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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Nashwauk, 762 tons, Captain A. McIntyre, from Liverpool 13th February 1855, wrecked near Noarlunga, South Australia 13th May 1855

South Australian Register Monday 14th May 1855

Reported Shipwreck:— A messenger arrived in town yesterday to report to the authorities that an Emigrant vessel with three hundred and fifty passengers, had been stranded at about 3 o’clock in the morning, two miles the south of Onkaparinga.
A policeman was immediately ordered of to Noarlunga to ascertain particulars; and a steam-tug, under a order from His Excellency the Acting Governor was got under weigh without delay, to render all possible assistance.
We have despatched a special reporter to the scene of the disaster, and hope to lay a full particulars before our readers tomorrow. It is not probable that the vessel has been driven ashore through any stress of weather as the night was not boisterous, and therefore no loss of life need be apprehended.
The messenger had forgotten the name of the stranded ship, but remembered he was told that she was from Liverpool, and had only been about three months on the voyage so that she is, most probably, the Nashwauk, appointed to sail on the 5th February. The Golden Avery, another emigrant ship appointed to sail from Liverpool in February was not to leave earlier than the 18th.

South Australian Register Tuesday 15th May 1855
Wreck of the Nashwauk

The Nashwauk, a fine ship built 18 months ago, as the captain informs us, of between 790 and 800 tons, sailed from Liverpool for Adelaide on the 13th February, under the command of Captain McIntyre.

She had onboard nearly 300 emigrants, chiefly Irish, among whom there were 130 single girls, and a general cargo. She made a quick and favourable passage, but on Sunday morning (the 89th day) unfortunately went ashore in the gulf. The accident happened exactly opposite Mr. Harrlott’s house, about two miles below the mouth of the Onkaparinga and notice reached Noarlunga by daybreak. Mr. Birrell, the postmaster, sent immediately to the wreck, urging the Captain to land the mail and to put the passengers ashore, as there was at that time every prospect of rough weather. At 1 o’clock. The landing of the passengers commenced, and the whole came to Noarlunga in the course of the afternoon and evening. The Surgeon-Superintendent also came to the township, and afterwards Captain McIntyre and the ships' crew, the mates remaining on the beach to watch the wreck.
By the exertion of several inhabitants, the passengers were lodged in the mill cottage and other empty houses ; and a quantity of bread was baked, 8 or 10 sheep were killed and tea was prepared by bucketful, in short, everything was done that the kindest hospitality could suggest, but the conduct of the emigrants has led to much remark.
Many of the girls behaved in a most discreditable manner, showing plainly that they were unfit to have been sent as emigrants, or that they been sadly corrupted on the voyage. On this painful subject we need not enlarge, as that there can no doubt a very searching enquiry will be instituted by the proper authorities, not only into the circumstances attending the loss of the ship, but into the conduct of all concerned during the passage, and after the catastrophe.
In the course of the night Captain Douglas, and the Harbour Master arrived from Port Adelaide with the Melbourne Steamer and the government schooner Yatala, both which anchored of the wreck, and on Monday morning the emigrants, after breakfasting at Noarlunga were ordered back to the beach.
Meanwhile the Nashwauk was lying in two fathoms water, close under high cliffs of clay and limestone about a quarter of a mile below the reef on which the Tigress was lost, The Nashwauk’s bottom was much damaged, she had had twelve feet of water in her hold, and it was clear that no hope remained of saving her.

The sea was rather rough, and there was a heavy swell outside the breakers, which induced Captain Douglas to abandon his first intention of putting the emigrants on board the steamer where she then lay, and they were directed to walk the beach on the tops of the cliffs to the mouth of the Onkaparinga. About half of them obeyed the orders, and assembled in front of Mr. Gray’s store. But the remainder dare not tempt again the element from which they had so narrowly escaped and went back across the country, saying they would get to town as they best could. A few accepted situations in the county.
Those who remained, consisting chiefly of females were taken across the Onkaparinga by boats, and again mustered near the jetty at Port Noarlunga, opposite which the Melbourne was then lying. There the sea outside the breakers was tolerably calm ; and at about 3 o’clock the first boat load was safely taken on board. The embarkation was proceeding when our reporter left, and Captain Douglas intended sending the steamer away in the course of the evening with all who where willing to go ; but several more deserted, and made their way back to Noarlunga.
The Emigrants Luggage was for the most part brought round in drays by which, or by the Yatala, it was to be sent forward.
The Nashwauk brought no regular mail, but a small bag of letters was sent in on Monday. Our reporter made every effort to obtain papers, but was assured by the captain that there were none on board. He also enquired for the manifest, but was told it had sent ashore with the captains' boxes. On examining them in the evening at Noarlunga, the captain ascertained that the box containing the manifest had been left on board.
He stated that the ship was consigned to Messrs. Stirling & Co. and brought a general cargo. It is his opinion, as well as captain Douglas’ that she must inevitable go to pieces. Captain McIntyre says that up to the time of his leaving England no ministry had been formed, and that no further news of any importance had been received from the seat of war.

Nothing could exceed the promptitude with which captain Douglas made his arrangements, nor the anxiety he manifested to spare the passengers all unnecessary inconvenience. He mentioned that he was very much indebted to captain Plain, of the Northern Light, and to captain Robertson, of the Murray steamer, both of whom accompanied him, the former lending him a life-boat.
On Monday evening Captain Warburton, Commissioner of Police, arrived at Noarlunga with four troopers. Two or three of the same force had been in attendance near the wreck during the day. Soon afterwards Dr. Duncan the Immigration Agent and Health Officer, was also in the township. We understand there are only four cases of sickness—one woman suffering and two recovering from low fever, and one disabled by an accident. There were attended on Sunday night by Dr. Knipe, of Noarlunga, the ship surgeon being at the time unfit for his duties, from intoxication.

We shall probably have further news from the wreck to-morrow. At the present we are unable to say how this accident happened, having only heard from the captain that he was below at the time, and that after two night-watching, he had fallen asleep. The second mate had charge of the ship, and the cry of “breakers ahead! ” was immediately succeeded by her striking.
In ignorance at present of the exact facts we are not disposed hastily to cast blame on any one. But that on a quiet night a ship, within a few hours of port should go on shore, is prima facia calculated to excite at least surprise, a light on shore was mistaken, it is said, for a light ship. And hence the accident. But though the light of the lightship may not easily distinguishable from any other light from shore, it is only natural to suppose that a captain would know his whereabouts better than to miss his mark by forty miles.
He must have been in sight of land on the previous day, and ought to have been acquainted with his position with tolerable accuracy. Why he was not so must be explained. The credit of our local waters and the safety of immigrants alike demands a thorough and searching investigation.

from the South Australian Government Gazette 12th July 1855, page 515
extracted from the Quarterly report into the Government Gazette by the Immigration Office, Port Adelaide. 6th July 1855

The Nashwauk was wrecked on the coast near the mouth of the Onkaparinga on the 13th of May. All the immigrants were safely landed and taken to the township of Noarlunga, from which place some were taken by the steamer Melbourne to Port Adelaide, and some were sent overland in drays to Adelaide.
An investigation was ordered by his Excellency the Officer Administering the Government into the treatment of the people by the master and Surgeon-Superintendent of the ship.
The Immigration Board sat for this purpose on the 2nd June when it appeared to the Board that there was no foundation for any complaints against the surgeon-superintendent during the voyage.
The Board was adjourned to the following Tuesday on purpose to investigate the conduct of the master of the ship, but information having in the interval been received that he had died in Adelaide, the inquiry of course terminated. One hundred and sixty seven young women arrived by this ship and the greater number were a most ineligible class of persons.

comment by me.. [robert] There appears from reading this and indeed all reports written by the immigration office (as they wrote one for every migrant ship into port), the total dislike and an opinion towards some young women who “were generally of a class quite unsuited to the wants of the colonist”.. “these statements were made in the hope that the system of sending that class of person would be discontinued,” pointing to a dissatisfaction with the job done by the emigration agent in the UK.
A great pity the Captain did indeed pass away so soon after losing his ship, built only 2 years prior, without answering for his inaction. — Robert

Digger - South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915

Given Names: Archibald
Date: 1855-06-03
Sex: M
Age: 37y

16th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1855 ; 1 birth and 1 death on the passage ; Richard Smales, surgeon-superintendent.
The South Australian Government Gazette 1866 p. 90
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Allen, John 40 May 5th, 1855 Fever at sea
Stanley, Catherine 23 May 23rd, 1855 Fever on shore
Surgeon Superintendent Report
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Hodgins, Mary   March 23rd, 1855 female  
Kilderry, Mary   May 15th, 1855 male - after the arrival of the ship  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Aderson / Adderson Robert 27 Carpenter 9/2 Kendal, Lancashire Addison
  Isabella 25       (Tomlinson ?)
  Isabella Jane 4        
  Elizabeth inf        
Allen / Allan John 43 Wheelwright 15/3 Lancashire died at sea, May 5th
  Mary A. 30        
  William 11        
  Janet 9        
  John inf        
Begg Thomas 35 Miner - Auchinearn, Lanark parish, Cadder
  Mary (Reid) 35        
  William 11        
  Agnes 9        
  Elizabeth 6        
Bell George 33 Labourer 107/1 Abbey Street, Cumberland  
  Elizabeth 39        
Brown William 29 Agr. Labourer 191/1 Tipperary  
  Mary 30        
  Catherine 8        
Clancy Michael 24 Agr. Labourer 275/1 Clare  
  Mary (Connolly) 25        
Curtin John 25 Agr. Labourer 361/1 Clare later, known as Curtain
  Margaret (Maloney) 22        
Davill Thomas 22 Labourer 380/2 Bingham, Nottingham  
  Mary (Morris) 20        
Devlin Hugh 19 Labourer 401/2 Derry  
  Rose 18        
Dinsdale Anthony 38 Labourer 406/2 Bradford, Yorkshire  
  Anne 38        
  Thomas 17        
  Margaret A. 15        
  Esther 12        
  John 8        
  Isabella 6        
Doulette / Doolette George Durham 38 Carpenter 420/1 Dublin  
  Eliza (Rynard) 33        
  George Philip 14        
  Julia 12        
  Sally 10        
  Elizabeth 7        
  John 5        
  Nathaniel 2        
Foy John 26 Labourer 525/1 Oxford  
  Sarah 26        
  Nancy 2        
  John inf        
Hodgins William 24 Farm Servant 754/2 Tipperary  
  Mary 28        
  female inf       born at sea, March 23rd
Houlahan / Houlihan Martin 27 Agr. Labourer 780/2 Clare  
  Margaret (Sexton) 25        
Johnson Francis 24 Farm Servant 848/2 Antrim  
  Anne 21        
  Margaret 2        
Kelly Richard 53 Shepherd 888/2 Carlow  
  Susan 33        
  Ann 13        
  Deborah 8        
  Charlotte inf        
Kelly Thomas 37 Agr. Labourer 888/3 Carlow  
  Catherine 37        
  Margaret 13        
  Mary 11        
  Honora 5        
  Catherine 1        
Kilderry John 28 Agr. Labourer 906/2 Galway  
  Mary 26        
  male inf       born at sea, May 15th
McMahon John 30 Agr. Labourer 1080/2 Clare  
Kelly Murty 10        
Kelly Catherine 9        
Oldfield Anthony 33 Farm Labourer - Yorkshire  
  Anna 28        
Pemberton Edward 21 Farm Labourer 1263/1 Kilkenny  
  Mary 25        
Richardson Michael 38 Herdsman 1352/3 Cork  
  Mary 30        
Stibbles George 39 Plasterer 1549/3 Forfarshire  
  Jean 39        
  Elizabeth 17        
  George 14        
  Jessie 10        
  Wilhelmina 7        
  Jean 6        
  Margaret 2        
  Edward 1        
Toole Alexander 48 Farm Labourer 1612/3 Wicklow  
  Mary 48        
  Margaret 22        
  Eliza 21        
  Mary 19        
  Denis Joseph 17        
  Terea / Teresa ? 14        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Bottomley Robert 25 Baker 149/2 Lancashire  
Dunn James 17 Labourer - Scotland ? with mother, Isabella
Ryan Michael 19 Agr. Labourer 1410/3 Tipperary  
Ryan Patrick 25 Agr. Labourer 1411/2 Tipperary  
Ryan Thomas 35 Agr. Labourer - Tipperary  
Single Women
Ahern Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Barron Mary 22 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Blake Mary 24 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Brien Mary 28 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Brien Johanna 24 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Brody Bridget 19 Farm Servant   Clare  
Brooks Mary 18 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Brophy Bridget 21 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Burke Eliza 23 Domestic Servant   Donegal  
Burke Mary 21 Farm Servant   Clare  
Burns Mary n/a Farm Servant   Cork  
Butler Catherine 22 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Cahill Mary 19 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Carroll Mary 23 Servant   Tipperary  
Carthy Catherine 23 Dairy Maid   Tipperary  
Cash Caherine 24 Farm Servant   Kings co.  
Coffee / Coffey Catherine 20 Farm Servant   Kings co.  
Coffee Mary 21 Farm Servant   Galway  
Considine Margaret 19 Farm Servant   Clare  
Cotter Mary 22 Farm Servant   Cork  
Coughlan Ellen 21 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Crowley Ellen 20 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Cullen Anastasia 25 Servant   Kilkenny  
Curliss / Collis Bridget 23 Domestic Servant 785/1 Galway  
Curtain Eliza 20 Servant   Cork  
Dalton Ellen 21 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Dempsey Fanny 19 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Dempsey Honora 30 Domestic Servant   Lancashire  
Digedan Bridget 20 Farm Servant   Clare Digedon
Digedan Margaret 16 Farm Servant   Clare  
Dineen Ally / Alison ? 19 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Donohue Ellen 18 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Donohue Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Donovan Eliza 26 Dairy Maid   Cork  
Doughney Honora 30 Domestic Servant   Lancashire  
Doyle Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Dunn Isabella 40 Farm Servant   Scotland ? with son, James
Dwyer Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Feighrey Bridget 22 Domestic Servant   Clare Leighsey ?
Fennelly Catherine 17 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Fernie Eliza 32 Domestic Servant   Lancashire  
Fitzgerald Judith 32 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Fitzgerald Margaret 24 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Flaherty Bridget 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Flynn Catherine 23 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Fogarty Ann 21 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Fogarty Mary 19 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Gavan Margaret 18 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Gorman Anne 18 Domestic Servant   Carlow  
Green Margaret 26 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Hanlon Catherine 19 Domestic Servant   Westmeath Harlon
Hanlon Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Westmeath  
Healy Margaret 19 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Heffernan Mary 20 Farm Servant   Clare  
Hehir Mary 25 Dairy Maid   Clare  
Hennessey Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Heydon Anne 22 Domestic Servant   Carlow  
Hinchen Bridget 19 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Hoar Alice 19 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Hoar Margaret 23 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Hoare Bridget 17 Laundress   Clare  
Houligan Hannah 18 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Hourigan Lucy 23 Domestic Servant 781/1 Limerick  
Jones Anne 23 Servant   Clare  
Joyce Margaret 24 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Kealtey Margaret 25 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Keane Mary 21 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Keatings Elizabeth 19 Farm Servant   Cork  
Keily Honora 20 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Kelcher Bridget 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Kelcher Susan 19 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Kelly Ellen 16 Housemaid   Carlow  
Kelly Ellen 24 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Kelly Honora 20 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Kelly Mary 14 Housemaid   Carlow  
Kelly Prudence 16 Housemaid   Carlow  
Kelly Sarah 22 Cook   Carlow  
Kennedy Bridget 24 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Kennedy Mary 19 Farm Servant   Kings co.  
Lanigan Ellen 23 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Leahy Bridget 17 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Leary Johanna 21 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Leary Mary 32 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Leby Ellen 21 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Loughman Mary 24 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Magee Bridget 29 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Magee Elizabeth 22 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Mahar / Maher Bridget 24 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Malloy Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Galway  
Malone Judy 29 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Malony Elizabeth 24 Domestic Servant   Kings co.  
Mackrell / Maskrell Sarah 23 Seamstress   Londonderry  
McCarthy Honora 21 Dairy Maid   Cork  
McCaughey Margaret 22 Domestic Servant   Londonderry  
McDonald Ellen 19 Domestic Servant   Cork  
McDougal Mary A. 20 Domestic Servant   Donegal  
McLaughlin Mary A. 18 Domestic Servant   Donegal  
McManus Catherine 18 Farm Servant   Fermanagh  
McNamara Anne 22 Farm Servant 1208/2 Clare  
McPeake Anne 19 Domestic Servant   Londonderry  
Minahan Bridget 18 Farm Servant   Clare  
Moore Ellen 28 Domestic Servant   Kings co.  
Moore Margaret 20 Domestic Servant   Kings co.  
Moran Mary 24 Needlewoman   Limerick  
Moylan Anne 22 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Mulcahey Abigail 19 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Murphy Honorah 19 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Murphy Mary 26 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Murphy Mary 20 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Murphy Mary 18 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Neal Honora 23 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Nunan / Nunnan Bridget 20 Farm Servant   Clare  
O'Brien Bridget 22 Farm Servant   Clare  
O'Brien Catherine 24 Laundress   Clare  
O'Halloran Mary 25 Servant   Clare  
O'Shea Bridget 21 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Pigot Mary 19 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Purcell Margaret 22 Domestic Servant   Galway  
Reedy / Ready Mary 28 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Riordan Bridget 20 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Roney Mary 25 Domestic Servant   Galway  
Rosdale / Rasdall Jane 24 Domestic Servant   Dublin  
Ryal Catherine 25 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Ryal Mary 23 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Ryan Bridget 49 Domestic Servant 1408/2 Tipperary age ?
Ryan Bridget 24 Dairy Maid   Tipperary  
Ryan Catherine 20 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Ryan Ellen 25 Dairy Maid   Tipperary  
Ryan Johanna 22 Domestic Servant   Limerick  
Ryan Judith 21 Farm Servant   Tipperary with mother
Ryan Margaret 22 Domestic Servant   Tipperary with mother
Ryan Margaret 25 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Ryan Mary 21 Domestic Servant   Kings co.  
Saxby Sarah 22 Cook 1432/2 Dublin  
Seaton Mary 19 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Shehan Anne 21 Domestic Servant   Cork  
Shea Judith 19 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Shea Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Sinnott Ellen 25 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Simmons Mary 29 Domestic Servant   - Timmon
Slattery Nancy 22 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Speer Mary A. 27 Domestic Servant   Donegal  
Stanley Catherine 20 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Stanley Catherine 23 Farm Servant   Kilkenny died ashore, May 23rd
Stapleton Ally / Alison 28 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Storan Ellen 21 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Sullivan Lucy 23 Domestic Servant   Dublin  
Sweetman Catherine 23 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Sweetman Margaret 18 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Toole Mary 18 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Tracey / Treacy Honora 22 Dairy Maid   Tipperary  
Wall Catherine 21 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  
Walsh Mary 23 Domestic Servant   Kilkenny  
Walsh Mary 22 Domestic Servant   Clare  
Whelan Catherine 23 Farm Servant   Tipperary  
Whelan Ellen 26 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Whelan Judith 28 Domestic Servant   Tipperary  
Whelan Matilda 20 Domestic Servant   Clare  
White Bridget 24 Domestic Servant   Clare  
White Bridget 22 Domestic Servant   Galway  
Whitfield Alicia 20 Farm Servant   Kings co.  
Woods Ellen 28 Dairy Maid   Clare  
Woods Ellen 18 Farm Servant   Kilkenny  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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