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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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Wreck of the AMOOR | Doctor Douglas April 1866 report | Doctor Douglas June 1866 report | 1866 Immigration report | Dr. Douglas October 1866 Report | Dr. Douglas February 1867 Report

ship Prince of Wales, 1,470 tons, acting captain, James Peat, from London 13th July, Plymouth 21st July, 1866 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 17th October 1866

The South Australian Advertiser, Thursday 18 October 1866 p. 2

Wednesday October 17:— Prince of Wales, ship, 1,470 tons, James Peat, (acting master), from London July 13 via Plymouth July 21. F.J. Beck & Co., Town ; Henry Simpson, Port, agents.
Passengers—Dr. John T.S. Jolley (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 384 Government emigrants in the steerage, whose names will be found elsewhere:

. . . . — 8th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1866 ; —4— births and —-4— deaths on the passage ; Dr. John Tooker Spry Jolly, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
Cargo of the Prince of Wales, from London—2 cases, A. Gaedechens and Co. ; 1 do., A-Macgeorge ; 100 half hhds., E. Spicer ; 30 hhds., F. Clark and Sons ; 26,000 slates. Order ; 5 hhds., 90 drums. Peacock and Son 1 cask, 10 drums, Martin and Sach ; 56 casks, 37 ingots, H. L. Vosz : 3 casks, 1 case, Order ; 100 casks, Ripley Webb and Co. ; 385 sacks, 300 bags, D. and J. Fowler ; 10 hhds., J. H. Rains ; 3 cases, 22 casks, Bean Brothers ; 12 casks, J. Scott ; 91 tons coals, Pearce, Wincey, and Co. ; 1 jar, 2 pipes, 1 cask, A. M. Bickford and Son ; 1 pipe, 1 tierce, A. W. Richardson ; 2 drums, 1 case, 1 cask, W. Goddard ; 3 casks, 4 cases, 4 pipes, 1 drum, R. Hutton ; 417 bars, 82 bdls., 36 plates, 5 hhds., 8 cases, 9 casks, 3kegs, 1 truss, P. C. Greayer ; 20 cases, D. and J. Fowler ; 1 case, Order ; 100 casks, Hall and Co. ; 5 cases, D. and J. Fowler ; 5 trunks, T. O. Jones; 470 casks, F. Clark and Sons ; 3 cases, 2 crates, 2S lengths, R. Dodgson; 7 bales. Proprietors Advertiser, Chronicle, and Express ; 250 casks, 20 hhds., 200 cases, C. Jacobs ; 4 cases, A. F. Christen and Co. ; 25 hhds., Heriot, Fullarton, and Co. ; 1 case, Order ; 1 do., A. F. Christen and Co. ; 100 do., Fotheringham Brothers ; 24 tents, 99 brls., 40 cases, 14 kegs, 15 tierces, 3 hhds., 27 crates, E. Spicer ; 3,000 slates. Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 52 kegs, 2 bales, 1 cask, 50 drums, 51 pkgs., C cases, 139 bars, 80 bdls., 491/4 tons coal, S. A. Mining Association ; C crates, Heriot, Fullarton, and Co. ; 12 cases, D. and J. Fowler ; 3 bales, G. yon der Heyde and Co. ; 1 box, Order.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Prince of Wales.—This remarkably fine ship arrived last night at midnight after a capital passage of 80 days, having left Plymouth on July 21, and on the 23rd was off the Lizard with light north-east winds. On August 21 crossed the Line with very favourable weather, and on September 7 sighted Tristan d'Acuhna with strong gale blowing ; but moderately fair winds supervening, was off the Cape on the 15th, and made an admirable run across the Southern Ocean. The voyage has been marked by the loss of her master, Captain John Rippon, who died from extreme debility on September 23. He had been suffering from severe diarrhoea prior to leaving England, and on getting to sea became worse and worse till he expired, and the sympathy felt for him on board has been manifested in every possible manner. He was a man of rare parts as a shipmaster, and visited Port Adelaide several years back in the Navarino, and subsequently in the Peregrine Oliver, and made so many friends that the commiseration at his death will be general. On October 12 sighted Neptune Island, and not having received a pilot from the cutters, the acting master was navigating the Gulf with every caution, having a leadsman in the chains giving constant soundings ; but his conduct must have been very irregular, as he allowed the vessel to ground on Point Malcolm at half-ebb, and Pilot John Germein soon after boarded in his dingey. As soon as information could be landed Captain Douglas made the necessary arrangements to secure the services of the steamtugs for the morning's tide, and at once proceeded to the vessel to aid by his advice and assistance. A huge quantity of water was started, and pumped out in order to lighten her as much as possible, and there is every reason to believe she will be towed to the anchorage first thing this morning ; but as she draws 20 feet water some days will elapse before she proceeds into harbor.

The South Australian Register, Thursday 18 October 1866 p. 2

The Commissioners were determined to secure a spacious ship when the Prince was chartered, for being one of the old East Indiamen, she has a spar-deck, main-deck, and tween-deck, each of which is devoted to passengers, Dr. Jolley, the surgeon superintendent of the ship, is on his eighteenth voyage, so there can be no question as to his skill and ability ; indeed, although the people, generally speaking, are not quite up to the mark, the ship has arrived without any serious case of sickness.

Four deaths and four births tended to keep the number as at embarkation and from the industrial list the selection of trades is well adapted to the requirements of the colony. It was unfortunate the ship stranded on Point Malcolm, or she would have reached the anchorage on the eightieth day ; but as she possesses some novel features we shall take an opportunity of visiting her again in order more fully to give particulars of the voyage and the ship.:—

English —Mary Ahern, Henry Atteyes, Richard, Elizabeth, William, and Joseph Ball, Ellen Parker, Susan Bartlett, Rose Bayley, William, Sophia and Lavinia Beer, William Bethell, Fanny Bishop, Thomas, Corah, Eliza, and Anne Bosley, John Brewer, Fred, Caterer, Charles and William Chappie, William Clarke, John Clayton, Thomas and Anne Cleave, Thomasina and Wm. G. Cooke, Maria Cresswell, William H., Maria, Henry, and Geo. F. Cresswell, William Crossman, Martin, Emma, Catherine, and Theresa Crowley, Amelia Cumber, William, Mary, and Mary A. Davies, Hannah and Phoebe Davies, Ellen Devlin, Richard Dunn, W. and E. Frost, F. and Elizabeth Lloyd, Alfred Frewins, Richard George, William Giles, Mary A. Glanville, Thomas and Samuel Greenway, Francis Griffiths, Eliza Griffiths, Josh., Elizabeth, and William Griffiths, James Harrap, John Harrison, John Hatherway, Eliza Hatherby, George, Elizabeth, John, and Maria Haysom, John Herbert, Thomas and Emma Higgs, James, Hannah, Mary, and James Hill, William Hockey, James Hollister, William and Amelia Hooper, James and Harriet Jackson, Thomas and Betsy James, Elizabeth James, Ellen Jarvis, William John, James Johns, Louisa Johns, Margaret Killeen, John Kilynack, Emily lumber, James Ling, John, Emma, Louisa, John, and Edward King, Mary E. Lee, Titus, Mary, Fred., Jessie, Selina, William, and Anna Lloyd, Matilda Longmaid, Ann and Mary Malone, Fanny Martin, Sam, Susan, and Elizabeth Matthews, William McCauley, Mary Mclnerney, Robert, Mary, Robert, and Janet McIntosh, Agnes McMahon, Elizabeth Moore, Sam and Mary Nicholas, Michael and Margaret O'Brien, William and Ellen Pack, Charles and Mary J. Pemberthy, Richard, Ann, Thomas, Edward, James, Peter, Elizabeth, and Hannah Perkins, Peter Perkins, Alfred and Sarah Perrin, John and Elizabeth Phillips, Frank Pitt, John Powell, William H. Prideaux, Job Raison, Ann Ricketts, Alexander Robertson, Peter and John Robson, William, Phillis, James, and William Roney, William and Sarah Rosevear. Jas. Rowe, Mary Rowe, Alexander and Thomas Rowe, Eliza Sandercock, John, Ann, Lewis, and Florence Saunders, Mary Shambrook, Thomas Sleeman, Elias Stevens, Robt. Stoodley, Luke Stott, Matthew and Mary A. Stott, John, Catherine, John, and Maria Sullivan, William Thomas, John and Jane Thomas, William Toll, Henry and Mary Trevaskis, William Turner, Hannah Underwood, Richard Verran, Charles Vincent, John, Harriet, Mary, Harry, and Fred Vincent, Martha and Jane Vincent, John Wagstaff, Fred Weeks, William West, Elizabeth Wevill, Richard, Mary A., Polly, and Marion Witteridge.
Scotch — Charles Angas, Matilda Atkins, James Benzies, Margaret Bichan, James Buchan, Jonah Clark, David, Betsy, and Mary J. Christie. William Downie, Emma and Priscilla Evans, George Ferguson, James Foulis, John Agnes, William, and John Fogan, Alexander Gordon, John Gordon, Isabella Grandison, James, Margaret, and Margaret Grant, William Groat, Mary A. James, John Jones, John and Mary J. Maguire, John and Margaret Maxwell, Daniel McDonald, James, Anne, and John McKay, Dugald McKenzie, James McPherson, Alexander Morrison, William Munro, Thomas Murray, John Oliver, Alexander Phunester, Dinah Richardson, George Robson, John Ross, Mary Sanderson, John Simpson, Thomas and Janet Swanston, Robert Thompson, John, Elizabeth, and Henry Watkins, John Wilson.
Irish — James Armstrong, Joseph Ballard, Pat Barrett, Christopher Blakely, Edward Boyle, John and Pat Byrne, Catherine Byrne, Margaret and Catherine Carney, Catherine Carroll, Ellen Clelan, Margaret Connelly, Bridget Conway, Pat Conway, Pat Conway, James Crelan, John and Pat Daly, John Davies, Anne and Mary Delane, Martin Dillon, William Dwyer, Pat Earley, Madalina Earley, Margaret Ellis, Pat Fanning, James and Bridget Fanning, Bridget and Mary Fanning, Johanna Foley, Bridget and Michael Galvin, Pat Green, Pat Gurrin, William and John Hammill, Timothy Hanly, Pat Hayes, John Healy, Catherine Healy, Pat Hehir, John, William, and Michael Hewitt, Pat Hickey, Thomas Hynes, John Hynes, Mary Hynes, Thomas, Margaret, Pat, and Michael Jordan, Sam. and Anty Kearney, Margaret, John, Anne, James, Mary A., Michael, and Thomas Kearney, Michael Kelly, Margaret Kelly, John Kenny, Bartholomew Kilkelly, Thomas King, Mary King, Honora Kitson, Johanna and Anne Liddy, Pat Lawrence, James Loughlin, Nichs. Moloney, John Maughan, Henry McGough, Mary McGough, Michael, Bridget, Thomas, Pat, and Mary McMahon, Pat McNamara, Thomas, Bridget, and Pat McNamara, Anne, Martin, Michael, Pat, and Philip McNally, Michael Meere, John and Mary Moloughney, John Moran, Mary Mulligan, Cornelius and Daniel Murphy, Johanna, Catherine, and Ellen Murphy, John Murphy, James Naylon, Anty Nolan, Martin Nolan, John and Ellen O'Brien, Ellen, Pat, and John Connor, Lot O'Day, Mary O'Loughlin, George Orr, Peter Owens, John, Mary, Johanna, Honora, Maria, and James Reilly, Michael Sexton, James Trasey, and Mick Walsh.


English Adults, 163
children between 1 and 12, 32
Infants, 6 Total, 201

Scotch Adults, 49
children between 1 and 12, 4
Infants, 2 total, 55

Irish Adults, 110
children between 1 and 12, 14
infants, 2 total. 126
Grand total, 382 equal to 347 statute adults.

Industrial classification. Labourers 106, servants 55, tailoress 1, wheelwrights 3, whitesmith 1, schoolmaster 1, carriage painter 1, ironmoulder- blacksmiths 4, porter 1, copyist 1, miners 4, brick- layer 1, laundresses 3, agricultural labourers 7. gardener 1, carpenters 9, ship's carpenter 1, bakers 3, quarrymen 2, ploughmen 15, house- keepers 3, shepherds 2, matrons 2, seamstresses 4, farmer 1, groom 1, plasterers 3. miller 1, shoe- makers 3, butchers 2, ironfounder 1, carter 1, joiner 1, steward 1, landholder (?) 1, dairymaid 1.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Bethell, William James 22 August 4th, 1866 Pneumonia and inflammation at sea
Watkins, Henry inf August 7th, 1866 Diarrhoea at sea
Jordan, Michael inf September 1st, 1866 Croup at sea
Crowley, Catherine 1 October 6th, 1866 Bronchitis at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Cleave, Anne   July 28th, 1866 female  
Christie, Betsey   August 2nd, 1866 male  
Perkins, Anne   August 26th, 1866 male  
McGuire, Mary Jane   September 17th, 1866 male  
Roney, Phillis   November 12th, 1866 male  
note: the last birth listed was nearly a full month past the arrival date of Prince of Wales and if the normal "lay period" was in place (two weeks), this birth was onshore, however, this birth is not listed in the Birth Index. Owing to the draught on this fine vessell, she was unable to cross the bar and was detained at the lightship until the 8th Nov. so the 14 day lay period came into force ... so, in a sense, this birth was at sea. ... Regards Robert

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Ball Richard 39 Labourer 67/2   Tipton, Staffordshire  
    Elizabeth (Wardle / Wardle) 39          
    William Henry 13          
    Joseph 12          
GE Beer William 27 Wheelwright -   Plympton, Devon  
    Sophia (Hatherly) 25          
    Lavinia Laura 2          
GE Bosley Thomas 23 Labourer 147/2   Gloucester  
    Corah (Dufty) 21          
    Eliza 2          
    Ann inf          
GE Christie David Ingles 28 Labourer 272/2   Kincardine, Scotland  
    Betsy (Ferrier) 30          
    Mary Jane 1          
    male inf         born at sea, August 2nd
GE Cleave Thomas 28 Smith 283/1   Totnes, Devon  
    Anne (Geake) 23          
    female inf         born at sea, July 28th
AP Cresswell William Henry 55 Copyist / Draper 341/2   Kensington, Middlesex with family
    Maria (Carey / Garey) 41          
    Henry Oglander 14          
    George John 12          
GE Crowley Martin 22 Bricklayer 351/3   Middlesex  
    Emma 22          
    Catherine 1         died at sea, October 6th
    Theresa inf          
RE Davies William 45 Labourer 380/1   Glamorgan with family
    Mary (Jones) 43          
    Mary Ann 5          
RE Fanning James 19 Labourer 483/2   Tipperary with family
    Bridget (Kennedy) 29          
GE Floyd Francis 19 Miner 514/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Rouse) 18          
GE Forgan John 30 Iron Founder 519/2   Lanark  
    Agnes (Dickinson) 31          
    William 8          
    John 5          
GE Frost William 25 Gardener 536/1   Middlesex BISA index infers Devon
    Elizabeth (Brown) 24          
GE Grant James 25 Labourer 604/1   Elginshire  
    Margaret (Sanderson ?) 21          
    Margaret 1          
GE Griffiths Joseph 24 Labourer 621/1   Worcester, Worcestershire  
    Elizabeth (Ecklee) 23          
    William 1          
GE Hayson George 38 Mason 704/1   Middlesex  
    Elizabeth (Beckworth ?) 36          
    John 4          
    Maria 2          
GE Higgs Thomas 28 Labourer 735/3   Church Setton, Shropshire  
    Emma (Morris) 26          
GE Hill James 26 Labourer 738/2   Keynsham, Somerset  
    Hannah (Hollister) 24          
    Mary 4          
    James 2          
GE Hooper William 22 Quarry man 772/1   Chippenham, Wiltshire  
    Amelia (Howell) 23          
GE Jackson James 24 Carpenter 818/3   Middlesex  
    Harriet 30          
GE James Thomas 38 Labourer 828/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Betsey (Secomb) 36          
RE Jordan Thomas 34 Labourer 865/3   Clare  
    Margaret 26          
    Patrick 7          
    Michael inf         died at sea, September 1st
RE Kearney John 44 Labourer 879/1   Wicklow  
    Anne 38          
    James 10          
    Mary A. 6          
    Michael 3          
    Thomas 1          
GE King John 33 Wheelwright 911/1   Middlesex  
    Emma (Lloyd ?) 31          
    Louise 13          
    John 3          
    Edward 1          
GE Lloyd Titus 34 Ships' carpenter 980/1   Kent  
    Mary (Peters) 30          
    Frederick 11          
    Jessie 10          
    Selina 8          
    William 6          
    Anne 3          
GE Maguire John 27 Labourer 1001/1   Selkirk  
    Mary Jane (Clinging) 25          
    Francis inf         born at sea, September 17th
GE Matthews Samuel 25 Wheelwright 1039/3   Cornwall FreeBMD marriage registered in Tavistock, Devon
    Susan (Hocking) 24          
    Elizabeth inf          
GE Maxwell John 28 Labourer 1043/3   Orkney  
    Margaret (Cooper) 25          
GE McIntosh Robert 25 Groom 1071/1   Redruth, Cornwall born at Kilcaldy, Scotland
    Mary Jane (Davey) 25          
    Robert 2          
    Janet inf          
GE Mckay James 28 Labourer 1072/1   Elgin  
    Ann (McLellan ?) 29          
    John inf          
RE McMahon Michael 42 Mason 1080/3   Clare  
    Bridget (Hoare ?) 30          
    Thomas 11          
    Patrick 6          
    Mary 2          
RE McNamara Thomas 34 Labourer 1084/2   Clare  
    Bridget (Hogan ?) 23          
    Patrick inf          
RE Moloughney John 48 Labourer 1126/2   Kilkenny  
    Mary 45          
GE Nicholas Samuel 25 Carpenter 1181/2   Monmouth  
    Mary (Jeffries) 27          
RE O'Brien John 42 Labourer 1204/1   Clare  
    Ellen 41          
RE O'Brien Michael 21 Labourer / Landholder 1205/1   Clare  
    Margaret (O'Reilly) 21          
GE Pack William 21 Labourer 1227/1   Surrey  
    Ellen (Harrington ?) 21          
RE Penberthy Charles 25 Miner 1263/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Edwards) 23          
RE Perkins Richard 34 Labourer 1269/1   Tipton, Staffordshire  
    Ann (Parrey) 33          
    Thomas 12          
    Edward 10          
    James 8          
    Peter 5          
    Elizabeth 4          
    Hannah 2          
    Joseph inf         born at sea, August 26th
GE Perrin Alfred Thomas 23 Plasterer 1269/3   Lambeth, Surrey  
    Sarah Ann P. (Burrows) 22          
GE Phillips John 26 Labourer 1279/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Mary (Goldsworthy) 26          
RE Reilly John 30 Labourer 1342/3   Kerry  
    Mary (Donovan ?) 27          
    Johanna 5          
    Honora 3          
    Marie 1          
    James inf          
GE Roney William 28 Labourer 1383/2   Brighton, Sussex  
    Phillis (Johnson) 32          
    James 4          
    William 2          
    male inf         born after arrival, Novermber 12th
GE Rosevear William 21 Butcher 1387/2   St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Sarah Ann (Puckey) 21          
GE Saunders John 39 Labourer 1429/3   Devon  
    Anna 35          
    Lewis Henry 10          
    Florence 9          
GE Stott Matthew 22 Labourer 1555/3   Wells, Somerset  
    Mary Anne Methuen (Salvage) 21          
RE Sullivan John 33 Shoemaker 1562/-   Glamorgan  
    Catherine (Carroll ?) 32          
    John 7          
    Maria 1          
- Swanston Thomas 29 Labourer -   Scotland  
    Janet 30          
GE Thomas John 29 Plasterer 1593/3   Surrey  
    Jane 22          
GE Travaskis Henry 24 Shoemaker - B Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Berryman) 24          
GE Vincent John 43 Labourer 1649/1   Brighton, Sussex with family
    Harriet (Chatfield) 42          
    Mary 11          
    Harry 9          
    Frederick 2          
GE Watkins John 23 Labourer 1680/3   Breconshire FreeBMD, marriage registered Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
    Elizabeth (Lewis) 21          
    Henry inf         died at sea, August 7th
GE Witheridge Richard 30 Labourer - B Tavistock, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Hatherly) 28          
    Polly 2          
    Maria inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men & children
GE Angus Charles 22 Ploughman 32/2   Aberdeen  
RE Armstrong James Blakely 18 Carpenter 37/2   Fermanagh  
GE Attyeo Henry 18 Labourer 45/2   Somerset  
PP Ballard Joseph 24 Labourer 68/1   Kings county  
RE Barrett Patrick 24 Labourer 82/1   Clare  
GE Beedell Thomas 35 Shepherd -   Devon did not sail ?
GE Benzies James 23 Labourer 115/3   Banff  
GE Bethell William James 22 Labourer -   Gloucester died at sea, August 4th
RE Blakely Christian 33 Shoemaker -   Fermanagh  
RE Boyle Edward 18 Baker 159/1   Cavan  
GE Brewer John 23 White smith 172/2   Devon  
GE Buchan James 18 Labourer 195/3   Aberdeen  
RE Byrne John 23 Labourer 220/2   Wicklow  
RE Byrne Patrick 20 Labourer 220/3   Wicklow  
GE Caterer Frederick Isaac 24 Schoolmaster 250/1   Henley, Oxford  
GE Chapple John Charles Luscombe 19 Labourer 262/1   Totnes, Devon  
GE Chapple William Henry Hawkins 21 Carriage painter 262/2    
GE Clark Jonah 26 Smith -   Roxburgh  
GE Clarke William 20 Iron worker -   Surrey  
GE Clayton John 35 Porter 282/2   Middlesex  
RE Conway James 36 Labourer 310/1   Kings county  
RE Conway Patrick 24 Labourer 310/2   Clare  
GE Cooke William George 18 Labourer -   Wiltshire  
RE Crehan James 22 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Crossman William 19 Miner 348/3   Devon  
RE Daly John 26 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Daly Patrick 22 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Davies John 19 Labourer 379/1   Glamorgan with parents
RE Dillon Martin 21 Labourer 405/1   Clare  
GE Downie William 18 Labourer 435/3   Orkney  
GE Dunn Richard 22 Labourer 440/2   Devon  
RE Dwyer William 23 Labourer 446/1   Tipperary  
RE Earley Patrick 18 Labourer 449/2   Fermanagh  
RE Fanning Patrick 17 Labourer 483/3   Tipperary with family
GE Ferguson George 24 Labourer 492/3   Dumfries  
GE Fewins Alfred 24 Carpenter 494/3   Devon  
GE Foulis James 20 Labourer 522/3   Orkney  
RE Galvin Michael 18 Labourer 545/1   Galway  
GE George Richard 22 Labourer 558/3   Cornwall  
GE Giles William 25 Carpenter 570/1   Middlesex  
GE Gordon Alexander 18 Labourer 592/1   Clyne, Sutherland  
GE Gordon John 22 Labourer 592/3    
RE Green Patrick 22 Labourer 612/2   Clare  
GE Greenway Samuel 19 Labourer 614/3   Broadclist, Devon  
GE Greenway Thomas 22 Labourer 614/3    
GE Griffith Francis 16 Labourer 620/3   Worcester  
GE Groat William 22 Labourer 623/1   Orkney  
RE Gurrin Patrick 28 Labourer 631/1   Kings county  
RE Hammill John 20 Labourer 657/3   Clare  
RE Hammill William 22 Labourer 657/3   Clare  
RE Hanley Timothy 21 Labourer 663/2   Cork  
GE Harrap James 36 Baker 674/3   Cornwall  
GE Harrison John 19 Labourer 682/3   Monmouth  
GE Hatherley John 17 Labourer 695/2   Devon  
RE Hayes Patrick 34 Labourer 702/2   Clare  
RE Healy John 20 Labourer 706/2   Clare  
RE Hehir Patrick 28 Labourer 711/2   Clare  
GE Herbert John 27 Labourer 724/2   Monmouth  
RE Hewitt John 20 Labourer 730/2   Tipperary  
RE Hewitt Michael 25 Labourer 731/1   Tipperary  
RE Hewitt William 30 Labourer -   Tipperary  
RE Hickey Patrick 20 Carpenter 732/1   Limerick  
RE Hynes Thomas 20 Labourer 807/3   Clare  
GE Hockey William 19 Shepherd 750/3   Somerset  
GE Hollister James 19 Labourer 765/2   Somerset  
RE Hynes John Henry 23 Labourer 807/3   Dublin  
GE Johns James 20 Carpenter 845/3   Cornwall  
GE Johns William 23 Smith 845/3   Glamorgan  
GE Jones John 21 Labourer 860/1   Salop  
RE Kearney Anthony 12 child -   Wicklow  
RE Kearney Samuel 16 Labourer 879/1   Wicklow  
RE Kelly Michael 22 Labourer 887/3   Clare  
RE Kenny John 27 Labourer 897/3   Limerick  
GE Key James 36 Labourer 904/2   Gloucester  
GE Kilynack John 24 Carpenter 908/2   Cornwall  
RE Kilkelly Bartholomew 20 Labourer 907/1   Galway travelling together
RE Quin Thomas 3 child -  
RE King Thomas 25 Labourer 911/2   Clare  
PP Linnane Laurence 20 Labourer -   Clare  
RE Loughlin James 19 Labourer 985/1   Wicklow  
RE Mangan John 24 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE McCauley / McCanley Willia 25 Labourer 1052/3   Durham  
GE McDonald Daniel 23 Servant -   Sutherland  
RE McGough Henry 26 Labourer 1067/1   Clare  
GE McKenzie Dugald 28 Labourer 1073/3   Argyll  
RE McNamara Patrick 23 Labourer -   Clare  
GE McPherson James 21 Joiner 1086/1   Forfarshire  
RE Meere Michael 20 Labourer 1091/1   Clare  
RE Maloney Nicholas 26 Labourer 1126/1   Clare  
RE Moran John 19 Labourer -   Tyrone  
GE Morrison Alexander 19 Labourer -   Aberdeen  
GE Munro William 21 Labourer 1151/2   Ross & Cromarty  
RE Murphy Cornelius 19 Labourer -   Kerry  
RE Murphy Daniel 22 Labourer 1153/2   Kerry  
RE Murphy John 20 Labourer 1154/2   Clare  
GE Murray Thomas 24 Labourer 1158/1   Berwick  
RE Naylon James 26 Labourer 1167/3   Clare  
RE Nolan Anthony 20 Labourer 1171/1   Clare  
RE Nolan Martin 18 Labourer 1192/1   Galway  
RE O'Connor John 21 Labourer -   Kerry  
RE O'Connor Patrick 25 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE O'Day Lot 27 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Oliver James 21 Labourer -   Roxburgh  
GE Oliver John 27 Labourer -   Roxburgh  
RE Orr George 16 Baker 1221/3   Queens county  
RE Owens Peter 28 Labourer 1226/2   Kildare  
PP Perkins Peter 35 Labourer -   Staffordshire  
GE Phimister Alexander 34 Labourer -   Elginshire Moray
GE Pitts Frank 21 Miller -   Clutton, Somerset  
GE Powell John 22 Butcher 1304/3   Glamorgan  
GE Prideaux William Henry 21 Miner -   Cornwell  
GE Raison Job 27 Labourer 1328/1   Somerset  
GE Robertson Alexander 21 Labourer 1367/1   Ford, Northumberland  
    the 1861 census shows 16 yr old Alexander Robertson with two brothers, John age 12 and Peter age 8.
GE Robertson / Robson John 20 Shepherd 1373/1   Northumberland  
GE Robertson / Robson Peter 20 Shepherd 1373/1   Northumberland  
GE Robson George 22 Labourer 1373/1   Roxburgh  
GE Ross John 22 Labourer 1389/3   Aberdeen  
GE Rowe Alexander 21 Labourer 1393/1   Cornwall  
GE Rowe James 19 Miner 1394/1   Cornwall  
GE Rowe Thomas Henry 18 Labourer -   Cornwall  
RE Sexton Michael 29 Labourer 1466/1   Clare  
GE Simpson John 16 Labourer 1491/1   Aberdeen  
GE Sleeman Thomas 22 Labourer -   Cornwall  
GE Stephens Elias 18 Labourer 1542/2   Cornwall  
GE Stoodley Robert 23 Smith -   Somerset  
GE Stott Luke 18 Labourer -   Somerset  
GE Thomas William 33 Labourer 1597/1   Cornwall  
GE Thompson Robert 25 Labourer 1600/2   Dumfries  
GE Toll William 22 Labourer 1609/1   Cornwall  
RE Tracey James 30 Labourer -   Galway  
GE Turner William 17 Labourer 1632/2   Somerset  
GE Verran Richard 17 Labourer 1646/2   Cornwall  
GE Vincent Charles 15 Labourer 1648/3   Brighton, Sussex with parents
GE Wagstaff John 18 Labourer 1656/2   Warwick  
RE Walsh Michael 21 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Weeks Frederick Charles 19 Carpenter -   Middlesex  
GE West William 36 Labourer -   Yorkshire  
GE Wilson John 24 Labourer -   Aberdeen  
Single Women & children
GE Glanville Mary A. 42 Matron     Middlesex  
RE Ahern Mary 23 Tailor     Middlesex  
GE Atkins Matilda 26 Servant     Warwick  
GE Barker Ellen 24 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Bartell Susan 17 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Bayley Rose 17 Servant     Hertfordshire  
GE Bichan Margaret 17 Servant     Orkney  
GE Bishop Fanny 18 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Byrne Catherine 17 Servant     Carlow  
RE Carney Catherine 29 Servant     Clare  
RE Carney Margaret 22 Servant     Clare  
RE Carroll Catherine 23 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Clenan Ellen J. 16 Servant     Armagh  
GE Cobb Thomasina 21 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Connelly Margaret 27 Servant     Clare  
RE Conway Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
GE Cresswell Eleanor Maria 16 Servant 341/2   Middlesex with parents
GE Cumber Amelia 23 Servant 355/3   Surrey  
RE Davies Hannah 20 Servant 380/1   Glamorgan with parents
RE Davies Phoebe 12 child  
RE Delane Anne 39 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Delane Mary 22 Servant     Tipperary  
RE Devlin Ellen J. 26 Servant     Lancashire  
RE Earley Madeline 21 Servant 449/2   Fermanagh  
RE Ellis Margaret 15 Servant     Wicklow  
GE Evans Druscilla 20 Servant     Aston, Warwickshire  
GE Evans Emma 23 Servant      
RE Fanning Bridget 45 Servant     Tipperary with family
RE Fanning Mary 22 Servant    
RE Foley Johanna 23 Servant     Carlow  
RE Galvin Bridget 38 Servant     Galway  
GE Grandison Isabella 22 Servant     Edinburgh  
GE Griffith Eliza 18 Servant     Worcester  
GE Hatherley Eliza 17 Servant     Devon  
RE Healy Catherine 26 Servant     Clare  
RE Hynes Mary 18 Servant     Clare  
GE James Elizabeth 21 Servant     Cornwall  
GE James Mary A. 22 Servant     Brecon  
GE jarvis Ellen 18 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Johns Louisa 24 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Kearney Margaret 19 Servant     Wicklow  
RE Kelly Margaret 20 Servant     Clare  
RE Killeen Margaret 22 Servant 907/1   Lancashire  
GE Kimber Emily A. 25 Servant 908/3   Kent  
RE King Mary 35 Servant 911/2   Clare  
RE Kitson Honora 18 Servant     Clare  
GE Lee Mary A. 23 Servant     Devon  
RE Liddy Anne 15 Servant     Clare  
RE Liddy Johanna 33 Servant     Clare  
RE Liddy Patrick 13 child     Clare  
GE Longmaid / Langmaid Matilda Grace 18 Servant     St. Sampson, Cornwall  
RE O'Loughlin Mary 21 Dressmaker     Clare  
RE Malone Ann 24 Servant     Lancashire  
RE Malone Mary inf       Lancashire  
GE Martin Fanny 16 Servant     Gloucester  
RE McGough Mary 21 Servant     Clare  
RE McInerny Mary 24 Servant     Lancashire  
PP McMahon Agnes 43 Housekeeper     Lancashire  
RE McNally Anne 30 Servant 1082/3   Carlow  
RE McNally Martin 15      
RE McNally Michael 13      
RE McNally Patrick 10      
RE McNally Phillip 2      
GE Moore Elizabeth 24 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Mulligan Mary 19 Servant     Galway  
RE Murphy Catherine 16 Servant     Kerry  
RE Murphy Ellen J. 19 Servant     Kerry  
RE Murphy Honora 14 Servant     Kerry did not sail ?
RE Murphy Johanna 18 Servant     Kerry  
RE O'Connor Ellen 27 Servant     Limerick  
GE Richardson Dinah 20 Servant     Dumfries  
GE Ricketts Anna 22 Servant     Oxford  
GE Rowe Mary 26 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Sandercock Eliza 20 Servant 1421/3   Cornwall  
GE Sanderson Mary 19 Servant 1424/2   Moray  
GE Shambrook Mary 17 Servant 1467/3   Middlesex  
GE Underwood Hannah 29 Servant     Buckingham  
GE Vincent Jane 13 Servant 1649/1   Brighton, Sussex with parents
GE Vincent Martha 17 Servant  
GE Wevill Elizabeth 25 Servant     Cornwall  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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