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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Electric, 1,106 tons, Captain Robert Lewthwaite, from London 21st June, Plymouth 1st July, 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 23rd September 1865

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 25 September 1865 p. 2

Saturday 23 September:— Electric, ship, 1,106 tons, Lewthwaite, master, from London June 21 via Plymouth July 01. Philip Levi & Co., agents.
Passengers—Dr. J.M. Barry (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 420 Government emigrants in the steerage, whose names will be found in another column:

. . . . — 9th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1865 ; —5— births and —-12— deaths on the passage ; J.M. Barry, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 25 September 1865 pp. 2 & 3
ELECTRIC, from London— 4 casks cod oil, 1 hhd lampblack, 1 brl iron liquor, 1 cask glue, 7 bales sumac, 1 case lignum vitae boards, 400 bdls iron, 450 bdls iron wire, 2 ,232 iron rails, 100 casks bottled beer, G. and B. Wills and Co. ; 100 casks bottled beer, Heriot, Follarton, and Co. ; 13 kilderkins ale, Ripley Webb and Co. ; 400 casks bottled beer, A. Scott ; 28 hhds beer, Fotheringham Brothers ; 1 case books, E. S. Wigg ; 48 pkgs, 1 sample, Hall and Co. ; 1,329 water-pipes, Officer Administering Government ; 1 case. Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 400 bdls fencing-wire, Pearce, Wincey, and Co.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Electric made a most admirable passage from Plymouth, having left on the same day as the Murray, and arrived but 24 hours after her. On clearing the Sound, foul weather prevailed for several days, and in consequence she was some time before clearing the Channel ; but Madeira was passed on the 12th July, and the Line on August 1st, in 26° 50´ west. On August 29th, in 45° south, passed the meridian of the Cape, and the run along the southern parallel has been of a nature to test and establish the vessel's sailing qualities. She is a fine ship, and it would have been a matter of much regret bad she wrecked on the reef below Merino.

"....A melancholy boat accident, by which four lives were lost, occurred off Merino on Saturday afternoon, September 24 [sic]. In the morning of that day the emigrant ship Electric was driven close in shore, and was in imminent danger of stranding...."

Now that the equinoctial gales blow in extreme violence over the Gulf it is scarcely possible, with all the beautiful exactitude of instruments, to form a conjecture of the state of the atmosphere more than a very short time in advance, and on Saturday morning the sky was overcast, the glass falling, and such indications were visible that Captain Douglass expressed an opinion it would blow very furiously during the latter part of the day. In the morning, shortly after daylight, the Electric was seen from the stations to be clawing along the coast, about abreast of Onkaparinga, with one pilot-cutter off shore, and another closer to the land. When to the northward of Field's River she hove-to for a pilot from the Secret, but before he boarded her had drifted (with the wind W.N.W.) towards the shore. The captain had filled away on the port tack when Mr. Woolnough took charge, and finding it was requisite to tack ship the helm was put down ; but from various circumstances she missed stays, and, of course, making a stern board, drew her still nearer the shore, when the only alternative was to anchor. The starboard one was let go, and cable veered to the whole length. The port one in the meantime having fouled, the jibguys was let go, and stock and fluke, and 45 fathoms given it. By this time the vessel was so close to the rocky coast below Merino that a stone might have been flung ashore ; but the pilot cutter, which was in attendance, took out the master and beat up to Glenelg, where he was landed. From the ship a boat was lowered, and soundings astern showed that in the pitches consequent on the sea- way the vessel had not a clear foot of water under her ; consequently, with a falling glass and increasing breeze, her position was a most critical one, as the draught of water was almost 18 feet and It was impossible to give her more chain without touching the bottom. At about this time Captain Duff, the Harbour-Master at Glenelg, seeing the aspect of affairs, put off to the ship, and a telegram having reached Captain Wells that a vessel was in a dangerous position, steam was at once made on board the Eleanor, and without regard to the Ellen Lewis or the Northern Territory, she steamed down the river, accompanied by the Receiver of Wrecks and our Shipping Reporter. It blew fresh going down the Narrows, but on clearing the bar it was found that a heavy sea was on, and frequent squalls came down with great violence, rendering it impossible for a long time to discover the position of the vessel. At length a lull in the storm took place, and the Electric was made out lying under the high land ; and as the gallant tug headed down for her she would occasionally roll the paddle boxes completely under. Had It moderated the Eleanor would have been there by half-past 2, but the squalls were so violent that she was obliged to lay head to wind till they passed ; but at 3.30 she hailed, and was requested by the pilot to make preparations for taking out the women and children. But the difficulty of such proceeding in the heavy sea induced Captain Wells to suggest making an attempt to tow her off, as it would have been impossible to lie along side to tranship the people. To this Mr. Woolnough acceded, but he was determined to slip but one anchor, as it was desirable to secure the means of bringing the vessel up at the Lightship should she succeed in getting there. And now the power of the Eleanor received a more thorough test than she ever had before, for a new nine-inch Manila hawser was hooked on, and on a signal from the pilot she turned ahead. For a few moments the strain on the rope was excessive; but the continuous movement of the engines at length caused the vessel to yield some of the strain, as she slowly headed up to the anchor. Occasionally a heavier sea than the former one gave her a sheer, but it was only for a moment that the extra strain was brought on the line. There was an anxious moment, for the sky had but cleared for a short space, the western horizon being filled with a bank of heavy dense clouds, which promised more anon. The starboard anchor was slowly lifted to the bows, the jib and forestaysail, main, and maintopmaststaysail and driver loosed ; but it was found to be impossible to start the shackle of the port anchor. In a moment the next was taken, and a few blows shook out the pin, the buoy was streamed, cable slipped, and up went the staysail, it was a moment of intense feeling as the ship bowed and lifted to the heavy surges, and it was felt that any delay would be certain destruction. For more than a minute it seemed as if she was half inclined to fake complete charge, end go on shore broadside on ; but the steady and persevering strokes of the paddles were too much for her, and as soon as the canvas filled she headed along the coast line for a short time, and ultimately came up north-west. The emergency of the case had induced the sending down of royal and top gallant-yards, but all possible fore-and-aft sail was set, and the Eleanor did her part well. She was not 20 minutes clear of the anchors before the force of the gale came down, and which never for an instant abated till next morning. All the distance to the anchorage was accomplished in its fury, and in order to aid the tug to the full extent the upper maintopsail was set as soon as it could be done with safety. Some idea of the force of the wind may be formed, from the fact of the clip hooks of the spanker breaking short off in the height of a squall. At times the tow-rope slackened a little, and again came up with a jerk as tight as a harp-string. From half past 4 till half-past 7 the tug carried on a full head of steam, and on reaching the anchorage on rounding to the tow-rope parted at the ship's bowsprit shroud, and she at once anchored. The principal work of the trip being accomplished, the Eleanor brought up too, and there being too much sea to launch the boat, the morning's light was anticipated in slumbers in settees. When it broke there were 19 feet water on the bar, but as it was too late to commence heaving in 75 fathoms chain, the tug started for the Port, and will tow her up this morning. Before closing this notice it is proper to state the pilot desired our reporter to acknowledge his appreciation of the chief officer's valuable assistance, as well as the conduct of the crew and passengers, during the trying occasion ; and our reporter wishes to express his good opinion of Captain Wells's kindness during the trip.
The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 25 September 1865 p. 3

The arrival of the Electric on Saturday, September 23, after a most admirable passage, shows capital selection on the part of the Commissioners at home, and it is a noticeable feature that a long period has elapsed since so fine a ship has been employed. The 'tween decks are lofty, and ventilated by Edmonds's improved system, securing a perfect immunity from the bad odours occasionally prevalent where large numbers of people are congregated together. The main deck affords ample room for passengers to promenade, while the poop is so securely divided from other parts of the ship as to allow the single females plenty of space without being mixed up with other compartments. In the cooking arrangements a most decided improvement has been effected by the introduction of an entirely novel distilling apparatus, the patent of Graveley, and manufactured by Winchester. This apparatus distils 400 gallons of water per diem, cooks all the emigrants' victuals by steam, pumps water and fills the tanks throughout the ship and lastly, drives a continuous up current of air through the midship cowl of the ventilating gear. The Surgeon-Superintendent is lavish in praising this as a most important introduction for securing the comfort and health of the people. Notwithstanding this, some cases of whooping-cough made their appearance during the early part of the voyage, but only three deaths are recorded. After rounding the Cape diarrhoea was prevalent, especially amongst the juveniles, of whom 12 died ; indeed, the deaths were confined to the younger portions of the immigrants.
Dr. Barry has had great experience with immigrant, troop, and passenger vessels, and speaks most favorably of the conduct and general demeanour of his present charge, although in one or two instances an immediate exhibition or strict discipline was necessary ; but without a doubt the people are equal to the general standard, and will no doubt prove an acquisition to the province.
The number of children on the list preponderates, there being 72 under seven years, and 29 over 7 and under 14.
In the single females compartment there are a large proportion arriving to friends in the colony, and the balance are highly recommended by the doctor as superior servants (with one or two exceptions) and most desirable well conducted girls. There are a large proportion of miners amongst the single men, and a few in the married list are of the same occupation. The conduct-list presents the usual features and only one matter of serious import will be brought before the Board of Enquiry. Dr. Duncan's visit of inspection on Sunday morning will have established the fact that although difficult to fill the ships with eligible persons the task has been carried out as far as possible satisfactorily, and the people's conduct on the trying occasion alluded to elsewhere was quite sufficient to show the state of discipline to which they had attained. Fortunately the ship escaped from wreck, and anchored outside for a few hours, but it is almost certain that she will moor in harbor this morning. The following is the official list of the immigrants' names and other particulars. It will be seen from the industrial classification that a considerable number of skilled artizans are on board :—

English —Richard Abbott, William, Phillis, William, and Genevieve Addicoat, John and Mary Arthur, Thomas R. Bath, Francis Bennetts, William Blight, Agnes and Georgina Bloomer, Dehile Bourne, Mary J. Brooking, James, Sarah, Jane, Mary, Hannah, Caroline, and Thomas Buglar, Ellen and Jessie Bulley, Simeon Burt, Henry Carpenter, Morris Carry, Amy Cartridge, William B., Elizabeth, and William Casley, Agnes Castett, Lucy Chapman, Alfred and Eliza Chapman, Thomas B. and Ellen Chesterfield, William Chirgwin, Thomas Condon, Robert Cook, William and Sarah A. Cornelius, Thomas Crowl, Richard Crowle, Humphrey, Mary, and Albert Dark, Henry and Sarah J. Davies, Richard Dawl, Henry, Elizabeth, William H., James, and Charles Dennis, Henry, Ann, Matilda, Elizabeth, and Amelia Dennithorne, William Dixon, Hugh, Sarah, and Hennessey Dolman, David, Elizabeth, Ann, and Jane Dyke, William, Hannah, and Robert Eacott, Henry and Mary A. Edwards, John Edwards, Charles Essex, William H. Eustis, George Eustis, Thomas Evans, Agnes Fairly, David and Emma Floyd, James Fox, Ann Gaston, James and Thomas George, Edward Gerard, Stephen Gibbons, William and Mary Gipson, William and Dolina Gordon, Henry, Ann, and Frederick Goss, Matilda Goss, Samuel and Christina Gray, David Gray, Robert, Elizabeth, Ellen, and Bessy Hall, Ann Hamilly, James Hammett, Thomas Harris, Henry Hart, Elizabeth Hick, Thomas and Nancy Hicks, Henry, Martha, Ellen, and George H. Hicks, George Higgs, Wm. Hill, John, Catharine, Elizabeth, Wm. H., and Wm. Hooper, W. Horr, J. Hoskin, Thomas, Mary A., and Elizabeth A. Howells, Humphrey and Catharine Hosel, Solomon James, Thomas James, Hannah James, Samuel, Henry, and Edward James, Charles and Emma James, Isaac, Mary A., and Alfred James, John Jewer, James, Mary A. Jane, and Lydia Johns, Edmund Johnson, Jane Jordon, Charles, Eliza, Charles, Eliza, Sarah, and Thomas Kay, William, Fanny, Elizabeth, and Ada Jane Keitch, William, and Mary J. Kent, Herbert Kent, William Kernwick, John E., Elizabeth, John, Reuben and Elizabeth J. Kessell, Ellen Kinsman, Alfred and Emily Lambert, John Lenderyon, John Luke, Robert and Mary McKay, Thomas Millington, Wm.. Eliza, Julia, Sarah, Henry, Mary, and Wm. Milton, George, Mary A., and Fred J. Mitchell, Abraham Mitchell, John H., Ann, and Elizabeth Mitchell, Clare Moss, William Mountain, James Noble, William, Sarah, and Emma Norsworthy, John Nute, John Oliver, Richard, Elizabeth A., and Alfred Oliver, Saml. Olpin, Wm. and Hy. Pascoe, James and Grace Paul, Samuel Pearce, Harry Peddle, Myles Pendergast, James, Emily, and Elizabeth Penrose, Simpson, Elizabeth, William, Maria, and Catherine Peters, James Peters, Annie and Ellen Peters, Ann Pern, Mary A. Perron, Francis, Elizabeth, and William Pitchford, Thomas, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ann, Agnes, Caroline, Wm., Jane, and George Powell, John Powell, Richard Powell, Mary Powell, Mary Price, John and Eliza Prout, Samuel H., Elizabeth, Samuel J., and Kate Roberts, Margaret Rogers, Emma Rowe, William Rowe, Frances Richards, George Sandow, William Semmens, Robert, Elizabeth, Ellen, and Joseph Sharp, Joseph Sinious, John, Caroline, and Elizabeth Sincock, Wm. Small, Thos., Harriet, Thos., Jno., and Wm. Snooks, George Spiller, James and Jane Stanbury, Mary Stevens, David, Ann, Grace, and Sam Swift, Henry, Philip, Ann, and Richard Symons, William and Louisa Taylor, Robert Telling, Sarah, Alice, and Alice Testle, Richard, Margaret, Philip, and William Thomas, John Thomas, Charles Thomas, Benjamin, Mary A., Mary E., and Benjamin Thomas, Thomas and Cordelia Tonkin, William and Jane Trebilcock, Edward Tregenza, William Treglower, Robert and Elizabeth Tremaine, William Triggs, William Trudgiam, William, Elisabeth A. William, and John H. Tucker, Lucretia Turner, Paul Voake, Henry, Eliza J., and Richard Wallis, Thomas Waller, Henry Warll, Thomas Waters, John and Catherine Waters, John R., William J., and Robert A. Waters, William and Amelia Webb, Joseph, Ann, Joseph, and Lydia Welsby, Isaac, Catherine, and Lydia Welsby, Edward Wilcox, George, Catherine, Thomas, and Mary Williams, John, Elizabeth, John, Matilda, and William G. Willis, Edwin and Henrietta Winch, Henry Wright.
Scotch — Walter Arbuckle, John Allan, Jane Allan, Wm. Anderson, Alexander, Helen, and Alexander Bain, James, Margaret, and James Blackie, David Burness, Chrystal Cairns, William Cumming, Archibald, Janet, Charles, Rebecca, Archibald, and Agnes Cunningham, Georgina Drummond, Alexander Drummond, Martha Franks, George Graham, John P. Susan, and David Graham, William and Sarah Henderson, William and Margaret Junor, Jno., Mary, and Thomas Kean, John, Mary A., William, James, John, Chas., Margeret, and Mary Kinross, Niel Lochrie, Kenneth, Catherine, and Lilias Logan, Daniel Longmuir, Pat Looney, Agnes Mann, Ann McDonald, James McColl, Charles McPherson, John and Mary McLeod, William Mitchell, George, Isabella, and Mary A. Moir, Sinclair Moodie, Robert, Agnes, John, and Robert Nicol, Peter Paterson, Elizabeth Pringle, Elizabeth Pringle, Isabella Redpath, Christina Reid, William Robertson, Jemima and George Ross, James and Adam Russell, Robert Scott, Jane Simpson, William Stirling, David Stowe, George Tochell, William Twatt, Jessie Webster, Thomas Wells, and Jane Wilson.
Irish — Donald McLachlan, Ellen Murphy, Ellen and Catherine Power.

English— Adults 251, children between one and twelve 78, infants 16, total 337
Scotch— Adults 66, children between one and twelve 13, infants 2, total 81
Irish— Adults 4, total 4
Grand total 422 equal to 362½ statute adults.    

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Kitch, Ada 10 mo. July 13th, 1865 Convulsion at sea
Dyke, Jane 10 mo. July 21st, 1865 Debility at sea
Addicoat, Genevieve 1 July 27th, 1865 Diarrhoea at sea
Hooper, William 11 mo. August 21st, 1865 Phthisis & diarrhoea at sea
Johns, Lydia 10 mo. August 26th, 1865 Whooping cough at sea
Thomas, William R. 8 mo. August 29th, 1865 Infantile Phthisis at sea
Penrose, Elizabeth 10 mo. September 1st, 1865 Aphtha & debility at sea
Williams, Mary 11 mo September 5th, 1865 Bronchitis at sea
Peters, Jane 4 September 13th, 1865 Fever at sea
Swift, Sam 10 mo. September 13th, 1865 Bronchitis at sea
Moir, Mary Ann 7 mo. September 15th, 1865 Bronchitis at sea
Hicks, George 11 mo. September 21st, 1865 Hydrocephalus at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
McLeod, Mary   July 13th, 1865 male  
Logan, Catherine   August 2nd, 1865 male  
Sincock, Caroline   August 10th, 1865 female  
Mitchell, Mary   August 13th, 1865 male  
Hooper, Catherine   August 24th, 1865 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Addicoat William 29 Miner 8/2   St. Just, Cornwall  
    Phillis (Penrose) 27          
    William Richard Penrose 5          
    Genevieve 1         died at sea, July 27th
GE Arthur John 21 Miner 39/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Tellim sp?) 19          
GE Bain Alexander 24 Smith 57/3   Lanark  
    Helen (Morrison ?) 18          
    Alexander inf          
GE Blackie James 44 Labourer 129/2   Edinburgh  
    Margaret 34          
    James 14          
GE Bugler James 34 Labourer 199/2   Thornford, Dorset  
    Sarah (Hann) 34          
    Jane 12          
    Mary Ann 10          
    Hannah Eliza 9          
    Caroline Amelia 3          
    Thomas George ? 1         age 7 ?
GE Casley William Henry 22 Miner 248/2   Penzance, Cornwall to Victoria
    Elizabeth (Lawry) 25          
    William 1          
AE Chapman Alfred 31 Mattress maker 258/3   Middlesex  
    Eliza 37          
GE Chesterfield Thomas Riggs 23 Mason 267/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Ellen (Richards) 24          
GE Cunningham Archibald 32 Tailor 357/2   Glasgow, Lanark  
    Janet (Fulton) 28          
    Charles 11          
    Rebecca 7          
    Archibald 4          
    Agnes inf          
GE Cornelius William 21 Mason - B Redruth, Cornwall  
    Sarah Ann (Buzza) 20          
RE Dark / Darke Humphry Cheriton 35 Tailor 371/2   Middlesex 1861 census residence, Sheffield, Yorkshire
    Mary Elizabeth (Joyce) 22          
    Albert Thomas 3          
GE Davis / Davies Henry 21 Labourer 381/2   Somerset  
    Sarah J. 21          
GE Dennithorne Henry Edmonds Sampson 35 Farmer 398/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Ann Edwards (Grose) 31          
    Matilda Ann 11          
    Elizabeth James 7          
    Amelia Edwards inf          
GE Dennis Henry 30 Labourer 398/1   Helston, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Peters) 33          
    William Henry 11          
    James 5          
    Charles 2          
GE Dolman Hugh 22 Labourer 415/2   Caine, Wiltshire  
    Sarah (Moss) 22          
    Henry Edward inf          
GE Dyke David 24 Labourer 447/1   Mere, Wiltshire  
    Elizabeth (Welsh) 24          
    Ann 2          
    Jane inf         died at sea, July 21st
GE Eacott William 22 Car man 448/1   Lambeth, Surrey  
    Hannah Bellarias (Singfield) 20          
    Robert inf          
GE Edwards Henry 25 Stone cutter -   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Thomas) 19          
GE Floyd David 19 Miner 514/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Emma (Adams) 19          
GE Gipson William 26 Labourer 573/3   Surrey  
    Mary 25          
GE Gordon William 24 Smith 593/2   Bolton, Lancashire  
    Dolina (Henry) 20          
GE Goss Henry 34 Carrier 595/2   Tiverton, Devon with family
    Ann 32          
    Frederick 4          
GE Graham John 26 Tailor 602/1   Forfarshire  
    Susan (Winter) 26          
    David 2          
GE Gray Samuel 21 Smith 608/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Christiana (Mitchell) 21          
GE Hall Robert 31 Shoemaker 648/3   St, Andrew, Devon  
    Elizabeth Jane (Demellweek) 30          
    Ellen Amelia 10          
    Bessie Sophia Mary 5          
GE Hazel Humphrey John 32 Labourer -   Wiltshire FreeBMD marriage registered in Isle of Wight, Hampshire
    Catherine Cheyney (Edney) 30          
GE Henderson William 23 Smith 719/1   Roxburgh  
    Sarah 19         Sarah Agnes Campbell Whillans ?
GE Hicks Henry 29 Miner 733/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Martha (Gilbert) 29          
    Ellen 9          
    George inf         died at sea, September 21st
GE Hicks Thomas 28 Miner 733/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Nanny (Thomas) 26          
AE Hooper John 20 Agr. Labourer 771/2   Launceston, Cornwall  
    Catherine Rennells (Roberts) 23          
    Elizabeth 5          
    William Henry 1         died at sea, August 21st
    Henry William 1         confusing ! Charles Sidney Hooper?
    male inf         born at sea, August 21st
GE Howells Thomas 36 Sawyer 786/1   Monmouth  
    Mary Ann (Morgan) 31          
    Elizabeth inf          
GE James Charles 26 Labourer -   Penzance, Cornwall with brother Soloman
    Emma Trevenen (Gundry) 26          
GE James Isaac 45 Carter 826/3   Yatesbury, Wiltshire with family
    Mary Ann (Gale) 42          
    Alfred 10          
GE Johns James 25 Labourer / Miner 845/3   St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Mary A. 25          
    Jane 3          
    Lydia inf         died at sea, August 26th
GE Junor William 27 Smith 870/1   Berwick  
    Margaret (Lamb) 19          
GE Kay Charles William 35 Bootmake 876/3   St George in the East, Middlesex  
    Eliza (Crane) 33          
    Charles Thomas 10          
    Eliza 7          
    Sarah Ann 5          
    Thomas 1          
GE Kean John 30 Saddler 877/3   Lanark  
    Mary (Kelly) 30          
    Thomas 3          
GE Kent William 22 Sawyer 899/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Willoughby) 19          
GE Kessell John Edwards 34 Labourer 903/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Williams ?) 36          
    John E. 10          
    Reuben 5          
    Elizabeth Jane 4          
AE Kinross John 33 Sawyer 914/3   Clackmannan  
    Mary (Batton) 34          
    William 15          
    James 13          
    John 11          
    Charles 9          
    Margaret 4          
    Mary inf          
GE Kitch William 30 Labourer 917/2   Monmouth  
    Fanny (Wall) 29          
    Elizabeth 4          
    Ada inf         died at sea, July 13th
GE Logan Kenneth 31 Ploughman -   Ross & Cromarty  
    Catherine (McKenzie) 27          
    Lilia 1          
    male inf         born at sea, August 2nd
GE McKay Robert 27 Labourer 1072/2   Edinburgh  
    Mary (Lawson) 23          
GE McLeod John 25 Ploughman 1079/3   Ross & Cromarty  
    Mary 20          
    male inf         born at sea, July 13th
GE Milton William 32 Labourer 1116/1   Ross, Herefordshire  
    Eliza (Stevens) 33          
    Julia 12          
    Sarah 10          
    Henry 10          
    Mary 5          
    William 1          
GE Mitchell George 23 Labourer 1118/3   Somerset FreeBMD marriage registered in Bristol, Gloucestershire
    Mary Ann (Colley) 31          
    Frederick 2          
    male inf         born at sea, August 13th
GE Mitchell John Henry 21 Labourer 1120/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Ann (Opie) 23          
    Elizabeth 1          
GE Moir George Philip 24 Baker 1124/2   Aberdeen  
    Isabella (Nicol / Nichol) 24          
    Mary Ann inf         died at sea, September 15th
GE Nicol Robert 26 Moulder 1185/1   Lanark  
    Agnes (Lawson) 28          
    John 3          
    Robert 1          
GE Norsworthy William Henry 28 Smith 1196/2   St. Andrew, Devon  
    Sarah Elizabeth (Wright) 26          
    Emma 1          
GE Oliver Richard 22 Gardener -   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Dowell) 25          
    Alfred inf          
GE Paul James 34 Carpenter 1249/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Grace (Crocket) 30          
GE Penrose James 21 Miner 1267/2   Penzance, Cornwall to Victoria
    Emily (James) 22          
    Elizabeth inf         died at sea, September 1st
GE Peters Sampson Swaine 34 Miner 1272/2   Camborne, Cornwall with family | 1861 census, surname simply recorded as "Swain."
    Elizabeth (Pendray) 33          
    William 10          
    Maria 7          
    Jane 4         died at sea, September 13th
    Catherine 1          
GE Pitchford Francis 22 Smith 1287/3   Monmouth  
    Elizabeth (Williams) 22          
    William 2          
GE Powell Thomas 42 Butcher 1305/1   Brecknock, Breconshire with family
    Elizabeth 41          
    Elizabeth 12          
    Anne 10          
    Agnes 8          
    Caroline 8          
    William 6          
    Jane 4          
    George 3          
GE Prout John 22 Miner 1315/1   Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Eliza (Martin) 22          
GE Roberts Samuel Henry 33 Miner 1365/3   St. Austell, Cornwall to Victoria
    Elizabeth (Merrifield) 27          
    Samuel 3          
    Kate inf          
GE Sharp Robert 36 Rail Labourer 1470/2   Devon Redruth, Cornwall ?
    Elizabeth 33          
    Elizabeth Ellen 10          
    Joseph James 8          
GE Sincock John 21 Miner 1493/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Caroline (Peters) 23          
    Elizabeth 1          
    female inf         born at sea, August 10th
AE Snooks Thomas 35 Carpenter 1515/2   Kensington, Middlesex  
    Harriet Rebecca (Wright) 29          
    Thomas 5          
    John 3          
    William 1          
GE Swift David 23 Carpenter 1568/3   Bradford, Yorkshire  
    Ann (Wood) 23          
    Grace 1          
    Sam inf         died at sea, September 13th
AE Symons Philip 36 Baker 1570/1   Monmouth  
    Ann 35          
GE Taylor William 23 Miner 1582/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Louisa (Martin) 19          
GE Telling Robert 30 Groom 1586/1   Bibury, Gloucester  
    Sarah Ann (Turner) 29          
  Turner Lucretia Elizabeth Ann 13          
GE Thomas Benjamin 27 Tin dresser 1590/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (James) 27          
    Mary 4          
    Benjamin 1          
GE Thomas Richard 25 Labourer 1595/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Margaret Jane (Paul) 23          
    Philip 1          
    William inf         died at sea, August 29th
GE Tonkin Thomas 30 Carpenter 1611/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Cordelia (Thomas) 26          
GE Trebilcock William 34 Miner -   Gwennap, Cornwall  
    Jane (Bailey) 40          
GE Tremain Robert 32 Labourer -   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Barraball / Brooking) 35         FreeBMD marriage registered in Plymouth, Devonshire
  Brooking Mary Jane 10          
GE Tucker William 22 Miller 1665/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Uren) 24          
    William 2          
    John inf          
GE Wallis Henry 22 Miner 1665/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Eddy) 19          
    Richard 1          
PP Waters John 44 Clerk 1680/1   Cork  
    Catherine 39          
    John R. 20          
    William J. 14          
    Robert Adam 12          
AE Webb William 30 Tailor -   Plymouth, Devon  
    Amelia Louisa (Faulkner) 31          
GE Welsby Isaac 25 Labourer 1693/3   Manchester, Lancashire  
    Catherine (Evans) 25          
    Lydia 2          
GE Welsby Joseph 28 Labourer 1694/1   Lancashire  
    Ann (Lowe) 28          
    Joseph 3          
    Lydia 1          
GE William / Williams George 29 Labourer 1716/2   Glamorgan  
    Catherine 34          
    Thomas 2          
    Mary inf         died at sea, September 5th
GE Willis John 36 Labourer 1724/3   Greenwich, Kent  
    Elizabeth (Roberts) 30          
    John 11          
    Matilda 2          
    William George inf          
GE Winch Edwin 23 Carpenter -   St, Pancras, Middlesex  
    Henrietta Elizabeth (Lepper) 20          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Abbott Richard 20 Stome mason 2/3   Cornwall  
GE Allan John 23 Ploughman 15/3   Clackmannan  
GE Anderson William 26 Engineer 28/3   Lanark  
GE Arbuckle Walter 30 Tailor 35/3   Lanark  
GE Bath Thomas Henry Richards 20 Labourer 95/1   Cornwall  
GE Bennetts Francis 20 Carpenter -   Cornwall  
AE Blight William 20 Mason -   Cornwall  
GE Burness David 25 Plasterer 208/1   Kincardine  
GE Burt Simeon 27 Farm Labourer 211/1   Somerset  
GE Cairns Chrystal ! 21 Farm Labourer 225/2   Clackmannan Christopher ?
GE Carpenter Henry 19 Miner 240/3   Cornwall  
GE Carry Morris 22 Labourer 243/2   Monmouth  
GE Chirgwin William 20 Ironfounder 269/3   Cornwall  
GE Condon Thomas 20 Farm Labourer 305/3   Dorset  
RE Cook Robert 18 Labourer -   Lincoln  
RE Crowl Thomas 18 Miner 351/2   Cornwall  
GE Crowle Richard 22 Gardener 351/3   Cornwall  
GE Cummings William 22 Carpenter 356/1   Aberdeen  
GE Dawe Richard 21 Mason -   Cornwall  
GE Dixon William 19 Groom -   Stafford  
GE Drummond Alexander 21 Ploughman -   Perthshire  
GE Edwards John 24 Carpenter -   Stafford  
AE Essex Charles 17 Messenger -   Middlesex  
GE Eustis George 20 Labourer 474/1   Feock, Cornwall  
GE Eustis William 21 Labourer -    
GE Evans Thomas 27 Sawyer -   Glamorgan  
GE Fox James 21 Farm Labourer -   Devon  
GE George James 21 Miner 558/2   Cornwall  
GE George Thomas 19 Labourer 559/1   Cornwall  
GE Gerrard Edward 19 Farm Labourer 559/3   Somerset  
GE Gibbons Stephen 27 Farm Labourer 563/3   Chester  
GE Graham George 30 Ploughman 601/2   Ross & Cromarty  
GE Gray David 17 Agr. Labourer 606/3   Dorset  
GE Hammett James 21 Farm Labourer -   Cornwall  
AE Harris Thomas 23 Moulder 680/3   Cornwall  
GE Hart Henry 21 Miller 685/3   Gloucester  
GE Higgs George 19 Labourer 735/3   Berkshire  
GE Hill William 35 Blacksmith -   Cumnerland  
GE Hore William 20 Farm Labourer 774/2   Devon  
GE Hosking John 18 Miner 779/1   Cornwall  
GE James Edward 13 Carter 826/3   Yatesbury, Wiltshire with parents
GE James Henry 15 Carter 826/3  
GE James Samuel 17 Carter 826/3  
GE James Soloman Rowe 22 Agr. Labourer 828/1   Penzance, Cornwall with brother Charles
AE James Thomas 20 Farm Labourer 828/2   Cornwall  
GE Jewer John 21 Farm Labourer 842/2   Dorset  
AE Johnson Edward C. 17 Butcher 847/2   Monmouth  
GE Kent Herbert 24 Labourer 898/3   Dorset  
GE Kerwick William 19 Miner 903/2   Cornwall  
GE Lambert Alfred 23 Farm Labourer -   -  
GE Lenderyon John 29 Butcher -   -  
GE Lockrie Neil 27 Moulder -   Lanark  
GE Longmuir Daniel 27 Baker -   Lanark  
RE Looney Patrick 20 Labourer -   Clare  
AE Luke John 20 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE McColl James 21 Tinsmith -   Lanark  
RE McLachlan Donald 21 Labourer -   Ireland ?  
GE McPherson Charles 22 Tinsmith -   Lanark  
GE Millington Thomas 22 Carpenter 1113/1   Glamorgan  
GE Mitchell Abraham 21 Farm Labourer 1118/1   Somerset  
GE Mitchell William 23 Farm Labourer 1121/3   Perthshire  
GE Moodie Sinclair 25 Joiner 1129/1   Edinburgh  
GE Moss Clare 18 Ploughman 1138/3   Somerset  
GE Mountain William 21 Engineer -   Middlesex  
GE Noble James 22 Miner 1190/3   Lanark  
GE Nute John 18 mason 1201/2   Cornwall  
GE Oliver John 20 Labourer -   Gloucseter  
GE Olphin Samuel 20 Farm Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Pascoe Henry 22 Farm Labourer 1244/2   Devon  
GE Pascoe William 21 Mason 1245/2   Cornwall  
GE Paterson Peter 27 Smith 1247/1   Berwick  
GE Pearce Samuel 19 Farm Labourer 1257/1   Gloucester  
GE Peddle Harry 17 Baker 1259/3   Somerset  
GE Peters James 21 Miner 1272/2   Cornwall  
GE Powell John 21 Farm Labourer 1304/3   Gloucester  
GE Powell Richard 17 Labourer -   Brecon with parents
GE Prendergast Myles 24 Labourer -   Lancashire  
GE Robertson William 28 Joiner 1369/1   Lanark  
GE Ross George 32 Ploughman 1389/1   Ross & Cromarty  
GE Rowe William 18 Farm Labourer 1396/1   Cornwall  
GE Russell Adam 19 Shepherd 1405/1   Greenlaw, Berwickshire  
GE Russell James 21 Shepherd 1405/3    
GE Sanders George 19 Carpenter -   Cornwall  
GE Scott Robert 35 Shepherd -   Roxburgh  
GE Semmons William 21 Farm Labourer 1463/3   Cornwall  
GE Simmons Henry 19 Miner 1488/3   Cornwall  
GE Simons Joseph 25 Mason 1490/1   Devon  
GE Small William H. 22 Farm Labourer -   Devon  
AE Spiller George 21 Labourer 1524/1   Somerset  
GE Stanbury James 18 Agr. Labourer 1531/3   Devon  
GE Stirling William 24 Gardener 1551/1   Forfarshire  
GE Stove / Stowe David 21 Agr. Labourer -   Scotland  
GE Symons Richard 25 Wheelwright -   -  
AE Thomas Charles 22 Carpenter 1590/2   Somerset  
GE Thomas John 20 Farm Labourer 1593/3   Cornwall  
GE Tochell George 23 Farm Labourer 1608/1   Renfrew  
GE Tregenza Edward 20 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Treglown William 20 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Triggs William 25 Carpenter -   Devon  
GE Trudgian William 25 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Twatt William 19 Agr. Labourer 1633/3   Orkney  
GE Voake William Paul 20 Farm Labourer 1650/2   Somerset  
GE Walter Thomas S. 19 Farm Labourer 1669/1   Hampshire  
GE Ward Henry 27 Rail Labourer -   Middlesex  
GE Waters Thomas 23 Miner 1680/1   Cornwall  
GE Wells Thomas 29 Rail Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE Willcocks Edward 21 Wheelwright -   Cornwall  
GE Wright Henry 18 Farm Labourer -   Somerset  
Single Women & children
GE Allan Jane 21 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Bloomer Agnes 28 Domestic Servant     Staffordshire  
GE Bloomer Georgina 26 Cook      
GE Bourn Delilah 24 Domestic Servant     Somerset  
GE Bulley Ellen 19 Servant     Stoke Damerel, Devon  
GE Bulley Jessie 16 Servant     age 21 ?
GE Cartridge Amy 37 Domestic Servant     Middlesex  
GE Castell Agnes 18 Servant     Surrey  
GE Chapman Lucy 27 Nurse     Middlesex  
GE Drummond Georgina 20 Servant     Haddington  
GE Fairley Agnes 22 Laundry Maid     Edimburgh  
GE Franks Matilda 16 Domestic Servant     Wiltshire  
GE Gaston Ann 19       Gloucester  
GE Goss Matilda 15       Tiverton, Devon with parents
GE Hambley Anne 18 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE Hicks Elizabeth 28 Servant     Cornwall  
GE James Hannah 22 Domestic Servant 826/3   Yatesbury, Wiltshire with parents
GE Jordan Jane 18 Nursemaid     Surrey  
GE Kinsman Ellen 15 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE Lambert Emily 24 Clothworker     Somerset  
GE Mann Agnes 34 Domestic Servant     Lanark  
GE McDonald Anne 19 Servant     Kildare  
RE Murphy Ellen 26       Cork  
GE Peen Ann 29 Domestic Servant     Devon  
GE Perron Mary A. 31 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE Peters Annie 13       Camborne, Cornwall with parents
GE Peters Ellen 12      
GE Powell Mary 19 Domestic Servant 1305/1   Brecon with parents
RE Power Catherine 14       Cork  
RE Power Ellen 17       Cork  
GE Price Mary 22 Domestic Servant     Brecon  
GE Pringle Elizabeth 31 Domestic Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Pringle Elizabeth 13        
GE Redpath Isabella 22 Domestic Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Reid Christina 25 Servant     Aberdeen  
  Richards Frances 32 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Rogers Margaret 23 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE Ross Christina 25 Servant     Aberdeen  
GE Ross Jemima 33 Domestic Servant 1389/2   Ross  
GE Rowe Emma 18 Domestic Servant     Cornwall  
GE Simpson Jane 23 Kitchen maid     Aberdeen  
GE Stanbury Jane 21 Domestic Servant     Devon  
GE Stevens Mary 29 Cook     Hereford  
RE Testi Alice 37       Westminster, Middlesex  
RE Testi Alice Elizabeth inf child      
GE Webster Jessie 22 Domestic Servant     Aberdeen  
GE Wilson Jane 22 Cook     Aberdeen  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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