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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Adamant, 815 tons, Lieut. Benjamin Lodwick, R.N.R. from London July 2nd via Plymouth 16th July, 1864 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 12th October 1864

The South Australian Register, Thursday 13 October 1864 p. 2

Wednesday 12th October:— Adamant, barque, 815 tons, Lieut. B. Lodwick, R.N.R., master, from London July 2, via Plymouth July 16. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Mrs. Lodwick ; Dr. William G. Gunn, Surgeon-Superin
tendent, in the cabin ; and 370 Government emigrants in the steerage:

. . . . — 6th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1864 ; —2— births and —0— deaths on the passage ; Dr. William William G. Gunn, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE ; Assisted Passage = AP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; Passage Paid = PP. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Adamant. with 370 Government immigrants  in charge of Dr. W. G. Gunn. arrived or Wednesday night from Plymouth, after an excellent passage of 86 days. She left London or the 2nd. and Plymouth on the 16th July. The names of the immigrants will be found elsewhere.

The South Australian Register, Friday 14 October 1864 p. 2
ADAMANT, from London— 4I cases, 50 tons smithy coals. 50 casks cement, 200 casks bottled beer, 328 deals, 150 casks stout, 150 do. ale, Order; 18 crates, 13 casks, Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 7 cases hams. and bacon, D. and J. Fowler; 49,307 fire bricks, 797 bearers, 565 ladles, Wallaroo mines; 1.826 bars, 160 bdls.. 170 do. hoop iron, 138 bars, 90 plates iron, 318 camp ovens and covers, 36 pieces forgebacks, 1 mandrill, 480 pipe-boxes, 150 kegs nails, 201 bdls. wire, G. P. Harris: 50 iron tanks, 88 cases galvanized iron, Philip Levi and Co. ; 99 cases. 11 sheets lead, P. Santo: 2 cases, W. Wells: 250 bdls. wire, C. Jacobs; 62 bales. Ormerod and Co.; 3 pkgs., G. Morphett; 60 cases Leer, Martin, Gaedechens and Co.: 49 do. J. H. Kaines ; 24 kegs nails, 5 casks, W. W. Blyth ; 6 cases, 40 kegs nails. 2 bales, 2 crates, 8 casks, 1 bdl, 46 Grindstones, 63 bdls. iron tubs, Blyth Brothers.
The barque Adamant, under the command of Lieut. B. Lodwick. R.N.R., arrived on Wednesday evening from London, via Plymouth, after a passage of 86 days from the latter port. She has on board 376 government immigrants, under the care of Dr. William G. Gunn, Surgeon Superintendent who has the good fortune to report her arrival with a clean bill of health. Two births occurred during the passage, but no deaths. The following is the official list of the immigrants.
English— James Bale, Hannah, Orlando, and Florence Barker, Ann, William J., and Elizabeth Barker, Mary and Catherine Baker, John Christina James, and John Bawden, Mary and Susan Bawden, Eliza Bowden. Ellen Breet Wm. Brown, Joseph Bryant, William Baton, George Bowsher, Evan Brown, John, Mary, Joseph, and Sarah Cock, Thomas and James Clode, Emily Collins, Tom Colman, Margaret, Mary, Henry, Margaret and Robert Cottrill, Michael, Rachel, William, and James Critchley, John, Emma, and Selina Cruelt John, Sarah, and Catherine Davis, Eliza Davey, Mary Dingle. John Duffley, Daniel Dunn, Henry Edwards, David, Ann, and Septimus Edwards, Thomas, Mary, and Thomas Evans, David Evans, Catherine Ewing, Joseph and Christopher Faill, William Ford, Lydia Ford, John and Ann Giles, Charles, Eliza, Thomas, Elizabeth, Eliza, and Mary Giles, Mary Guerdus, Margaret A. and Susan Halls, Thomas Halls, John, Ann, Joseph, William Mary, Francis, and Josiah Halls, Joseph, Mary  H., and Charlotte Hauton, R., J., and W. Haking Thomas and Thomas J. Hawkey. Henry, Caroline and Richard Hill, E. A. Hitchcock, Mary am Charlotte Hooper, William Incill, Eliza Jackson John, Agnes, and Mary James, Charles, Eliza Sarah, and Robert Jones, Edmund Jones, William Jones, Fanny, Eliza, and Merab Jones, Darington, Adelaide, Fanny, Matilda, and Frederick King James and William King, B. Knight Mary Kowles, John Lake, George and John Leggett John, Emma, Ebenezer, Alice, and Albert Leggett, Emma Leggett Alexander Levy, Thomas and Mary Linkmane, Georgina Lucas, James Martin, George and Caroline Matthews James and Emma Matthews, Jane Miller, Jane Miller, Matthew and Salome Morton, Thomas Naughton, Alfred Northey, John Hewbury, Win. Nicholas, Sampson Noall, Susanna Parsons, Thos. and John Pearce, Henry, Sarah, Charles, Charlotte, George, Tom, Frank, Henry, and Sam Phillips, Rebecca and Alice Parker. Margaret Pill, Ann Poulson, Rose Price, Robert Randall, Charles Rolling, Mary Roper, Mary Rowe, Mary -Russell, Georgina Saffin, Elizabeth  Sandford, Ann Senior, Martha Simes, Thos. Simmons, William Skinner, James Smith, Ann Short Robert Solley, William Spooner, Elizabeth Spooner, Ann Spooner, Elizabeth Stanifield, A. Stamford, W, and J. Sutherland, Mary, Elizabeth, and Henry Symes, Thomas and Eliza Tappell, Fanny Taylor, Daniel Thomas, Mary Tonkin, Philip Thomas, James Trait Thomas and Elizabeth Tremellan, Ann and Henry Trythell, John H. Uglow, F. Watts, Thomas Weedon Win., Grace, Wm., Walter. Mary, and Richard Wellington, Henry and Wm. White, Jane Wild, H. Williams. Philip Williams, Sam Willis, Richard Wing. Sam and Alice Wright Susanna Vaughan.
Scotch— Mary Amthurst, William, Eliza, John, and David Bald, William Bald, John Bryden Agnes Brown, Anne Campbell, David and Isabella Campbell, William Campbell, Helen Craig. David and Christiana Crawford, Eliza Cumming, Anne Digaden, William and Agnes Douglas, Eliza Finlayson, Adam Finlayson, James Forsyth, David, Silas, James, and Eliza Flemming, John, Isabella, and Elizabeth Hamilton. Peter Iverach, Catherine Johnston, Evander Malcolm, William Malone, Flora McDougall. Thomas McEyen, John McGiven, Mary' Milne, ' James, Jeanette, Elizabeth, and. Margaret Kenton, Eckhold Ross, Robert Scott James Sloan, Allan Walker, Isabella and Jeannette Wright.
Irish— Margaret Blakely, Thomas Bramman, John Brew, Pat Brophy. Mary and Bridget Calligan, Pat Carrican, John Casey, John Castijan, Julia Cassida, Mary Commane, Pat Connel, John Condon, Katherine Costijan, Ellen and Michael Cusack, Honora, Margaret and Betsy Flynn, Thomas Gready, Martin Gleeson, Michael and Ann Green, Michael, Mary, and Mary Green, — and James Guilmartin, Robert, Jane, and Andrew Hastie, James, Ellen, Mary. John, Pat and Johanna Hennessey. Ellen and John Hennessey, Ellen, Margaret Bridget and Richard Hewett John Howe, Thos. Hughes, Bridget Kavanagh, Pat Kean. James Kelly, William and John Kemp, John Kennedy Ellen Keough, James King, Margaret Kinniff, John, Fras.. Catherine, and Anna Laffan, Mary Leary, Pat Lougan , Many  and Bridget Maher, Denis Mahoney, Mary McAnnally. Bridget and Denis McMahon, John McNagil, Michael Mongovan, John Murray. James, Anne, and Jane Murrely Martin Neylon, Mary Nunnay, E. O'Brien, Michael O’Neil, Jas. O'Callaghan, John F., Mary and Anne E. Orr, Michael Quealy, Pat and Bridget Quigley, Rosey Reilly, Honora and Johanna Ryan, James Ryan, Anthony Rooney, Joseph Seeby, Michael Shannon, Catherine Shenden, Eliza Strahan, John and William Tuohy, John, Ellen. William, and Ellen Taylor, Bridget Walker.
The particulars are:
English— Adults. 169 ; children between 1 and 12, 44 ; infants, 5 ; total 218
Scotch—  Adults, 41 ; children between 1 and 12, 7 ; total 48
Irish— Adults, 92 : children between 1 and 12.  4 ; infants, 4 ; total 100
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage" = nil
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    Two births at sea, but no records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
AP Baker Mrs. Hannah Emma (Spiller) 46 Housekeeper 64/1   Somerset 1861 census, living Dartmouth St Petrox, Devon
    Orlando William 11   62/2      
    Florence 5          
RE Bald William 43 Labourer 64/3   Fifeshire with family
    Elizabeth 42          
    George 9          
    David 7          
RE Bawden John 44 Miner 98/3   Gwennap, Cornwall with family
    Caroline 43         Christian ?
    John 14          
    Jane 12          
    Charles 9          
RE Campbell David 29 Shoemaker 231/3   Perthshire  
    Isabella 26          
GE Cock John Ripper 23 Miner 290/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Reynolds) 23          
    Joseph Reynolds 2          
    Sarah Amelia 1          
AP Crawford David 23 Groom 339/1   Edinburgh  
    Christiana 25          
RE Critchley Michael 27 Miner 342/3   Whitehaven, Cumberland  
    Rachel (Moore) 33          
    William 2          
    Jane 1          
GE Cruett John 31 Sawyer 352/3   St. Cleer, Cornwall  
    Emma (Elford) 31          
    Selina Ann 7          
GE Davis Job 21 Mason 381/3   Monmouth BISA states Herefordshire
    Sarah 22          
    Catherine inf          
AP Douglas William 36 Miller 423/1   Edinburgh  
    Agnes 30          
AP Edwards David James 29 Fitter 456/2   Monmouth 1861 Wales census, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire | to Victoria
    Annie Jane (Walt) 29          
    Septimus Walter 6          
AP Evans John 25 Smith 476/1   Monmouth  
    Mary 30          
    Thomas inf          
GE Fleming David 30 Smith 510/3   Fifeshire  
    Lilias (Carvie) 28          
    James 6          
    Elizabeth 2          
GE Giles Charles 29 Labourer 568/3   St Cleer, Cornwall 1861 census, age 38
    Eliza 28         1861 census, age 39
    Thomas 12         1861 census, age 14
    Elizabeth 10         1861 census, age 10
    Eliza 7         1861 census, age 6
    Mary inf          
RE Giles John 26 Miner 572/1   Cornwall  
    Ann 22          
RE Green Michael 24 Labourer 612/1   Clare  
    Mary 20          
    Mary inf          
RE Halls John 52 Miner 653/1   Redruth, Cornwall with family
    Ann 43          
    Joseph 11          
    William 9          
    Mary Jane 7          
    Francis John 5          
    Josiah 3          
AP Hamilton John 27 Labourer 656/1   Edinburgh  
    Isabella 24          
    Elizabeth 1          
GE Hanton Joseph 35 Labourer 667/3   Poplar, Middlesex  
    Mary Ann (Bonner ?) 34          
    Henry Benjamin 11          
    Charlotte 8          
AP Hartie Robert 31 Wright 694/2   Kildare  
    Jane 29          
    Andrew inf          
RE Hennessy / Hennessey James 28 Labourer 720/2   Limerick  
    Ellen 26          
    Mary 5          
    John 4          
    Johanna 1          
    Patrick inf          
PP Hill Henry 52 Labourer 738/1   Cornwall  
    Caroline (Phelps ?) 42         Free BMD, married June qtr 1863, Truro?
    Richard 9          
RE James John 36 Miner 827/2   Cornwall  
    Agnes 36          
    Mary 6          
GE Jones Charles 51 Farmer -   Trelleck, Monmouth with family
    Elizabeth 49          
    Robert 13          
    Sarah Abigail 11          
RE King Darrington 51 Labourer 909/3   Wooley, Huntingdon with family
    Adelaide (Donley) 42          
    Fanny Louisa 9          
    Matilda Jane 6          
    Frederick 4          
AP Leggett John 39 Carpenter 963/2   Suffolk with family | 1861 census, living at Paddington, Middlesex
    Emma 38          
    Ebenezer 9          
    Alice Amelia Ann 4          
    Albert Edward inf          
RE Linnane Thomas 27 Labourer -   Clare  
    Mary 27          
AP Mathews George 29 Labourer 1038/2   Devon  
    Caroline 22          
AP Matthews James 32 Miner 1038/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Emma Jane (Peters) 23          
RE Murray / Murrely James 23 Labourer 1157/1   Lincoln ? Ireland ?
    Annie 21          
    Jane inf          
AP Morton Matthew 21 Smith -   Wexford  
    Salome 19          
GE Phillips Henry 40 Gardener 1278/3   West Dean, Gloucester  
    Sarah (Hughes ?) 39          
    Henry John 15          
    Samuel 14          
    Charles 11          
    Charlotte 9          
    George 7          
    Thomas 5          
    Frank 2          
AP Renton James 31 Smith 1345/2   Haddington. East Lothian  
    Janet S. 26         Janet Seton Inglis ?
    Elizabeth 8          
    Margaret 2          
RE Sutherland William 19 Labourer 1565/3   Clyne?, Sutherland  
    Jemima (Grant) 22          
AP Taylor John 28 Shoemaker 1580/2   Middlesex Ireland ?
    Ellen 40          
    William 9          
    Ellen 3          
RE Tippett Thomas 25 Miner -   Tavistock, Devon  
    Elizabeth (Heard) 24          
AP Tremellen Thomas 22 Miner 1619/3   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 22          
GE Wellington William 36 Miner 1693/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Grace (Magor) 38          
    William Henry 10          
    Walter 8          
    Mary Ellen 7          
    Richard 2          
GE Wright Samuel 22 Labourer 1749/1   Edinburgh  
    Alice 20          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
RE Bald William 20 Labourer 64/3   Fifeshire with parents
AP Bale James 33 Labourer 66/2   Somerset  
AP Bigden John 23 Shoemaker -   Dumfries  
AP Bowsher George 22 Labourer 157/1   Monmouth  
RE Brennan John 27 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Brennan Thomas 25 Labourer -   Tipperary  
  Brew John 27 Labourer 172/2   Clare  
RE Broppy Patrick 26 Labourer 184/3   Queens co.  
RE Brown Evan 30 Labourer -   Nottingham  
AP Brown William 21 Labourer -   Middlesex  
AP Bryant John Joseph 20 Miner -   Glamorgan  
  Bryden John 23 Labourer 195/2   Dumfries  
AP Burton William 19 Groom -   Middlesex  
AP Campbell William 27 Groom 233/3   Edinburgh  
RE Carrucan Patrick 20 Labourer 243/2   Clare  
RE Casey John 23 Labourer -   Clare  
AP Clode James 24 Carpenter 287/1   Somerset  
AP Clode Thomas 24 Labourer 287/1   Somerset  
AP Colmer Thomas 20 Miner 303/1   Cornwall  
RE Condon John 24 Labourer 305/2   Corrigan ! <-- surname ?
RE Connell Patrick 21 Labourer 307/2   Clare  
RE Costigan John 20 Labourer 323/2   Queens co.  
RE Cusack Michael 20 Labourer 362/1   Tipperary  
RE Duffey John 17 Labourer 433/3   Yorkshire  
AP Dunn Daniel 21 Miner 439/1   Cornwall  
GE Edwards Henry 23 Smith -   Cornwall  
AP Evans David 22 Miner -   -  
AP Faull Christopher 19 Labourer 488/2   Crowan, Cornwall  
AP Faull Joseph 21 Labourer 488/2    
AP Finlayson Adam 22 Labourer 500/1   Edinburgh  
AP Ford William 19 Groom 519/3   Cornwall  
RE Gleeson Martin 32 Labourer 576/2   Clare  
RE Greedy / Gready Thomas 29 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
RE Green Michael 22 Labourer 612/1   Clare  
RE Gulmartin / Guilmartin James 25 Labourer 628/2   Tipperary  
RE Halls Thomas 21 Labourer 653/1   Redruth, Cornwall with parents
AP Hawkey Thomas J. 18 Labourer 699/2   Cornwall  
AP Hawkey Thomas T. 28 Labourer 699/2   Cornwall  
RE Hennessey John 19 Labourer 720/3   Limerick  
PP Hewett Richard 25 Labourer 730/2   Derry with family?
GE Hosking / Hocking John 20 Carpenter 779/1   Cornwall  
GE Hosking / Hocking Richard 20 Smith 779/1   Cornwall  
GE Hosking / Hocking William 23 Wright 779/3   Cornwall  
RE Howe John 25 Labourer 784/3   Tipperary  
RE Hughes Thomas 21 Labourer 792/1   Tyrone  
AP Incell William 25 Smith 810/2   Worcester  
AP Inverach Peter 21 Smith 816/1   Renfrew  
RE Jones Edmund 27 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
GE Jones William 28 Labourer -   Monmouth  
RE Keane Patrick 20 Labourer 878/2   Clare  
RE Kelly James 24 Labourer 885/3   Tipperary  
RE Kemp John 18 Labourer 891/1   Cavan  
RE Kemp William 20 Labourer 891/3   Cavan  
RE Kennedy John 23 Labourer 894/3   Clare  
RE King James 20 Labourer 910/2   Clare  
RE King James 16 Labourer 910/2   Wooley, Huntingdon with parents
RE King William 14 Labourer -  
AP Knight Benjamin 19 Labourer 926/2   -  
RE Laffan Francis 17 Labourer -   Tipperary  
RE Laffan John 27 Labourer 946/3   Tipperary  
AP Lake John 17 Labourer -   -  
PP Langan Patrick n/a Labourer -   -  
AP Leggett George 17 Carpenter -   Suffolk with parents
AP Leggett James 14 Carpenter -  
RE Levey Alexander 32 Labourer -   Middlesex  
RE Mahoney Denis 21 Bootmaker -   Cork  
GE Malcolm Evander 27 mason 1005/2   Edinburgh  
AP Malone William 20 Groom 1007/3   Edinburgh  
AP Martin James 21 Labourer -   Cornwall  
AP McEwen Thomas 21 Servant -   Edinburgh  
AP MgGiven George 25 Labourer -   Cornwall  
RE McMahon Denis 45 Labourer -   Clare  
RE McNagel John 22 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Mongovan Michael 23 Labourer 1127/3   Clare  
RE Murray John 18 Labourer 1157/2   Louth  
RE Naughton Thomas 16 Moulder 1167/2   Kent  
AP Newberry John 21 Mason 1176/3   Glamorgan  
RE Neylon Martin 20 Labourer 1180/2   Clare  
GE Nicholas William 22 Wright 1181/2   Cornwall  
AP Noall Sampson 19 Miner 1190/2   Cornwall  
RE Northey Alfred 20 Miner 1197/1   Cornwall  
RE O'Callaghan James 26 Labourer 1206/1   Cork  
RE O'Neill Michael 18 Labourer 1212/3   Clare  
RE Orr John 17 Labourer 1222/1   Queens county  
AP Pearce Joseph 20 Miner 1256/3   Cornwall  
AP Pearce Thomas 29 Miner 1257/2   Cornwall  
RE Quealy Michael 18 Labourer 1320/2   Clare  
RE Quickly Patrick 25 Labourer 1321/2   Fermanagh  
GE Randall Robert 20 Carpenter -   Somerset  
AP Rolling Charles 19 Miner 1382/3   Cornwall  
RE Rooney Anthony 22 Labourer 1384/1   Clare  
GE Ross Eckford 19 Shepherd 1388/3   Edinburgh  
RE Ryan James 25 Labourer 1409/2   Tipperary  
GE Scott Robert 22 Labourer 1455/1   Roxburgh  
RE Seeley Joseph 23 Labourer 1460/2   Armagh  
  Shannon Michael 20 Labourer 1469/1   Limerick  
AP Simmons Thomas 18 Miner 1489/1   Cornwall  
RE Skinner Michael 20 Labourer -   Limerick  
AP Skinner William 23 Labourer -   Cornwall  
AP Sloan James 21 Shoemaker -   -  
AP Smith James 20 Miner -   -  
RE Solley Robert 27 Labourer -   Kent  
RE Spooner William 21 Labourer -   Middlesex  
RE Taylor John n/a Gardener -   Somerset  
GE Thomas Daniel 24 Labourer 1590/3   Pembroke  
AP Thomas Phillip 21 Labourer -   -  
AP Tratt James 20 Labourer -   -  
AP Trythall Henry 20 Miner -   -  
GE Tuohy John 19 Labourer 1627/3   Tipperary  
GE Tuohy William 17 Labourer 1628/1   Tipperary  
RE Uglow John H. 18 Gardener 1636/1   Somerset  
AP Walker Allan 22 Groom -   -  
AP Watts Frederick 20 Labourer -   -  
AP Weeden Thomas 18 Labourer -   -  
AP White Henry 19 Labourer -   -  
AP White William 24 Labourer -   -  
AP Williams Howell 24 Labourer -   -  
AP Williams Phillip 22 Miner 1720/1   Cornwall  
AP Willis Samuel 20 Labourer -   -  
GE Wing Richard 21 Labourer 1731/3   Middlesex  
Single Women & children
GE Hooper Mrs. Mary n/a Matron     Middlesex  
GE Arbarthum Mary 18 Servant     Aberdeen  
RE Baker Mary 35 Servant 73/3   -  
  Baker Catherine n/a -     -  
RE Barker William J. 12 child     Nottingham  
RE Barker Ann 34 Shopkeeper     Nottingham  
RE Barker Elizabeth 9 child     Nottingham  
RE Bawden Mary 17 Servant     Gwennap, Cornwall with parents
RE Bawden Susan 16 Servant    
RE Blakeley Margaret 37 Servant     Fermanagh  
RE Bowden Eliza 36 Servant 152/2   -  
RE Brest Ellen 22 Servant 171/3   Lancashire  
GE Brown Anne 25 Servant     Edinburgh  
NP Caligan Bridget 23 Servant     Clare nominated ?
GE Campbell Ann 22 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Cassidy Julia 20 Servant     Meath  
RE Collins Emily n/a Servant     Middlesex  
RE Commance Margaret 16 Servant     Clare  
RE Costigan Catherine 27 Servant 323/2   Queens county  
RE Cottrill Henry 9 child 325/2   Nottingham name Cottrell?, from Preston, Northumberland?
RE Cottrill Margaret 38 Servant  
RE Cottrill Margaret 5 child  
RE Cottrill Mary 11 child  
RE Cottrill Robert 3 child  
RE Craig Helen 29 Servant     Ayr  
GE Cumming Elizabeth 27 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Cussack Ellen 18 Servant     Tipperary  
GE Davey Elizabeth 28 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Digaden Anne 19 Servant     Clare  
GE Dingle Mary 21 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Downey Mary 20 Servant     Limerick  
GE Ewing Catherine 19 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Finlayson Elizabeth 21 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Fleming Ellen 23 Servant     Armagh  
RE Flynn Betsey 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Flynn Honora 18 Servant     Clare  
RE Flynn Margaret 16 Servant     Clare  
GE Ford Lydia 22 Servant     Surrey  
GE Forsyth Jane 21 Servant     Aberdeen  
GE Greedus Mary 32 Servant 609/3   Kent  
RE Green Ann 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Guilmartin Margaret 21 Servant     Tipperary  
PP Gulliyan Mary 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Halls Mary A. 24 Servant 653/1   Redruth, Cornwall with parents
RE Halls Susan J. 19 Servant  
RE Hennessy Ellen 17 Servant     Limerick  
PP Hewett Bridget 21 Servant     Derry  
PP Hewett Margaret n/a        
PP Hewett Mrs. Ellen 43 Servant 730/1   with family ?
GE Hitchcock Emily A. 20 Servant     Momnouth  
GE Hooper Charlotte 19 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Jackson Elizabeth 19 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Johnston Catherine 26 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Jones Elizabeth 18 Servant     Trelleck, Monmouth with parents
GE Jones Fanny 26 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Jones Merab 16 Servant     Trelleck, Monmouth with parents
RE Kavanagh Bridget 19 Servant 875/3   Monaghan  
RE Keough Ellen 20 Servant 900/1   Tipperary  
RE Kinneff Margaret 16 Servant 914/2   Westmeath  
GE Knowles Mary 24 Servant 929/1   Cheshire  
RE Laffan Anna 15 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Laffan Catherine 19 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Leary Mary 44 Servant     Kerry  
GE Leffatt Emma 16 Servant     Suffolk  
AP Leggett Emma 16 Servant     Suffolk with parents
GE Lucas Georgina 20 Servant     Surrey  
RE Maher Bridget 20 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Maher Mary 18 Servant 358/1   Tipperary married M. Cunningham
AP McAnally Mary 34 Servant     Monaghan  
GE McAnally Mary 34 Servant     Monaghan  
RE McDougall Flora 31 Servant     Lanark  
RE McMahon Bridget 18 Servant     Clare  
RE Miller Jane 24 Servant     Durham  
PP Miller Jane 61 Servant     Durham  
GE Milne Mary 18 Servant 1115/1   Edinburgh  
AP Murray Mary 23 Servant     Clare  
GE Murray Mary 24 Servant     Clare  
RE O'Brien Ellen 22 Servant     Cork  
RE Orr Ann Eliza 15 Servant     Queens county  
RE Orr Mary 21 Servant     Dublin  
RE Parker Alice inf child     Middlesex  
RE Parker Rebecca 23 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Parson Susanna 32 Servant 1243/2   Cornwall  
GE Pitt Margaret 22 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Poulson Ann 21 Servant     Somerset  
GE Price Rose 26 Servant     Monmouth  
RE Quickly Bridget 23 Servant     Fermanagh  
AP Reilly Rosey 22 Servant     Cavan  
GE Reilly Rosey 22 Servant     Cavan  
GE Roper Mary A. 22 Servant 1384/3   Somerset  
RE Rowe Mary 22 Servant     Devon  
GE Rupett / Russell Mary A. 19 Servant     Devon  
RE Ryan Honora 17 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE Ryan Johanna 20 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Saffin Georgina 23 Servant 1416/2   Somerset  
GE Sandford Elizabeth 25 Servant 1425/1   Devon  
GE Senior Ann 18 Servant 1464/2   Monmouth  
RE Sheridan Catherine 34 Servant     Derry  
RE Short Ann 19 Servant     Somerset  
GE Simes Martha 16 Servant     Monmouth  
AP Sims Elizabeth 14 Servant     Monmouth  
AP Sims Henry 3 child     Monmouth  
AP Sims Mary 39 Servant     Monmouth  
RE Spooner Ann 26 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Spooner Elizabeth 19 Servant     Nottingham  
GE Stanfield Elizabeth 22 Servant     Chaester  
RE Stanford Ann 32 Servant 1532/3   Yorkshire  
RE Struhan Eliza 15 Servant     Armagh  
GE Symes Elizabeth 14 Servant 1569/3   Monmouth  
GE Symes Henry 3 child   Monmouth  
GE Symes Mrs. Mary 39 Laundress   Monmouth  
PP Taylor Fanny 39 Servant 1578/2   Derby  
RE Tonkin Mary A. 14 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Trythall Ann 22 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Vaughan Susannah 14 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Walker Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
GE Wild Jane 20 Weaver     Cheshire  
GE Wright Isabella 21 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Wright Janet 18 Servant     Edinburgh  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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