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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Sir John Lawrence, 700 tons, Captain Ellery, from London 20th August, Plymouth 5th September, 1863 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 14th December 1863

The South Australian Advertiser, Tuesday 15 December 1863 p. 2

Monday 14th December:— Sir John Lawrence, ship, 700 tons, Ellery, master, from London and Plymouth September 5.
Passengers—Dr. W. Barker, Surgeon-Superintendent, in the cabin, and 312 Government immigrants in the steerage Elder Smith, and Co., agents.:

. . . . — 4th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1863 ; —4— births and —2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. W. Barker, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Assisted Passage = AP and Remittance Emigrants = RE and Colonial Nominees = CN. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Sir John Lawrence was anxiously anticipated during last week, and a sharp look-out was kept for her, but she only arrived at the anchorage early on Monday morning, having left London on August 20th, and Plymouth September 5th. After leaving the latter port a fortnight was spent before clearing the Channel, and 36 days passed before the line was crossed. On October 24th sighted Tristan d'Achuna, and from there to latitude 44° 30', longitude 75° 48', fine weather prevailed : but being in that position on the 20th November, she fell in with a hurricane of unusual violence, which swept away the quarter boats, and volumes of water poured on deck, causing havoc and destruction to the deck gear, while aloft the maintopsail was blown away, foretopsail split in ribbons, and it continued with such fury as to oblige the captain to heave to under a tarpaulin in the mizen rigging. For 48 hours the the gale raged and the vessel laboured very heavily, but without making water beyond what was shipped over the rail. Finally, the wind veered from N.E. to W.S. W., and moderated so as to enable her to be kept away on her course. On November 26th she picked up a ship's lifeboat, longitude 24° 6', painted white, without name or other indication of ownership, but supposed by Captain Ellery to have been washed from some vessel during the continuation of the gale, as she did not appear to have been in the water for any great length of time.

Accident.—The Shipping Reporter, in leaving the Sir John Lawrence, fell between the boat and the vessel, but the activity of his crew prevented any serious results, though had the accident occurred at night the danger would have been imminent.
Vessels Spoken.—By the Sir John Lawrence—On September 10, the ship Aminta, from Calcutta, bound to London ; on October 17, in latitude 21° 5', longitude 31° 17', the Hamburg barque Caesar Godeffroy, homeward bound, departure unknown.


The Sir John Lawrence having been here before with immigrants, there remains but little to be said with regard to her adaptability for such a purpose. Having fine roomy 'tween decks and ample space for promenading on the poop, with due regard to ventilation below, and every recent improvement, it is not surprising that although a long voyage has been accomplished, yet no sickness of any serious character has manifested itself. There were two deaths among the juveniles, and four births increase the number of the voyageurs. Unfortunately, however, during the mouth of October, the Surgeon-Superintendent was so indisposed as to be confined to his berth from a severe attack of diarrhoea, and in consequence the strict discipline of the ordinary routine was in a measure broken, causing some unpleasant feelings, which have led to complaints and counter charges calculated to occupy the attention of the usual Board of Enquiry ; but beyond this the voyage seems to have passed away in harmony and good feeling. Immediately on arrival she was boarded by Dr. Duncan on his visit of inspection, and subsequently the Commissioner of Crown Lands, accompanied by a staff of police, boarded. At a casual glance the vessel is in a cleanly state, and the people appear to be of a class well suited for colonists. Among the single men especially there are stalwart frames of farm labourers, who will prove an acquisition if conduct is in keeping with appearance.

A great portion of the immigrants are under the assisted passenger regulations, and as soon as the vessel was known to be at anchor outside numbers of friends were at the Semaphore Jetty awaiting the termination of Dr. Duncan's duties ; after which all except the single females are free to disembark, but for those it is necessary to procure an order from the Health Officer at the Port, or the Commissioner in Adelaide. Should the weather moderate, it is probable the vessel will be towed into the stream this morning, but from appearances this is unlikely.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
James, Samuel 18 mo. October 9th, 1863 Diarrhoea at sea
Rundle, William 8 October 15th, 1863 Infantile remitting fever at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
  Four births but no record's found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
RE Attersoll / Attersole Henry Parker 21 Labourer 44/1   Deal Kent  
    Sarah Annette 23          
AP Bartlett George 38 Quarryman 86/3   Corsham Wiltshire with family
    Ann (Chandler) 38          
    George 13          
    Cornelius 11          
    Alma 8          
AP Buckland Charles 28 Carpenter 197/2   St. Marylebone Middlesex  
    Sarah (Billen) 26          
    Charles 2          
    Sarah inf          
RE Byrne Henry 20 Labourer 220/1   Kildare  
    Anne 24          
AP Carrfish [!] John 22 Smith 242/1   Lancashire  
    Sarah Ellen 20          
AP Cook William 66 Labourer 312/3   Berkshire  
    Elizabeth 60          
AP Davies Morris 25 Labourer 379/2   Glamorgan  
    Ann 28          
AP Dyer Christopher 33 Ploughman 446/2   Gloucester 1861 census, Llangattock Breconshire, with wife name indicated as Lydia
    Letitia (Lewis) 29         FreeBMD married 1855 Breconshire, Monmouthshire
    Mary Ann 5          
    Helen 1          
AP Edwards David 24 Miner 456/2   Carmarthen  
    Margaret 19          
AP Evans William 26 Moulder -   Monmouth  
    Ann 28          
AP Eyres / Eyers George 28 Labourer 479/2   Hemington Somerset  
    Catherine (Jones) 30          
    William Holdway 7          
    Frederick 4          
    Tom inf          
AP Ford Robert 24 Plumber 518/2   Suffolk  
    Mary Ann 22          
AP Goodridge Eli 35 Labourer 590/3   Hinton Martell Dorset 1861 census, living at Huldenhurst, Hampshire
    Maria (Maidment) 39          
    Thomas Palmer 12          
    Henry Michael 8          
    Isaac James 7          
RE Gore Alfred 40 Miner 592/3   Islington Devon with family
    Mary Sophia (Dewhurst) 45          
    Howard 11          
    Anna Y. 9          
    Tom Youngman 7          
RE Hannan Cornelius 32 Farmer 665/2   Cork  
    Margaret 26          
    Michael 1          
RE Harris John 45 Labourer 678/2   Monmouth with family ?
    Hester / Ester 38          
    John 9 grandson        
AP Hart Adam 29 Ploughman 685/1   Kilbirnie Ayrshire  
    Mary 29          
    Adam 3          
    Andrew 1         born 1861
    Jane inf         died at sea
RE Hicks Richard 44 Labourer 733/2   St Blazey Cornwall  
    Hannah 43         1861 census, age 50
  Clift Francis 2         1861 census recorded as "boarder"
AP Hopkins Morgan 29 Labourer 773/2   Glamorgan  
    Mary 26          
    David 1          
AP Isaacs William 24 Smith 815/2   Glamorgan  
    Ann 23          
    William 2          
AP James Samuel 32 Farmer 828/1   Breconshire  
    Martha 28          
    Mary A. 3          
    Samuel inf         died at sea, Oct. 9th 1863
AP Jenkins Thomas 41 Labourer 839/1   Llancarvan Glamorgan with family
    Janette 45          
    William 13          
    Janette 10          
    John 9          
    Thomas 6          
AP Jones Thomas Morgan 23 Labourer 863/2   Carmarthen  
    Mary 24          
    Mary A. 1          
    Morgan inf          
RE Jose William 24 Labourer 866/3   Cornwall  
    Mary 20          
AP Kitchingman Alfred 19 Porter 917/3   Hackney Middlesex  
    Annie Maria (Turner) 18          
AP Llewellyn Thomas 32 Labourer 979/2   Glamorgan  
    Jane 28          
    Robert 4          
AP Lourie / Lowry Robert 40 Labourer - B Penarth Glamorgan  
    Ann (Samuel) 35          
    Thomas 13         not with family in 1861 census
    Elizabeth 13          
    Gilead 10         not with family in 1861 census
    Augustus 8          
    Emily 5          
    Jessie 1          
RE Maid James 24 Labourer 1003/2   Limerick  
    Ellen 22          
    Pat 4          
    John 2          
RE McKerry Daniel 20 Labourer 1075/1   Berkshire  
    Elizabeth 22          
AP Milliner William 22 Servant 1112/3   Monmouth as Milner 1115/2
    Ann (Edmonds) 22          
AP Morgan John 29 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
    Rebecca 25          
AP Morris Benjamin 28 Labourer 1134/2   Glamorgan  
    Elizabeth 28          
    Benjamin 9          
RE Pepper Thomas 35 Bricklayer 1268/1   Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire  
    Frances 37          
  Taylor John 7         1861 census recorded as "boarder"
RE Rees John 42 Labourer 1338/1   Glamorgan with family
    Sarah 41          
    Joan 12          
    Rees 10          
    Thomas 6          
    John 2          
AP Rees Thomas 31 Labourer 1338/1   Glamorgan  
    Elizabeth 30          
    Ann 6          
    Catherine 4          
    Mary 1          
AP Richards Thomas 30 Labourer 1350/3   Carmarthen  
    Margaret 29          
    Mary 1          
AP Roberts Phillip 32 Labourer 1365/2   Llanguick Carmarthen  
    Mary 38          
    Margaret 12          
    Thomas 10          
    Ann 6          
    David 3          
RE Rundle James 43 Labourer 1403/1   Bratton Clovelly Devon  
    Jane (Ellis) 27          
    William 8         died at sea, Oct. 15th 1863
    James 6          
    Henry 3          
    Lydia 2          
    John inf          
RE Smith Mark 45 Labourer 1508/2   Lenton Nottingham with family | son George and daughter Sarah aboard Sir John Lawrence 1862
    Mary 42          
    Lucy 10          
    Emma 8          
    Charles 2          
AP Spencer William 42 Brickmaker 1523/1   Surrey  
    Mary (Hardy) 38          
    William Henry 9          
    Arthur 1          
    Lawrence inf         died at sea
RE Stapleton James 35 Shoemaker 1535/1   Clare  
    Hannah (Callery) 22          
    Bridget Mulguerney 11          
AP Thomas James 32 Labourer 1592/3   Glamorgan  
    Ann 27          
    Susannah 9          
AP Wakefield William 35 Labourer 1658/2   Cambridge  
    Lucy (Munson) 37          
RE Wheeler Benjamin 35 Labourer 1698/2   Monmouth 1861 census living at Aberdare, Glamorgan
    Miriam (Devonal) 28          
    Daniel 6          
    Selina 4          
    Isiah 1          
AP William James 40 Labourer 1714/3   Monmouth  
    Elizabeth 26          
    Mary A. 4          
    Elizabeth 2          
AP Wise John 31 Carpenter -   Glamorgan  
    Ann 26          
    Eliza inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
AP Allen James A. 17 Warehouseman 17/3   Surrey  
AP Barrett Charles 31 Labourer 81/2   Breconshire  
AP Blunsden Thomas 15 Labourer -   Wiltshire  
RE Bourke Michael 23 Labourer 151/3   Galway  
AP Bowen Hopkins 23 Wheelwright 153/3   Glamorgan  
AP Brain William 19 Labourer 164/2   Somerset  
AP Brice Frederick 19 Labourer - M Somerset  
AP Bush Arthur 19 Labourer 213/1   Carmarthen  
RE Byrne Michael 22 Labourer 220/3   Carlow  
RE Campbell William 23 Labourer 233/3   Tipperary  
RE Casey John 26 Labourer 247/3   Cork  
RE Casey Michael 20 Labourer 248/1   Cork  
RE Cherry Michael 19 Labourer 266/3   Limerick  
AP Cox John 26 Gardener 333/3   Middlesex  
AP Crump Charles 17 Servant 352/3   Hereford  
RE Dalton Patrick 30 Baker -   Tipperary  
RE Daly Michael 20 Labourer - M? Clare  
AP Davis William 20 Labourer 383/3   Monmouth  
AP Driscoll Michael 29 Carpenter 430/2   Warwickshire  
AP Evans Rees 24 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Evans Vincent 24 Labourer 476/2   Glamorgan  
AP Evans William 29 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Evans William 24 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Fitzgerald James 18 Labourer 505/1   Carlow  
AP Fisher Philip 19 Labourer - M Monmouth  
RE Gore Alfred Dewhurst 16 Miner 593/3   Islington Devon with parents
RE Gore Charles Edward 13 Miner 593/3  
RE Gore William Banister 15 Miner 594/1  
AP Hall Charles 17 Labourer 645/2   Hampshire  
RE Hall John 43 Shoemaker     Surrey  
AP Harris David 20 Labourer     Monmouth  
AP Harris Henry 22 Labourer     Monmouth  
AP Harris William 19 Labourer     Monmouth  
RE Hellings Augustus 17 Engineer 716/1   Middlesex  
AP Hopkins Edward 20 Labourer 773/1   Glamorgan  
AP Hopkins George 20 Labourer 773/2   Glamorgan  
AP Horsley John 22 Smith 777/2   Northumberland  
AP Hurst John 25 Labourer 792/3   Breconshire  
AP Jackson William 21 Labourer 820/2   Middlesex  
AP Jarrold Matthew 23 Groom -   Suffolk  
AP Jenkins George Kirkhouse 22 Labourer 838/1   Llancarvan Glamorgan with parents
AP Jones Charles 20 Labourer 856/2   Monmouth  
AP Jones Frederick 26 Labourer 857/3   Monmouth  
AP Jones Owen 24 Labourer 861/2   Breconshire  
AP Jones Phillip 19 Labourer 861/3   Monmouth  
AP Jones William 26 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Kearney Andrew 28 Farm Labourer 879/1   Kilkenny  
RE Kennedy Isiah / Josiah ? 20 Farm Labourer 894/1   Tyrone  
AP Lewis William 18 Farm Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Maginis John Smith 17 Shop boy -   Lambeth Surrey  
AP Maginis William Joshua (William Joseph) 20 Labourer -    
AP Mapstone James 20 Labourer 1016/1   Somerset  
AP McDonald Angus 29 Gardener - M Surrey  
RE McMahon Patrick 21 Labourer - M Clare  
AP Minigall Peter 25 Shoemaker 1117/1   Edinburgh  
AP Morgan David 22 Wheelwright 1132/1   Glamorgan  
AP Morgan John 23 Labourer - M Monmouth  
AP Morgan Morgan 24 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Morgan William 23 Labourer 1132/2   Monmouth  
AP Newbury Jasper 21 Labourer 1175/3   Monmouth  
AP Nicholas Samuel 22 Carpenter 1181/2   Glamorgan  
AP Parker Sydney 20 Agr. Labourer 1239/1   Somerset  
AP Quennell James 22 Labourer 1323/2   Kent  
AP Reece George 23 Labourer -   Monmouth  
AP Reece William 19 Labourer -   Monmouth  
AP Rees John 19 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Rees William 19 Labourer -   Glamorgan with parents
AP Roberts John 18 Labourer 1364/2   Gloucester did not sail ?
AP Robinson Alfred 19 Labourer 1370/1   Middlesex  
AP Sherrah Evan 20 Labourer 1479/2   Glamorgan  
RE Smith Edwin 16 Engineer -   Lenton Nottingham with parents
RE Smith John Thomas 14 Engineer -  
AP Southgate George 17 Labourer -   Suffolk  
  Taylor John 16 Labourer 1580/2   Middlesex  
AP Thomas Evan 24 Labourer 1591/2   Monmouth  
AP Thomas Frederick 23 Shoemaker 1591/2   Middlesex  
AP Thomas Richard 25 Labourer 1695/2   Glamorgan  
AP Walter Henry William 19 Gardener 1668/3   Middlesex  
AP Williams Watkin 20 Carpenter 1722/1   Glamorgan  
AP Wisdom George 17 Groom 1733/2?   Oxford  
Single Women & children
AP Adam Johanna 27 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Barnseley Maria 15 scholar     Sussex these cannot be correct - maybe Barnaby ?
AP Barnseley Sarah 26 Servant     Gloucester
AP Bartlett Anne Maria 18 Servant 86/3   Corsham Wiltshire with parents
AP Bartlett Hannah 16 Servant 86/3  
AP Buckingham Clara 26 Cook     Kent  
AP Buckingham Elizabeth inf       Kent  
RE Butler Bridget 23 Servant     Limerick  
RE Casey Alice 17 Servant     Limerick  
RE Cherry Winney 17 Servant     Limerick  
AP Crane Frances A. 18 Servant 338/1   Middlesex  
AP David Catherine 20 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Denicombe Mary A. 21 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Driscoll Ann 25 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Fitzgerald Margaret 21 Servant     Carlow  
RE Gore Alice 18 Servant 593/3   Islington Devon with parents
RE Gore Emily 17 Servant 593/3  
AP Grace Eliza 20 Servant 599/1   Surrey  
AP Hall Jane 16 Servant     Hampshire  
AP Hall Susannah 22 Servant 649/1   Hampshire  
RE Haly / Haley Mary 16 Servant     Cork  
AP Hampshire Elizabeth 20 Servant     Yorkshire  
AP Hart Ann 19 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Hepton Jane 15 Dressmaker     Glamorgan  
AP Hibbert / Hubbard Emily 18 Servant     Middlesex  
AP James Catherine 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP James Mary A. 18 Servant     Breconshire  
AP John Margaret 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Jenkins Mary A. 18 Servant     Llancarvan Glamorgan with parents
AP Judge Jane 24 Servant     Lincolnshire  
AP Landison Christiana 42 Servant     Sutherland  
AP Landregen Johanna 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Lilly Catherine 19 Servant     Fermanagh  
RE Lilly Margaret 17 Servant     Fermanagh  
RE Martin Honora 24 Servant     Limerick  
RE McLaughlin Anne 25 Dress maker     Sligo  
RE McMahon Kate 17 Servant     Clare  
RE McMahon Margaret 19 Servant     Clare  
RE McMahon Susan 13 Servant     Clare  
AP Minigall Mary A. 28 Servant     Edinburgh  
AP Morris Elizabeth 21 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Muller Margaret 19 Servant     Cavan  
RE Muller Mary 21 Servant     Cavan  
AP Owen Ann 24 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Owen Hannah 17 Servant     Breconshire  
RE Owen Catherine 22 Servant     Dumfries  
RE Phelan Bridget 20 Servant     Kilkenny  
AP Phillips Ann 24 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Pole Sarah 21 Servant     Somerset  
AP Poole Emily 18 Servant     Somerset  
RE Rees Margaret 15 Servant     Glamorgan with parents
RE Rees Eleanor 17 Servant    
RE Rees Mary 21 Servant    
AP Richards Caroline 21 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Ryan Mary 18 Servant     Clare  
RE Ryan Sarah 21 Servant     Galway  
RE Ryan Susan 10 child     Clare  
RE Sutherland Johanna 18 Servant     Sutherland  
AP Thomas Elizabeth 22 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Walter Margaret 19 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Williams Margaret 18 Servant     Monmouth  
RE Wright Magdalena 17 Servant     Middlesex  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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