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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship South Australian, 1,040 tons, Captain John Bruce, from London 14th July, Plymouth 21st July, 1873 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 30th September 1873

The South Australian Advestiser, Wednesday 01 October 1873 p. 2


ARRIVED. Tuesday, September 30:— clipper ship South Australian, 1,040 tons, John Bruce, from London July 14, via Plymouth July 21 Harrold Brothers, Town and Port, agents.
Passengers:—Mr. and Mrs. Uren, Miss Uren, Master Uren, Mr. and Mrs. White and children (2), Mrs. Oldham, Mrs. Kellet, Mr. and Mrs. Berriman, Miss Kaines, Miss Sandford, Miss Towler, Miss Nichols, Messrs. Hall, Parr, Harte, Myles, Boate, and Vivian, in the saloon.
Mr. and Mrs. Follett, Miss Stratton, Miss Morgan, Mrs. Admore, Miss Hill, Mrs. Stone, Messrs. Edge, Carey, Iversen, and Chadwick, in the second cabin ;
and the following immigrants in the steerage:—Susannah Butcher, John, Caroline, and Mary Champion, Thomas and Grace Eddy, Cath. and Lillian Hassell, Thomas Kervan, Sarah Lovejoy and infant, Serena Lebass and child, Mary J. Moore, Mary Mitchell, Mary Purcell, Alma Reynolds, Bessie Semmons, Mary Tynan, Dorothy Wills, Catherine Hassell, and Thomas Irish.

. . . . — 2nd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1873 ; —0— births and —-0— deaths on the passage ; —?, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, CPCH = Colonial Passage Certificate Holders ; CFPCH = Colonial Full Paid Passage Holders ; UKA = United Kingdom Assisted Passage regulation ; UKFPPR = United Kingdom Full Paid Passage regulation ; FP = Free Passage. — Robert
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN, from London—10,117 pkgs., 58 bales, 320 cases, 113 boxes, 150 casks, 11 crates, 17 hhds., 50 trunks, 7 drums.
Per South Australian, from London—
For Geo. Phillips and Co.—108 boxes glass, 3 cases homeopathic medicines, &c., 5 casks shot, 4 cases lamps, 2 casks Gale and Friend's paints, 1 case brassware, 1 case saws, 117 pkgs. hardware, 1 cask 2-ft. rules, 2 casks butts, &c., 14 cases scales, 3 casks locks, &c., 452 camp ovens and covers, I cask taps, &c.
For Jas. Ballantyne, Port Adelaide—1 case hollands, 1 case flowers, 1 case millinery.
For A. Cunningham—45 packages.
For D. and W. Murray—474 packages.
For Good, Toms, and Co.—58 cases drapery.

The South Australian arrived on Tuesday night late, and as she made her way towards the roadstead made such a pyrotechnic display that the Beach Ranger required no further incentive to make a start to the westward. Seeing the South was but 70 days from Plymouth it was scarcely expected she would turn up for a day or two, but in the moonlight, on nearing the vessel, her identity was soon established, and the usual warm welcome accorded to the hoarding Officer. The voyage is described in such glowing terms as to appear more like a yachting cruise, for although there was a large number of passengers on board, the time was so agreeably passed that a more than usually flattering testimonial was presented to the captain on arrival. Captain Bruce reports leaving Plymouth on July 21st with a light air from about south-east, and thence to the isle of Madeira, the variables were most prevalent. On the tenth day out Madeira was passed, and shortly after the northeast trades were fallen in with. Those were most moderate, and entirely failed in 14° of north latitude, from which parallel to the line the winds ware from S to S.W. On August 17. in 20° 30' west the equator was crossed, and on falling In with the south trades, they were very moderate, and only continued to to 27'south. Heavy N.W. gales supervened, and on September 8, during a gale from S. W the jibboom was lost through some of the iron work carried away. Thence a succession of favorable gales continued till crossing the prime meridian on September 3, and on the 17th passed that of the Cape. Then followed some excellent running, as for nine days the ship averaged 288 miles, and on some occasions stepping out to tune of 300. This running, was not to conclude the voyage, for when within 200 miles of Cape Borda the winds fell light and baffling, and for a couple of days the ship was almost becalmed. On the morning of Tuesday she had managed to reach so far as Point Marsden and from there a light wind enabled her to reach the roads before midnight.
The vessel has a cargo of fine goods, therefore is in a excellent trim, but in consequence of the tug being engaged for the Craigendarroch In the morning, she would lay outside till Wednesday night or Thursday morning, when she will tow into harbor.

Vessel Spoken.- by the South Australian—On August 5, 22° N. lat, 24° W. long ., English ship Richard Rylands, from Cardiff, bound to Rio Janeiro, 23 days out ; on August 9, 22° N. lat., 28° W. long., English Ship Sorata, From Glasgow, bound to Valparaiso, 29 days out ; on August 10, 10° N. lat., 38° W. long., American ship Governor Morton, from San Francisco, bound to Cork, 85 days out ; on August 13, 7° N. Lat, 23° W. long., English ship Cathcart, from London, bound to Sydney, 25 days out.

The South Australian Register, Wednesday 01 October 1873 p. 1

We the Undersigned, Passengers onboard the good ship South Australian, from London to Adelaide, having arrived safely at our destination, desire to record our sense of gratitude, esteem, and kindly feeling towards the Commander of the ship, which has carried us on our journey so safely and pleasantly.
To Captain John Bruce, therefore, we wish to tender our best thanks for the urbanity and courtesy which he has displayed throughout the passage ; and further to signify our opinion that we could not have sailed under a more efficient Commander or more able Navigator.
In presenting this token of our regard to Captain Bruce, we must not omit to notice the ability and gentlemanly bearing of his Officers.
With every sincere wish that Captain Bruce, while in the South Australian or any other vessel, may enjoy unlimited happiness and good fortune, we have subscribed our names hereto.
W.C. Uren Willoughby C. Parr
Mrs. Uren J. Harte
J.M. Uren W. Hussey Vivian
L. Uren Mr. and Mrs Berriman
Wm. White John Follett
C.L. White G. Follett
L. Kellet Isabella Stratton
Marion C. Oldham C.S. Morgan
F. Nichols Annie Admore
M.A.S.S. Towler Martha Stone
Rosa Sandford Thos. Edge
Bessie Kaines Herman Iversen
H. Sydney Boate Thomas R. Carey
L. Myles J. Chadwick
Alex. Titley Hall  
  September 30 1973.

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
    No records found  
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
    No records found    

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
  Berriman Mr. n/a          
    Mrs. n/a          
  Uren William Curnow 56 Importer / Gentleman 1639/1? B/D Helston, Cornwall Several trips
    Ann (James) 56          
    Joseph Mortiner 14          
    L.— n/a          
  White William n/a          
    Charlotte Louisa (Osborne) 33          
    child n/a          
    child n/a          
  Of the children who may have accompanied, were William Vivian 1862-1881 ; Charlotte Louisa 1862-1876 ; Arthur 1866-1942 ; Grace Mary 1868- ; John Joseph 1871- ; Barbara 1872-
  Boate H. Sydney n/a          
  Hall Alex Titley n/a          
  Miles Mt. L. n/a          
  Parr Willoughby C. n/a          
  Vivian W. Hussey n/a          
  Kaines Miss Bessie n/a          
  Kellet Mrs. L. n/a          
  Nichols Miss F. n/a          
  Oldham Mrs. Marion C. n/a          
  Sandford Miss Rosa 19     M?    
  Towler Miss M.A.S.S. n/a          
Second Cabin
  Follett John n/a          
    G. n/a          
  Carey Thomas C. n/a          
  Chadwick J. n/a     M?    
  Edge Thomas n/a          
  Iversen Herman n/a          
  Admore Mrs. Annie n/a          
  Hill Miss n/a          
  Morgan Miss C.S. n/a     M?   Catherine Susan Morgan ?
  Stone Mrs. Martha n/a          
  Stratton Miss Isabella n/a          
Steerage - Families
CPCH Eddy Thomas 22 Miner 453/3   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Grace (Williams) 20          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
CPCH Champion John Knight 23 Miner 256/2   St Allen, Cornwall with sisters
CPCH Irish Thomas 19 Labourer 813/3   Devon  
CPCH Kerran Thomas 20 Farm Labourer 902/3   Ireland  
Single Women & children
FPR Hassell Mrs. Catherine 46 Matron / widow     St. Andrew, Sussex with daughters | 1871 census, age 39
CPCH Butcher Susannah 23 Servant        
CPCH Champion Caroline Knight 17 Servant     St Allen, Cornwall with brother
CPCH Champion Mary Knight 15 Servant 256/1  
UKA Hassell Catherine M. 24 House—     St. Andrew, Sussex with mother | 1871 census, age 18
UKA Hassell Lillian 16 House—     with mother | 1871 census, age 12
CPCH Purcell Mary 12 at School        
CPCH Lovejoy Sarah 23 wife        
CPCH Lovejoy Adelaide 1 infant        
CPCH Lebass / Lebas / Le'bas Serena 29 wife     Dublin ?  
CPCH Lebass / Lebas / Le'bas Rebecca 5 child      
CPCH Moore Mary 28 Domestic Servant        
UKA Mitchell Mary 32 Domestic Servant        
CPCH Reynolds Alma 17 Domestic Servant        
UKA Semmons Bessie 18 Domestic Servant 1464/1   England  
CPCH Tynan Mary 18 Domestic Servant        
UKA Wills Dorothy 24 Domestic Servant        

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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