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Fares in 1894

Extracts from The History of North Atlantic Steam Navigation, by Henry Fry, 1896

In 1894 there arrived at New York from Europe 879 passenger vessels, 96 fewer than in 1893. (From page 291)

  Number of Cabin Passengers Number of Steerage Passengers
1891 109,023 445,290
1892 120,991 388,486
1893 121,829 364,700
1894 92,561 188,164

For the principal lines these were:

  Cabin Passenger
  1892 1893 1894
Cunard 16,052 18,462 18,362
American 14,069 14,374 13,560
White Star 14,025 13,328 11,520
North German Lloyd 17,749 16,058 12,049
North German Lloyd, Mediterranean service   2,372 1,840
Hamburg   13,094 9,594
French   10,205 7,409
Red Star   7,013 4,513

"...the number of trips was nearly double, making the average per trip, of course, much less. Of cabin passengers the Cunard carried 328 per trip on the average, the American 283, and the White Star 221." (From page 292)

Passage Rates, Summer rates are quoted., May 1895 (From pages 297-301)

Cunard Line

From Pier 40 N.R. foot Clarkson St., New York, to Liverpool every Saturday. From Liverpool every Saturday, calling at Queenstown both ways. Rates, 1st cabin on Campania and Lucania $90, $100, $125, $150; return, $150, $225, $275, to $315, servants, $75; return, $125. 2nd cabin, $40, $45, $50; return, $75, $85, $95. On Eturia and Umbria, $75, $90 to $175; return, $125, $150 to $315. 2nd Cabin, $40, $45; return $75, $85, under one year free outwards. Prepaid $5. On Aurania, Servia and Gallia, $75 to $175; return, $125 to $315. 2nd cabin, $35; return $70. Steerage, $15; servants, $50; return, $110. Other steamers $50; return, $100 and upwards. Servants, $50; return, full fare. Children under two years free. Summer season, May 1 to July 16. From Liverpool, July 16 to October 15. Trunks under 13 inches.

White Star Line

From Pier N.R. foot West 10th Street, New York to Liverpool, calling at Queenstown, every Wednesday. Rates, 1st cabin, on Teutonic, and Majestic, $90, $100, $125, $150; return 10 per cent. off double rates. 2nd cabin, $40 and $45; return, $80 to $90. Steerage, $10. Summer rates from new York, 18th April to 1st August. From Liverpool, 1st may to 1st November.

American Line

From Pier 14, North River, New York, and Pier foot Grand Street, Jersey city, to Southampton every Wednesday. From Southampton every Saturday. Rates, to or from Southampton, London, or Havre, 1st cabin, St. Louis, St. Paul, $85 and upwards; return $153 and upwards, on New York or Paris, $85; return $153 and upwards. Servants berthed in 1st cabin, $75 each way. 2nd cabin, $45; return $90 on Berlin and Chester, $70; return, $126 and upwards. 2nd cabin, $35 to $60; return, $70 to $120. Trunks for state-rooms not to exceed 15 inches high, 2 feet wide, 3 feet 6 inches in length. Steamer's chairs, 50. Steerage, $10 out, prepaid, $15. Return tickets good on Red Star Line. Swift steamers run daily Southampton to Havre under six hours. Through rates to Paris, 1st class $5. 2nd class, $3.50. Passengers baggage bonded through to Paris without examination in England. Express train leaves Havre at 8 A.M., due at Paris at 11.30 A.M. Summer rates, from New York, May 1 to July 31. From Southampton, July 16 to October 18.

Allan Line

From Montreal to Liverpool at daylight every Saturday, and Quebec following morning. All steamers call at Rimouski and Londonderry except ss. Laurentian and ss. Numidian, and these steamers sail from Quebec on the Saturday afternoon. Rates, 1st cabin on Parisian, $50, $60, $75, $90; return, $100, $110, $135, and $162. Other steamers, $50 to $60; return, $100 to $110. Clergymen and their families, rebate of 10 per cent. on $60 rate. Children under two years, free. 2nd cabin to Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, or Derry, $30; and return, $55. Children under one year outward and prepaid, free. Steerage, from Montreal to Liverpool, London, Queenstown, Derry, Belfast, or Glasgow, $15; prepaid to Quebec, $15. Bedding and all neccessary utensils provided free by both services.

Passengers go on board between 8 and 10 o'clock Friday night.

The Laurentian carries 1st cabin passengers only on the eastbound passage.

Bicycles $2.50, Dogs $5 to $15. Baggage conveyed from landing stage to railway station at Liverpool free of charge for passengers going to London.

Anchor Line

From Pier 54 N.R. foot of West 24th Street, New York, to Glasgow, calling at Derry. From New York Saturdays. From Glasgow Thursdays. 1st cabin, $45; return, $90. Children under two years, free. 2nd cabin to Liverpool, Glasgow, or Derry, $25; return, $50 (under one year, free). Steerage, to or from Liverpool, Glasgow, Derry, Queenstown, $10. Prepaid, $15. Infants free; prepaid; $3. Utensils and bedding provided free. By City of Rome, 1st cabin, $60 to $100. Return, $120 to $180. 2nd cabin, $25 and $30. Return, $50 and $60.

Mediterranean Service.-To Genoa or Naples, 1st cabin $60. Steerage $22.

Dominion Line

From Montreal to Liverpool. SS. Labrador and ss. Vancouver at daylight on the Saturdays of sailing. Quebec at 2 P.M. same days. On ss. Oregon, Mariposa, and British Prince at daylight on the Fridays of sailing and Quebec at 2 P.M. same days. Passengers go on board evening previous to sailing. Rates, 1st cabin on Labrador $60, $75, $90; return, $100, $110, $135, $162; on ss. Vancouver, $50, $60, $75, $90; return, $100, $110, $135, $162. On ss. Oregon, Mariposa, and British Prince, $50, and $60; return, $90 and $110. Children under two years, free. Clergymen and their families a rebate of 10 per cent. except on lowest rate. 2nd cabin, $30; return, $55, to Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and Derry. Children under one year, outward or prepaid, free. Steerage from Montreal, $15, to Liverpool, Derry, Glasgow, Belfast, or London, prepaid, $15. Bedding and utensils free. Infants, outward or prepaid, free.

The ss. Mariposa and British Prince do not carry second cabin or steerage passengers. Baggage conveyed from landing stage to railway station at Liverpool free of charge for passengers going to London.

Beaver Line

From Montreal to Liverpool every Saturday. 1st cabin, $40, $50; return, $80, $85, $90, according to steamer. 2nd cabin, $30; return, $55. Steerage, $15 to Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Londonderry, Queenstown.

North German Lloyd SS. Co.

From Pier foot 2nd Street, Hoboken, to Bremen, calling at Southampton, every Tuesday and Saturday.

Express Service.-1st cabin to Southampton, London, Havre, or Bremen, $60 to $100; return, $134.80 to $196.30. To Paris, $5 additional. 2nd cabin, $50 and $60; return, $100 and $110; steerage to Bremen, $16 to $18, prepaid, $25 to $32.50; return, $38 to $47.50, London or Southampton. Extra steamers to Bremen direct, 1st cabin, $50. Infants, $2 each way. (I) Summer season, May 1 to July 15. From Bremen or London, August 1 to October 15.

(I) New York to Southampton, seven days and less; Southampton to London, special train in two hours; Southampton to Bremen, twenty-four hours; Paris, Havre, twelve hours. Stop over privileges at Southampton. Steamer for Havre leaves Southampton daily at 11 P.M.

Mediterranean Service.-Rates, 1st cabin, $80 upwards; return 10 per cent. off return ticket. Stop over privileges allowed. Tickets good to return by Hamburg-American Packet Co.; all steamers stop at Gibraltar. No 2nd cabin from New York. Under one year, free. Steerage includes wine and bedding. Italian ports, $20 and upwards.

Trunks should not be over twelve inches deep.

Hamburg-American SS. Co.

Rates, 1st cabin, $95 to $275; return, $180.50 to $522.50. 2nd cabin, $60; return, $120. Steerage to Hamburg, $16 to $18; to London, $20.

Express Service.-From New York (Hoboken, N.J.) To Southampton, London, Havre, and Hamburg, every Thursday. Children between one and twelve years, half price. Servants receive 2nd cabin accommodation, but have access to 1st cabin.

Steamers go straight to dock at Southampton. No transfer by tender. Tickets to Paris viâ Southampton and Havre (boats daily). 1st class, $5; 2nd class $3. Time to Paris, twelve hours. Special train to London under two hours.

Regular Service.-From New York to Hamburg direct: five new twin screw mail and other steamers every Saturday. 1st cabin, $50 and upwards; return, $100. Intermediate, by the twin screw steamers, $27.

Improved Train Service at Liverpool (From pages 312-313)

Transatlantic passengers now find a long-felt want supplied in Liverpool, as they are able to proceed by rail direct from the landing stage by the London and North-Western Railway to London and other places, thus avoiding the trouble of transit across Liverpool in buses and cabs. A commodious new station will shortly be opened at the Liverpool landing stage, and passengers will pass at once into the London and North-Western trains, which will be in waiting for their accommodation, ready to start right for London. These trains will be composed of the dining cars, corridor cars, and saloon carriages. The corridor cars are divided into sections, and the other saloons will be found to be most convenient for private parties. These special cars and compartments may be engaged, and seats may be reserved in the corridor and dining cars, on application to the railway company's officials, who meet all steamers at Queenstown, and at the landing stage, Liverpool. Similarly, the London and North-Western special trains, which are run from London to connect with steamers sailing from Liverpool, will travel direct to the new station at the landing stage there, and passengers will simply have to walk across the stage on to the tender. Later on, when the lengthening of the landing stage is completed, the ocean steamers will come right alongside the stage, and thus even the inconvenience of conveyance to and from the steamer by tender will be avoided.

Poor Steamship Business.

("Holland" in Philadelphia Press.)

Those who have recently returned from Europe are telling with a good deal of interest of the very great and expensive improvements which the a abandonment of Liverpool as it European terminal by the American Line compels. When the American Line made Southampton its port, Liverpool was mightily alarmed, and its commercial interests saw that unless great sums of money were expended in improving the landing facilities at Liverpool, that city would be likely to lose other transatlantic lines. The work has been done at enormous cost, and it is claimed that it is so done as to make it possible for passengers and mails to reach London by the Liverpool route more quickly than can be done by the Southampton one. When these new facilities were thrown open with formal ceremonies on Wednesday, week before last, Mr. Ismay made an astonishing speech. He said that he had learned that in the year 1894, on a capital of over $24,000,000, representing seven companies in the transatlantic trade, all of them with their American port at New York, not one penny dividend was paid, and that of these seven companies, four had not paid a dividend in the last three years, while the amount earned was insufficient to meet the shrinkage of capital resulting from a depreciation of the steamship. While it was known here that the earnings of the transatlantic steamships were so inconsiderable, competition being so great and business so divided as to make it unlikely that any new steamship lines would be established, still the impression was that the condition was not so bad as it was represented by Mr. Ismay in his speech to be. While he did not say it in so many words, yet he intimates that the improvement in the dock facilities, and the shortening in the time from Liverpool to London, would be likely to result in economics which might make it possible, with improved business, for the steamship companies to do better than they have since the Baring failure.

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