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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Sir John Lawrence, 689 tons, Captain J. Robertson, from London 22nd July, Plymouth 2nd August 1862, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 30th October 1862

The South Australian Advertiser, Friday 31 October 1862 p. 2

Thursday 30th October:— Sir John Lawrence, ship, 689 tons, J. Robertson, master, from London, July 22, via Plymouth, August 2. Elder, Stirling and Co. agents. Passengers— Dr. Henry Rickards, Surgeon Superintendent, in the cabin; and the following Government emigrants in the steerage:—

. . . . — 1st ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1862 ; —3— births and —2— deaths on the passage ; Henry Rickards, surgeon-superintendent.
In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping
The Sir John Lawrence arrived on Thursday morning, after a favorable passage of 88 days from Plymouth, from which port she sailed on the afternoon of the 2nd August. During the first week of two of the voyage contrary weather prevailed but after doubling Cape Finisterre the run to the Cape de Verd Islands was made in fine weather, and hopes of a quick passage were entertained, as the vessel was in first-rate trim, and if the run down trades had only proved satisfactory she would doubtless have been here in 78 days, but unfortanately the N.E. trade winds ware scant, and in consequence it was the 3rd September before the equinoctial line was crossed, and in the S.E. trades the vessel was set down on the Brazilian coast to such an extent that several tracks were made before getting to the southward of Bahia. On September 24 passed the Island of Tristan d'Acunha ; and on October l rounded the Cape of Good Hope. A capital run was made from the Cape to the Leuwin, but, as usual, on nearing the Australian land the wind drew from the eastward, and several days were lost.
Dr. Duncan boarded her on his visit of inspection, and therefore all those who have friends on board will suffer no detention in their landing, the vessel's draught of water having enabled her to proceed into harbor at once. The following vessels were spoken during the passage :— On September 10, in lat. 27º 12' S, long. 3lº 51' W., the French ship Panama, from Callao, bound to Havre ; on October 2, in lat. 40º 19' S., long. 23º 36' E., the British ship William Miles, from London, 69 days out, bound to New Zealand, having 327 passengers on board ; on October 24, lat. 39º 53' S., long. 119º 41' E, the Dutch barque General Michaels, from Amsterdam, bound to Melbourne.
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Hassett, Mary 21 September 3rd, 1862 Puerperal convulsions at sea
Hassett, Mary 21 days September 19th, 1862 Aphthae at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Walter, Hannah   August 6th 1862 female  
Hassett, Mary   August 26th 1862 female  
Jones, Margaret   August 29th 1862 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Byford William 43 Farm Labourer 219/3   Morley Yorkshire  
    Elizabeth 38          
N Collins Patrick 28 Labourer 301/2   Clare  
    Bridget 22          
N Curtin Thomas Clifford 43 Labourer 360/3   Sculcoates St Paul Yorkshire with family | name spelled Kirton in 1851 census
    Eliza (Good) 44          
    Eliza Rebecca 10          
    Robert William 8          
    Mary Matilda 5          
N Duffy Patrick 35 Labourer 434/3   Chilton Durham  
    Catherine (Tracey) 32          
    Jane 11          
    Mary 9          
    Catherine 1          
GE Field John 32 Soap Boiler 497/2   St George in The East Middlesex  
    Mary 34          
N Flanagan John 25 Labourer 508/2   Clare  
    Mary 25          
    Anne 3          
    Patrick inf          
GE Germain Sarah (Monck) 44 widow / Domestic Servant - M/D Clerkenwell Middlesex formerly from Portsea, Hampshire | husband John Isaac Germain
    Susan Emma 12          
    Sarah Ann 10          
    Ellen 8          
    Maria 6          
    Elizabeth 3          
N Halloran Anthony 34 Labourer 652/3   Clare  
    Mary 31          
    Bridget 11          
N Hassett Michael 25 Labourer 694/1   Clare  
    Mary 21         died at sea, 03 Sept. 1862
    Mary inf         born and died at sea
N Jones William 32 Smelter 864/2   Glamorgan  
    Margaret 34          
    Margaret 8          
    William 6          
    Catherine 4          
    James 1          
GE Jones William 28 Smith 864/2   Glamorgan  
    Jane 21          
    William inf          
GE Mansell Benjamin 59 Labourer 1014/1   Bedwellty Monmouth with family, Mansell & Yandle
    Eliza 57          
N Massey Hugh 26 Labourer 1034/1   Dalmellington Ayrshire  
    Flora 23          
    Annabella 6          
    Hugh 2          
    Mary inf          
GE McFarlane James 24 Agr. Labourer 1064/3   Worcester Worcestershire  
    Eliza Jane (Cook) 20          
    Margaret Jane 2          
    Harriet McClachlen inf          
N Pound John 44 Mason 1303/3   Middlesex with family
    Elizabeth 44          
    Peter 7          
N Richard John Thomas 22 Smith 1349/3   Monmouth  
    Sarah 23          
    Sarah inf          
N Rushton Joshua 43 Labourer 1404/2   Lichfield St Chad, Staffordshire age 48 in 1861 census
    Mary A. (Peate) 39          
N Sim / Sime Grant 43 Labourer 1487/3   Perth Burgh Perthshire  
    Janet 43          
    Mungo ? 13 son       see below
    Jessie 11 daughter        
N Tiver Charles 28 Mason - B/D Swansea Glamorgan  
    Caroline (Leyson) 27          
    Eliza Ann 5          
    Augustus 3          
    Prudence 1          
GE Stott Thomas Tucker 33 Labourer 1555/3   Meare Somerset  
    Matilda (Ham) 29          
    Jane 10          
    James Robert 1          
N Walters David 23 Smith 1669/1   Monmouth  
    Hannah Elizabeth (Edwards) 23          
N Welsford George 28 Labourer -   Bethnal Green Middlesex  
    Maria Elizabeth Ann (Hogan) 27          
    Maria 9          
    Sarah Mary Ann inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Arthur John 16 Groom / Gardener 39/3   Somerset  
GE Barlow William 17 Coach maker 75/1   Staffordshire  
GE Barnes Albert 22 Agr. Labourer 75/3   Dorset  
GE Barnes Samuel 37 Shoemaker 77/1   Dorset  
GE Beer Henry 21 Carpenter -   Calne Wiltshire with sister
N Blake James 20 Agr. Labourer - M Clare  
N Bond Benjamin 20 Agr. Labourer 140/3   Batcombe Somerset with sister
GE Bremner James Greig 21 Carpenter - M Caithness  
N Burke Rody 22 Agr. Labourer 207/1   Waterford with sisters
N Carmody John 26 Agr. Labourer 239/2   Clare  
GE Chapple Walter John 19 Mason 262/2   Ashcott Somerset  
GE Churches Samuel 22 Farm Labourer 274/1   Chilton Somerset  
GE Conbear Thomas 21 Carpenter 305/1   Weston Upon Trent Somerset Conibear / Conebeer
N Conway Thomas 20 Agr. Labourer 310/2   Clare  
GE Cook Sidney 27 Farm Labourer -   Somerset  
GE Coombes Robert 21 Carpenter -   Somerset  
GE Cross Lewis John 16 Agr. Labourer 347/3   Dorset  
N Curtin George G. 16 Agr. Labourer 360/2   Sculcoates St Paul Yorkshire with parents
N Curtin Thomas Clifford 13 Agr. Labourer 360/3  
N Daley William 22 Agr. Labourer -   Clare  
GE Davies Elisha 21 Labourer 378/2   Somerset brothers
GE Davies George 19 Labourer 378/2   Somerset
GE Davies Thomas 18 Farm Labourer 379/3   Cornwall  
N Donohue Michael 24 Agr. Labourer 419/2   Clare  
N Driscoll Jeremiah 14 Agr. Labourer 430/2   Whitechapel Middlesex  
GE Duck Isaac 21 Farm Labourer 432/3   Wiltshire  
GE Duckett James 20 Carpenter -   Essex  
GE Duckett Joseph 20 Farm Labourer 432/3   Somerset  
N Dwyer Michael 19 Agr. Labourer 446/1   Clare  
N Dwyer William 21 Agr. Labourer 446/1   Clare  
N Fitzpatrick Michael 22 Agr. Labourer 507/2   Clare  
N Fitzpatrick Patrick 27 Agr. Labourer 507/2   Nottingham  
N Flynn Michael 20 Agr. Labourer 514/3   Clare  
N Foster Henry 19 Agr. Labourer -   Suffolk  
N Green John 17 Agr. Labourer 611/3   Northumberland  
GE Groves Malachi 19 Labourer 625/3   High Ham Somerset  
GE Gullidge James 23 Farm Labourer 628/2   Somerest  
N Hammond Alfred 40 Mechanic 657/3   Lincoln  
N Harrison Frederick 18 Agr. Labourer 682/2   Kent  
N Heals William 14 Agr. Labourer 705/2   Middlesex with mother
N Healy John 25 Agr. Labourer 706/3   Clare  
GE Hembry / Hembury Ambrose Keen 20 Farm Labourer -   Wellington Somerset with sister
N Hillary Patrick 22 Agr. Labourer 742/1   Clare  
N Indoe Joseph 29 Agr. Labourer 810/3   Somerton Somerset  
GE Ironmonger James 20 Carpenter 814/1   Essex  
GE Jackson James S. 19 Gardener 819/3   Middlesex  
N James William 21 Blacksmith 829/1   Cornwall  
GE Jones William 30 Farm Labourer 864/2   Glamorgan  
N Kennelly James 19 Agr. Labourer 896/2   Clare  
N Kenny Martin 25 Agr. Labourer 897/3   Clare  
GE Lampert Elisha 18 Labourer -   High Ham Somerset  
GE Lampert Frederick William 23 Labourer 949/2    
GE Lavis Elisha 21 Agr. Labourer 956/3   High Ham Somerset  
GE Lavis George 19 Carter - M  
GE Lloyd Benjamin 19 Labourer - M Ashcott Somerset  
GE Lucas William 19 Farm Labourer 987/3   Staffordshire  
N Malone Timothy 24 Labourer 1007/3   Clare  
N Malony John n/a   1008/2   Clare  
N Mansell Samuel 19 Agr. Labourer 1014/1   Bedwellty Monmouth with parents
GE Martin George S. 24 Carpenter - M? Somerset  
N McMahon Thomas 35 Agr. Labourer -   Clare  
N McNamara Conner 24 Agr. Labourer 1083/1   Clare  
N McNamara John 18 Blacksmith -   Clare  
N McNamara John 15 Agr. Labourer -   Clare  
N McNamara Thomas 21 Agr. Labourer 1084/2   Clare  
GE Merlin John 18 Labourer 1097/1   Somerset  
N O'Shaunessy Andrew 21 Butcher 1214/2   Limerick  
GE Palmer Robert 20 Shoemaker 1233/3   Somerset  
GE Patch Robert 21 Labourer 1246/1   Meare Somerset with sister
GE Patch Samuel 17 Labourer 1246/1  
GE Pole William 22 Labourer 1294/2   Catcott Somerset  
N Pound Henry 14 Mason 1303/3   Middlesex with family
N Pound Joseph 20 Mason 1303/3   Middlesex with family
GE Puddy Edward Prentice 17 Groom 1316/2   Somerset  
GE Puddy William 18 Carpenter -   Somerset  
N Quain John 22 Labourer 1320/1   Clare  
N Quin Michael 24 Labourer 1323/1   Tipperary  
N Ramsey David 19 Labourer 1328/3   Ayrshire  
N Reilly James 18 Labourer 1342/2   Lanark  
N Reilly John 17 Labourer 1342/3   Lanark  
N Ryan John 20 Labourer 1410/1   Tipperary  
N Ryan Patrick 17 Labourer 1411/3   Tipperary  
GE Sawtell Thomas 24 Labourer 1432/1   Somerset  
N Shanahan James 25 Labourer 1467/3   Limerick  
N Sime Mungo 15 Labourer 1487/3   Perth with parents
N Sinclair Peter 20 Labourer 1493/1   Caithness  
N Smith George 17 Labourer -   Lenton Nottingham with sister | parents and other family aboard Sir John Lawrence 1863
GE Stott John 25 Farm Labourer -   Someset  
GE Sutton William George 20 Labourer - M Somerset  
GE Taylor William 36 Labourer 1582/3   Middlesex  
GE Thomas Thomas 22 Farm Labourer 1596/1   Glamorgan  
GE Wallace Frederick 21 Labourer 1664/1   Somerset  
N Walsh David 22 Labourer 1666/2   Limerick  
N Walters Daniel 21 Labourer 1669/1   Monmouth  
GE Watt Isaac 17 Labourer -   Somerset  
N White William 21 Labourer - M Glamorgan  
N White Patrick 21 Labourer -   Clare  
GE Whitecombe John 17 Labourer 1700/1   Somerset  
GE Wilcox Thomas 16 Labourer 1710/3   Somerset  
N Wilson John 20 Labourer - M? Ayrshire  
GE Windsor William 21 Labourer 1731/2   Somerset  
GE Winter William 21 Labourer 1732/3   Somerset  
N Whithers Thomas Edward 15 Gardener 1733/2   Gloucester  
GE Wookey James 17 Labourer 1734/1   Somerset  
N Yandle Benjamin 15 Labourer -   Bedwellty Monmouth grandsons of Benjaman Mansell
N Yandle John 18 Labourer 1753/1  
N Yandle Thomas Mansell 13 Labourer -  
Single Women & children
GE Bates / Baker ? Elizabeth 22 Servant     Hampshire  
GE Baldery Mary A. 18 Servant     Middlesex  
N Beaky Bridget 38 Servant     Clare  
GE Beer Sarah 19 Servant     Calne Wiltshire with brother
N Bond Amelia 18 Servant     Batcombe Somerset with brother
GE Bowles Hannah 22 Servant 155/3   Surrey  
N Brown Kate 2 child     Midlothian ? travelling with ?
N Brown Margaret 4 child     Midlothian ? "
N Brown Margaret 17 Servant     Waterford  
N Burke Catherine 14 Servant 206/1   Waterford with brother
N Burke Margaret 18 Servant     Waterford  
N Carahan Ann 20 Servant     Lancashire  
GE Chamberlain Elizabeth 23 Servant 254/2   Northampton  
GE Chesworth Esther 29 Servant     Lambeth Surrey  
GE Churches Martha 21 Servant 1225/1   Meare Somerset married Henry Overall
GE Connelly Margaret 22 Servant     Middlesex  
N Conway Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
GE Cox Elizabeth 17 Servant 332/3   Middlesex  
N Craig Ann 24 Servant     Lanark  
GE Cubbidge Susannah 23 Servant     Whitechapel Middlesex  
N Curtin Margaret Ann 17 Servant     Sculcoates St Paul Yorkshire with parents
N Curtis Anne 5 child     Glamorgan  
N Curtis Margaret 7 child      
N Curtis Mary 2 child      
N Curtis Susan 30 Domestic Servant     joining husband
N Curtis Susan inf child      
N Dawson Hannah 27 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Dawton Harriet 25 Domestic Servant     -  
GE Dorrell Eliza 24 Servant     Oxfordshire  
N Driscoll Hannah 12 child     Middlesex  
N Driscoll Honorah 35 Servant     Middlesex  
N Driscoll Honorah 16 Servant     Middlesex  
N Drummond Jane 32 Servant     Dumbarton  
GE Fell Charlotte 33 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Genett Louise 21 Servant     Glamorgan Louisa Gorvett ?
N Greenslade Barbara F. 17 Servant     Freshford Somerset  
N Hamilton Robina 12 child     Midlothian  
GE Hansford Emma 19 Servant 667/1   Middlesex  
N Heals Mary 41 Servant 706/2   Middlesex with son
N Healy Anne 23 Servant     Clare  
N Healy Bridget 22 Servant     Clare  
GE Hembry / Hembury Amelia 17 Servant     Meare Somerset with brother
GE Hetherton Mary Ann 18 Servant     Middlesex  
N Higgins Bridget 20 Servant     Clare  
N Higgins Honora 18 Servant     Clare  
N Hillary Anna 19 Servant     Clare  
N Hillary Mary 20 Dress Maker     Clare  
GE Hught Anna 24 Dairy Maid     Surrey  
GE Isles Emily 19 Servant 809/3   Middlesex  
GE James Lydia 26 Servant     Cornwall  
N Jessup Elizabeth Ann 19 Servant     Surrey  
GE Johnson Marian 24 Servant     Middlesex  
N Jones Eliza 27 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Jones Anne 19 Servant     Cornwall  
GE Jones Esther 18 Servant     Surrey  
N Kelly Mary 21 Servant     Lancashire  
N Kennely Ellen 21 Servant 893/1   Surrey  
GE Lane Mary A. 18 Servant     Somerset  
GE Lavis Bethesa 26 Servant     Middlesex Prothesa Davis ?
N Mackrell / Mackrill Emily 13 child     Middlesex Mackerill
N Mackrell / Mackrill Henrietta 17 Servant      
N Mackrell / Mackrill Louisa 44 Servant 996/2    
N Mackrell / Mackrill Louisa 22 Servant      
N May Anne 17 Servant 1043/3   Monaghan  
N May Eliza 16 Servant 1044/1    
N McNamara Ann 19 Servant     Clare  
N McNamara Ellen 42 Servant 1084/1    
N McNamara Ellen 19 Servant      
N McNamara Mary 17 Servant      
GE Merry Anne 16 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Mills Sarah 37 Servant     M—?  
GE Mitchell Jane 18 Servant     Middlesex  
N Moloney / Malony Mary 16 Servant     Clare  
GE Morrison Mary 17 Servant     Kent  
GE Nash Emma 20 Servant 1165/2   Somerset  
GE Nash Sophia 18 Servant     Somerset  
N Nestor Bridget 22 Dress Maker 1173/1   Clare  
N Nestor Mary 22 Dress Maker 1173/1   Clare  
GE Newtown Anna Louise 16 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Neville Elizabeth 20 Servant     Somerset  
N O'Loughlin Mary 17 Servant     Clare  
N Overett / Overitt Mary Ann 31 Servant     Islington St Mary Middlesex Mary Ovrett ?
N Ormond Johanna 8 child     Tipperary travelling with ?
GE Patch Mary 19 Dairy Maid     Meare Somerset with brothers
N Price John 5 child     Michaelstone Super Avon Glamorgan  
N Price Mary (Simon) 29 -     husband Thomas in Colony
N Price Sarah Ann 2 child      
N Price Margaret inf child      
N Quigley Mary 30 Servant     Clare  
GE Raines Matilda 18 Servant     Somerset  
N Reilly Ann 26 Servant     Lanark  
N Rennie Agnes 23 Servant     Lancashire  
N Rennison Sarah 18 Servant     Lancashire  
GE Richards Jane M. 19 Servant     Somerset  
GE Rivers Eliza 17 Servant     Somerset  
GE Robinson Elizabeth 20 Servant     Surrey  
N Robinson Emily 16 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Rogers Ellen 17 Servant     Somerset  
N Ross Christiana 38 Servant 1388/3   Glamorgan  
GE Ross Jessie 23 Servant 1389/2   Lanark  
N Ryan Catherine 23 Servant     Tipperary  
N Ryan Catherine 16 Servant 1475/1   Clare  
N Sheehy Mary 25 Servant     Clare  
GE Shepherd Mary A. 24 Servant 1477/2   Middlesex  
N Sinclair Helen 24 Servant     Gloucester  
GE Skase Louise 33 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Smith Fanny 18 Servant     Middlesex  
GE Smith Mary A. 22 Servant     Middlesex  
N Smith Sarah A. 19 Servant     Lenton Nottingham with brother | parents and other family aboard Sir John Lawrence 1863
GE Stephens Sarah 21 Servant     Surrey  
GE Stirling Harriet 18 Servant     Middlesex  
N Sweeny Margaret 21 Servant     Tipperary  
GE Thomas Mary 21 Servant     Monmouth  
N Turtle Rebecca 22 Farm Servant     Marylebone Middlesex  
N Veitch Alison 29 Dress Maker     Berwick  
N Watters Celia (Symons) 37 Housekeeper     Breage Cornwall Waters
N Watters Celia A. 8 child      
N Watters Henrietta 5 child      
N Watters Margaret Grace 6 child      
GE Whalen Hannah 19 Servant     Somerset  
N White Catherine 18 Domestic Servant     Clare  
GE Whitehorn / Whitehorne Elizabeth 18 Servant     Surrey  
GE Wilton Mary 18 Servant     Someset  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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