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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Peeress, 777 tons, Captain John Stephens, from London 23rd March, Plymouth 8th April 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 9th July 1865

The South Australian Register, Monday 10 July 1865 p. 2

Sunday 09 July:— Peeress, ship, 777 tons, John Stephens, master, from London March 23 via Plymouth April 08. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers—Dr. Arthur D. White (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 332 Government emigrants in the steerage, the names of whom will be found in another column:

. . . . — 6th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1865 ; —3— births and —-3— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Arthur David White, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Register, Monday 10 July 1865 p. 2
PEERESS, from London-200 cases brandy, Order; 10 bales, F. J. Beck and Co.; 42 cases P. Santo: 30 tanks malt, J. Primrose; 912 rails, 2 casks, 25 cases. Order; 30,000 firebricks, Proprietors of Wallaroo Mines; 110 cases, 100 casks, 2o hhds., 30 bales, 1,000 boxes. C. Jacobs; 10 casks, 3 cases, 50 tons coil, 40 tanks, 540 pieces deals. Elder, Smith, and Co.: 7 casks, 2 cases, 6 bdls.. J. Gurr; 1 box, 1 case, 112 casks, Order; 9 cases, W. and J. Htorne: 5 do., W. Goddard; 10 bales, A. Scott; 400 coils wire, 63 pkgs., Jones Brothers; 1 case, E. JL Young.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Peeress arrived on Sunday morning, after a 92 days' passage, during which she has experienced a singular succession of very fine weather. She crossed the Line on the 8th May. and passed the Cape on June 6. From thence she ran down the longitude in the parallel of 39°, and after passing the Leuwin experienced light easterly winds, or she would have considerably shortened the voyage. She was most fortunate in arriving at a time of tide when there was ample water over the bars, consequently the steamer Eleanor was in attendance, and towed her into harbour. Vessel Spoken.— By the Peeress— On June 20, in lat. 39° 11' S., long. 73° 35' W., the barque Oceanica, from Liverpool bound to Melbourne, with Government immigrants.

The South Australian Register, Monday 10 July 1865 p. 2

The above ship is a capital vessel for immigrants, for in every respect she is equal to late selections by the Commissioners, and although Sunday morning was far from a desirable day to inspect her cleanliness, by reason of the pouring rain, every corner had evidently been well scoured, and throughout the steerage the people looked a most eligible class of immigrants. In general most of the occupants of immigrant vessels are of similar type, but in the present case they seem better than many previous arrivals. This may perhaps be traced in a measure to the judicious discipline of Dr. White, whose experience in immigrant transport dates as far back as the arrival of the Nugget.

There were 331 people embarked at Plymouth. Three births and two deaths took place during the voyage.

From the subjoined extracts from the official papers it will be seen that some artizans are added to the colony as well as a con siderable number of miners for Wallaroo. Industrial classifications— Miners 36. labourers 54. servants 25, blacksmiths 7, farm labourers 7, farmers 2, farm boy 1, ploughmen 2, sawyer 1, housekeepers 3, glazier 1, dressmakers 3, fitter 1, carpenters 3, quarrymen 2, smiths 2, miller 1, engineer and fitter 1, brassworker 1, grooms 2, coachmen 2, charwoman 1, cook 1, nurse 1, shepherd 1; wheelwright 1, masons 3, shoemakers, 3, tin miner 1. brewer's boy 1.:—

The conduct of the people on the passage is very highly spoken of by Dr. White, very little having occurred to disturb the good feeling which generally prevailed. The following are the names and national classification of the immigrants :—

English —George Alloway, Amelia Andrew, Henry, Ann, Henry, and Mary Anguin, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, and Sarah Arscott, Frances, Ann, and Rd. Baker, James, Mary, and William Ball. William, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Ball, Charles, Mary Ann. Thomas, and Wisdom Barker, Charles Behenna, Richard, Mary Ann, and James Berryman, George Bett, Robert and Susan Borlase, Edward and Hannah Bottrell, Thomas and Susan Bray, Joseph, Alexander, and Charles Bray. Grace Bray, Emma Brewer, Benjamin and Maria Brown, Robert, Mary, Mary, John, and Walter Brown. Robert Brown, Thomas Brown, Alfred Brown, Edward, Charity, and Edward Bullock, James Burdin, Alexander Burrell, Walter and Caroline Carter. Lucy. John, and Lucy Cartwright, Richard and Nancy Casley, John Clark, James Clifford, Reuben and Elizabeth Cock, Francis Cocking, Walter Cooper, Fanny Craft, Emma Creebo, Albert Day, Catherine Eastwood, David Edwards, Walter England, William, Catherine, and Henry Evans, Edward French, Edward and Catherine Fry, James Fugler. William Garland, Richard, Nancy, Nancy, and Richard George, Elizabeth Gooding, Joseph and Sophia Green, Nicholas, Jane, Emma, and Nicholas Grigg, Thomas Grose, William. Frederick, George, Ann. Eliza, Ellen, and Charles Growdon, George Greig, Richard H. Haven, John, Honora, Ann, Christina, and Thomas Halls, John and Emma Hamlyn, Thomas Harris, Thos. and Eliza Harvey, Charles, Jane, Charles, Mary, Alfred and C. P. Harvey, William Harvey, Alice Harvey, William Hayward, Ellen Henning, Samuel Charlotte Anne, and Mary A. Heysed, James, Sarah, and Charles Hill, Thomas and Jane Hocking, Ann Holloway, Anthony and Emily Hooper, James Hosking, John and Elizabeth Harris, Henry, Harriet, Henry, and Alfred Ives, Henry Jenkin, Sarah Jennings, James Jones, Richard, Ann, and William Jones. George H. and Julia Keast Mich. Eeaton, David Lawgon, Chas. Macefield, Edward Mann, William Matthews, David Matthews, John, Emma, George, and William Matthews, Sampson and Ann Meaher, George Miles, Emily Miller, William, Ellen, and Grace Mellon, Thomas and Margaret Mitchell, Matthew, Mary A., William, Mary A., Matthew, and James Mitchell, Richard Moppett, James Morris, Stephen, Ellen, Ann, Ann M.. and Agnes Morris, Jane Mower, Thomas, Elizabeth, and William Moyle, Isabella Myers, Henry and Mary Nankervis, John, Elizabeth, and Nanny Nankervis, Edward Neath, William Nelson. Richd. Nicholls, William Nottle, John and Jane Oates, Walter Oddland. William J. and Elizabeth Odds, Louisa Orchard, John Parkyn, Stephen Parkyn, John H. Phillips, Thomas Price, Thomas and Mary Polkinghorne, William Probert, Thomas Reed. William, Elizabeth, William. Hannah, Elizabeth, and David Reynolds, John Roberts, William and Mary A. Robins, Richard Sandercock, Elizabeth Searle, John Searle, Mary Sedgwick, Anne L, and Francis Sheffield, James and Jane Sheppard. John and Anne Shield, Elizabeth Silcox, James Simpson, John Sleeman, Robert Smith, David Smith, Thomas Snell, Thomas and Mary J. Snook, Gregory Squires, Samuel Squires, John and Mary Stott, William Symons, William Thomas, Henry Thomas, Esther Tolhurst, John and Emma Toms, Charles, Cecilia, Charles, and Cecilia Tonge, Grace Tregoning, Henry Turner, Elizabeth Vale, John and Elizabeth Veale, James Veale, John, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and John Vingoe, Edward Wallis, Nanny Wallis, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, and Elizabeth Warne, Mary A. and Ernest Warren. John Webster, John and Eliza Werry, Charles and Mary A. Whitehead, Charles Whitta, James, Elizabeth, Jane, and William Woolcock.

Scotch — George Bruce, Angus Campbell, John and Janet Glen, James and Jane Greenless, David Greenless, James Greenless, Jessie Henderson, Ann Hyndman, John, Janet, and Mary Leitch, Hector McDonald, Rosina McGregor, Alexander, Rosina, William, and Mary McGregor, Kenneth Mclvor, William McMillan, Catherine McNeill, Janet McNeill, Duncan, Margaret, Alexander, Dougald, and Marion McPherson, Malcolm McNeill, Robert Orr, John Pottinger, Robert Potson, George Ross, William Thom, Agnes Thom, Isabella Thompson, Elizabeth Train, Christina and Helen Wishart, Archibald, Mary, and Jessie Walker.

Irish — Denis Corrucan, Mary Madden, Jane Moffatt, Samuel Moffatt.

In nationality there exists a paucity of representatives from the sister Isle, indeed less than on any previous occasion. The following is the summary :—
English— Adults 233. children between one and twelve 39, infants 13, total 285
Scotch— Adults 35, children between one and twelve 5, infants 2, total 42
Irish— Adults 4, total 4
Grand total 331 equal to 294 statute adults.    

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Symons, William 21 April 21st, 1865 Quinsy, Pneumonia at sea
Walker, Mary 31 June 17th, 1865 Phthisis Pulmonalis at sea
George, Richard inf July 7th, 1865 Convulsion at sea ?
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Polkinghorne, Mary   April 14th 1865 male  
Moyle, Elizabeth   April 23rd 1865 male  
Shields, Anne   May 23rd 1865 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Angwin / Anguin Henry 26 Miner 32/3   St Just, Cornwall  
    Ann (Grenfell) 23          
    Henry 3          
    Mary inf          
GE Arscott John 24 Miner 33/1   Plymouth, Devon  
    Sarah (Crocker Pope) 21          
GE Arscott William 32 Labourer 33/1   Devon  
    Leah (Preston) 28          
    Elizabeth inf          
GE Baker Charles 44 Smith 60/1   Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset with family
    Mary Ann 44          
    Thomas 10          
    Windom H.C. 7         Henry Charles Wyndham Baker
GE Ball James 24 Labourer 67/1   Cornwall  
    Mary (Jennings ?) 23          
    William inf          
GE Ball William 32 Labourer 67/3   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 32          
    Elizabeth 4          
GE Berryman Richard 22 Miner 119/1   St Just, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Johns) 20          
    James 1          
GE Borlace Robert 21 Miner 146/1   St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Susan (Mellow) 23          
GE Bottrell Edward 26 Miner 149/2   Cornwall  
    Hannah 21          
RE Bray Thomas 20 Miner 168/3   St Neot, Cornwall with mother
    Susan (Hampton) 18          
GE Brown Benjamin 30 Labourer 202/3 ?   Wiveliscombe, Somerset  
    Maria (Cook) 28          
GE Brown Robert 51 Labourer 189/3   Wiveliscombe, Somerset with family
    Mary 52          
    Mary J. 15          
    John 13          
    Walter 10          
GE Bullock Edward 38 Miner 200/3   Gwenap, Cornwall  
    Charity (Tregoning) 36          
    Edward 7          
GE Casley Richard 22 Miner 248/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Nanny Warren (Nankervis) 20          
GE Cock Reuben Glanville 20 Miner 291/1   Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Richards) 20          
GE Evans William 24 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
    Mary 24          
GE Fry Edward 24 Labourer 536/2   Wells, Somerset  
    Elizabeth (Parsons ?) 25          
GE George Richard 23 Miner 558/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Nanny (Murrish) 24          
    Nanny 2          
    Richard inf         died at sea, July 7th 1865
AP Glen John 25 Farmer 576/3   Ayrshire  
    Jane 23          
GE Green Joseph 20 Smith 612/1   St Austell, Cornwall  
    Sophia (Crabb) 21          
AP Greenless James 53 Farmer 614/2   Beith, Ayrshire with family
    Jane 51          
GE Grigg Nicholas 22 Carpenter 621/3 ?   St Austell, Cornwall  
    Jane (Wedlake ?) 27          
    Emma 6          
    Nicholas inf          
GE Growden George 60 Farmer 615/3   Tywardreath, Cornwall age 50 in 1861 census | with family
    Ann (Maynard) 42          
    Eliza Mary 13          
    Ellen 9          
    Charles Henry 7          
GE Hallo / Hollow John 37 Miner 652/2   St Just, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Honor Richards (Tregenza) 30          
    Anne 9          
    Christiana 8          
    Thomas 2         age 7 ?
GE Hamlyn John James 21 Labourer 657/1   Plymouth, Devon  
    Emma (Burt) 21          
AP Harris John 33 Smith 678/3   Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 30          
    John 8          
GE Harvey Charles 31 Miner 689/3   Illogan, Cornwall  
    Jane 29          
    Charles H. 7          
    Mary Jane 6          
    Alfred 2          
    Clarina ?? inf          
GE Harvey Thomas 24 Miner 691/3   Cornwall  
    Eliza 23          
GE Heysed Charles 29 Miner 731/3   Cornwall Wiveliscombe, Somerset
    Charlotte Ware (Nurcombe) 27          
    Anne 3          
    Mary A. 1          
GE Hill James 26 Shoemaker 738/2   Langport, Somerset  
    Sarah Ann (West?) 25          
    Charles inf          
GE Hocking Thomas 21 Miner 751/3   St Austell, Cornwall  
    Jane (Cundy) 22         sister of Emma (Cundy) Toms, below
GE Hooper Anthony 28 Labourer 770/3   Stoke Damerel, Devon  
    Emily (Bryce) 24          
GE Ives Henry 25 Gardener 816/2   Hampshire 1861 census states "Farnham, Surrey"
    Harriet (Brown) 25          
    Henry Charles 3          
    Alfred inf          
GE James Richard 24 Smith 826/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Louise Ann (Murphy) 22          
    William Richard 1          
GE Keast George Henry 26 Miner 879/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Julia (Pascoe) 28          
AP Leitch John 26 Coachman -   Argyleshire  
    Janet 28          
GE Macgregor / McGregor Alexander 34 Shoemaker 1068/1   Edinburgh 1861 census, born about 1822 | with family
    Rosina 42         1861 census, born about 1823
    William 11          
    Mary 5          
GE Matthews John 24 Labourer 1039/1   Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Emma (Ford) 24          
    George Ford 3          
    William Albert inf          
AP McPherson Duncan 39 Labourer 1086/1   Sleat, Inverness  
    Margaret 34          
    Alexander 7          
    Dugold 2          
    Marion inf          
GE Meaker Sampson 22 Labourer 1089/1   High Ham, Somerset  
    Anna (Gulledge / Gullage) 23          
GE Mellow William 21 Miner 1092/3   St Austell, Cornwall  
    Ellen (Nicholls) 20          
    George inf         Grace Ann Mellow ?
GE Mitchell Mathew 39 Miner 1120/1   St Blazey, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann 35          
    William 15          
    Mary Ann 13          
    Mathew 6          
    James 2          
GE Mitchell Thomas 22 Miner 1121/1   Cornwall  
    Mary Ann 18          
GE Moyle Thomas 23 Miner 1141/3   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Williams ?) 22          
    William 1          
    male inf         born at sea, April 23 1865
GE Nankervis Henry 22 Miner 1163/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary 22          
GE Nankervis John 25 Miner 1163/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 25          
    Nanny 1         age 3 ?
GE Norris Stephen 31 Labourer 1196/1   Meare, Somerset  
    Ellen (Wall) 31          
    Ann 7          
    Anna Maria 3          
    Agnes inf          
GE Oates John 21 Miner 1216/2   Cornwall  
    Jane 26          
GE Olds William Henry 21 Miner 1219/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 20         Eliza (Veal ?)
GE Polkinghorne Thomas 25 Miner 1295/2   Cornwall  
    Mary (Wallis) 19          
    male inf         born at sea, April 14 1865
GE Reynolds / Renolds William 37 Engine Fitter 1347/3   Gelligaer, Glamorgan  
    Elizabeth 38          
    William 11          
    Hannah / Anna 8          
    Elizabeth 6          
    David 1          
GE Robins William 20 Miner 1369/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Rodda) 22          
GE Sheppard James 21 Labourer 1477/1   Axbridge, Somerset  
    Jane (Andrews) 25          
GE Shield John 33 Shepherd 1480/2   Bristol, Gloucester  
    Ann (Tratman) 18          
    Wyndham Peeress inf         born at sea, May 23 1865
AP Squire Samuel 28 Labourer 1528/1   Liskeard, Cornwall with family ?
    Eliza Jane (Hodge) 25          
GE Stott John 20 Labourer 1555/3   Somerset  
    Mary 22          
AP Snook Thomas 24 Groom 1515/2   Somerset  
    Mary 22          
GE Toms John 21 Miner 1610/2   St Austell, Cornwall sister of Jane (Cundy) Hocking, above
    Emma (Cundy) 21          
GE Tonge Charles 24 Carpenter 1610/2   Devon  
    Cecilia 26          
    Charles Henry 2          
    Cecilia 1         birth registered at St Germans, Cornwall
GE Veale John 23 Miner 1644/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Eliza (Bray) 22          
GE Vingoe John 24 Miner 1649/2   Madron, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 23         Elizabeth Jane (Thomas) ?
    Elizabeth 2          
    John inf          
GE Walker Archibald 30 Shoemaker 1659/2   Edinburgh  
    Mary A. 31         died at sea, June 17 1865
    Jessie inf          
RE Warne Mrs. Elizabeth 32 Servant 1675/1   Tavistock, Devon with family
    Catherine 15 Servant        
    Mary A. 13          
    Elizabeth 11          
RE Warren Mary A. 25 Servant -   Newton Abbot, Devon  
    Ernest George 1          
GE Werry John 24 Miner -   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Mitchell) 24          
GE Whitehead Charles 20 Labourer 1702/3   Wells, Somerset  
    Mary Ann (Godfrey ?) 20          
GE Whitta Charles 20 Miner 1705/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Jane 19         Elizabeth Jane (Keast) ?
GE Woolcock James 22 Miner 1743/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Matthews ?) 22          
    Jane 1          
    William inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Alloway George 18 Gardener 20/3   Somerset  
GE Baker Richmond 24 Labourer 62/3   Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset with parents
GE Behanna Charles 30 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Bott George 23 Labourer 148/3   Somerset Butt 216/2 ?
RE Bray Alexander 18 Miner 167/2   St Neot, Cornwall with mother
RE Bray Charles 16 Miner 167/2  
RE Bray Joseph 21 Miner 168/1  
GE Brown Alfred 15 Labourer 185/3   Oxford  
GE Brown Robert 18 Labourer -   Wiveliscombe, Somerset with parents
GE Brown Thomas 19 Glazier -   Warwick  
GE Bruce George 22 Labourer 192/2   Sutherland  
GE Burdin James 18 Labourer 203/1   Dorset  
GE Burrell Alexander 16 Labourer 210/1   Middlesex  
AP Campbell Angus 27 Labourer 231/2   Inverness  
RE Carrucan Denis 24 Labourer 243/3   Clare  
AP Carter Walter H. 17 Labourer 245/3   Hertfordshire ? with Caroline, below ?
RE Cartwright John G. 20 Labourer 246/3   Wandsworth, Surrey with mother
GE Clark John 27? Gardener -   Devon  
AP Clifford James 15 Labourer 285/3   Hertfordshire  
AP Cocking Francis 19 Miner 192/2   Cornwall  
AP Cooper Walter H. 13 Labourer -   Oxford  
GE Day Albert 20 Labourer 387/3   Somerset  
GE Edwards David 19 Labourer -   Monmouth  
GE England Walter 17 Labourer -   Somerset  
AP Evans Henry 21 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE French Edward 19 Labourer -   Gloucester  
GE Fugler James 18 Labourer -   Cornwall  
RE Garland William 22 Labourer 549/2   Cornwall  
AP Greenless David 19 Labourer 614/1   Beith, Ayrshire with parents
GE Grose Thomas 27 Smith 624/1   Cornwall  
GE Growdon Frederick 17 Labourer -   Tywardreath, Cornwall with parents
GE Growdon William 15 Labourer 625/3  
GE Guy George 23 Miner 632/1   Cornwall  
GE Haben Richard Henry 25 Gardener 633/2   Cornwall  
GE Harris Thomas 22 Miner 680/3   Cornwall  
GE Harvey William 18 Miner 692/1   Cornwall  
AP Hayward William 19 Quarryman 704/3   Wiltshire  
GE Heath Edmund 24 Labourer 708/3   Somerset  
AP Hosking James 22 Labourer 778/3   Cornwall  
GE Jenkins Henry 23 Carpenter 836/2   Cornwall  
AP Jones James 19 Labourer 859/2   Breconshire  
GE Keaton Michael 18 Labourer 880/1   Devon  
AP Lanyon David 18 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Macefield Charles 18 Brass Worker 993/1   Middlesex  
GE Mann Edward 20 Smith 1011/1   Cornwall to NSW ; QLD
AP Matthew David 24 Labourer 1037/3   Breconshire  
GE Matthews William 17 Labourer 1041/1   Cornwall  
AP McDonald Hector 19 Labourer -   Inverness  
GE McIver Kenneth 25 Labourer -   Ross & Cormarty  
AP McMillan William 19 Servant 1082/?   Ayrshire  
AP McNeill Malcolm 21 Labourer 1085/1   Argyle  
RE Miles George 19 Labourer 1107/1   Wiltshire  
RE Moffatt Samuel 20 Labourer 1124/1   Tyrone  
GE Moppett Richard 30 Labourer 1131/2   Sussex  
GE Morris James 20 Labourer -   Sussex  
RE Neill William 22 Labourer 1170/2   Wiltshire  
GE Nelson William 19 Groom 1172/2   Fifeshire  
RE Nicholls Richard 16 Labourer 1183/1   Cornwall  
GE Nottle William 19 Labourer 1199/3   Cornwall  
GE Oldland Walter 26 Labourer -   Monmouth  
AP Orr Robert 20 Labourer 1222/1   Ayrshire  
GE Parkyn John 33 Labourer 1240/2   Cornwall  
GE Parkyn Stephen Henry 19 Miller 1240/2   Liskeard, Cornwall  
GE Phillips John H. 17 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Pine Thomas 21 Labourer 1286/2   Somerset  
GE Polson Robert 23 Groom 1296/3   Sutherland  
GE Pottinger John 22 Labourer 1303/1   Orkney  
GE Probert William 18 Labourer -   Breconshire  
AP Reed Thomas 22 Labourer 1337/2   Cornwall  
GE Roberts John 21 Labourer 1364/3   Cornwall  
GE Ross George 19 Labourer 1389/1   Ross & Cromarty  
AP Sandercock Richard 28 Miner 1421/3   Devon  
GE Searle James 22 Labourer 1458/3   Somerset  
AP Simpson James 22 Smith 1491/1   Middlesex  
GE Sleeman John 18 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE Smith David 19 Labourer -   Sussex  
AP Smith Robert 19 Wright -   Cornwall  
GE Snell Thomas 22 Smith -   Cornwall  
AP Squire Gregory 19 Labourer 1528/2   Liskeard, Cornwall with family ?
GE Symons William 21 Smith 1571/2   Cornwall died at sea, April 21 1865
RE Thom William 16 Labourer 1589/3   Linton, Peeblesshire with mother
GE Thomas Henry 19 Labourer 1592/1   Somerset  
GE Thomas William 26 Coachman 1597/1   Cornwall  
GE Turner Henry 20 Labourer 1630/1   Glamorgan  
GE Veale James 21 Mason 1644/1   Cornwall  
GE Wallis Edward 20 Miner 1665/2   Cornwall  
RE Warne John 18 Miner 1675/1   Tavistock, Devon with mother
GE Webster John 22 Mason -   Cornwall  
GE Williams James 24 Quarryman 1717/2   Somerset  
Single Women & children
GE Andrews Amelia 20 Servant     Somerset  
GE Baker Ann E. 20 Servant     Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset with parents
GE Baker Frances C. 17 Servant    
RE Bray Mrs. Grace 42 Housekeeper 168/2   St Neot, Cornwall with family
GE Brewer Emma 26 Servant     Wiltshire  
GE Carter Caroline 21 Servant     Devon ? with Walter H, above ?
PP Cartwright Mrs. Lucy (Lambert ?) 45 Housekeeper 246/3   Wandsworth, Surrey with family
RE Cartwright Lucy 19 Servant 246/3  
GE Craft Fanny 18 Servant     Somerset  
GE Creebo Emma 29 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Eastwood Catherine 21 Servant     Yorkshire  
RE Flemming Ellen 29 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Gooding Elizabeth 18 Servant     Servant  
AP Greenless Jane 14 Servant     Beith, Ayrshire with parents
GE Harvey Alice 24 Servant     Penzance, Cornwall  
GE Henderson Jessie 29 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Holloway Ann 17 Servant     Hampshire  
GE Hynaman Ann 39 Servant     Lanark  
GE Jennings Sarah 19 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Madden Mary 23 Servant     Clare  
GE McGregor Rosina 18 Servant     Edinburgh with parents
GE McNeill Catherine 23 Servant     Argyle  
GE McNeill Mrs. Janet 53 Servant 1085/1   Argyle  
GE Miller Emily 17 Servant     Somerset  
RE Moffatt Jane 16 Servant     Tyrone  
GE Mower Jane 22 Servant     Yorkshire  
GE Myers Isabella 18 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Orchard Louisa 23 Servant     Devon  
GE Searle Elizabeth 13 Servant     Somerset  
GE Sedgwick Mary 17 Servant     Surrey  
RE Sheffield Frances 9 child 1475/2   Hertfordshire  
RE Sheffield Mrs. Anna (Turner) 36 Servant    
GE Silcox Elizabeth 35 Servant     Gloucetser  
RE Thom Mrs. Agnes 58 ? Servant     Linton, Peeblesshire with son
GE Thompson Isabella 24 Servant     Ross & Cromarty  
RE Tolhurst Esther 29 Servant     Kent  
GE Train Elizabeth 34 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Tregoning Grace 25 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Vale Elizabeth 22 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Wallis Nanny 22 Servant     Cornwall  
PP Wishart Christiana 41 Housekeeper     Fifeshire  
PP Wishart Helen 30 Housekeeper     Fifeshire  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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