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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Pakenham, 660 tons, Captain F. Boyce, from Liverpool & Plymouth 16th December 1848, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 21st March 1849

The London Times Sat Dec 30, 1848:

Emigration.--Plymouth, Dec. 28.--The Spartan, Captain Pain, from London, the 23d, with over 100 passengers, left the Sound to-day for Adelaide and Port Philip. The Jullindar, Captain Burn, from London, having embarked 184 free emigrants for Sydney, sailed also this morning. The Mary Ann, Captain Darby, arrived on the 21st from Bristol, bound for South Australia, took 173 statute adults, and sailed yesterday for Adelaide. The Lady Amherst, Captain Myhill, is now in the Sound preparing for the embarkation of her passengers for Sydney direct. 164 free emigrants are waiting the expected arrival of the David Malcolm, of London, Captain Smith, bound for South Australia. The John Mitchell, from London, bound for Adelaide, and the Sir George Seymour, Captain Millman, from London for Port Philip, are hourly expected; the free emigrants for the latter ship assemble on Monday, January the 1st. The William Watson, for Adelaide and Port Philip, sailed on the 16th inst. and the Pakenham, bound for Port Adelaide, and the Digby, for Sydney, on the 17th. The Hamburgh ship Nord America, Captain Ratlije, from Hamburgh for New York, sailed on the 18th. The Coremandel, for Port Adelaide, Port Philip, and Sydney, on the 19th, and the General Palmer, which arrived on the 20th from London, left for Port Philip on the 22d.

note: There was no Official copy of the passenger list for this voyage of the ship Pakenham. The details below, of the two lists, are extracted entirely from the contemporary newspapers, the Register (121 passengers) and the South Australian (262 passengers). As you see by the number of passengers, there is a huge difference beween the lists . . some variations in spelling of names also. There may be further information from other South Australian sources, so please contact me via the email link above, if you would like additional information. ...........Robert

South Australian Register Saturday 24th March 1849

Wednesday March 21st, 1849:- the ship Pakenham, 660 tons, F. Boyce, Master, from Liverpool and Plymouth.
Passengers: Edward Kearney surgeon-superintendent in the cabin, and the following government emigrants in the steerage. . . . — 5th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1849 ; seven births and four deaths on the passage, Edward Kearney, surgeon-superintendent.

John Betheras, wife & seven children R. Corin and wife John Davey and wife
Edward Ellery, wife & three children Samuel Hussen and wife John Hales, wife & child
John Hoskin, wife & two children John Halse, wife & four children John Hocken, wife & four children
Richard Johns, wife & two children Joshua Keast, wife & child John Lugg and wife
William Millett and wife William Macklon, wife & four children Richard Nottle, wife & two children
Thomas Prowse, wife & child Richard Penson, wife & child Joseph Phillips, wife & child
James Pridham and wife Thomas Pellew, wife & infant Richard Polkinghorne, wife & three children
Jane R. Polkinghorne William Robert, wife & seven children John Roberts, wife & five children
    86 persons
Single Males    
James Brewer E. A. Berrman William Cropman
Edmund Cook William Hocken W. Hocken
William Harris Isaac Nottle David Nottle
Richard Nottle William Nicholas Charles Nankervis
William Pellew John Pellew Edward Pellew
Francis Pellew George H. Pellew Henry Pring
Thomas Palmer Francis Palmer  
    20 persons
Single Females    
Mary Burton Ann Coombe Georgina Gall
Harriet Hoskin Elizabeth Hocken Eliza James
Jane Johns Jane B. Johns Ann Jeffery
Rebecca Jeffery Caroline Kitts Eliza Morgan
Grace Nottle Elizabeth Nottle Mary B. Palmer
    15 persons
Total 121    

The South Australian Friday 23rd March 1849

The ship Pakenham, 660 tons, F. Boyce, Master, from Plymouth, 16th December.
Passengers: Mr. Caern, surgeon-superintendent in the cabin, and the following government emigrants in the steerage. . . .

William Wyatt and wife John Betheras & eight children Thomas Prowse, wife & child
Henry Trevarkis, wife & five children Margaret Coade & two children William Hocken and wife
John Hocken, wife & four children John Hoskin, wife & two children James Husson and wife
William James & two children Joshua Keast, wife & child John Martin and wife
William Millett and wife William Macklow, wife & four children R. Nottle and wife
Jacob Odgers, wife & three children Joseph Penhalwick and wife Joseph Phillips and wife
Richard Pinson, wife & child Richard Polkinghorne, wife & four children William Pope, wife & two children
James Pridham and wife Jasper Pridham, wife & child Henry Pring and wife
Stephen Richards and child William Roberts, wife & six children John Roberts, wife & six children
George Rowe, wife & child Elias Solomon and wife Joseph Stacey, wife & two children
Frederick Thomas & wife William Thomas, wife & two children John Tonkin, wife & four children
Melora Treeweek & three children John Tripplet, wife & four children Henry Villis, wife & six children
William Vivian and wife Richard Warrick, wife & two children Richard Wharton, wife & three children
Henry Williams, wife & four children Thomas Williams, wife & two children William Coade & three children
Ralph Corin and wife J. Davey and wife Edward Ellery & three children
John Hales, wife & child John Halse, wife & four children  
    185 persons
Single Males    
William Harris Charles Nankervis William Hocking
Frederick Hoskin Thomas James Richard Johns
Stephen Johns John Lugg Thomas Mays
William Nicholas Thomas Nottle Isaac Nottle
David Nottle Richard Nottle Thomas Palmer
John Pellew Thomas Pellew William Pellew
George Edward Pellew Francis Pellew Thomas Pellew
Joseph Weeks John Toy Isaac Treliggen
John Tripplet Thomas Tripplet Edward Truscott
George Truscott William Truscott James Truscott
Charles Tuck Elijah Turner William Wallis
Richard Berriman James Brewer William Coade
Samuel Coade John Coade Edmund Cook
William Crossman    
    40 persons
Single Females    
Penelope Williams Grace Winner Harriet Hoskin
Elizabeth James Ann Jeffrey Rebecca Jeffrey
Jane Johns Jane Johns Ann Johns
Elizabeth Johns Jane Kitto Caroline Kitto
Elizabeth Lugg Elizabeth Morgan Ann Johns
Jane Nottle Mary Nottle Eliza Nottle
Ann Nottle Mary Palmer Frances Palmer
Mary Pascoe Frances Pellew Nanny Weeks
Elizabeth Weeks Mary Rowe Jane Tripplet
Mary Truscott Ann Truscott Ann Truscott
Mary Tuck Mary Wallis Elizabeth Berriman
Jane Berriman Mary Burton Ann Coombe
Georgina Gale    
    37 persons
Total 262    

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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