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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Forfarshire, 1,238 tons, Captain Daniel Jones, from London 13th November, Plymouth 23rd November 1873, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 7th February 1874

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 09 February 1874 p. 2

Saturday 07 February:— Forfarshire, ship, 1,238 tons, Daniel Jones, master, from London November 13 via Plymouth November 23. Rawlings and Cave, agents.
Passengers—Mrs. Jones ; Dr. Sprod (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 421 Government emigrants in the steerage, a list of whom will be found in another column:

The Times, Friday, Nov 28, 1873; pg. 5; Issue 27859; col C
Lloyds Register

Code letters:  HNGP                 Official Number:  56779
Master:  Captain D.D. Brown, appointed to the Shipping Line in 1873 and to the ship in 1876.
Rigging:  composite materials Ship; 2 decks; sheathed in felt & yellow metal; fastened with copper bolts;
                galvanized iron bolts used on upper deck; .
Tonnage:  1,238 tons gross, 1,124 under deck and 1,238 net.
Dimensions:  201.9 feet long, 37.1 foot beam and holds 22.1 feet deep;
                      Poop 62 feet long; Forecastle 37 feet.
Construction:  1867,  J. Morison in Sunderland; iron frame planked; repairs to damages in 1877;
                        partial new deck in 1879.
Owners:  Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.
Port of registry:  Southampton


. . . . — 2nd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1874 ; —7— births and —-4— deaths on the passage ; John Sprod, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, CPCH = Colonial Passage Certificate Holders ; CFPCH = Colonial Full Paid Passage Holders ; UKAP = United Kingdom Assisted Passage regulation ; UKFPPR = United Kingdom Full Paid Passage regulation ; FP = Free Passage ; FULL = Full Passage. — Robert
The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 09 February 1874 p. 2

FORFARSHIRE, from London 65 trunks, 356 kegs, 245 drums, 2,769 boards, 2,083 deals, 1,000 bdls. wire, 1,000 bags, 50 tons coal, 321 cases, 651 casks, 30 hhds., 50 qr.-casks, 150 brls., 136 pkgs.

Per Forfarshire, from London
For Good, Toms, and Co.— 57 pkgs. drapery.
For Thos. Johnson— 41 trunks boots.
For Snow and Bennett— 14 trunks boots.
For Bostock — 10 trunks boots, men's and youths' long and short Wellingtons.
For D. and W. Murray— 32 packages.
For John Webster and Co. —110 casks, 150 barrels.
For D. and J. Fowler— 50 casks, 52 cases.
For John Hodgkiss and Co.— 1 case.
For Theo. Robin— 3,759 deals and boards.

Miscellaneous Shipping

The Forfarshire, another immigrant vessel, arrived in the roadstead on Saturday afternoon. after a very excellent voyage. She is in such trim that it is not astonishing she made a good passage ; and, further, her arrival is so opportune that on Sunday afternoon she was towed into harbour.                                
Of the voyage Captain Jones reports leaving London on November 13, and Plymouth on the 23rd of the same month. For the first week out north and north-west winds continued, and during the continuance of the northerly trades the ship passed down between the Cape Verde Islands and the mainland. On Thursday, December 18th, she crossed the line in 21° of west longitude, and the southern trades were characterized  by fine weather. On January 10th in lat. 42° 30', passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, and experienced a very violent gale there, but severe damage was not sustained, though the ship was under close-reefed storm canvas for several hours. The passage of the Southern Ocean was made on a parallel of 43° to 44° and fine winds were experienced. On Friday, February 6, sighted Cape Borda, and on Saturday night (7th) was boarded off the Semaphore.
Vessels Spoken,
By the Forfarshire, on December 30, in 32° 39' south, 28° 10' west, the ship Chaunderie, from London, bound to New Zealand ; on January 1, the French barque Pekin, in lat. 34° 20' south, long. 26° 14' west ; on January 2, in 35° 10' south, long. 25° west, the barque Alfred Hawley, 47 days out, bound from London to Hobart Town ; same day, the ship Candahar, from London to Calcutta ; on January 11, in 41° 5' south, 20° 52' east, the ship Manilla, from Shields to Bombay.

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 09 February1874 p. 3

It is pretty evident the Commissioners showed great judgment when the Forfarshire was selected to carry emigrants, for a finer vessel could scarcely be desired. She is a ship of 1,238 tons, with fine beam and good height between decks. She left London on November 13th, and Plymouth on November 23rd, having on board 419 persons ; and such good regulations have been observed on the voyage that the mortality has been very low. There were six births and four deaths on the voyage, and a better lot of people have seldom arrived in the colony. The fore compartment of the vessel is devoted to young men, of whom there are quite a selection of agricultural laborers and other workers in the industrial hive. Amidships are the married folks, with a swarm of children, all looking as healthy as possible. Abaft the after hatchway are the single females, who are, without exception, likely to prove a valuable acquisition to the colony. The general character of the people on board is favorable in the extreme, both surgeon superintendent and captain speaking in most eulogistic terms of them.
The state of health throughout the voyage rendered the hospitals almost useless, and on arrival there were only two or three patients on the sick list. The surgeon superintendent, although by no means so old in the service as some of his predecessors, has made the discipline of the ship as near perfect as possible. Dr. Sprod belongs to South Australia, commenced his education at St. Peter's College, and now returns to his early home after earning his degrees in England. On the ship's arrival on Saturday night there were noisy demonstrations of applause as the first shore boats were welcomed, and the people seemed in most exuberant spirits at the thought of early landing. On Sunday morning full supplies of fresh provisions were taken off from the stations, and at 9 o'clock Dr. Duncan, accompanied by Mr. Cave, the agent of the ship, was on board to muster. Then but a very short time elapsed before the ship was open to the general public, and many of the people were soon engaged. During the afternoon both tugs were in attendance, and the ship was towed into harbor. It was supposed this fine ship would take away some portion of our immense export, but instructions from the owners will send her away to India.
The following is a list of the immigrants on board this ship, with information regarding their occupations :—

George, Ruth Brown, and child, George, Emma Brittain, Alfred, Louisa Cresswell, and four children, William, Alice Clark, and four children, Samuel, Mary A. Dudley, and three children. Charles H., Jane Dousy, and four children, John, Maria Dartwell, and two children, James, Isabella Edis, and four children, Geo., Ann Grimsby, and two children, Alfred J., Elizabeth S. Higman, Henry, Martha Hollick, and three children, Joseph, Hannah Harris, and four children, Samuel, Sarah Jolly, and two children, Fred., Maria Linington, and infant, Fred., Betsy Langford, John F., Elizabeth Martin, and infant, James, Caroline Reid, and two children. Alex, Ann L Spencer, Thos, Phillis Stillman, Edward, Mary Skipper, and three children, Ebenezer, Mary Weeks, and three children, John, H. M. Waddell, and infant, Robert Austin, Wm. K. Allsop, Allan Burley, Thomas A. Baggs. John Blake, Walter Cresswell, George Cruickshank, Philip C. Day, Henry Davey, Edward Fuller, Ben. Franklin, Matt. W. Foster, Henry Grooves, Thomas K. Green, Stephen Girling, Frederick Gibbons, Alf Houghton, Hy. Harker, Hy. Hannam Joseph, George, and Thos. J. Hobbs, Thos. Hains, Wm. Hargraves, Hy. Hutton, Thos. Jackson, Wm. Masher, Elias Packham. Thos. Road, Richard. A. Riley, Alf H. Rose, Edmund Smith, Charles Soden, George Searmark. Wm. Stevenson, Geo. Salter, Andrew Strachan, Josh. Tolley. Fred. A. Webb, Albert Wenhan, Arthur Wheaton, Clara and Mary A. Bray, May Best, Elizabeth Davies, Mary A. Dudley, Martha Edin. Louise, Harriet, and Eliza Hibbs, Martha Hollick, Mary Halpen, Eliza Irvine, Rachael and Mary Johnson, Harriet, Fanny, Martha, Caroline, W. T. and Hy. Needles, Sarah J. Perry, Frances Soden, Kezia S. and Anne E. Shaw, Elizabeth Sitch, Elizabeth Wilson, Mrs. Rogers, (matron), George and Ann E. Best, Edward, Ann Bridger, and three children, Thos., Margaret Brunger, and two children, Geo., Kate Baker, Fred., Philadelphia Burr, and child, James, Emma Benfield, and three children, John, Sophia Boath, and child, Wm, Frances Benfield, and two children, Job W., Emma Chambers, and four children, Thos. W, Louisa Craddock, Wm. Jane Cooper, Jas. [sic], Emma Castle, and four children, Wm. Mary A. Cherryman, and six children, Fras., Mary J. Castle, and two children, Hy., Mary A. Chaney. Daniel, Pamela Dadds, and three children, Wm., Mary A. Davis, and three children, Chas., Mary Drayson, and four children, William, Mary Dunstone, and two children, Richard, Mary Evans, and two children, Richard, Catherine Fridd, and infant, Hy., Ann M. Fuller, and three children, Ben, Eliza Floyd, and two children, Mark, Jane Gladman, and child, Jas., Angelina Goodhall, and infant, Jas., Louisa Giles, and three children, Wm., Charlotte Griggs, and four children, Wm., Elizabeth Gray, and four children, Wm, Frances Rodshon [sic], and four children, Daniel, Elizabeth B. Hewitt, and two children, Elias. Sarah J. Hooker, and four children, Geo. and Caroline Howell, George and Charity Jupp, Geo., Susannah Knott, and four children, John, Elizabeth King, and four children. Edwd., Mary A. Ladd. and five children, John, Grace McCreanor, and five children, George, Elizabeth Munn, and four children, Wm. and Grace Mortimore, Michael and Harriet Nolan and child, Chas. and Mary Nankervis, Hy. and May Noy, Jas. and Rebecca Poole, Wm.. Mary Palmer, and child, Geo., Mary J. King, and child, Jas. and Caroline Soward, David and Bertha Sweeter, Hy., Mary A. Smith, and four children, Jas., Emily Smith, and four children, John, Harriet Sparrow [sic], and three children, Thos., Esther Taylor, and three children, Wm. S., Peggy Trezise, and two children, Wm. Charlotte Uren, and three children, Geo. and Emily West, Wm. and Eliza Wood, Wm. H. Arscott, Wm. Betts. George Brenchley, Robert Burwell, Fred. Bourne, Geo. Bringer, Mark Burrows, Stephen Bamblett, Wyllie Boath, Martin Breman, Richd. Benfield, Jas. Bradley, Walter and Hy. Collins, John Cooper, Geo. Carpenter, Denis Collins, Jas. W. Dadds, Chas. Dobe, Thos. J. Dunn, Chas. H. Ives, Edwin Epps, Thos. Everest, Richd. Elliott, John Evans, Wm. Ellis, Josephine, Cornelius, and Jonathan Ellis, Jas. and John Evans, Wm. Fenn, Jas. Finn, Albert Gansden, Geo. Guy, Chas. Goodrich, Geo. and Wm. Holiday, John Hunter, Pat Hannen, Hy. Knott, Hy. King, Wm. Knott and son, Chas. Ladd, Chas. H. Leath, Jas. Mayger, Thos. Moore, Geo. Milner, Alf. Maxted, Thos. McCreanor, Nich. Magner, Michael Mahoney, Edward W. Mullins, Pat Marion, Wm. Noy, Wm. Offen. Wm. B. Orr, Thos. Poole, Geo. Pierson, Jas. Port, Geo Roots, David Randall, Wm. E. Rowe, Wm. Raines, Samon Salmon, Wm. Sealey, Isaac Susana, John and Wm. Sparrow, John, Joseph, and Alfred B. Smith, Geo. Trice, Geo. Tanner, Wm. J. Trezise. Thos. H. Thomas, John Waterman, Richd. Woodhame, Harry Waters, Geo. Wood, Fielder Ware, John Williams, Thos. Wheeler, Geo. R. Fellop, May A. Bignell, Caroline Bending, Mary A. Brown, Emily Bennett, Catherine, Jessie, Mary, and Elizabeth Booth, Ellen Benfield, Winifred Banks, Jane Curnow, Rose Dolan, May Dobey, Anny Ives, Sarah A. Evans, Margaret and Maria Finn, Hannah Farrell, Jane Jeffrey, Elizabeth Susanna M., Elizabeth A. Knolt, and three children. Mary McCreanor, Christina McKenzie, Catherine McGuire, Ellen Nolan, Ellen O'Callaghan, Margaret Orr, Sarah Poole, Frances Roots, Henrietta Reed, Harriet A. Sparrow, Margaret and Catherine Trezise., Angelina Thomas, Mary Thompson, Elizabeth Williams, Sarah White, George and Georgina Miller.

Totals—Married couples 78, single men 123 single women 62, boys 72, girls 91
English 475, Scotch 11, Irish 23.
Grand total 509 equal to 419 statute adults.

The occupations are classified as follows:— Agricultural laborers 107, bricklayers 4, boiler maker 1, blacksmith I, coachmaker I, carpenters 7, cabinetmakers 2, carrier 1, coachtrimmer 1, cooks 4, domestic servants 48, dairyman 1, grooms 2, gardeners 8, gasfitter 1, housemaids 7, laborers 35, laundress 1, metalworkers 3, miners 13, miller 1, matron 1, mathematical instrument-maker 1, nursemaids 3, painters 4, plasterers 2, page 1, porter 1, railway porters 2, stonemason I, shepherds 2, shoemakers 2, tin dressers 2.

The South Australian Register, Tuesday 10 February1874 p. 5

The Immigrants per Forfarshire.—

A further and according to all accounts very desirable addition to the population of the colony has been made through the arrival of the Forfarshire. She has on board 509 immigrants, the majority of the adults being entered as agricultural labourers, labourers, and domestic servants. Those not thus described are variously classified, according to the occupation followed by them in the mother country. It is more than probable, however, that many of these will have to accept engagements for other employment than that they have been used to. They will find that in a new country like this, although, work is abundant, it is only certain kinds of work In the natural order of things, the diversity of occupations is not so great here as at home, and a gardener or porter, if he can at first find nothing to do in his own particular line, will do well to turn his hand to such employment as is readily obtainable. There are people in the community ever disposed to foment dissatisfaction amongst new arrivals by misrepresenting the state of affair and by urging upon them to demand higher wages or greater privileges than they are at all likely to get. Against all such false friends the immigrants must be on their guard. There is a fair day's wage to be had for a fair day's work that is all that can be promised. Life is no more 'all beer and skittles' in the colonies than it is in Great Britain.

With regard to the Forfarshire, now lying in the stream, we learn that on Monday, February 8, she was visited by the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration and the Secretary of the department, who report that everything on board was found to be in the most satisfactory condition. They were much impressed with the suitability of the vessel for immigration purposes, her great breadth and height between decks being particularly noticeable. The conduct of the officers and the Surgeon -Superintendent is stated to have been exemplary. The flattering terms in which Dr. Sprod who, as we have before mentioned, is a South Australian just returning from his medical studie, is spoken of will be gratifying to his many friends here. The whole of the immigrants appear to be perfectly satisfied with their treatment on board, and not a single complaint was made by them against those under whose care they have been.

Mr. Everard and Mr. Deering express a very high opinion as regards the appearance of all the new comers, and are of opinion that the selection reflects great credit upon Mr. Dutton. The Commissioner saw the girls, numbering about 50, into the Adelaide train, on their way to the Servants Home, where they will be taken charge of by Mrs. Stapley, the matron. The other passengers, or such of them as are not engaged earlier, will be lodged in the Forfarshire for seven lay days.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Poole, James 50 December 12th, 1873 Angina Pectoris at sea
Munn, Thomas 1 December 16th, 1873 Diarrhoea at sea
Waddell, Eleanor inf January 27th, 1874 Diarrhoea at sea
Jupp, female 1 day February 3rd, 1874 Premature birth at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Baker, Kate   December 26th, 1873 male  
Howell, Caroline   January 10th, 1874 male  
Chambers, Emma   January 16th, 1874 female  
Guy, Elizabeth   January 23rd, 1874 female  
Burr, Philadelphia   January 30th, 1874 male  
Jupp, Charity   February 3rd, 1874 female  
Taylor, Esther   February 13th, 1874 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
FP Baker George 21 Farm Labourer 60/3   England Kent ?
    Catherine / Kate (Beer ?) 20          
    male inf         born at sea, Dec 26, 1873
FP Benfield John 31 Farm Labourer 110/1   Campden, Gloucestershire  
    Emma (Tomes) 36         FreeBMD, married Dec qtr 1870
  Tomes Henry 10          
  Benfield Mark 2          
  Benfield Ann M. 1          
FP Benfield William 34 Farm Labourer 110/1   Campden, Gloucestershire  
    Frances (Carter) 36          
    Ellen 14 Nursemaid        
    Richard 12 Plough-boy        
    Emily 6          
    Minnie 3          
FP Best George 34 Farm Labourer 120/2   St. Mary Cray, Kent  
    Ann Eliza (Griffin ?) 30          
UKAP Boath John 57 Farm Labourer 136/1   Forfar, Forfarshire with family
    Sophia (Mitchell) 53          
FP Bridger Edward 25 Farm Labourer 173/3   Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire  
    Ann (Selves) 29          
    William 3          
FP Brittian George 20 Bricklayer 177/2   Holborn, London ? William George ?
    Emma (Curtis ?) 19          
UKAP Brown George 37 Coachman 186/3   Anstrey, Warwickshire  
    Ruth 37          
    Ruth 10          
UKAP Brunger Thomas 42 Farm Labourer 194/1   Smardon Kent  
FP   Margaret (Roots) 37         FreeBMD, married Mar qtr 1871
FP   George 13 Farm Labourer        
FP   Fanny 10          
FP   Tom William 8          
FP Burr Frederick 24 Farm Labourer 209/3   Tonbridge, Kent  
    Philadelphia (Watkins Collins) 21          
    Walter 1          
    Edmund Albert inf         born at sea, Jan 30, 1874
FP Castle Francis Cephas 22 Farm Labourer 249/2   East Ashford, Kent  
    Mary Jane (Taylor) 28          
    Ann M. 1          
    William J. inf          
FP Castle James 28 Farm Labourer 249/2   East Ashford, Kent  
    Emma (Hoare) 24          
    Elizabeth 6          
    Amelia 4          
    James 2          
    Harry inf          
FP Chambers Job William 30 Farm Labourer 255/2   Chatham, Kent  
    Emma (Lowther) 29         Loder / Loader
    Sarah 8          
    William J. 6          
    Fred. W. 3          
    Alfred 1          
    Cordelia Emma inf         born at sea, Jan 16, 1874
FP Chaney Henry 34 Farm Labourer 257/2   England  
    Mary A. 23          
FP Cherryman William 32 Farm Labourer 266/3   Clare  
    Mary Ann (Collins) 31          
    Elizabeth 11          
    Margaret 9          
    Alice 7          
    John 5          
    Agnes 3          
    Beatrice 1          
FP Clark William 36 Gardener 278/1   Leeds, Yorkshire 1871 residence, Croyden Surrey
FP   Alice (Dunbar) 33          
UKAP   Percy William 8          
UKAP   Catherine / Kate 6          
UKAP   Lucy 2          
UKAP   Horace 1          
FP Cooper William 22 Farm Labourer - B Tonbridge, Kent  
    Jane (Russell) 20          
FP Craddock Thomas William 22 Farm Labourer 336/2   Hollingbourn, Kent  
    Louisa Emily (Sanford) 19         Louisa Emily (Wilson)
UKAP Cresswell Alfred John 36 Metal worker 341/2   Aston, Warwickshire  
    Louisa (Chidlow) 36          
    Walter Chidlow 12          
    Alfred 10          
    Catherine 8          
    William 5          
    Phillip 3          
FP Dadds Daniel 36 Farm Labourer 363/2   Stourmouth, Kent  
    Pamela (Petley) 34          
    James William 12          
    Pamela Caroline 10          
    Alice 8          
    Daniel 3          
FP Dartnell John 30 Plumber 372/3   Croyden, Surrey  
FP   Maria (Bragg) 29          
UKAP   Maria Ethel 5          
UKAP   Frederick 3          
FP Davis William 30 Farm Labourer 383/3   Kingston, Sussex  
    Mary Ann (?) 34          
    Anne 4          
    William 2          
    Lilly inf          
FP Drayson Charles 27 Farm Labourer 428/1   East Langdon, Kent  
    Mary (Church) 39          
    Charles Edward 7          
    Thomas Henry 5          
    Harriet 4          
    Annie Elizabeth 3          
UKAP Drury Charles Henry 27 Farm Labourer 428/1   Acton, Middlesex  
    Jane (Blagrove) 30          
    Charles Henry 8          
    Jane 6          
    Lucy 4          
    Anne 2          
FP Dudley Samuel 38 Agr. Labourer 433/1   Hampstead, Middlesex  
    Mary Ann (Ebbutt) 38          
    Mary Ann 13          
    Sarah Jane 10          
    Susanah 5          
    Louisa 2          
RE Dunstan / Dunstone William 34 Miner 443/2   Wendron, Cornwall  
    Mary (?) 29          
    Mary 3          
    Thomas 2          
FP Edis James 37 Agr. Labourer 454/3   St Marylebone, London  
    Isabella (Green) 26          
    Martha 13          
    Susan 9          
    Elizabeth 7          
    James Henry 5          
    Louisa 3          
FP Evans Richard 37 Farm Labourer 475/3   St Cleer, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Sleep) 35          
    James Pawley Sleep 15          
    Sarah Ann 13          
    John 12          
    Richard 5          
    Albert inf          
FP Floyd Benjamin 28 Miner 514/1   Helston, Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Moyle) 23          
    Elizabeth 2          
    Mary inf          
FP Fridd Richard 24 Farm Labourer 534/1   Hollingbourn, Kent  
    Catherine (Roots) 22          
    Grace inf          
FP Fuller Henry 26 Farm Labourer 538/1   Headcorn, Kent  
    Ann Maria (Ellis) 30          
    Mercy Hannah 6          
    Alfred Henry 4          
    Albert Edward 2          
FP Giles James 29 Farm Labourer 569/2   Hollingbourn, Kent listed as "engaged"
    Louisa Lucy (Rose) 26          
  Rose Henry Francis 7 step-son        
  Giles Emily 3          
  Giles Alfred 1          
FP Gladman Mark 36 Farm Labourer 574/3   Tandridge, Surrey  
    Jane 36         Jane Elizabeth (McNally ?)
    Harry 6         born in India
FP Goodale James John 19 Farm Labourer 587/1   Bridge, Kent  
    Angelina Frances (Finn) 21          
    James J. inf          
FP Griggs William 38 Farm Labourer 622/1   Ash, Kent  
    Charlotte (Twyman) 38          
    Eliza Ann 8          
    Emily Jane 5          
    William 3          
    Henry inf          
FP Grimsley George 23 Labourer 622/2   Woolwich, London to Victoria before 1887
    Ann (Hurley) 23          
    Sarah 1          
    John inf          
FP Guy William 32 Farm Labourer 632/2   Madron, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Vincoe) 28          
    Lillian 7          
    Frederick W. 4          
    Richard Augustus 3          
    Albert 1          
    Emma Maria inf         born at sea, Jan 23, 1874
FP Harris Joseph 28 Labourer 679/1   East Ham, Essex  
FP   Hannah (Needle) 27         with mother Hannah (Brain) Needle
UKAP   William Thomas 6          
UKAP   Alma Sophia 5          
UKAP   Maud Mary 4          
UKAP   Florence 2          
FP Hewitt / Hewett Daniel 28 Farm Labourer 730/3   St Nicholas, Kent  
    Elizabeth Barbara (Revell) 23          
    Ellen 3          
    Annie 1          
UKAP Hibbs Joseph 49 Plasterer / widower 731/3   Harrow, Middlesex  
FP   Eliza 24 Domestic Servant        
FP   Thomas Joseph 21 Plasterer        
FP   George 15 Page        
FP   Louisa Sarah 13          
FP   Harriet 10          
FP Highman Alfred John 21 Carpenter 736/1   Hampstead, London  
    Elizabeth Sarah (Fuller) 20          
FP Hodshon William 27 Farm Labourer 755/2   North Cray, Kent  
    Frances (Scudder) 28          
    Elizabeth 7          
    Frances 5          
    William 3          
    Eliza 1          
UKAP Hollick Henry William 34 Agr. Labourer 764/3   Broxbourne, Suffolk  
    Martha Rebecca (Last) 35         1871 census, age 38
    Martha Eliza 12          
    Christiania 10          
    Henrietta Emily 7          
    Minnie Elizabeth 4          
FP Hooker Elias 30 Shepherd 770/2   Ash (Kent)  
    Sarah Jane (Newing) 26          
    Stephen 7          
    Elias 5          
    Ellen 2          
    Walter inf          
FP Howell George James 23 Farm Labourer 785/2   Evesham, Worcestershire  
    Caroline (Gould) 19          
    male inf         born at sea, Jan 10, 1874
UKAP Jolly Samuel 28 Metal Worker 855/2   Harborne, Worcestershire listed as "engaged"
    Sarah (Haywood) 32          
    Rudolph 3          
    John E. inf          
FP Jupp George 22 Farm Labourer 870/1   Uckfield, Sussex  
    Charity (Blackman) 21          
    female inf         born and died at sea
FP King John Newman 34 Farm Labourer 911/1   St. Mary, Kent  
    Elizabeth (Lewis) 28          
    Clara Jane 9          
    John A. 7          
    Emma J. 3          
    Rosina inf          
UKAP Knott George 42 Farm Labourer 928/2   Staple Kent  
FP   Susannah (Overton) 38          
FP   Elizabeth 16          
FP   Mary Susanna 14          
FP   Henry 12          
FP   Rose 10          
FP   Louisa 8          
FP   Phineas / Finnie 6          
FP   George James 1          
UKAP Knott William 41 Labourer / widower 928/3   Ash, Kent  
FP   William 15          
FP   Elizabeth A. 13          
FP   Harriet 11          
FP   John 9          
FP   Emily 6          
UKAP Ladd Edward 43 Farm Labourer 946/1   Chilham, Kent  
FP   Mary A. (Rumley) 37          
FP   Charles Edward 13          
FP   Joseph Frederick 11          
FP   William 8          
FP   Emily Jane 6          
FP   Eliza Ellen 4          
FP   Alice Ada 2          
FP Langford Frederick 27 Labourer 952/1   England  
    Betsy (Foulkes) 28          
UKAP Linington / Linnington Frederick Norris 30 Agr. Labourer -   West Ham, Essex  
    Maria (Deacon) 26          
    Frederick inf          
FP Martin John Frederick 24 Farm Labourer 1028/3   West Ham, Essex  
    Elizabeth (Wingham) 26          
    Emily inf          
UKAP McCreanor John 44 Farm Labourer 1057/1   Gillingham, Kent daughter Martha (McCreanor) Taylor and family, arrived Earl Dalhousie 1875
FP   Grace Anne (Montague) 38          
FP   Mary Isabella 17 Servant 1057/1      
FP   Thomas Joseph 13 Farm Labourer 1057/1      
FP   Francis Joseph William 11          
FP   William Michael 9          
FP   Rose Amelia 7          
FP   Bernard Charles 4          
FP   Grace Julia 1          
UKAP Miller George 23 Mathmatical Instrument Maker 1110/1   Holborn, London  
FP   Georgina (McAndrew) 20          
FP Mortimore William 22 Farm Labourer 1137/3   Tavistock, Devon  
    Grace (Pengelly) 23          
FP Munn George Stephen 40 Farm Labourer 1151/1   Hartley, Kent  
    Elizabeth Ann (King) 30          
    Caroline 8          
    George Stepehen 6          
    Harry 4          
    Thomas 1         died at sea, Dec. 16, 1873
FP Nankervis Charles 27 Miner 1163/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Simmons) 26          
FP Needle Hannah Margaret (Brain) 45 Servant 1169/2   East Ham, Essex 1871 census, age 48 | with daughter Hannah (Needle) Harris
    Fanny 20          
    Thomas William 18          
    Henry 15          
    Martha Maria 12          
    Caroline 10          
FP Nolan Michael William 25 Labourer 1192/1   England  
    Harriet (Sybella) Parker 23          
  Thompson Grace 8          
FP Noy Henry 28 Miner 1200/1   St. Just, Cornwall with brother William
    Mary Ann (Guy) 22          
FP Palmer William 25 House Painter 1234/1   England  
    Mary 27          
    Sarah 6          
FULL Poole James 54 Farm Labourer 1298/2   St. Nicolas, Kent died at sea, Dec, 12, 1873
UKAP   Rebecca (Revell ?) 47         with husband's children ?
FP Ring George 30 Farm Labourer 1359/1   England  
    Mary J. 25          
    Mary 3          
FP Reed / Read / Reid James 28 Labourer 1362/1   England  
    Caroline (Mayle ??) 25          
    Jane 4          
    Emma 1          
FP Skipper Eldred 28 Carpenter 1495/2   St Pancras, London to Victoria ?
FP   Mary A. 28          
UKAP   Mary A. 7          
UKAP   Alice Frances 4          
UKAP   Alfred 2          
FP Soward ? James 32 Farm Labourer -   England  
    Caroline 32          
FP Smith Henry 27 Farm Labourer 1504/2   St Nicholas, Kent  
    Mary Ann (Poole) 27          
    Agnes Kate 6          
    Rosa Rhoda 4          
    Annie 2          
    Alice Gertrude 1          
FP Smith James 36 Farm Labourer 1505/3   Frant, Sussex  
    Emily (Francis ?) 31          
    Alfred J. 8         Albert Ed.
    Lillian 6         Lydia
    Jane 4          
    James 1          
FP Sparnon John 35 Miner 1519/2   Gwennap, Cornwall  
    Harriet (Williams) 34          
    John 15          
    Harriet A. 14          
    William 12          
    Elizabeth 10          
    George 8          
    Frederick 5          
FP Spencer Alexander Edward 29 Gardener 1521/3   Isle Of Wight, Hampshire  
    Anne Maria (Long) 29          
FP Stillman ? Thomas 27 Boiler maker 1550/2   England  
    Phillis 27          
FP Streeter David 24 Labourer 1557/3   Dartford, Kent  
    Bertha (Hayles Whibley) 29          
FP Taylor Thomas Harmer 27 Farm Labourer 1582/1   Willesborough, Kent  
    Esther (Hopper) 22          
    Edith Mary 6          
    George Stephen 5          
    Sarah Jane 2          
    Ellen Eliza inf         born in Port Adelaide, Feb, 13, 1874
CPC Trezise William Steer 36 Miner 1622/2   St. Just, Cornwall  
    Peggy / Margaret Grenfell (Trezise) 36          
    William James 15          
    Margaret Hannah 13          
    Edward 12          
    Alfred 2          
FP Waddell John 20 Carpenter 1654/2   Mile End Old Town, London  
    Hannah Mary (Johnson) 22          
    Eleanor inf         died at sea, Jan 27, 1874
FP Weeks Ebenezer 38 Cabinet maker 1689/3   England listed as "engaged'
    Mary J. 28          
    Alice 5          
    George 3          
    Edward inf          
FP Wood William 35 Labourer 1738/3   England  
    Eliza 27          
UKAP Wren William Thomas 45 Farm Labourer 1747/2   Kemsing, Kent  
FP   Charlotte (Flemming) 34          
FP   William B. 8          
FP   Obediah 6          
FP   Ada ? 2          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
FP Allsop William C. 22 Miller 21/1   England  
FP Arscott William Henry 18 Farm Labourer 39/1   England  
FP Austen Robert 34 Farm Labourer 47/1   England  
FP Baggs Thomas Alfred 19 Painter 54/1   England  
FP Bamblett Stephen 20 Farm Labourer 68/3   England  
FP Betts William 24 Farm Labourer 122/1   England  
FP Blake John 19 Stone-mason 130/3   England  
FP Boath Wylie 32 Joiner 136/1   Forfar, Forfarshire with parents
FP Bourne Frederick 19 Farm Labourer 152/1   England  
FP Bradley James 21 Railway worker 161/1   Ireland  
FP Brenchley George 20 Farm Labourer 170/2   England  
FP Brennan Martin 19 Carpenter 170/3   Ireland  
FP Burley Allan 24 Cabinet maker -   England  
FP Burrows Mark 21 Farm Labourer 210/2   England  
FP Burvell Robert 27 Farm Labourer 212/3   England  
FP Carpenter George 23 Farm Labourer 240/3   England  
FP Collins Denis 20 Farm Labourer - M Ireland  
FP Collins Henry 20 Farm Labourer - M England  
FP Collins Walter 18 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Cooper John 18 Labourer - M England  
FP Cruikshanks George 23 Carpenter 352/3   England  
UKAP Davey Henry 36 Plumber 374/2   England  
UKAP Day Phillip 21 Gardener 389/1   Norfolk  
CPC Dobe Charles 47 Labourer 409/3   Ireland  
FP Dunn Thomas Joseph 21 Farm Labourer 440/3   England  
UKAP Ebert Thomas 43 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Elliott Richard 20 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Ellis Cornelius Green 26 Miner 466/1   Madron, Cornwall  
FP Ellis Jonathan 35 Miner 466/3    
FP Ellis Josephus 23 Miner 467/1    
FP Ellis William G. 15 Farm Labourer 467/3    
FP Epps Edwin 18 Labourer 472/1   England  
CPC Evans John 20 Miner -   England  
- Everest Thomas 43 Farm Labourer 477/1   England  
FP Eves Charles H. 22 Farm Labourer 477/3   England  
FP Fenn William 22 Farm Labourer 491/3   England  
FP Finn James 27 Shoemaker 500/2   Ireland  
FP Foster Matt. W. 18 Labourer 521/3   England  
FP Franklin Benjamin 19 Bricklayer 528/2   England  
UKAP Fuller Edward 22 Labourer 537/3   England  
FP Gibbons Frederick 19 Farm Labourer 563/3   England  
FP Girling Stephen 19 Labourer 574/1   England  
CPC Goodrich Charles 33 Labourer 590/2   England  
FP Gransden Albert 18 Farm Labourer 603/2   England  
FP Green Thomas E. 17 Labourer 612/3   England  
FP Grooves Henry 25 Blacksmith 623/3   England see Rowe, Henry 1396/2
FP Guy George 17 Miner 632/1   England  
UKAP Hannam Henry 17 Gardener 665/1   Surrey  
CPC Hannan Patrick 20 Labourer 665/3   Ireland  
FP Hargreaves William 38 Painter 672/2   England  
FP Harker Henry 21 Gass Fitter 672/2   England  
FP Harris Thomas 21 Labourer 680/3   England  
FP Holiday George 19 Farm Labourer 763/2   England  
FP Holiday William 19 Farm Labourer 763/2   England  
FP Houghton Alfred 20 Porter 780/2   England  
FP Hunter John 25 Farm Labourer 799/1   Ireland  
FP Hutton Henry 22 Labourer 805/2   England  
FP Jackson Thomas 34 Labourer 820/1   England  
FP King Henry 10 ? Labourer 910/2   England  
FP Leath Charles H. 26 Gardener -   England  
FP Mahony Michael 30 Farm Labourer 10031   Ireland  
FP Manger Nicholas 24 Labourer 1010/2   England  
FP Manion Patrick 18 Farm Labourer 1010/2   Ireland  
FP Maxted Alfred 18 Farm Labourer 1043/2   Ash, Kent 1871 census, living with Elias and Sarah Hooker
FP Mayger James W. 18 Farm Labourer 1046/3   England  
FP Mesher William 17 Bricklayer 1098/2   Plymouth ?  
FP Milner George 23 Farm Labourer 1115/1   England  
FP Moore Thomas J. 19 Farm Labourer - M ? England  
FP Mullins Edward W. 22 Dairyman 1148/3   England  
FP Noy William 15 Miner 1200/1   St. Just, Cornwall with brother Henry
FP Offen William 32 Labourer 1217/3   England  
FP Orr William Bleakley 23 Farm Labourer 1222/1   Ireland  
UKAP Packham Elias 21 Miller ? 1227/3   England  
FP Pierson George 20 Farm Labourer 1283/2   England  
FP Poole Thomas 23 Farm Labourer 1299/1   St. Nicholas, Kent with father
FP Poole Thomas 17 Farm Labourer 1299/1   England  
FP Port James 23 Labourer 1309/2   England  
FP Raines William 20 Farm Labourer 1327/3   England  
FP Randall David 18 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Ridley Richard H. 18 Currier 1356/2   England  
FP Road Thomas 25 Shepherd 1362/1   England  
- Root William 28 - 1384/2   Essex  
FP ? Roots George Charles 15 - -   Smardon, Kent  
UKAP Rose Alfred H. 19 Groom 1385/1   England  
FP Rowe William Ed. 18 Farm Labourer 1396/2   England  
FP Salmon Samuel 29 Farm Labourer 1418/1   England  
FP Salter George 25 Painter 1418/2   England  
FP Seamark George 24 Labourer 1458/2   England  
FP Sieley William 27 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Smith Alfred B. 21 Labourer - M ? England  
FP Smith Edward 32 Carpenter - M ? England  
CPC Smith John 23 Shoemaker - M ? England  
CPC Smith Joseph 20 Labourer -   England  
FP Soden Charles 23 Agr. Labourer -   England  
UKAP Stevenson William 18 Porter 1547/2   England  
FP Strachan Andrew 18 Farm Servant 1556/2   England  
FP Sussans Isaac 22 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Tanner George 21 Farm Labourer 1574/3   England Termer ? 1576/2
FP Thomas Thomas H. 19 Tin-dresser 1596/2   England  
FP Tottey Joshua 23 Groom 1614/2   England  
FP Trise George 23 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Ware Fielder 18 Farm Labourer 1673/2   England  
FP Waterman John 20 Farm Labourer 1679/2   England  
FP Waters Henry 19 Farm Labourer 1679/3   England  
FP Webb Fred. A. 19 Labourer -   England  
FP Wenham Albert 22 Labourer 1694/2   Sussex  
UKAP Wheaton Arthur 20 Coach Trimmer 1689/1   England  
FP Wheeler Thomas 33 Farm Labourer -   England  
FP Williams John 17 Farm Labourer 1718/3   England  
FP Wood George 23 Farm Labourer 1737/2   England  
FP Woodhams Richard 19 Farm Labourer 1739/2   England  
UKAP Yellop George R. 17 Labourer -   England  
Single Women
FP Rogers Mrs. 40 Matron     England  
FP Banks Winifred 18 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Bending Caroline 22 Domestic Servant 109/3   England  
FP Bennett Emily 18 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Best Mary 30 Cook     England  
FP Bignell Mary A. 20 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Boath Catherine 21 Domestic Servant 136/1   Forfar, Forfarshire with parents
FP Boath Elizabeth 16 Domestic Servant  
FP Boath Jessie 19 Domestic Servant  
FP Boath Mary 17 Domestic Servant  
FP Bown Mary A. 17 Domestic Servant 157/2   England  
FP Bray Clara 27 Cook 167/2   England  
FP Bray Mary A. 24 Housemaid 168/2   England  
FP Curnow Jane 25 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Davies Elizabeth 26 Servant     England  
CPC Dobe Mary 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Dolan Rose 26 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Eves Annie 17 Farm Servant     England  
FP Farrell Hannah 26 Housemaid     Ireland  
FP Finn Maria 18 Housemaid     Ireland  
FP Finn Mary 19 Servant     Ireland  
FP Halpin Mary 21 Housemaid 653/2   England  
FP Irvine Eliza 22 Housemaid     England  
FP Jeffery Jane 28 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
UKAP Johnson Mary 44 Laundress     England  
FP Johnson Rachel 18 Servant     England  
FP McAndrew Georgina 26 Nurse     England  
FP McGuire Catherine 25 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP McKenzie Christine 20 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
FP Nolan Ellen 27 Cook     Ireland  
FP O'Callaghan Ellen 28 Nurse     Ireland  
FP Orr Margaret 19 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
FP Perry Sarah J. 22 Servant     England  
FP Poole Sarah 22 Domestic Servant     St. Nicholas, Kent with father
FP Reed Henrietta 16 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Roots Frances 17 Farm Servant     Smarden, Kent aunt of George Charles Roots
FP Shaw Anne Emma 31 Domestic Servant 1471/3   Dudley Staffordshire  
FP Shaw Kezia Sophia 20 Domestic Servant 1472/2    
FP Sitch Elizabeth 17 Domestic Servant     Essex  
FP Soden Frances 19 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Thomas Mary 28 Domestic Servant     England  
FP Thompson Mary 30 Housemaid     England  
CPC Trezise Catherine 22 Domestic Servant     England with family members ?
FP White Sarah A. 18 Servant     England  
FP Williams Elizabeth 20 Servant     England  
FP Wilton Elizabeth 28 Cook     England  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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