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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Caitloch, 1,264 tons, Captain David Phillips, from London 13th March 1875, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 30th May 1875

The South Australian Register, Monday 31 May 1875 p. 4

Shipping Intelligence.

ARRIVED. Sunday, May 30.—
CAITLOCH, 1,264 tons, David Phillips, from London March 13. Stilling and Co., Town and Port, agents.
Passengers —
First class— Mr. and Mrs. C L. and Miss Meyer, Mrs. Gowling, two children, and servant, Mr. Kelsey and family (4), Mr. Hackett, Dr. Alfred Parry (Surgeon-Superintendent), and Mr. Macswiney.
Steerage— John Broadstock, Solomon Bewdlish, Jerry, Minne, and Michael Daly, Samuel Flock, James Hurley, Honas Hill, Charles, Louisa, Katherine, Charles, Walter, and Katherine Hawkins, John Hayes, Charles W. Henshall, Thomas and Frederick Kinred, Emma McEwen, Mary and Martha Miller, Mary McNamara, Bridget McMahon, Archibald McColl, Mary, Mary, and Robert Patrick, Thomas and Emily Perry, Fred. Reed, John Stafford, William Virgo, Charles Wharmsby, Jos. and Eliza Wilson, Mrs. Rainbow, Eliza Williams, Mary and Jane H. Sharp, and George Fivel.

. . . . — 4th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1875 ; —1— birth and —-0— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Alfred Parry, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, CPCH = Colonial Passage Certificate Holders ; CFPCH = Colonial Full Paid Passage Holders ; UKA = United Kingdom Assisted Passage regulation ; UKFPPR = United Kingdom Full Paid Passage regulation ; FP = Free Passage. — Robert

CAlTLOCH, from London— 3553 cases, 1 parcel, 437 boxes, 62 hhds., 412 bales, 1,037- kegs 340  sash-weights, 3 stoves, 20 pots 153 camp ovens and covers, 2 trusses, 31 tanks  52 gr.  Tierces, 525 pieces, 86 bags, 1 hamper, 415 casks, 6 drums, 107 sheets, 24 jars, 2 bottles, 27 crates, 11 tierces, 57 grindstones, 5,453 bars, 107 sheets, 878 qr.-barrels, 100 half-barrels, 101 pkgs, 4,551 bundles, 50 tons of coals, and 1,293 deals.


The Caitloch has made a very good passage, and just hove in sight from the stations on Sunday evening, with the wind about northwest. The boat at once started, and after along cruise succeeded in boarding her, but the night looked so threatening that the brig Emma, which was astern, was not visited.

The Caitloch left London and proceeded down as far as the South Foreland, where she was run into by a Russian steamer named Czarowitch. In crossing the ship's bows the steamer fouled the head gear, and at once knocked away the jibboom and head gear. The cutwater was started, and the figurehead washed up on the beach on the following day. The forecastle deck was torn up, the anchor shank bent, and the cathead knocked away. The damage done was so great there was no other alternative but to return and rent, a course of procedure which occupied about 10 days, and then another start was made. Down Channel she had fine weather, and on March 14 was well away clear of the land. Southing was rapidly made, and on April 4 the Line was crossed in long. 25°. The prospect of south-east trades was very limited till half way to the tropic of Capricorn, when a light south-easter set in. After rounding the Cape a high latitude was sought, and the Crozets sighted. This course was a very good one, for the cross passage from the Cape's meridian has only occupied 25 days. On boarding her enquiries were made relative to the Goolwa, Bundaleer, and other vessels which the Loch has distanced by her fast sailing. Several very old colonists have returned by this ship, amongst them Mr. Meyer, of the firm of C. L. Meyer & Co., who has been absent for twelve months on a visit to the old country.

During the voyage the only interesting episode was the birth of a little lady stranger, who, in commemoration of the ship, will hereafter be known by her name. As the ship has on board several assisted passengers in addition to those in the cabin. Dr. Duncan will visit for customary inspection on Monday morning, and then on the first tide offering 19 feet 6 inches water the Caitloch will proceed to the Magazine ground for discharge of 20 tons of gunpowder, and subsequently moor in harbour. The Caitloch is a very fine iron ship, which has been recently built, and although it was dark when boarding enough was noted to show that she Is a superior vessel.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
    No records found  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    No records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
  Meyer Mr. C.L. n/a          
    Mrs. n/a          
    Miss n/a          
  Gowling Mrs. n/a          
    child n/a          
    child n/a          
    Servant n/a          
  Kinsley Benjamin n/a          
    Eliza Oliver (Harcus) n/a          
    Benjamin Harold 4          
    child n/a          
    Lilian Florence Caitloch inf         born at sea, 15 April 1875
UKAP Hawkins Charles William 24 Barber -   Fareham, Hampshire  
    Louisa (Webb) 23          
    Katherine 2          
    Charles W. inf          
UKAP Hawkins Walter C. 16 Barber 699/3     siblings of Charles William
    Katherine J. 14 Nursemaid      
UKAP Perry Thomas 35 Baker 1271/1   Lewisham, London  
    Emily (Cooper) 26          
    Alfred inf         born at sea
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
UKAP Beagley - 28 Tailor -   England  
UKAP Benoliel Solomon 28 Leather Cutter -   England  
CPC Broadstock James 20 Labourer 178/3   England John ?
UKAP Daly Jeremiah 22 Agr. Labourer -   Ireland  
UKAP Daly Michael 22 Labourer -   Ireland  
CPC Feigel George 52 Bootcloser 490/2   England  
UKAP Filer Walter 25 Labourer 498/2   England  
UKF Groves Henry 22 Agr. Labourer 625/2   England  
UKAP Hayes John 23 Gardener 702/1   English  
UKAP Henshall Charles W. 22 Railway Porter 722/2   England  
UKAP Hurley James 20 Labourer 800/3   Ireland  
UKAP Kinred Frederick 23 Joiner 914/3   England  
UKAP Kinred Thomas 22 Joiner 914/3   England  
UKAP McColl Archibald 35 Labourer -   Scotland  
UKAP Muller Carl 21 Labourer -   Foreigner  
UKAP Reed Frederick 15 Agr. Labourer 136-/3   England  
UKAP Stafford John 20 Agr. Labourer 1530/3   England  
- Stafford Michael 22 Labourer 1530/3?   Ireland  
UKAP Virgo William 20 Labourer 1650/1   England  
UKAP Wilson Joseph 35 Labourer -   England  
Single Women & children
UKF Card Hannah 18 Domestic Servant     England  
UKF Daly Minnie 19 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
UKF Hill Honor 22 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
UKF McEwen Emma 22 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC McMahon Bridget 12 child     Ireland  
UKF Miller Martha 14 Nursemaid     England  
UKF Miller Mary 42 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Patrick Mary 42 Housekeeper     England  
CPC Patrick Mary 19 Domestic Servant     England  
CPC Patrick Robert 12 child     English  
UKF Williams Elizabeth 11 child     England  
UKAP Wilson Elizabeth A. 28 Domestic Servant     England  
the following names apear only in the newspaper list
  Flock Samuel            
  McNamara Mary            
  Rainbow Mrs.            
  Sharp Mary            
  Sharp Jane H.            

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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