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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Neptune, 643 tons, Captain John Henderson, from London / Plymouth 7th June 1853 / the Cape 8th September 1853, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 25th October 1853

South Australian Register Wednesday 26 October 1853

Tuesday, October 25, 1853:- The ship Neptune, 643 tons, Henderson master, from Plymouth June 7th and the Cape September 8th . . . the Government emigrant ship Neptune, arrival reported above, is the ship rendered so memorably by the Cape colonists' resistance to the introduction of convicts ; and the Captain still retains the command (see note below). There had been 6 births and eighteen deaths on board the Neptune and the Health Officer not having warrented the admission of any visitors, our shipping reported had no opportunity of copying the cargo manifest.
13th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1853 ; six births and eighteen deaths on the passage; Popham, surgeon-superintendent.

note: "The British Government made an attempt in 1849 to form a penal settlement at the Cape, but when the ship Neptune arrived at Simon's Bay, with 282 convicts aboard, the citizens declined to supply anything to persons having dealings with her. So strictly was this pledge observed that no food whatever was obtainable, either for the convicts or for the troops. . . In the end the colonists were victorious, and on 21 February 1850, the Neptune set sail for Tasmania."

ship Neptune

The Neptune arrived the 25th October, having been 143 days at sea ; she brought to the colony 309 souls. The births were six in number ; the deaths at all ages eighteen, but only two were those of adults. Sickness prevailed to a considerable extent in this ship during the greater part of the voyage. The cases of diarrhoea were very numerous and difficult of cure. The opinion of the surgeon-Superintendent Dr. Popham, was that the illness was produced and kept up, by the water put on board in England ; he strengthens his opinion by the statement that the ship being in want of medicines, put into the Cape of Good Hope, where a supply of water was procured and from the time this water began to be used, the diarrhoea ceased ; but during the subsequent part of the voyage, a cask of the English water having been broached, the diarrhoea recommenced. The provisions according to the charter party, were in some cases deficient in quantity.
The ship arrived on on the 25th October. By the evidence taken before the Immigration Board, and by the surgeons journal, it appears that the butter was all consumed on the 23rd of September, the raisins on the 4th October, the treacle on the 10th of October, preserved soup on the same day, suet on the 15th October and flour on the 20th October.
The complaints of the people on this head were almost universal.
The ship itself was well adapted for the conveyance of emigrants, but the fittings were put up in the most slovenly manner. The surgeon superintendent complains of his having been kept without proper food during the voyage. That although according to the terms of the charter party, he and Mrs. Popham ought to have got provisions in quantity and quality suited to cabin passengers, yet, that in fact they actually suffered hunger for want of food, and that Mrs. Popham’s health was so affected by it, that Dr. Popham was forced to leave his lady in Cape Town. I have for these reasons, thought it my duty to refuse to sign the papers of the ship certifying that the requirements of the charter party have been complied with. As only an uncertified copy of the charter party is sent to this colony, it is impossible to proceed, legally, further than to prosecute for the short issue of such provisions as are made necessary by the Passengers Act, 1852” and accordingly, acting under the advice of the law advisers of the Crown, I have laid information for the short issue of flour. This case stands as yet for trial. It is not possible to account for this deficiency of provisions, and the careless manner in which the ship was fitted up, by the low price at which the contract was taken by the Commissioners. The contract price by this ship was £19 9s. ; that by the Standard which preceded it was £18 14s. 9d. and that by the Olivia which arrived after the Neptune was £17 7s.
I am at a loss to account for the inferior quality of the water. I know not whether there are different places in the Channel or the Thames where outward-bound ships take in water, but if so, it may be a matter of importance for the Commissioners to make enquiry where the water of this ship was taken on board, as it may be the means of preventing sickness in future, if it can be discovered from what cause the impurity of the water had proceeded.

I have now great pleasure in giving two extracts from the journal of the surgeon superintendent— “Latitude 24º 37’ South, longitude 25º 44’ Sunday, August 7, 1853. At three o’clock this afternoon we heard a cry of “a woman overboard,” ran on the poop directly and saw Emma Edwards in the water, about 200 yards from the ship and Mr. Simkins, the third mate, swimming towards her ; she had been an inmate of the hospital since she was attacked with measles, and had been in a very desponding state since the time of leaving Plymouth ; she frequently said to myself, as well as to the captain and others, that she should not live to see Adelaide, and on the previous Friday she told my servant she did not think she should live a week. Yesterday, she gave away several articles of clothing to some of the young girls, saying she would never wear them again. The ship was going at a rate of eight knots an hour, with a stiff breeze and before she could be brought-to and the boat lowered, they were nearly a mile astern, and quite lost sight of, as the sea was running very high. The life boat was pulled in the direction in which they were last seen, and after some time the third mate was seen on the top of a wave ; with as little delay as possible he and the body of Emma Edwards (whom he had supported for some time, though she pulled him under twice) were brought back to the ship, Mr. Simkins in the most exhausted state and Emma Edwards quite dead.”
“Sunday, August 21st, Latitude 35º 38’ south, longitude 2º 5’ west. Strong gale with a very heavy sea. About 2 am, the mainsail was carried away with a fearful noise, causing much consternation among the emigrants. This afternoon, as several of the females were sitting on the poop, a heavy sea was shipped, which washed Rebecca Lane partly down the rudder trunk, carried away the bulwarks of the poop and would have carried overboard Louisa Bedford, but for the promptitude of Mr. Simkins, the third mate, who sprang to her assistance, laid hold of her and saved her from a watery grave.” On this being communicated to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, His Excellency appreciated so highly this noble, though unsuccessful attempt to save human life, that he ordered the sum of £50 (fifty pounds) to be presented to Mr. Simkins and informed that gentleman that an account of his gallant conduct should be transmitted to the Royal Humane Society of London.

The South Australian Government Gazette 1866 pp. 83-84
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
McInnes, Marion 38 June 13 Diarrhoea at sea
Raydon, William
inf June 25 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Hallett, Susan inf June 28 Diarrhoea at sea
McLean, Donald 8 June 29 Diarrhoea at sea
Caree, Alice
1 July 01 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Kershaw, William 3 July 01 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Varcoe, Anne 4 July 04 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Burt, Frederick inf July 04 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Hallett, George 2 July 06 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Wills, Jane inf July 16 Measles & diarrhoea at sea
Cock, Alfred 2 July 24 Diarrhoea at sea
Smith, George inf July 24 Diarrhoea at sea
Edmonds, Emma
24 August 07 Suicide at sea
McLean, Archibald 3 August 09 Diarrhoea at sea
McInnes, Flora 1 August 09 Diarrhoea at sea
McVicar, Archibald 11 August 20 Diarrhoea at sea
Kershaw, John 1 August 31 Diarrhoea at sea
Snells, John inf October 02 Found dead in bed at sea

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics.

Names Age Occupation B-index Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Abbott Nicholas 34   2/2 -  
  Elizabeth 36        
Bailey William 31   - -  
  Mary 24        
  Emma J. 1        
Beard Benjamin 30   - -  
  Jane 22        
Bethune Norman 48   121/2 Kilmuir, Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules
  Catherine 44        
  Malcolm 10        
  Ann 8        
  Isabella 6        
Burgess George H. 24   205/1 -  
  Rebecca 25        
  Sydney Augustus inf        
Burt John 38   - -  
  Louisa 28        
  Emma 3        
  Frederick inf       died at sea, July 4
Card John 48   236/3 -  
  Harriet 46        
  Robert 12        
  Alice inf       died at sea, July 1
Cock Alfred J. 25   290/1 -  
  Margaret 22        
  Alfred 2       died at sea, July 24
  Margaret 1        
Collinett Thomas 45   298/2 -  
  Martha 53        
  William 12        
  Joseph 8        
Clark Richard 28   - -  
  Mary Jane 26        
Cronin Jeremiah 23   - -  
  Mary 19        
Curnow Michael 32   359/1 -  
  Mary A. 31        
  Michael 11        
  Mary A. 10        
  Elizabeth 5        
  William J.          
Edwards Martin 28   458/1 -  
  Rebecca 21        
  Rebecca 3        
  male inf       born at sea ?
Francis William 37   - -  
  Mary 28        
Foot John 20   516/3 -  
  Mary (Hesse) 22        
Gaylard John 34   - -  
  Emma 29        
  Alexander 10        
  Elizabeth 8        
  James 3        
  Caroline 1        
Gill Joseph 24   571/1 -  
  Eliza 21        
  Maria inf        
Good Henry 22   586/3 -  
  Harriet 24        
Hallett George 29   651/1 -  
  Susan 27        
  George 2       died at sea, July 5
  Susan P. inf       died at sea, June 28
Harvey Richard 21   691/2 -  
  Jane 20        
Hattam Samuel 36   695/2 [Cornwall]  
  Elizabeth 30        
  James 11        
  Mary 10        
  Elizabeth 7        
  Grace 4        
  Maria 3        
Herford William 30   726/1 -  
  Ellen 26        
Higgs George 22   735/3 -  
  Charlotte 27        
  Thomas inf        
Hodden William C. 20   - -  
  Jane 19        
Holland William 25   764/2 -  
  Charlotte 22        
Howitt Thomas 33   - -  
  Elizabeth 38        
  Emma 10        
  John 8        
  Caroline 7        
  George 4        
Jewell Richard 36   842/2 -  
  Eliza 36        
  Eliza 9        
  Richard 14        
Johns James 55   - -  
  Mary 55        
  Susan 11        
Kenshaw Emanuel 34   898/2 - Kershaw
  Ann 40        
  Mary A. 10        
  William 3       died at sea, July 1
  John 1       died at sea, Aug 31
Lashbrook John 26   - [Cornwall]  
  Catherine 26        
Leggo Maddren 32   - [Cornwall]  
  Mary A. 31        
Long William 39   -    
  Mary A. 36        
  Mary A. 11        
Matthews William 23   1040/1 Ireland  
  Ellen 21        
McCormack Patrick 38   1056/2 -  
  Margaret 36        
  Mary 14        
  James 12        
  Patrick 9        
  Honora 2        
MacDonald Hector 27   1059/3 N. Uist, Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules
  Mary 22        
McInnes Alexander 40   1070/2 Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules (brother of Ewen)
  Mary 38       died at sea, June 13
  Rory 16        
  Margaret 14        
  Janet 12        
  Donald 7        
  Catherine 5        
McInnes Ewen 40   1070/2 Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules
  Mary 29        
  Harriet 3       or 2
  Flora 1       died at sea, Aug 9
  female inf       born at sea
McLean Archibald 46   1077/2 Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, son Alexander, 16 aboard Hercules
  Ann (McDonald) 38        
  Effy 12        
  Ann 10        
  Archibald 3       died at sea, Aug 9
McLean Ewen 48   1077/3 Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules
  Margaret (McIntosh) 35        
  Mary 11        
  Marion 8        
  Catherine 5        
  Neil 2        
McMahon James 27 Market Gardener 1080/2 England  
  Emma 24        
McQueen Rory 21   1096/3 N. Uist, Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, other family members aboard Hercules
  Christy (McLeod) 21        
McVicar John 41   - Inverness Highlands & Islands Emigration Society, this family first embarked on Hercules
  Marion 35        
  Mary 14        
  Archibald 11       died at sea, Aug 24
  John 5   1188/1    
  Catherine 3        
Orchard John H. 25   - -  
  Alice A. 23        
  Richard W. inf        
Pascoe James 29   - -  
  Elizabeth 27        
  Jane 2        
  Mary 1        
Penprase Matthew 35   - [Cornwall]  
  Grace 41        
  Elizabeth 8        
Pike Charles 36   1284/1 -  
  Catherine 34        
  Mary J. 6        
  John 4        
  Charlotte 1        
Porteus Richard 37   - [Cornwall]  
  Phillippa 33        
  Margaret 8        
  John 3        
  female inf       born at sea
Rayson Charles 26   1334/1 -  
  Charlotte 25        
  William inf       died at sea, June 26
Richards Mick 29   1350/2 -  
  Elizabeth 30        
Robert Jonathan 34 Miner & Farmer 1364/3 England [Cornwall]  
  Mary (Trevithick) 30        
  Jonathan 2        
  Fanny 12        
Rowe Henry 21   - -  
  Mary J. 19        
Scriven John 45 Carpenter 1456/3 -  
  Tabitha 47        
  Jane 12        
  Mary A. 8        
  Georgina 5        
Sercombe John 26   1464/3 [Devon]  
  Elizabeth 23        
Smith Benjamin 30        
  Hester 34        
  George inf       died at sea, July 24
Snell John 20 Miner & Jeweller 1514/2 Cornwall  
  Jane (Matthews) 19        
  Alice inf       died at sea
  male inf       born at sea
Spear William 24   - -  
  Mary Ann 20        
Stephens Andrew 24   - -  
  Ann 22        
Tavender David 23 Stonemason 1577/2 Somerset  
  Eliza (Long) 19        
Varcoe Philip 29   1642/1 -  
  Martha 40        
  Mary P. 10        
  Ellen 9        
  Elizabeth 7        
  Amy 1       died at sea, July 4
Wait William 34 Butcher 1657/1 Somerset  
  Mary (Snook) 30        
  Charlotte 12        
  Elizabeth 8        
  Charles 6        
  William 2        
Williams John 52   1718/1 -  
  Elizabeth 50        
  Mary 8        
  Susan 6        
Williams William 23   - -  
  Ellen 21        
  Esther inf        
Wills John 28   - -  
  Harriet 28        
  Mary 3        
  Jane inf       died at sea, July 16
Names Age Occupation B-index Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Bethune Lachlan 18   121/2 Kilmuir, Inverness with parents, first embarked on Hercules
Collinett Nicholas 18   298/2   with parents
Collinett Peter 20   298/2   with parents
Collinett Thomas 22   298/2   with parents
Donolan Thomas 21   -   with mother & sisters ?
Johns James 14   -   with parents
Johns Tobias 16   -   with parents
McDonald Donald 18   -   with sisters, other family members aboard Hercules
McLean Alexander 16   1077/2 Inverness with parents, is also listed on Hercules
McLean Donald 8   1077/2 Inverness died at sea, Aug 9 | with parents, first embarked on Hercules
McLean Murdoch 14   1077/2 Inverness with parents, first embarked on Hercules
Scriven Edwin 18   -   with parents
Single Women & children
Bartley Susan 16        
Bedford Ellen 39        
Bedford Louisa          
Bedford Caroline          
Bethune Christina 16   121/2 Kilmuir, Inverness with parents, first embarked on Hercules
Blight Jennifer 31        
Buckley Bridget 24        
Card Hannah 24   236/3 - with parents
Card Emma 14   236/3 - with parents
Clutterbuck Emma 28        
Clarke Emma 31        
Cole Richard          
Collinett Sophia 16   298/2   with parents
Collinett Martha 20   298/2   with parents
Collinett Mary 17   298/2   with parents
Collinett Lucie 19   298/2   with parents
Cook Eliza 31        
Davis Ellen 24        
Davies Amelia 15        
Davies Emma 19        
Dempsey Ann          
Donolan Bridget 44        
Donolan Abbey 15        
Donolan Catherine 17        
Edmonds Mary 18        
Edmonds Jane 16        
Edmonds Grace 37        
Edmonds Henry 10        
Edwards / Edmonds Emma 20 / 24       died at sea, Aug 7
Finlayson Ann 24     Snizort, Inverness died at sea, July 21 | other family members aboard Hercules to Victoria.
Gill Bathsheba 18        
Gill Jane 21        
Gray Caroline          
Green Keziah 29        
Grills Elizabeth 24        
Grills Jane 32        
Hanley Lucy          
Hewitt Sarah 24        
Hosking Elizabeth          
Johns Jane 18       with parents
Keefe Mary          
Kelly Mary          
Kevern Priscilla 17        
King Rachel          
Lane Charlotte 25        
Lane Rebecca 19        
Lockhorn Bridget          
McAskill Rachel 25     Inverness other family members aboard Hercules & Calabar
McAskill Christy 15     Inverness
McBain Catherine 20     Inverness first embarked on Hercules, family aboard Olivia
McBain Marion 20     Inverness and child born at sea | first embarked on Hercules, family aboard Olivia
McDonald Ann 19     Harris, Inverness family (Campbell) aboard Hercules
MacDonald Catherine 25       neice of Murdoch Ferguson | first embarked on Hercules
MacDonald Christy 20       sister of Hector MacDonald | first embarked on Hercules
MacDonald Peggy 26       with brother, other family members aboard Hercules
MacDonald Flora 24      
McGrath Rose Ann 18        
McInnes Marion 18   1070/2   family arrived aboard Hercules
McKeegan Mary 44     N. Uist, Inverness first embarked on Hercules
McKeegan Margaret 19     " "
McKeegan Catherine 10     " "
McKeegan Christy 8     " "
McLean Effy 12   1077/2 Inverness with parents, first embarked on Hercules
McLean Ann 10   1077/2 Inverness
McLeod Catherine 26     Harris, Inverness first embarked on Hercules
McLeod Christina 22     " "
McLeod Mary 18     " "
McLeod Ann 57     " "
McLeod Marion 28     " "
McLeod Marion 21     Balelone, N. Uist orphan - sister of Mary McVicar nee McLeod, aboard Hercules
McMahon Emma 18        
McSweeney Margaret 23        
Mills Anna 40        
Molony Mary 26        
Moxey Sarah 17        
Nutt Ann 30        
Richards Ann 21        
Ryan Bridget 22        
Saunders Grace 21        
Scriven Sarah         with parents
Scriven Betsy         with parents
Searl Eliza 19        
Seymour Mary A. 18        
Sheahan Ann 18        
Shefley Johanna 26        
Snell Sarah Jane          
Spargo Fanny 27        
Spratt Sarah          
Sutton Amelia J. 25        
Western Mary A. 20        
Wilkins Agnes          
Wyvil Ann 22        

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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