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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque David Malcolm, 538 tons, Captain Jacob W. Smith, from London 1846 & Plymouth 13th October 1846, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 23rd January 1847

South Australian News, London, Oct. 1846: The David Malcolm, after some slight detention at Plymouth, in consequence of some slight damage received in the Sound, during the stormy weather, sailed, on the 13th instant, with 167 Emigrants, which, on the authority of a gentleman who inspected them previously to departure are most carefully inspected.
The London Times
Oct 12, 1846:
Naval Intelligence
Plymouth, Oct. 9.
The weather continues very bolsterous, with the wind at S.W.
3 o'clock P.M.
The Sir David Malcolm, emigration ship, with emigrants on board, has just parted her starboard chain-cable in the Sound. She is now riding at her only remaining anchor in the northern part of the merchant anchorage ground. It is low water now, and, should the heavy gale blowing from S.S.W. continue during the rising of the tide, her position, without assistance, will be one of great danger.
October 10.
The storm from the southward continues with very little abatement. No damage has, however, occurred in this port.

Friday, Oct 16, 1846:
Naval Intelligence
Portsmouth, Thursday..
Plymouth, Oct. 14.
We had exceedingly fine weather yesterday, with a moderate breeze from north-west, in consequence of which the port was nearly cleared of the numerous ships which had sound a secure anchorage here during the late heavy gales.
The Buckinghamshire, Captain M'Gregor, from China, left on the 12th for London.

Her Majesty's frigate America, 50, Captain the Hon. J. Gordon, sailed yesterday for the Mediterranean, taking 100 boys for distribution among Admiral Parker's fleet. The following also sailed yesterday: the Hon. East India Company's steam frigate, Mooruffer, for Bengal; Her Majesty's troop ship, Athol, for Bermuda and Barbadoes; Her Majesty's store ship Diligence, for Gibraltar; the Australian emigrant ship David Malcolm, Captain Smith, with emigrants and passengers, for Sydney; and about 69 or 70 merchant vessels foreign and coasting, for various destinations.

South Australian Register Wednesday 27th January 1847

Saturday Jan 23rd., the barque David Malcom, 538 tons, J.W. Smith, Master, from London and Plymouth.
Passengers: Mr.& Mrs. Scott and two children, Mr. Price, Rev. W. Vansittart, Mr. James Scott Young, Mr. F.H. Horncastle and Mr. Samuel Hodgkinson surgeon-superintendent, in the cabin.
Richard Prideaux ca.1801 & wife (Catherine ca.1801) & two children (twins, Susan & Elizabeth 11) Camborne, Cornwall Henry Davies & wife Henry Hocking & wife
John Amber & wife & infant Stephen Amber & wife & four children William Jessop & wife
Robert Watling & wife Valentine Wyatt & wife & child John Bickford & wife & five children
Stephen Cutting & wife John B. Tregen (Tregea) & wife & two children, St Agnes, Cornwall James Jose & wife & infant, Cornwell
John Camp & wife & two children Edward Renfrey & wife & two children, Cornwall Richard Fuge & wife & child, Devon
John Hamlyn & wife, Cornwall Christopher Bennett & wife & four children, Cornwall Edward Hancock & wife, Cornwall
Samuel Spear & wife Benjamin Foster & wife Hugh Datson & wife & two children, Cornwall
William Sutton & wife George Ford & wife Thomas Dodd & wife
William Reynolds & wife Edward Gartrill (Gartrell) & wife & two children, Cornwall William Gartrill (Gartrell) & wife, Cornwall
John Rowe & wife John Williams & wife & two children John Venning & wife
James H. Fidock & wife, Cornwall Edward Penny & wife & two children John Oliver & wife & two children
William Simmonds & wife & child Thomas Prisk & wife John Kinsman & wife
John Reed & wife (Ann) & four children, (Thomas, Richard, Jane ?) Lanlivery, Cornwall Richard Lathleen (Lathlean) & wife & child, Cornwall Richard Jury & wife
Joseph Oxenham & wife & child Giles Farnham ca. 1796 & wife (Caroline French ca. 1806) & four children,(Cain 13, Able 11, Harriott 8, Mary Ann 6) Stockland, Dorset  
Single Males    
Joseph Keech Benjamin Cramwell George Edington
Reuben Collins Thomas Maslin David Flodgell
George Jones Benjamin Jones Frederick Beck
Charles John Prosser George W. Cork Charles Chappel
Edwin Prideaux ca.1826 Richard Harry (Henry) Stephen Rowe
Richard Renfrey James Fidock John Rowe
William Pearce Henry Fidock James Rundle
Jonathan Reed James Mitchell James French ca.1776
father of Caroline Farnham ; fought with Lord Nelson against Napoleon Bonaparte ; died ca. 1876
Henry French ca.1821 Giles Farnham jr. ca.1827 Sampson Bowden
Joseph Pope Samuel Sanders David Multon
William Williams James Corte William Walters
Thomas Hamblyn David Bellamy Samuel May
Richard Horswell Thomas Bray  
Single Females    
Mary Ann Long Mary Sheehy Caroline Prosser
Rachael Forrester Mary Ann Fuller Susannah Durrant (Durant)
Catherine Prideaux ca.1831 Sally Prideaux ca.1832 Eliza Prideaux ca.1833
Ann Leg Harriet Renfrey Mary George
Betty Mitchell Margaret Seacombe (Secombe) Ruth Farnham ca.1831
married Robert Fox, who arrived at SA on the Buffalo, with Governor Hindmarsh in 1836
Ann Reid (Reed) Elizabeth Rundle Grace Phillips
Susan Burgoyne Mary Anne Hancock Elizabeth Hancock
Bridget Cummins    

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research); some extracts from 1841 England census in italics

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