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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Norman Morrison, 529 tons, Captain Edward Owens, from London 23rd April, Plymouth 5th May, 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 21st August 1865

The South Australian Register, Tuesday 22 August 1865 p. 3

Monday 21 May:— Norman Morrison, barque, 529 tons, Edward Owens, master, from London April 23 via Plymouth May 05. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Dr. Carrall (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 229 Government emigrants in the steerage:

. . . . — 7th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1865 ; —5— births and —-2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Carrall, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Register, Tuesday 22 August 1865 p. 2
NORMAN MORRISON—. from London-533 waterpipes and hydrants, 541 railway bare, Officer Administering Government ; 600 pipe staves. Philip Santo ; 25 pkgs.. Moonta Mine; 2 do., R. B. Smith ; 12 do., 28 iron tanks, Order ; 4 cases, 200 pipe-boxes 60 cart-arms, Adamson Brothers ; 1 case, Morrison.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Norman Morrison.— Since the pilot cutters have cruised in the Gulf it is seldom that a vessel nears the stations without being boarded, but the Norman Morrison somehow or other managed to pass the Alternative and Young St. George unobserved, and hove to, dead to windward of the jetty, with a 'Jack' at the fore. Pilot Reed (who is second-class) took charge, and in less than an hour and a half she was moored in the stream, having sailed through the narrows at a time when a heavy squall from west came down with great violence, rendering his position anything but an enviable one. Sail was shortened, however, in time, and she was moored in her berth in the stream tiers in capital style. Her passage from Plymouth has not been remarkable for celerity, but a continuation of adverse winds accounts for this. No very violent gales, however, have been felt.

The South Australian Register, Tuesday 22 August 1865 p. 3

The Norman Morrison was very fortunate on Monday morning in being delayed only a very short hour at the Lightship for the usual sanitary inspection. Having undergone this she at once squared away for the  harbour, having the wind fair, ample water on the bar, and a clean bill of health. In appearance she is not very beautiful, but is one of those ships 'Jack' eulogizes as a comfortable craft ; and truly on boarding her it appeared as if the description would well suit, for although of only 529 tons she is tolerably spacious below, and has a good roomy poop-deck. There is, however, something new in the grated bulkhead abaft the mainmast, which looks very much akin to Western Australian arrangements, although perhaps highly necessary in preventing the undue intermingling of the passengers. As long as the Commissioners charter vessels under a thousand tons, of course arrangements of a similar nature must be made ; but it is impossible to restrain regret 'at the absence of the very fine ships formerly employed on similar service.

The Surgeon-Superintendent, Dr. Carrall, is on his tenth voyage in that capacity, and his recommendation is of some service when speaking favourably of the people under his charge. A few minor matters of disagreement occurred, but nothing of importance to mar the general harmony which has prevailed. Of course the state of the ship on the morning of arrival cannot be taken as a criterion of her cleanliness, for several smart showers had fallen, and the decks were wet and sloppy. Below, however, she was very presentable, especially in the single females' compartment.
Subjoined are the named of the immigrants, with their national and industrial classifications :—

English —William, Jane, Joseph, Thomas, and William Allen, William and Elizabeth Andrews, Selina Andrews, John Annear, Jemima Atkins, Susannah Barker, Thomas Bevell, Fanny Brown. William, Ellen, and Richard Cawse. Edward Chidzey, Oliver Clark, James and Ellen Clarke, John Collins, John Connell, William and Margaret Curnow, Stephen. Sarah, and Caroline Coleman, John Curtis, Daniel, Mary, and Winifred Davies, Alfred and Ann Day, Joseph Dowling, Solomon Downes, Albert Dyson, Ann and Harriet Dyson, John, Elizabeth, John, William, Elizabeth. and Eliza Dyson, James and Sarah Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Joseph, Alary A., and Thomas Edwards, Thomas, Catherine and Emily Edwards, Jacob, Mary, and Jacob Evans, James, Mary, George, Louisa, and Hannah Everett, Henry, Jane, Lucy, and Henry Ferris, Francis Ford. Robert, Harriet, and Ann French, John K.. Sarah, Rosa, and Edward Friend, William Goode. James, Mary, and Matilda Green, William G. and Nancy Grey, William Haddy, John. Ann. Emily, Ellen, and Edith Haines, Michael Hallett, William, Eliza. Eliza, and Wm. Halse, Henry, Ellen, Pat, and Joseph Hardy. George and Mary Harris. William, Elizabeth, and William Harvey. Edward Harvey, William T., Alarina, and Alarina Hicks, Richard Hisman, William Hike, Charles Horleck, Job Hughes. Mary A. Jones, Hannah Jones, William, Emma, Alfred, Nimrod, and Mary Jones, James Kerslake, James King, Emma Knight, Samuel and Ann Lawrence, Eli Lethbridge, Daniel Luce, George, Jane. Amelia, and George Maddern. Mary A. Maddern. George Maggs, John Martin, Ellen and Fanny Martin, John and Elizabeth Matthews, Fred. Morgan. Isaac Napper G. Napper. C. Neale, N. Nicholls, E. Norm, W. H. Norris. J. Noy, Harriet Roddis, James Rowe, William. Agnes, Emily. Elizabeth. William, Charles, and Esther Samuel, Joseph Sanders, Richard and Mary Saver Charles Short, Allan Smith, Edgar, Mary, and Eliza Smith, John Spencer, George Starks, Henry Strickcombe, Thomas Sweeny, Edward Thomas, Richard and Emma Thomas, William Trembath, William Warren. Philip Jane, and Alfred Whitby, John and Mary A. Whidell.
Scotch —Robert Brown. John Burgess, George, Mary. Mary, and Henry Burgess, William Campbell, William, Betsy, and Mary A. Chapman. Robert and Mary Cretore, Charles, Elizabeth Matthew. Mary. John, Andrew, and Elizabeth Currie, James, Hannah, Robert and Hannah Dickson, Robert Duncan, Adam, Helen, Henry, Agnes, and Archibald Erskine Robert Fothergill, Ellen Falk, Thomas, Helen, Thomas Barbara. and  Alexander Gilles Hugh, Betsy Hugh, Jane. Anne, and Mary Harvey.John Lindsay. James Martin Jane and Margery Martin, Margaret McDonald. Donald McKenzie, Charles and David Renage, Andrew Scott, William Stark, Mary A. Watt.
Irish —Denis Healy and Daniel Murphy.

Grant Industrial Classification—
Farm labourers 27, servants 20, miners 9, copper miners 2, mason 4, blacksmiths 6, labourers 28, general labourer’s 2, millwright 1, gardeners 4, quarryman 1, bricklayer 1, railway labourer L shoemakers 2, porter 1, watchmaker 1, cooper 1, carter L painter 1 carpenters 2. nurse 1.

English— Adults 132. children between one and twelve 33, infants 6, total 171
Scotch— Adults 34, children between one and twelve 15, infants 4, total 53
Irish— Adults 2, total 2  
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Green, Matilda 1 June 28th, 1865 Dentition (teething) at sea
Davies, female 10 hrs July 30th, 1865 Debility / Premature at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Smith, Mercy   June 8th, 1865 female  
Dickson, Hannah   July 2nd, 1865 female  
Green, Mary   July 13th, 1865 female  
Edwards, Mary   July 24th, 1865 female  
Davies, Mary   July 30th, 1865 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Allen William 35 Agr. Labourer 19/3   Cornwall  
    Jane 40          
    Joseph 13          
    Thomas 10          
    William 2          
GE Andrews William 24 Agr. Labourer 31/2   Somerset  
    Elizabeth 28          
GE Burgess George 44 Shoemaker 205/1   Edinburgh, St Andrew with family
    Mary 45          
    Mary 14          
    Henry D. 11          
GE Cawse William 28 Mason 252/3   Plymouth, Devon  
    Ellen (Lethbridge) 23          
    Richard inf          
GE Chapman William 23 Labourer 261/2   Edinburgh  
    Betsey 25          
    Mary A. inf          
GE Clarke James 25 Miner 279/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Ellen (Pengelly) 23          
GE Coleman Stephen Lushington 36 Labourer 297/2   Middlesex  
    Sarah 28          
    Caroline 9          
RE Creton / Cretore ! Robert 41 Labourer -   Ayrshire  
    Mary 41          
GE Curnow William 27 Labourer 359/2   St Just, Cornwall  
    Margaret (Trevorrow) 22          
RE Currie Charles 38 Carter 359/3   Ayrshire  
    Elizabeth 29          
    Matthew 10          
    Mary 7          
    John 4          
    Andrew 2          
GE Davies Daniel 28 Smith 368/1   Monmouth  
    Mary 25          
    Winifred 1          
    female inf         born and died at sea, July 30th
GE Day Alfred 21 Labourer 387/3   Somerset  
    Ann (Vowles) 21          
GE Dickson James A.C. 29 Painter 403/3   Edinburgh, St Cuthberts  
    Hannah 27          
    Hannah 4          
    Robert 1          
    female inf         born at sea, July 2nd
GE Dyson John 40 Agr. Labourer 447/3   Dukinfield, Cheshire with family
    Elizabeth 38          
    John Thomas 8          
    William 5          
    Elizabeth 2          
    Eliza inf          
GE Edwards James 29 Labourer -   Monmouth  
    Sarah 29          
  Sweeny James (or Thomas) 12          
GE Edwards Joseph 23 Labourer 458/1   Monmouth  
    Mary Ann 23          
    Thomas 1          
    female inf         born at sea, July 24th
GE Edwards Thomas 24 Smith -   Monmouth  
    Catherine 26          
    Emily 3          
GE Erskine Adam 34 Bootmaker 472/3   Edinburgh, Buccleuch  
    Helen 31          
    Henry 11          
    Agnes 7          
    Archibald 1          
GE Evans Jacob 26 Labourer -   Newport, Monmouth  
    Mary (Board) 27          
    Jacob inf          
GE Everest James 39 Labourer 477/1   Patcham, Sussex  
    Mary (Smith) 26         1861 census, age 47, 2nd wife, Free BMD married 1st quarter 1854
    George 14          
    Louisa 11          
    Hannah / Anna 9          
GE Ferris Henry 30 Labourer 494/2   Kington St Michael, Wiltshire  
    Jane 31          
    Lucy Jane 3          
    Henry Charles inf          
GE French Robert 25 Labourer -   Abergavenny, Monmouth  
    Hannah (Taylor) 20          
    Ann inf          
GE Friend John K. (?) 25 Millwright -   Devon  
    Sarah 25          
    Rosa 2          
    Edward 1          
GE Gillies Thomas 31 Smith 572/3   Edinburgh, St. Bernard  
    Helen (Allen) 29          
    Thomas 10          
    Barbara 5          
    Alexander inf          
GE Green James 28 Gardener 611/2   Brighton, Sussex  
    Mary Ann (Smith) 26          
    Matilda 1         died at sea, July 28
    female inf         born at sea, July 13
GE Guy William Trezise 20 Miner 632/2   St. Just, Cornwall  
    Nanny (Grenfell) 19          
GE Haines John 37 Labourer 641/1   Reading St. Mary, Berkshire  
    Ann 36          
    Emily 8          
    Ellen 5          
    Elizabeth 1          
GE Halse William Thomas 25 Labourer 653/3   Charles, Devon  
    Eliza (Weathers) 28          
    Eliza 4          
    William Thomas 1          
GE Hardy Henry 28 Labourer 670/2   Lancashire  
    Ellen 26          
    John William 7         Patrick ?
    Joseph 1          
RE Harrigan Hugh 26 Labourer 675/1   Ayrshire  
    Elizabeth (Creetin) 25          
    Hugh 6          
    Jane 4          
    Annie 2          
    Mary inf          
GE Harvey William 22 Labourer 692/1   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth n/a          
    William N.S. 1          
GE Hicks William Thomas 25 Labourer 733/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Alarina / Allerina (Martins) 28          
    Alarina / Allarina inf         1861 census age 5 months
GE Jones William 38 Labourer 864/2   Wednesbury, Staffordshire with family
    Emma (Wilmot) 29          
    Alfred Wilmot 10          
    Nimrod 7          
    Mary 2          
GE Lawrence Samuel 20 Labourer 957/3   Chard, Somerset  
    Ann (Taylor ?) 23          
GE Maddern George 26 Miner 997/3   St. Just, Cornwall  
    Jane 27          
    Amelia 3          
    George 2          
GE Matthews John 23 Miner 1036/2   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 20          
GE Samuels / Sammells William A. 36 Labourer 1421/2   St. Budeaux, Devon  
    Agnes (Muchmore) 41         2nd wife, Free BMD married 3rd quarter 1862
    Emily Ann 14          
    William Henry 11          
    Charles Alfred 6          
    Esther Rowe 4          
RE Sayer Richard 64 Gardener 1432/3   Woolpit, Suffolk  
    Mary 56          
GE Smith Edgar 26 Labourer 1502/2   Steyning, Sussex  
    Mercy (Light) 24          
    Eliza 2          
    female inf         born at sea, June 08
GE Thomas Richard 23 Labourer 1595/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Emma (Osborne) 20          
GE Whivell John 26 Labourer 1706/3   Tavistock, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Moor) 21          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Annears John 23 Miner 32/3   Cornwall  
GE Brown Robert 25 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE Burgess John D. 19 Watchmaker 205/2   Edinburgh, St Andrew with parents
GE Campbell William Ferguson 18 Cooper 233/3   Edinburgh  
GE Chidzey Edward 18 Labourer 268/2   Somerset  
GE Clark Oliver 22 Smith 280/1   Dorset  
GE Collins John 20 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Councel John 22 Labourer 327/1   Somerset  
GE Dowling Joseph 16 Labourer 424/3   Somerset  
GE Downes Solomon 22 Polisher 425/2   Warwick  
GE Duncan Robert 22 Carpenter 437/2   Clackmanan  
GE Dyson Albert 15 Schoolboy 447/3   Dukinfield, Cheshire with parents
GE Eustis John 19 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Ford Francis 21 Labourer -   Somerset  
GE Fothergell Robert 23 Carpenter -   Clackmanan  
GE Goode William 25 Labourer 588/2   Warwick  
GE Haddy William Henry 22 Labourer 636/1   Devon  
GE Hallett Michael 21 Labourer 651/2   Dorset  
GE Harvey Edward 24 Miner 689/3   Cornwall  
RE Healy Denis 20 Labourer 706/2   Limerick  
GE Higman Richard 26 Miner 736/1   Devon  
GE Hill William 20 Miner 741/2   Cornwall  
GE Horlock Charles 20 Labourer 774/3   Dorset  
GE Hughes Job 16 Labourer 791/1   Worcester  
GE Kerslake James 20 Labourer 903/1   Devon  
GE King James 19 Labourer 910/2   Somerset  
GE Lethbridge Eli 20 Mason 968/1   Devon  
GE Lindsay John 23 Gardener -   Haddington  
GE Luce Daniel 23 Labourer -   Gloucester  
GE Maggs George 20 Labourer 1000/2   Somerset  
GE Martin James 23 Smith -   Edinburgh  
GE Martin John 17 Labourer -   Somerset  
GE McKenzie Donald 25 Smith -   Edinburgh  
GE Morgan Frederick 19 Labourer -   Monmouth  
AP Morrish William Henry 21 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Murphy Daniel 20 Labourer 1153/2   Cork  
GE Nappen George 18 Labourer 1165/1   Somerset  
GE Nappen Isaac 21 Labourer 1165/1   Somerset  
GE Noy George 37 Miner 1200/1   Cornwall  
GE Ramage Charles 23 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE Ramage David 17 Labourer -   Edinburgh  
GE Revel Thomas 18 Mason -   Devon  
GE Rowe James 18 Miner 1394/1   Cornwall  
GE Sanders Joseph 34 Labourer 1423/2   Monmouth  
GE Scott Andrew 22 Labourer -   Clackmanan  
GE Sharp William 23 Mason 1470/3   Edinburgh  
RE Short Charles 15 Labourer 1483/2   Somerset  
GE Smith Allan 24 Labourer -   Sussex  
GE Spencer John 20 Labourer 1522/2   Somerset  
GE Starks George 31 Labourer 1536/2   Hampshire  
GE Stenchcombe Henry 22 Labourer 1541/2   Gloucester  
GE Thomas Edward 25 Labourer 1591/1   Glamorgan  
GE Trembath William 22 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Warren William 20 Labourer 1677/2   Cornwall  
Single Women
GE Aikins Jemima 18 Servant     Hampshire  
GE Andrews Selina 18 Servant     Devon  
GE Barker Susanna 26 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Brown Fanny 18 Servant     Wiltshire  
GE Dyson Annie B. 17 Servant     Dukinfield, Cheshire with parents
GE Dyson Harriet Ann 13 Servant    
GE Edwards Elizabeth 18 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Falk Ellen 33 Servant     Shetland  
GE Jones Hannah 16 Servant     Wednesbury, Staffordshire with parents
GE Jones Mary A. 16 Servant     Monmouth  
GE Knight Emma 23 Servant     Somerset  
GE Maddern Mary A. 21 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Martin Ellen 22 Servant     Somerset  
GE Martin Emily 22 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Martin Jane 22 Servant     Somerset  
GE Martin Marjery 24 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE McDonald Margaret 20 Servant     Aberdeen  
GE Neal Caroline 19 Servant     Gloucester  
GE Nicholls Nanny 26 Servant     Cornwall  
PP Norris Elizabeth 23 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Roddis Harriet 25 Servant     Surrey  
GE Watt Mary A. 28 Servant     Scotland  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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