 14
brig Suffolk R. Allison
44 days
Havre de Grace   to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 14
ship Brunswick Blacke
11 June
Portsmouth Mrs. Pugh ; 318 officers and men of different detachments to order / Government Stores
July 14
ship Maister Berriman
59 days
Hull 48 settlers to W. Pemberton / in ballast
July 14
brig Dwipa Thompson
54 days
Newport, Wales   to Froste and Porter / coals, iron &c.
July 14
brig Alexander Ditchburn
36 days
Cork   to J. Sinton / salt and goods
July 14
bark Asia Ward
10 May
London 38 Government Officers to P. Patterson / Government Stores
July 14
brig British Tar Clarke
08 June
London   to Caldwell & Davidson / in ballast
July 14
brig Helen Gibson
02 June
London   to Hamilton and Co. / in ballast
July 14
bark Hawkesbury Hunter
18 May
Portsmouth   to P. Patterson / in ballast
July 14 bark Mint Patten 19 May Portsmouth   to W. Price / in ballast
July 17 bark Henry Harrison 18 June London   to Caldwell & Davidson / in ballast
July 17 ship Montmorency Wood 40 days London Capt. Winter and wife to P. Patterson and Co.
July 17 brig Jane Fell 48 days Workington 23 settlers to G. Symes / in ballast
July 17 bark Pearsons W. Ferry 10 June London   to A. George / in ballast
July 17 brig Lady Francis Robt. Barry 27 May Sunderland 36 settlers to M. Atkinson / coals and goods
July 17 brig Santon W. Gaitskill 22 May Liverpool Mr. and Mrs. Stansfield, and 2 children, Mr. G. Kenley, Mr. and Mrs. Blakey and 4 children ; 34 settlers to Froste and Porter / general cargo
July 18 sloop Sarah Sophia J.I. Lwaity 39 days Tobago   to Garden & Auldjo / rum
July 19 steamboat Swiftsure -- -- Kamouraska    

Below.— brig Mary, 6th June from Liverpool, salt, Irvine & Co.

The bark Henry has been but 27 days out from London, but, unfortunately, the Master brought no papers. Several other vessels have arrived today [at Quebec], of which we have not been able to procure a report.


The June Packet arrived from England at Halifax, furnishes London advices, via Boston, to the 16th June.
The coronation of the King [George IV Hanover] was fixed by proclamation to the 19th of this month and is therefore already past.

The decease of Buonaparte has been announced by a vessel from England and by another from Havre de Grace in France ; it has been even added that his body was to be brought to Europe for internment, but as no mention is made of his demise in the latest London papers received by the June Packet, these reports are not to be believed.

Port of Montreal—Arrived

July 14—brig Phœnix, Robert Foster, from Newcastle, to Forsyth, Richardson & Co., glassware

August 1st 1821
July 20

brig Mary

J. Common 04 June Liverpool   to Irvine & Co. / salt and goods
July 22
brig Royal Charlotte --
30 days
Demerara   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / in ballast
July 23
ship Canada Coulson
29 days
London   to Rogerson, Hunter & Co. / in ballast
July 23
ship Harrison --
23 June
Liverpool   to W. Pemberton / in ballast
July 24
His Majesy's Schooner Bermuda --
10 July
Halifax   Tender to H.M. Ship Newcastle
July 26
brig John Hutchinson
28 days
Ballycastle 13 or 15 settlers to Mr. Kirkpatrick / coals and goods
July 26
brig Samuel Ponsonby Parkinson
30 days
Sligo 55 settlers to Patrickson / cargo provisions
July 27
ship Trusty Marther
42 days
London   to Hart, Logan & Co. / in ballast
July 27
brig Emulous Aldridge
17 June
London   to Caldwell & Davidson / in ballast
July 27
ship Benson Rowe
30 days
Greenock 287 settlers to Lawrie & Spence / in ballast
July 27
schooner Francis Elizabeth Talbot
34 days
Grenada   to Heath & Moir / rum, sugar and coffee
July 27
ship Fletcher Robinson
39 days
Liverpool Mr. Thos. Graham and brother, Mr. R. Morris, Mr. George Norton. ; 6 settlers to Froste & Porter / cargo salt, coals &c.
We observe from the American papers, that the troops of the United States were on the 10th ult. put in possession of St. Augustine ; the same thing, and at the same time, although it is not mentioned, no doubt took place at Pensacola. Thus have the Americans obtained the Floridas after waiting a length of time with much patience, but still persuing their point with unremitted perseverance. As a Republic, like the miser, has never enough, is never satisfied, what will it aim at next?
August 8th 1821
July 28
brig Sarah D. Rodgers
37 days
Belfast 55 settlers to Torrance and McKay / in ballast
July 28
bark Ferriland Stewart
18 June
Hull Mr. Padley ; 23 settlers to Bell & Stewart / cargo brick
July 28
ship Europe Willis
29 days
Plymouth   to P. Patterson and Co. / in ballast
July 28
brig Douglas Pevis
38 days
Newry 52 settlers to W. Pemberton / in ballast
July 28
brig Robert Nelson Shaw
57 days
Cork 140 settlers to W. Pemberton / in ballast
July 28
ship Westmorland Smith
27 June
Belfast 200 settlers to Stewart and Lemoine / salt
July 29
schooner Brothers Forbes
15 days
St. John's, Nfld.   to Coltman and Hale / sugar and coffee
July 29
brig Hope Ford
18 days
Halifax   to Gerrard, Finlay and Co. / wine
July 29
brig Pilgrim Marterton
21 June
Belfast 138 settlers to order / in ballast
July 29
brig Doris Hudson
30 days
Fayal 13 American settlers ; the crew of the ship Maria, condemened at Fayal to Hancox and Cringan / salt and wine
August 15th 1821
Aug 04
brig Perseverance Wills
25 June
Belfast 101 settlers to Stewart and Lemoine / salt &c.
Aug 04
ship Duchess of Richmond Cook
38 days
Greenock 266 settlers to Lawrie and Spence / in ballast
Aug 06
schooner Providence Seth Coffin
27 days
Halifax 6 settlers to Melvin and Belanger / sugar
Aug 06
brig Alert John Grant
21 days
Halifax   to Quirouet, Chinic and Co. / rum, sugar and molasses
Total Number of vessels from sea this season....................................286
Settlers arrived....................................................................................6367
Aug 07
sloop Reward --
from the King's Posts   to McTavish & Co. / furs, oil and salmon
Aug 07 schooner Harriet Robt. Bremner 20 days Halifax Mr. Michael, Mr. Reynolds, and one family to C.F. Aylwin / rum and sugar
Aug 07 brig Armenia C.M. Clary 19 days Halifax Messrs. Stayner, Wagner, Stephens amd Skimmings to Melvin & Belanger / rum and sugar
Aug 07 schooner Adelaide -- -- from the King's Posts   to McTavish & Co. / furs, and salmon
Aug 08 ship Mary George Pew 35 days Whitehaven   to order / in ballast ; Intelligence: On the 6th inst. spoke the brig Albert, Ross, off Green Island, with her mainmast and topmast gone, out 8 weeks, with settlers. On the 27th ult. spoke the brig Hibernia, from Liverpool, to Quebec, and on the 30th, in the Gulf, spoke the brig Rose, from Newcastle to Quebec
Aug 08 brig Caeser William McMekan 41 days Greenock 55 settlers to order / in ballast
Aug 09 H.M. tender . . -- -- --   . . of the Newcastle
August 22nd 1821

(From the New York Gazette, August 15)

Capt. West, of the schooner Moxa, arrived at the Quarantine Ground last evening, from Basse-Terre, Guadaloupe, informs the editers of the Gazette, that just before he sailed, a British frigate arrived there with despatches, announcing the death of Bonaparte. No particulars had been promulgated, and the frigate, after remaining half an hour in the port, got under weigh, and proceeded to leeward. [We may consider this as a full confirmation of the death of the great Napolean Bonaparte. As to the political effect of this event, we do not feel ourselves competant to give all its bearings. The event is a momentous one, and the result may prove highly important to the world.]


Quebec, August 17

After two or three days of oppressive heat, we were on Tuesday evening visited with a thunder storm, attended with much vivid lightning, which lasted some hours. On Wednesday the town, early in the morning, was obscured with a thick vapour, through which the sun was scarcely able to penetrate. About mid-day, and for some time after, the vapour re-appeared tinged with somewhat of a fiery glow, which soon changed to a saffron hue. The obscurity was so dense that some found it neccessary, about one o'clock, to light candles for purposes of business.

Aug 11 brig Rose James Spink 28 June London   to Caldwell & Co. / in ballast
Aug 11

brig Lord St. Helen's

Ralph Patterson 28 June Portsmouth   to Caldwell and Davidson / in ballast
Aug 11
brig Jane Peter Young 50 days Jamaica Mr. Griffe to Irvine, McNaught & Co. / rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 11

brig Hibernia

Richard Dyer 43 days Liverpool Mr. Winder, Lindsay and Brother to Irvine, McNaught & Co. / salt and goods
Aug 11
brig Catherine A. Daysdale
60 days
Leith 63 settlers to order / bottles and ballast
Aug 12
brig Albatross Robt. Emerson
72 days
Sunderland 21 settlers to M.F. Wilson / coals, glass &c. ; lost her main-mast and foretop-mast
Aug 12
brig Lavainier Thomas S. Baily
03 July
Dublin 28 settlers to Chaffers & Bolton / in ballast
Total No. of Vessels arrived from Sea 299 — Settlers 6621
Aug 15
brig Robert John Jones
26 June
Dublin 123 settlers to order / in ballast
Aug 17
brig Emerald Chapman
46 days
London   to P. Patterson & Co. / in ballast
Aug 17
ship Preston Baldry
45 days
London   to Hamilton, Brothers & Co. / in ballast
The ship Preston brings Intelligence of the wreck of the brig British King, Chambers, on the Island of Anticosti. She was bound from Quebec to Belfast, with lumber.

May 08 - June 22 | June 22 - Aug 17 | Aug 17 - Nov 07

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