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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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Wreck of the AMOOR | Doctor Douglas April 1866 report | Doctor Douglas June 1866 report | 1866 Immigration report | Dr. Douglas October 1866 Report

ship Hougoumont, 847 tons, Captain William Cosens, from Liverpool 2nd June, Plymouth 9th June, 1866 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 16th September 1866

The South Australian Advertiser, Monday 17 September 1866 p. 2

Sunday 16 September:— Hougoumont, ship, 874 tons, W. Cosens, master, from Liverpool June 02 via Plymouth June 09. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Dr. W.H. Pearse(Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 334 Government emigrants in the steerage whose names will be found elsewhere:

. . . . — 7th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1866 ; —4— births and —-1— deaths on the passage ; Dr. W.H. Pearse, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
Cargo of the Hougoumont, from Liverpool—39 cases galvanized iron. Order ; 13 casks, 6 boxes, W. A. Hughes; 220 qr.-boxes soap, J. Robin and Co. ; 100 cases galvanized iron, Philip Levi and Co. ; 30 boxes fish, 30 bales Dundee goods, G. A. and H. Bartleet ; 375 boxes soap. Order ; 1 case books, W. H. Lewis ; 990 bags salt, C. Jacobs ; 12 iron gates, 1 box, J. Downer ; 400 bdls. fencing wire. Harrold Brothers ; 1 boiler, 1 dome, 2 flywheels, 6 cases machinery, 1 machine, 1 pkg. shafts, 1 boiler, 4 iron wheels, 1 axle, 1 ashpan, Order ; 7 hhds. holloware, G. P. Harris ; 2 cases, G. A. and H. Bartleet ; 25 cases beer, 1 case punches, Order ; 21,000 slates, 50 hhds. ale, J. Robin and Co. ; 50 cases gin, H. Scott ; 1 case, J. B. Brebner ; 4 cases, J. Lloyd; 200 bdls. fencing wire, 1,560 bars, 548 bdls. iron, 18 cases galvanized iron, J. Gurr ; 15,500 firebricks, 10 tons coke, Proprietors Wallaroo Mines ; 1 box, J. B. Macarthy.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Hougoumont , from Liverpool and Plymouth, is commanded by Captain Cosens, whose friends in the colony will remember with pleasure his previous visits to Port Adelaide in the Lady Ann and Salamanca. It is at all times gratifying to welcome back old faces, and the more so when they — the owners — are known to possess qualities requisite to the good government of an immigrant ship. It was unfortunate the vessel had been visited with measles, as the boarding officers were, in consequence, unable to board, although a strong gale was blowing when she anchored ; but Captain Cosens furnished to our reporter the following particulars of the voyage:—
On leaving Plymouth, strong westerly winds prevailed, which continued until inside Porto Santo, and through the channel between the Canary Islands. Soon after the north-east trades set in, even before reaching the Cape de Verdi Islands, taking her into a position 11° N. lat., 25° 30' W. long., and from there she was but 14 days to the line, which was crossed in 29° W. on July 15, or 30 days from Plymouth. St. Rayne was weathered without difficulty, although crossing so far west ; but she made her southing down the coast of South America so close to the land that she was occasionally in soundings at seven fathoms water, and was actually in sight of the lighthouse. After getting clear of the coast it was Captain Cosens's intention to get well to the southward, but the winds would not permit his reaching further than 44½°. On 19th August passed the Cape of Good Hope when 71 days out, and the run across the Southern Ocean was made in 27 days.
Vessels Spoken.—By the Hougoumont—On July 8, in lat. 7° 0' N., long. 22° 40' W., the British ship Frederick, steering W.N.W. ; on July 14, in lat 1° 0' N., long. 28° 30' W., the British barque River Mersey, from Liverpool, 34 day out, bound to Valparaiso.

The South Australian Register, Monday 17 September 1866 p. 3

The Hougoumont turned up in a strong gale on Sunday morning, and the weather was such that the beach lifeboat took off all the officers from the boarding station, and well she behaved, shipping an occasional lip of water, but letting it out again instantly. On reaching the ship the surgeon reported 24 cases of measles on the voyage, and although none of them had been fatal the additional Health Officer decided to keep her in quarantine until Dr. Duncan was communicated with. It was fortunate she had no cases on board on arrival, nor had there been any from August 18. The Surgeon-Superintendent is an old hand in the service, having been here on several previous occasions ; and Captain Cosens is so well known in the Adelaide trade as to require no comments on his reputation as a kind and attentive master. We shall take an early opportunity of visiting and reporting on the state of the vessel. During the voyage there has only been one death and four births, so that the population increased by three from the time of departure. The following are the names of the immigrants, together with their national and industrial classification :—

English — Wm. Brewer, Charles, Jane, Maud E. and George H. Burton, Abraham, Hannah, Elizabeth, Theresea, Abraham, and Hannah Carter, George and Henry Carter, Elizabeth Carter, Charles, Ann, and Margaret Campbell, Charles Clarke, Wm., Elizabeth, and Emily Coe, John, Susan, Charles, Esther, and Albert Cook, Richard, Sarah A., Henry, and John E. Cooper, John Davies. Caroline Downing, Henry Dunn, Elizabeth Elstone, Sarah Flint, Susan George, Elizabeth Hales, Wm. Hawthorn, John Inwood, Henry, Ann. and Emma Knoles, Wm., Sarah, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Grace Lampier, George, Eliza, and James Lampier, John Meredith, Helen Moir, Harriett Murray, Thomas, Mary, and Thomas Sanders, Edward Smith, Marie, James, and Sarah Veysal, Isaac, Eliza, and William Whicker, Charlotte Woolley, Albert Woolley, Mary J. Zozer [sic].
Scotch — John Allan, Mary Allan, Augusta Anderson, Sarah Arthuton, James Banks, Dorothy Black, Robert, Julia, William, Duncan, and Elizabeth Blair, James Boath, William Brymer, Robina and Jane Caldwell, Elizabeth Carlton, Jane Clarke, Mary Common, William Common, Catherine Dalgleish, Mary and Agnes Dodds, Theresa Duncan, David, Martha, and Jane Duncan, Alexander Ferguson, Edward Ferguson, John Foubester, John Fraser, James Fulton, Jemima Glascow, Joseph Glendining, George, Margaret and Jane Graham, Mary and Ellen Gray, Jane Lavick, Fred, Liston, Catherine and Catherine Manson. James and Alexander Martin, William, Violet, Peter, William, Mary, and Duncan Martin, James and Robert McAra, Matilda McAra, Matilda and Catherine McAra, Donald McCoag, Angus McColl, Norman McLean, Alexander McLean, John McLeod, John McRea, Charles and Isabella Moir, William and James Moir, Andrew, Elizabeth, Robert, James, Agnes and Margaret Patterson, James Quinn, Adam, Ellen, Adam, and Barbara Steadman, Isabella Smith, James, Margaret, Margaret, and James Thain, Sophia Thompson, Alexander Mannan. Alexander Wilson, Jane Wright.
Irish — Mary Bergan, Daniel and Pat Brady, John Cahill, Bridget and Margaret Calliney, Martin Canny, James Carson, Mack Clune, Ann Clune, Pat Cocoran, Ellen and Eliza Connell, Mary, Mary, and Catherine Conny, Thomas Conway, Bridget Crothy, Pat Crowley, Michael Cunningham, James Curran, Austin Davoran, Mary Davoran, Bridget Dillon, James, Ellen, Johanna, and Ellen Dinan, Michael and James Dobbin, John Donohue, Mary Donohue, Thomas Digan, Thomas and Simon Dullard, Mary Dowling, Mary Dullard, Catherine Dundon, Jane Edwards, James Fenessy, Pat and John Fitzpatrick, William, Mary, and Michael Fitzgerald, John Flanagan, Julia Foley, John Galligan, John Galligan, George Galvin, William Glacken, Margaret Glanville, Mick. Grimes, Michael Guerin, Honora, Catherine, and Mary Haren, Michael, and John Haren, John Hartigan, Wm. and Annie Haynes, Margaret Hayes, James Heays, Denis, and Lucy Hehir, Ann Hells, Denis Hennessy, Thomas Hill, Thomas Hogan, Hannah Carney, Michael Kain, Pat Kearney, Mary, and Winifred Kiely, Pat Latiff, Pat Leo, Denis Lyons, Mary Lyons, Bridget Macnamara, Margaret Macnamarra, Michael, Honora, Thomas, and John Magee, John Martin, James Mater, Michael Mater, Mary, Winnifred, Bessy, and Jeremiah Mater, Philip Maguire, Denis Maloney, John Maloney, Margaret Maloney, Esther Martin, John, Bridget, Jeremiah, Bridget and James Meany, Julia Maloney, Catherine McMahon, Martin McMahon, Michael McMahon, Pat Mclnerney, John McNamara, Mary McGouth, Margaret McGouth, Thomas McGuire, Bernard McEvoy, John Meagher, Margaret Mitchell, Timothy, Susannah, Margaret Johannah, Mary, and Bartholomew Moloy, Mary Moore, John Moran, Catherine Mullins, Thomas Murphy, Catherine Murphy, Bridget Murphy, Bridget Muarry, Matthias Murthock, Mary and Honora Nestor, Pat Nestor, Austin Nestor, Annie Nollan, Pat O'Brien, Bridget O'Brien, John O'Connor, Margaret O'Connor, Mary O'Connor, Johanna O'Donnell, Pat O'Donnell, James O'Donnell, Mathew and John O'Halloran, Bridget, Honora, Mary, Margaret, and Catherine O'Halloran, Michael O'Kife, Honora Pilkington, James Quinn, Catherine Quinlan, Mary Quinlan, Mary Quirk, Denis Quirk, John Rabbett, Michael Rabbitt, Daniel Reid, James Reid, Michael Reidy, John and Richard Reily, Ellen Reily, Bridget Rooney, Anthony Rooney, Jeremiah, David, John B., and Daniel Ryan, Johanna, John, and William Ryan, Edmund Setright, James Scanlan, Mary Slarry, Bridget Smith, John Smith, Pat Slattery, Catherine Smyth, Margaret Stack, Catherine Sullivan, Marie Sullivan, Michael Tracey, Margaret Vaughan, Bridget Wright.

Summary.— Adults— English. 48 ; Scotch, 69 ; Irish, 187— total, 254.
Children between 1 and 12— English, 17 ; Scotch, 14 ; Irish, 15— total, 46 .
Infants— English, 1 ; Scotch, 2 ; Irish, 2— total, 5
Totals— English, 68 ; Scotch, 83 ; Irish, 184. Grand total. 335, equal to 307 statute adults.

Industrial classifications.— Joiners, 3 ; smiths, 5 ; shoemakers, 4 ; servants, 84 ; plasterer, 1 ; miller, 1 ; labourers, 94 ; tailor. 1 ; nurses, 3 ; dressmaker, 1 ; cooks, 3 ; carpenters, 2 ; sawyers, 3 ; fitters, 1 ; matron, 1 ; ironfounder, 1 ; ploughmen, 6 ; agricultural labourers, 2 ; shepherds, 6 ; cabinetmaker, 1 ; semptress, I ; housekeepers, 3 ; dairymaid, 1.
During the voyage there has only been one death and four births, so that the population increased by three from the time of departure.

The Surgeon-Superintendent's report about the conduct of the Matron, Miss Tozer, can be found here : Miss Tozer Matron on Hougoumont
Miss Tozer's response to the allegations The South Australian Register - Thursday 29 November 1866, - page 5.

THE Matron of the Ship Hougoumonnt    TO THE  EDITOR

Sir— As my character has been treated with such injustice in a public report. I beg to be allowed the privilege of stating the facts of the case, and shall be obliged by your inserting the same in your valuable paper. The Surgeon-Superintendent allowed from 30 to 40 single men to come on the poop and mix among 109 single women for one hour every day, for the alleged purpose of visiting their sisters. Instead of visiting sisters they abused their privilege by putting their arms round the necks of those who were no relations to them. I strongly objected to this unnecessary exhibition, producing disorder and impropriety of conduct. In the two previous ships I accompanied to this colony the brothers were allowed to visit their sisters— one at a time, and apart from the other girls, which, to my mind, was much more consistent with good order. The captain agreed with me that so many men rushing on the poop was a disgraceful scene, which called forth the remark from me that I should make notes of the disorder in my diary, and hope it would be read at the end of the passage ; but it was not read. When I spoke to Dr. Duncan about my diary, I was told by that officer I had no right to make notes ; that the doctor was supreme on board.

On my expressing my disapproval to the Surgeon-Superintendent of all the single men and women being allowed to assemble in mass, he would not deign to enter into it ; but replied his plans always worked well. The report respecting my harsh and provoking treatment to the Irish women, together with my neglecting to submit any reports to him, or with holding any information from him, I flatly deny. I have applied to the Hon., the Commissioner of Crown Lands for a Board of Appeal, which has been refused. The Immigration Agent has in his letter to the Government exaggerated on Dr. Pearse report to him. Dr. Pearce reports of me as bearing the highest moral character ; whereas Dr. Duncan reports that where moral influence is required I am unsuited. I shall be happy to produce these letters and reports if required.
Now, Sir, I beg to ask if this Government is justified in instructing their agents in England to employ a superior class of Matrons and treat them as follows:— That they be compelled to comply with the doctor's decisions on board ship, let them be ever so unreasonable and to be refused to make known their sufferings, let them be ever so great, on arrival.

Any matron who is supported by her doctor has quite enough to endure by spending her nights in the between decks, her days with a thoughtless lot of girls on the one hand and a rough set of men on the other ; and after she has spent her strength in trying to improve these thoughtless  girls, who are to be the future mothers of the colony, she is sent back to England at a cost of £30 to have her strength still more impoverished by the fare of a second-class passage for three months.
. I am, Sir, &c, M.J. TOZER. Servants' Homes,- Gilles-street, November 22.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Sanders, Thomas inf July 8th, 1866 Diarrhoea at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    Four births at sea, but no Surgeon Superintendent records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Blair Robert 32 Iron Founder 130/2   Glasgow, Lanark  
    Julia 32          
    William 10          
    Duncan 7          
    Elizabeth M. 5          
GE Burton Charles 24 Smith 211/2   Birmingham, Warwickshire  
    Jane Maria (Reed) 24          
    Maud Elizabeth 3          
    George H. 1          
    Charles Hougoumont inf         born at sea, 11 June 1866
GE Campbell Charles 29 Plasterer 231/3   Middlesex  
    Ann 31          
    Margaret 10          
GE Carter Abraham 41 Shoemaker 244/1   Sussex with family | 1861 census residence, Marston, Staffordshire
    Hannah (Haslett) 42          
    Elizabeth 13          
    Theresa 10          
    Abraham 8          
    Hannah 7          
GE Coe William 39 Labourer 293/2   Plymouth, Devon  
    Elizabeth (Lane) 39          
    Emily 12          
GE Cook John 33 Tailor 311/3   Westminster, Middlesex  
    Susan 31         Susanna Maria (Mackey)
    Charles 11          
    Esther 5          
    Albert 1          
GE Cooper Richard 31 Labourer 315/3   Aston, Warwickshire Joseph Richard Cooper
    Sarah Ann (Williamson) 34          
    Henry 6          
    John Edward 1          
RE Dinan James 25 Labourer 405/3   Cork  
    Ellen (Murphy) 22          
    Johanna 3          
    Ellen inf          
GE Duncan David 25 Joiner 436/3   Forfarshire  
    Martha (Gray) 25          
    Jane 1          
RE Fitzgerald William 28 Labourer 506/3   Kilkenny  
    Mary (Whelan ?) 25          
    Michael inf          
GE Graham George 39 Labourer 601/2   Edinburgh  
    Margaret (McLeod ?) 30          
    Jane 1          
RE Hayes William 54 Labourer 702/3   Dublin  
    Anne 51          
RE Hehir Denis 26 Labourer 711/1   Cork  
    Lucy 27          
GE Knowles Henry 23 Fitter - B London, Middlesex  
    Ann (Cox) 24          
    Emma 1          
GE Lampier George 42 Sawyer -   St. Ives, Corrnwall to Victoria
    Eliza (Wearne) 38          
    James Seller 9          
GE Lampier William Henry 34 Sawyer - D St. Ives, Cornwall to Victoria before 1867
    Sarah (Uren) 34          
    Sarah 8          
    Elizabeth 7          
    Grace Stevens 5          
RE Magee Michael 23 Labourer -   Galway  
    Honora 23          
    Thomas 4          
    John 1          
GE Martin William 41 Ploughman 1030/3   Mochrum Wigtownshire with family
    Violet Mary (Barbour) 34          
    Peter 10          
    William 8          
    Mary 5          
    Duncan inf          
RE Meany John 34 Labourer 1089/2   Clare  
    Bridget 30          
    Jeremiah 11          
    Bridget 8          
    James 2          
GE Moir Charles 48 Bootmaker 1124/2   Edinburgh, Midlothian with family
    Isabella 44          
RE Moloy / Molloy Timothy 31 Labourer 1126/2   Tipperary  
    Johannah 30         Susannah (Bryan) ?
    Margaret 9          
    Johannah 7          
    Mary 4          
    Bartholomew 1          
GE Patterson Andrew 37 Ploughman 1248/1   Mochrum Wigtownshire  
    Elizabeth (Aitchisson) 39          
    Margaret 15          
    Robert 10          
    James 4          
    Agnes n/a          
GE Sanders Thomas Henry 25 Smith 1423/1   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Versey) 18          
    Thomas inf         died at sea, July 08 1866
GE Steadman Adam 26 Labourer 1538/1   Edinburgh  
    Ellen (Thompson) 28          
    Adam 3          
    Barbara inf          
GE Thain James 29 Labourer - B Banffshire  
    Margaret (Morrison) 24          
    Margaret 3          
    James 1          
GE Whicker Isaac 30 Labourer - B Cornwall  
    Eliza Loveridge) 25          
    William 5          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Allan John 24 Labourer 15/3   Moray  
GE Banks James 22 Labourer 70/1   Orkney  
GE Boath James 20 Labourer 136/1   Forfarshire  
RE Brady Daniel 25 Ploughman -   Cavan  
RE Brady Patrick 22 Labourer -   Cavan  
GE Brewer William 25 Joiner 172/3   Devon  
GE Brymer William 23 Ploughman 195/2   Scotland  
RE Cahill John 25 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Canny Martin 18 Labourer 235/2   Clare  
RE Carson James 21 Shepherd -   Galway  
GE Carter George Levi 20 Shoemaker 244/2   Sussex with parents | 1861 census residence, Marston, Staffordshire
GE Carter Henry 18 Shoemaker -  
GE Clarke Charles 26 Miller -   Lincoln  
RE Clune Michael 20 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Common William 32 Shoemaker 304/3   Berwick  
RE Conway Thomas 22 Labourer 310/2   Clare  
RE Corcoran Patrick 19 Labourer -   Westmeath  
RE Crowley Patrick 19 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Cunningham Michael 23 Carpenter -   Limerick  
RE Curran James 21 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Davies John 27 Labourer -   Brecon  
RE Davoron Austin 18 Labourer 384/1   Clare  
RE Dobbin James 27 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
RE Dobbin Michael 25 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
RE Donohue John 29 Labourer -   Kerry  
RE Dugan Thomas 17 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Dullard Simon 21 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
RE Dullard Thomas 23 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
GE Dunn Henry 22 Labourer -   Devon  
RE Fennesy James 30 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Ferguson Edward 19 Smith -   Edinburgh  
RE Fitzpatrick John 19 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Fitzpatrick Patrick 21 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Foubester / Foubister John 23 Labourer -   Orkney  
GE Fraser John 21 Shepherd -   Inverness  
GE Fulton James 21 Labourer 538/3   Edinburgh  
RE Galligan John 25 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Galligan John 22 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE Galvin George 22 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Glacken William 18 Labourer -   Tyrone  
GE Glendinning Joseph 18 Labourer 577/1   Linlithgow  
RE Grimes Michael 24 Labourer -   Tipperary  
RE Guerin Michael 22 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE Haren Michael 24 Labourer 671/1   Clare  
RE Haren John 19 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Hartigan John 25 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Hawthorn William 21 Carpenter -   England  
RE Heays James 18 Labourer -   Cork  
RE Hennessy Denis 26 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE Hill Thomas 16 Labourer -   Wicklow  
RE Hogan Thomas 19 Labourer -   Wicklow  
GE Inwood John 23 Sawyer 813/1   Middlesex  
RE Kain Michael 23 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Kearney Patrick 20 Labourer -   Cork  
RE Lahiff Patrick 25 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Leo Patrick 22 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Lister Frederick 22 Cabinet maker -   Edinburgh  
RE Lyons Denis 19 Smith -   Galway  
RE Macey Michael 33 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
RE Maguire Phillip 20 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE Maher James 25 Labourer 1101/3   Limerick  
RE Maher Michael 26 Labourer 1001/3   Tipperary  
RE Maloney Denis 19 Labourer 1008/2   Clare  
RE Maloney John 20 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Martin Alexander 13 Labourer -   Mochrum, Wigtownshire with parents
GE Martin James 15 Labourer -  
RE Martin John 18 Labourer -   Kilkenny  
GE McAra / Macara James 13 Labourer 1048/2   Muthill, Perthshire with mother
GE McAra / Macara Robert 21 Labourer  
GE McCoag Donald 26 Farm Labourer -   Scotland  
GE McColl Angus 15 Blacksmith -   Lanark  
RE McEvoy Bernard 24 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE McGuire Thomas 18 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE McInerney Patrick 20 Labourer -   Clare  
GE McKay Donald 31 - -   -  
GE McLean Alexander 24 Shepherd -   Inverness  
GE McLean Norman 23 Shepherd -   Inverness  
GE McLeod John 21 Shepherd -   Sutherland  
RE McMahon Martin 25 Labourer -   Clare  
RE McMahon Michael 25 Labourer -   Clare  
RE McNamara John 26 Labourer -   Clare  
GE McRae John 20 Ploughman -   Inverness  
RE Meagher John 24 Labourer 1089/1   Tipperary  
RE Meredith John 23 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE Moir James 15 Servant 1124/2   Edinburgh, Midlothian with parents
GE Moir William 16 Servant  
RE Moran John 20 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Murphy Thomas 29 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Murthack Mathias 32 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Nestor Austin 20 Labourer 1173/1   Clare  
RE Nestor Patrick 22 Labourer 1173/1   Clare  
RE O'Bfien Patrick 22 Labourer 1205/2   Clare  
RE O'Connor John 21 Labourer 1207/1   Limerick  
RE O'Halloran John 24 Labourer 1209/3   Clare with family
RE O'Halloran matthew 26 Labourer 1210/1  
RE O'Kile Michael 21 Labourer 1211/1   Clare  
RE Quinn James 28 Labourer 1322/3   Clare  
RE Quinn James 25 Labourer 1322/3   Leitrim  
RE Quirk Denis 24 Labourer 1323/3   Kerry  
RE Quirke Brian 18 Labourer -   Kilkenny did not sail ?
RE Rabbitt John 34 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Rabbitt Michael 21 Labourer 1325/1   Clare  
RE Reid Daniel 22 Labourer 1340/1   Kilkenny  
RE Reid James 27 Labourer 1340/2   Kilkenny  
RE Reidy Michael 20 Labourer 1342/2   Clare  
RE Reily John 19 Labourer -   Tipperary  
RE Reily Richard 35 Labourer 1343/2   Tipperary  
RE Rooney Anthony 27 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Ryan Daniel 29 Labourer 1408/3   Tipperary  
RE Ryan David 21 Labourer 1408/3   Tipperary  
RE Ryan Jeremiah 22 Labourer 1409/3   Clare  
RE Ryan John B. 25 Labourer 1410/2   Tipperary  
RE Scanlon James 33 Labourer 1433/3   Clare  
RE Setright Edmond 31 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Slattery Patrick 27 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Smith Edward 36 Bricklayer -   England  
RE Smith John 23 Labourer -   Cavan  
GE Snell Edward 21 Labourer -   Hampshire  
RE Tracey Michael 33 Servant -   Ireland  
GE Veysey James Thomas Barby 13 Labourer -   Mylor, Cornwall with mother
GE Wannan Alexander 22 Agr. Labourer 1670/2   Edinburgh  
RE Wilson Alexander 20 Shepherd -   Ross & Cromarty  
GE Wooley Albert 24 Fitter -   Middlesex  
Single Women & children
GE Tozer Mary J. 37 Matron     Middlesex  
GE Allan Mary 18 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Anderson Augusta 35 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Arthurson Sarah 35 Housemaid     Edinburgh  
RE Bergen Mary 21 Servant 116/1   Kings county  
GE Black Dorothy 34 Nursemaid     Clackmannan  
GE Caldwell Jane 23 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Caldwell Robina 18 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Canny Catherine 16 Servant     Clare  
RE Canny Mary 34 Servant     Clare  
RE Canny Mary 20 Servant     Clare  
GE Carlton Elizabeth 25 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Carter Eliza 16 Servant     Sussex with parents | 1861 census residence, Marston, Staffordshire
GE Clarke Jane 14 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Clune Anne 22 Servant     Clare  
GE Common Mary 26 Housemaid     Berwick  
RE Connell Eliza 15 Servant     Clare  
RE Connell Ellen 18 Servant     Cavan  
GE Crothy Bridget 16 Servant 348/3   Clare  
RE Culleeny Bridget 22 Servant 354/1   Clare  
RE Culliney Margaret 18 Servant     Cavan  
GE Dalgleish Catherine 17 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Davoren Mary 17 Servant     Clare  
RE Dillon Bridget 23 Servant     Limerick  
GE Dodds Agnes 19 Servant     Berwick  
GE Dodds Mary 21 Servant     Berwick  
RE Donohue Mary 20 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE Dowling Mary 33 Servant     Kerry  
GE Downing Caroline 23 Servant     Surrey  
RE Dullard Mary 15 Servant     Armagh  
GE Duncan Theresa 34 Cook 436/3   Aberdeen  
RE Dundon Catherine 24 Dairy woman     Clare  
RE Edward Jane 26 Servant     Cork  
GE Elstone Elizabeth 18 Nurse     Hampshire  
GE Ferguson Isabella 20 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Flint Sarah 20 Dress maker     Lincoln  
RE Foley Julia 25 Servant     Clare  
GE George Susan 24 Servant     Devon  
GE Glanville Mary Ann 19 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Glasgow Jemima 17 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Gray Helen 18 Housemaid     Edinburgh  
GE Gray Mary 21 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Hales Elizabeth 27 Cook     Surrey  
RE Haren Catherine 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Haren Honora 34 Housekeeper     Clare  
RE Haren Mary 17 Servant     Clare  
GE Hayes Margaret 15 Cook     Dublin  
RE Hehier / Hehir Anne 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Karney Hannah 16 Servant     Clare  
RE Kiely Mary 20 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Kiely Winifred 18 Servant     Tipperary  
GE Lavish Jane 21 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Lyons Mary 34 Servant     Galway  
RE Maher Bessy 9 child     Tipperary  
RE Maher Jeremiah 7 child      
RE Maher Mary 37 Servant      
RE Maher Michael 11 child      
RE Mahoney Julia 21 Servant     Cork  
RE Maloney Margaret 17 Servant     Clare  
RE Marshall Margaret 17 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Martin Esther 21 Servant     Kilkenny  
GE Manson Catherine 58 Needlewoman     Edinburgh  
GE Manson Catherine 39 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE McAra / Macara Catherine 17 Servant     Muthill, Perthshire  
GE McAra / Macara Matilda 28 Housemaid      
GE McAra / Macara Matilda 55 child     with sons
RE McGough Margaret 19 Servant     Meath  
RE McGough Mary 17 Servant     Meath  
RE McMahon Catherine 18 Servant     Clare  
RE McNamara Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
RE McNamara Margaret 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Mitchell Margaret 17 Servant     Ireland  
GE Moir Helen 17 Servant     Edinburgh, Midlothian with parents
RE Moore Mary 19 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Mullins Catherine 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Murphy Bridget 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Murphy Catherine 15 Servant     Dublin  
RE Murray Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Murray Harriet 27 Servant     Lancashire  
RE Nestor Honora 18 Servant     Clare  
RE Nestor Mary 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Nolan Annie 30 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE O'Brien Bridget 21 Servant     Cavan  
RE O'Connor Margaret 22 Servant     Clare  
RE O'Connor Mary 24 Servant     Limerick  
RE O'Donnell Johanna 23 Servant     Tipperary  
RE O'Halloran Bridget 22 Servant 1209/3   Clare with family
RE O'Halloran Catherine 18 Servant 1209/3  
RE O'Halloran Honora 20 Servant 1209/3  
RE O'Halloran Margaret 14 Servant 1210/1  
RE O'Halloran Mary 16 Servant -  
RE Pilkington Honor 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Quinlan Catherine 30 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Quinlan Mary 25 Servant     Limerick  
RE Quirk Mary 16 Servant     Kilkenny  
RE Reily Ellen 30 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Rooney Bridget 33 Servant     Clare  
RE Ryan Johanna 29 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Ryan John 3 child      
RE Ryan William 1 child      
RE Sharry Mary 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Smyth Catherine 18 Servant     Cavan  
RE Smith Bridget 18 Servant     Cavan  
GE Smith Isabella 29 Servant     Aberdeen  
RE Stack Margaret 33 Servant     Clare  
RE Sullivan Catherine 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Sullivan Maria 27 Servant     Kilkenny  
GE Thompson Sophia 27 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Vaughan Margaret 18 Servant     Clare  
GE Veysey Hannah Maria (Menhennet) 43 Nurse     Mylor, Cornwall with son
GE Veysey Sarah 20 Servant      
GE Woolley Charlotte 56 Nurse     Middlesex  
GE Wright Jane 24 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Wright Bridget Servant Servant     Westmeath  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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